Breast Augmentation leaves me with STITCHES in my stomach - Toronto, ON

I have been wanting a breast augmentation for a...

I have been wanting a breast augmentation for a while now, and have been researching a lot for the past 5 or so months. I have been following other people's reviews on here. Although I haven't had any consultations yet, based on reviews and pictures from Dr. Jugenburg, I would really like to look into getting this done by him. I applied for Medicard and got approved for $5,000 and could pay the difference in cash. The only problem I have is...I haven't told my parents yet. I know they won't agree with it and I am so scared to say anything but would really like to get this done sometime in the new year. I think maybe I should book a consultation with Dr. Jugenburg and then tell my parents after I have gone to it. I really need a push to make the next step and book the consultation.
Oh and by the way...I am 23 years old, about 5'7.5 and weigh 150. I have a muscular build and spend a lot of time at the gym. I feel like my confidence is very low because of my chest, and I always feel embarrassed. I am at the time in my life that I feel like I would like to go ahead and do this...


Hi JB, you're not alone. We often see patients who would like to get something done but are unsure how others will react to it. We recommend that you bring your mom or dad to the consultation with you. That way they'll have an opportunity to meet with us, ask any questions they may have and as is often the case, walk away from here feeling reassured that their daughter will be safe and in good hands, and that this procedure is not a dangerous one.
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Hi. Thanks a lot for the comment! You're right, it wouldn't hurt to invite them (or at least my mom) along if she wanted.
I wore double cup increase bras for 4 years and finally decided to do it. I haven't told anyone but my kids and a very close friend. I don't plan to tell y parents but mid next week is the moment of truth -- I'm meeting them for a family dinner out. I feel I did this for me and I don't "have" to tell anyone.
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Trying to book consultation

Well, I emailed them last Wednesday and haven't gotten a response. Now I am calling the office and it goes to voicemail. I don't want to leave a message and have them call me because I don't want them calling my parents' house. Feeling annoyed...

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1st consultation booked

Well, I have booked a consultation for January 13! I was unaware that the clinic was closed all week, but someone (couldn't catch the name in the message she left) called me from home and fit me in. I am very impressed with this! :)
Now to try to tell my mom...ugh


How did it go? What did you decide to do?
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Hey! Ya sorry haven't updated this in so long. I'm getting the surgery March 5!! I'm getting saline high profile. I was going to get the armpit incision but changed to crease. Right now it's written down as 400cc implants filled to 450cc. I'm scared that 450 will be too big. I tried on 435cc sizes and they said when you get them put in, it takes off about 15cc so that's what they would look like. Right now I'm barely an A but I have a muscular build. Hmm I don't know what to do!
That is exactly what I went with but mod profile and I tried on the same sizer. I was a small A before now I am a d/dd. I did armpit though. Dr J is amazing. All the staff is incredible, Kim is my favourite. Check out my review maybe it will help?

One week until Surgery

All of my papers are complete and I went to my pre op last Friday. I am worried about going too big, but that seems to be most peoples' fear! Right now it says I am to get 400cc overfilled to 450cc. They made a note to make it in the 400-450 range, so I trust that the doctor will adjust them accordingly during surgery. I have had so many dreams about this and I can't believe the day is almost here! :)


Good luck babe!!!
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Thank you!!! :)

One more day

I can't believe the day is almost here. I picked up my prescriptions today and have my bag pretty much packed. I've been having dreams about it almost every night. I feel terrified now that it's about to happen. :( I'm also excited at the same time.


Hows the recovery going?
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Hope it went well!! Can't wait to hear!
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How did your surgery go?
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Changing every day

Please private message me if you would like details about my surgery. I will update my review at a later date.


Please update. How did your surgery go?
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Well I guess it is about time I update my review since this has been the worst experience of my life. Nobody hopes to wake up from a breast augmentation and hear "there was a problem during your surgery". Well I thought it would be something to do with my breasts...but instead I find out that I have stitches across my stomach above my belly button. 6 stitches to be exact. A hot tool used for cauterizing SOMEHOW (wasn't told details) burned me so badly that the doctor had to cut my skin out and sew me up with 6 stitches.
2 weeks later it became infected. It was bright red and pussing. I then had to be perceived an antibiotic cream for it. I'm not sure if they really expected me to pay $30 for that, but I did...and only got reimbursed when I asked to be. 2 days later I went back and it wasn't healing properly so the doctor then had to cut me again (no freezing...very painful) and add 2 more stitches. I had those ones in for 2.5 weeks and just got them out today.
For the past 7 weeks, instead of focusing on my breasts and how they are healing, I have had to deal with taking care of my stomach. It has caused me physical pain and emotional stress.
Great...permanently scarred on a part of my body that is irrelevant from the actual surgery. I have never in my life been so angry and upset at this whole process...


Oh I would be suing. Omg. So insane
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Yup! I'm not happy at all. And it's not healing properly.
So sorry to hear about the incident during the surgery. I had a great experience with Dr. J and staff but I do agree you need to file and complaint and also sue for your damages. You have physical and mental stress over this and that is not fair. I would seek legal advice and pursue with a lawsuit. You would have signed the consent forms which would cover this sort of thing but I believe you should try anyway. This link may be helpful.
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I'm really angry that I was told it will heal in a straight's not healing well at all.


you need to rate this guy at least a one so ppl can see it in his reviews as of now u cannot!! so sorry u had ot go through this!
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Thanks a lot
Np somethin made me look... and sure enough i didn't see this review


The scar is looking bad. Seems to be getting worse before it gets better. It is bright red. Sucks that I can't even show my stomach... Before this happened I would take progress pictures of my abs since I am into fitness, and I haven't been able to take a picture for over 2 months


Hope your belly is better and hope you enjoy your new breasts. Hopefully they did try to rectify this in some way. I would have requested money off of the surgery for sure. GL
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It is slowly healing, but he actually just told me he would like to so a revision on it. THIRD time. I am not too confident that it will heal nicely this time. There is a huge indent in my stomach from where they cut it out. Oh but he is too busy to fit me in so I have to wait until November to get it done. Completely unfair to me...scars take a long time to heal so I would rather get it over with now. They have not offered me anything because of this. And it's actually costing ME more since I don't even live in the same city. Unbelievable!! Sorry for the bitterness in my response lol and thank you for the comment.
Hello, I had a BA by Dr. Martin 3 weeks ago and I love the results. I have not had any problems with Dr. or his staff. I understand your situation.. Its terrible. If you think about it, he has Operative Room staff who assist him. Nurses for example. I would be willing to bet someone lost their job that day. Doesn't make him a bad doctor.
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So I am getting another revision on my scar. THIRD time getting stitches in it. It looks awful and wide. And now there is a huge indent in my stomach. Not only that, but his schedule is too packed and he can't fit me in until November! Not too confident that it will work this time, since it hasn't the past 2 times!! When will this all be over so I can move on with my life and HEAL??!!!!!


Oh Gosh, I would be bitter too.. no worries! I cant believe you have to wait till November! That is just nuts! I am so sorry for what happened to you.... I'm sure Id feel cheated too Best of luck JB22 *silver lining.... at least they didn't make a huge mistake somewhere else..*
Ya..I try to tell myself it could have been worse. But it shouldn't have happened. Thanks a lot!!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

VERY angry and upset about what has happened to me. I go in for breast augmentation and come out with stitches in my stomach...

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