Loving my new additions:)

Stats:5'3, 125 pounds, 34A & 19 years old. This...

Stats:5'3, 125 pounds, 34A & 19 years old.

This procedure is something that i have dreamt of having done since basically i can remember. It all started around the end of elementary school when all the girls started developing in that area except me.
Every time my tiny breasts felt sore i always thought "YES! finally its my turn to grow!!" and when they didn't, i thought in high school when i started taking birth control they would grow because it happened to many of my friends.....and now four years later i'm in my second year of university still waiting wearing double push up bras that barley push up LOL.......
This has been something i've joked about with my mom for so many years and finally this year i became really serious. I work out a lot and due to this i have barley any breast tissue to the extent that my 34A bras are loose on the cups, if i bend over you can see right into my bra lol!! Also, i am a poor excuse in a bathing suit as i can only wear XS bandeaus and with a muscular body type this is not flattering at all.

I started doing alot of research this year and finally, I've had my first consultation with Dr. Pirani, he is very friendly and has a great sense of humour. I am very confident in him and am very excited. I am so lucky my mom is so supportive of me i could not ask for anything else, she is by my side every step of the way i love her to death!!!
My surgery date is unofficially scheduled for October 25th as i have reading week so i will be off from school and will have a week to heal. Looks like i wont be going out for halloween LOL.
I will be getting the Gummy Bear Inspira implants under the muscle through the crease incision. I have not yet decided on exact size but i am hoping for a small to mid C cup.
My follow up appointment for size decision will be done September 5th.

Just wondering what to prepare for before surgery? any specific bra's to buy?
medications? How to calm my nerves lol!?
              usually the docter gives you a surical bra to go home in the day off surgery! but u can buy sportsbras that zip or button down in the front! something that fit very snug! as far as calming med. my docter prescribed me zanax! i took one the night before the surgery and one the morning off! i was so calm not a nervous bone in my body! 
Thank you so much for the reply! i see your comments all over this site you're obviously a great help:) I saw that you posted a discussion about the ultra high profile implants.. at my initial consultation i liked the way these looked but as i researched into it they seem like they would have less cleavage and resemble two balls on my chest so now i'm re thinking it lol.. I do want them to look very natural since i am young, i just want something to push up haha.. did you end up getting any good feedback about these implants?
             thank you! i  had ultra high profile implants before i got these high profile implants! which i currently have now! i hated the ultra high profile implants! they were way to narrow! i had no side boobs and def. no cleavage! youve said it they were like two balls on my chest! 

Wish boobies :)

Just thought id upload a picture of what id like to look like after :)

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Thank you very much for the links! They are a great help :)

And thank you for posting the photos with your updated info. Congrads on the surgery date!  


First dream about boobs LOL

Okay, so yesterday i received the confirmation that my surgery will be at 8 am on October 25th. AH
This is getting so real... and just to make things more exciting, i had my first boobie dream last night that i had just got them done but for some reason the doctor left my strapless bra on under my surgical bra and it was scratching at the incisions.....? weird lol.. also they felt extremely small..
Hope these dreams dont continue until the actual date of surgery lol, going to be a long two months haha.

I also thought id update a couple pictures of myself in a bikini because this is where everyones true colours come out. LOL cant hide behind a bombshell bra at the beach
I just replied to you! (On my profile). Sorry, I've been crazy busy. You are gonna get a great result :) I'm excited for you!
Thanks so much for getting back to me:)! I will be sure to update closer to surgery and after :)

Sizing Appointment went great:)

