5'2 380cc Saline HP, Transaxillary,Unders* 32DD!*- Toronto, ON

So today was my first consultation. Let me tell...

So today was my first consultation. Let me tell you Dr. Jugenburg was amazing. I was really nervous, even more so because i was going by myself (my boyfriend was working) When i first got to the clinici in the Fairmont i was really impressed. The location is perfect and the clinic is beautiful. Decorated from head to toe, and the staff was perfect. Friendly, polite, and helpful. When it was my appointment Kim the nurse took me to a room where she explained the clinic and took down my personal information. She was really nice and helpful.

Once we were done the DR. came in. He had amazing bedside manor, and a real sense of humor which is hard to come by. He asked me what i was looking for, and why i wanted the surgery. He then took some pictures and measurements and went over what he thought would be best for me. Since i have small breast folds, he let me know what he thought would look best, but said if i wanted bigger he would be happy as long as i was happy with the look.

he really made me feel like i was in control of the situation which i really liked.

We decided that saline was the best option for me.
Im so excited to go back in a month for my next consultation!
Congrats on your first steps! :) which incision did he think was best for you since you have small breast folds? I am in the same boat lol I have my consultation January 14th with him :)
Hey! Glad to hear you are happy with him. How long did it take you to get a consultation with him?

Glad to hear your doctor consult went well. Here are some questions for your doctor that you may want to make sure you addressed during your visit, or perhaps you can discuss some at your next appointment. Have you heard about making rice sizers at home to get an idea of what your new goal look might be? Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. Keep us posted!


March 13th!!

My surgery has been booked for March 13th I'm so excited! I'll make sure to take some good pictures

Follow up sizing

So I went to see the doctor just to confirm all the details of the surgery since it's only 16 days away!

Implants:380cc saline high profile
There going under the muscle,and inserted through the armpit.

I'm a small girl (5'2,112lbs) so 380 I think is going to be perfect!

Before photos

Before photos

I'm excited to see your results! Can't wait lovely, keep us posted -hugs- :)
YAY!!! Your surgery is coming up so soon!!

Sizers 350cc -going to 380 though

2 weeks before

I'm 2 weeks out and can't wait. More before pictures-can't wait to have new full beautiful breasts!
We have surgery the same day and are going with similar sizes. Good luck and I can't wait to see your results.
I can't wait! I hope your surgery goes well, I'll be sure to post lots of after photos:)

1day pre op

Ah! I am so excited tomorrow is the big day. I am a little nervous but I'm sure everything will go okay! Kim and grace the nurses have been great so far, so I'm glad they will be there tomorrow.
I'll post pictures ASAP! Wish me luck:)xx
Good luck Hun! Looks like we're kind of similar pre op. excited to see how yours turn out! I'm thinking of 375cc silicone.

1 day post opp

Hello friends
So yesterday was the big day. My surgery was at 4:15.
I arrived at the royal York hotel at 1:20 and checked into my hotel room.
It was booked my doctor and everything was already paid for so check in only took 1minute.

My sister came with me and we tried to prepare as best we could for the night away from home.
We brought a case of water, protien bars, ginger ale and crispy minis.

We set up my bed then the doctor called my room and they were ready for me!

They first took some before pictures and measurements check my blood pressure and went over my medications.
I have Percocet that I take every 2 hours
Tylenol 3
And and antibiotic

The surgery took 2 hours and I was hurting really bad. They gave an injection of morphing before they discharged me. The nurse took me in a wheelchair to my room where my sister was waiting.

I honestly didn't think I would be in so much pain. I had saline 350 filled to 380 through the armpit under the muscle
I had heard this is the most painful way and they were right. The reason because not only is your chest so so sore from stretching but also you can move or lift your arms.

I also had some negative results from the Anastesia and was throwing up for the first couple hours and then again when I work up in the morning.

I'm in to much pain to take any pictures standing but I did take one! I'll be sure to add more details once I can think clearly
good luck with recovery! You're about the same size like me..can't wait to see your results!

Day 2

Day 2 was pretty rough. I called my nurse today because my incisions were so sore and I had a lot of swelling. She confirmed it's totally normalized because I had a lot of muscle to go through and because I have a small chest.

I took a sponge bath today to get the marker off and tried to take some pictures. My posture is really bad (I wAs an hour away from taking my painkillers and it hurt to stand with no support)
I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. Have you tried icing? I have some cheap flexible ice packs from walmart that I use on and off all day and it really helps relieve the pain and tightness from the swelling. I hope things turn around quickly, you look great!

