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I've been diligently reading the experiences of...

I've been diligently reading the experiences of all you lovely ladies over the past few weeks and decided to start a thread here as well. I hope that you will be able to help me along this journey :)
Here is some background on me! I've wanted breast implants for AS LONG as I can remember. I started bringing it up to my fiance when we first started dating but he was pretty adamant that I shouldn't do something so drastic... ever so slowly, as I brought this topic up over and over it got to the point where he told me that if it's something I truly wanted and would make me happy to go ahead with it.

Over the past 2 years I have been working out quite a bit and noticed by previous A cups no longer fill out my bras! TRAGIC. As if they were not already little enough! It's time to take action lol. I have my first consultation scheduled for tomorrow. I am super nervous!

My stats:
110 lbs
29 years old (almost thirty!)
Thin build
Fairly active (3-4 workouts a week)
Most of my bras are 32A or 32AA. Sometimes the AAs are too small, I think I'm actually in between sizes so really I have about 1 bra that fits right =(
Asian (not sure if this matters!)

Anyway, my big dilemma at this point is not if I should go ahead w/ a BA, but more so WHEN to do it!
We are saving for a wedding (summer 2015), so it's tough to justify the cost, which will probably be between $8-9K. I considered going to the States to get this done as reputable surgeons there tend to be cheaper, but w/ travel costs and the hassle I don't think the savings will be worth it.

On top of that, I have the dilemma of whether I should wait til after kids. Any ladies w/ BAs out there who had children and nursed them have any advice? Did you require a revision? Was there a noticeable change? I imagine I'd be pregnant sometime in 2016 if all goes according to plan.

I want to have these for my wedding though, as I feel that they would make me feel super fantastic in my dress. But I guess I'm concerned about spending the money now and having to have them fixed in about 3 or 4 years after having kids.

Any advice out there on my timing problems?
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So glad to hear you're feeling great! No regrets?! I read "not worth it" reviews this week and now I'm starting to get cold feet LOL! As for your friend - was she happy w/ how her breasts looked post-nursing? I'm not as worried about being able to nurse as I am about having to pay to get them re-done again so soon after my first surgery lol.
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That's good to hear that you're recovering well! Do you know whether your friend is still happy with the look of her breast implants after nursing? I guess my concern is that they will require a revision soon after nursing if I were to do it before. I know everyone is different but still like to hear of others' experiences.
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I've always been a small A cup. So small in fact that I've never actually been able to fill the cups! I haven't had a BA yet but hope to be able to in the next few months. When I breastfed my boys I grew a cup size. When I finished breastfeeding my breasts shrunk even smaller. I hate looking at myself in the mirror. Although my breasts didn't swag my nipples have. What I'm trying to say is that there is a really good chance the girls will sag somewhere after having kids. I chose to wait until I was done having babies to have a BA but ultimately the decision needs to be your own.
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It's so interesting to hear about everyone's experiences with breastfeeding. If I do decide to go ahead with a BA before children, then I will have to just hope that they still look okay! It's a tough call because I know it is a serious investment and I don't want to ruin them so soon after I've had them! Good luck with your consultations - I hope they do go well and you get your new girls :)
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Thank you ♡ I hope whatever you decide goes amazing as well :)
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I'm 36 almost 37 & just got mine done on Friday :) I wanted them my entire adult life....but I did decided to wait til after I was done having children.......ended up having 4 natural & 1 son by marriage! I breastfeed my babies & loved it :) After nursing I was very deflated. U may find that pregnancy gives u a fuller larger breast :) Personally I would wait til after talking to your PS & obgyn before u make up UR mind
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Congrats! How are you feeling now? Hopefully the recovery isn't too bad - that's another one of my fears! If I wait until after babies it will be another 4 years probably before I can do it, if not 5. I wish I was more patient, but now that I've started seriously looking into it and had my consult I want to get it done ASAP....I've never been good at waiting :p
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I feel great! I had a friend who is mid 20s that had hers done & a year later had a baby & nursed no problems at all.
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