5 days post

What a difference in 5 days. Not so much in the implant height but in pain. On days 1-2 I was on Percocet on day 3 I took Tylenol 3's and then I went straight to regular Tylenol on day 4-5 which being us to today.

My implants are sitting really high which is to be expected since it's only been a few days. I'll be so happy when I don't have to wear the compression band anymore!
Congrats on your new additions!! Thanks for sharing! I think I read somewhere the armpits are the most painful.. You still look very swollen up top.. Glad you are doing good and thanks for the update! I'm 10 days in and feeling better every day.. I forget I have them now at times..

1 week

Finally a shower! This day could not come soon enough. Every day I'm feeling better which is fantastic. I can't wait until my chest muscles go back to pre op so I can start opening and closing doors with ease and carry my work bag without a huge struggle!
I totally get the work bag thing. I had trouble with carrying and reaching for things but by the second week I was feeling 90% better. Good luck on your journey.

2 weeks

They are dropping! I can see my collar bones again:)!
Looking great, you're really making progress! Does your ps have you doing anything to encourage them to drop? Like a strap or massage?
Yes, I am wearing a compression strap 24/7 but my ps didn't want me doing massages (I have a vp shunt so it runs along my chest wall) he didn't want the right implant to move to close to it I guess. He told me it would take a bit longer to drop but the band should help! I've seen other girls at 2 weeks and there's look a lot more natural then mine:( I can't wait for them to drop!
Mine are really high too, especially right. I am now 3 weeks post and still am not happy with how they (especially my right) look. My ps prefers to let gravity do the work with dropping, but did say I could wear an ace bandage like a strap while I sleep. I wear it at night and for a little bit in the mornings. I am like you and see all these other people who look great already and am jealous. I can see yours are going to drop nicely. I have heard that the armpit ones tend to take a little longer to drop, but I don't know how true that is. Mine were inserted in the crease.

Week 3

I'm very happy with how my breats are comin along. I'm just a little jealous of women who have perfect breats at week 3-where as mine are so high on my chest :(
I know it takes time and I'm hopeful and excited for when they do move into place.

I am still wearing my compression band every night. The first 2 weeks I wore it 24/7. It's a little hard though to find outfits to work that covered the band aha.

3 week pictures

Did your ps say you if you had tuberous breast or not? Mine look exactly like your before photos.
No, he never mentioned that, Did your ps say you do?!
Yeah I've been told I have mild tuberous breast. But your look exactly like mine.

3 weeks 4 days

your looking great ! how are they now ?! are you feeling back to your normal self yet ?
I had my BA with Dr. J on March 5th :) the one week no shower totally sucks. Felt your pain lol Your coming along great girl!

1 month progress!


you went under the muscle right? has it been very difficult with mobility?
I did:) the first 2 weeks were hard. I had a rough time opening doors, putting clothes on, reaching for anything (also probably because I went through the armpit) but now I'm 100% and am so glad I went under arm and under the muscle. Since I didn't have much tissue it will hopefully reduce ripples and I love not having scars on my breasts:)
Yeah I think armpit is the way I want to go because I love the idea of no visible scar. I'm an A cup but i can't decide between saline or silicone.

So happy!

I went bra shopping today! I was feeling that my implants seemed to be a bit smaller than I wanted, plus because there still sitting high so I felt going to try on pretty bras would lift my spirits!
Wow so happy, my implants are still high and have not dropped or fluffed and already are a 32DD! I could believe it. The 32D was so small my breasts were just spilling out!

I am so happy! I can't wait for the end results:):):)
He is great! If you go with him you'll be so glad you did! When do you plan on having ba?!
i already had my surgery with Dr. J. im going on 7 weeks post op :)

2 months post

So happy! Today I wore my bombshell bathing suit and it's now way to small:):)

Almost 3 months post:)

Loving my results. It's been a slow process for me but there really starting to shape up! The pictures I posted are me in a paddles 32dd bra! I still have a bit if dropping to do but at least I can wear a tank and bathing suit without them at my collar bone!

Forgot a picture!

My girls in a size 4 h&m dress! Love my cleavage ah!!

New bombshell bathing suit!

They look great! I love Dr J, Kim and Grace! You Realy dropped and fluffed well! :) congrats!
You look amazing in the bikini!!! :)
Dr. Jugenburg

Super nice, funny and charming! i cant wait for Dr. Jugenburg to perform the surgery!

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