Hello boobie friends :)
This morning i had my sizing appointment and found out my BWD is 12.5, therefore when my PS did all the matching he gave me 4 options to choose from that would fit my frame, after trying on size after size my mother and I both loved the look of the 370CC Smooth Round Full profile implants.
Also, the brand of my implants is: Natrelle Inspira Soft touch ;)
I also got my surgery card and my pre/post care package will be mailed to me shortly:)
I could not be more excited woohoooo!
You know what else I just noticed!!! We have same price for surgery lol hahhahah
Twins? LOL thats too funny!!! Im interested in seeing what he suggests for you, I know that if you want more Projection when you get into the Ultra High profile (I believe Mentor has this profile) or like the (Natrelle) Xtra high profile, the projection increases but the base width is more narrow. So my PS suggested that if i don't want side boob to go with the 370CC Xtra-full which has a of BWD 11.5. I fear having breasts that are too far apart so i chose the Full Profile which has less projection but more base width (12..5) to match mine perfectly. I tried to explain it in my own terms lol - hope it makes sense to you. So if you want a larger implant that isn't going to be to big on your frame the doctor will usually recommend the higher/more full profiles to achieve the look you want
I know I feel like HP will be good. Well I ll keep you posted and after I have my pre op oct 11 I ll let you know. I m also doing local so I can communicate with him during my procedure. So we ll see what he ll say about I've maybe he ll fit more lol I know he uses sizers too

More photos to show entire body

Wow your so young! I'm excited for you, I am sure that you are going to love them once you get them!
I truly hope so, thank you so much! Only about a month left now :)
Yea you look about the size I am. I just wish I was 19 lol

Only 29 days left!

Surgery package came in the mail and after going through all the important information that is needed to know before going into surgery, it was time to get my blood test done!
For some reason i was so nervous! my heart was pounding lol, but after that it was smooth sailing, felt a little pinch and that was it. I also had a urine test and an ECG test. The results were sent to my doctors office and I was given the all clear and ready to go :)
Only 29 days left, i'm now thinking of going bra shopping for something to wear for the weeks after surgery when i'm allowed to go freely in a sports bra. Im wondering what size to get?? Anyone with similar size have any advice??
Also, any other nick-nacks that are good to have after surgery??
Im only allowed to wear surgical bra and ace wrap 24 hours a day!!! Im 11 days post op i haf bought a couple of cute sports bras before and i cant wear then so i would talk to your ps about when you can stop wearing a.surgical bra i have st least two more weeks in mine
Yes that is very true, I know many PS's have different views on post op healing tips. Wow that ace wrap seems like a major pain, if i have to wear that its going to be difficult to hide at school lol! I guess i'll wait until after surgery to buy a sports bra this way i have a better idea of what size to buy as well. Is the surgical bra comfortable at least?
Its easy to get on and off!! It has front and back closure so if you can adjust as swelling goes down...attractive.. No but if its going to give me the best breasts afterwards heck yeah

Forgot to mention!

Forgot to mention, In October my university has reading week so i booked my surgery on the starting day of reading week so I have about 10 days to be bed ridden before getting back to routine. How were people feeling after 10 days? able to walk long distances carrying anything kind of heavy (like a backpack )??
Bloodworm???? Yikes I meant bloodwork*
Hahahah! I laughed out loud at that!! I'm so excited but now im reconsidering my size! I dont want to go to big, so im going back for another sizing appointment on the 21st
Are you excited???? I got my bloodworm done today so I m sitting here on this rainy day and writing questions for my ps lol he's gonna get tired of answering when I m through lol

Dont want to go too big!!!!

So, i've been doing some late night thinking which I know is the worst time to think about these types of things lol, and i've started to think that maybe I am going too big with the size of implants I chose. I need to remember why I wanted this procedure in the first place and not loose sight of that and then end up picking a size thats too big on my frame and make me self conscious. I'm going back for final size on Oct 21st. If anything, I will go down one size.
Has anyone had implants under 370? and how did your results come out after? bigger or smaller than you though they'd be?
10 days is a good amount of time - but you won't feel 100% you will get better day by day and feel ok carrying a backpack - I was ok with my massive laptop bag. After the 2 week mark you will be amazed about how much better you feel. You are much younger than I am so your recovery should be even quicker - just know it only gets better ... and soon, very soon you'll feel back to normal!
PS I did 365cc under muscle, saline.
Wow u get to try sizes again?? Lol what do you think you want to go with?


Went to my final sizing appointment this morning and made a final decision with the size of my implants. My PS and I both agreed that 370cc would be a little too aggressive for what I am aiming to achieve. I will be getting the next size down which is 335cc and this should get me the desirable outcome I am looking for :)
Friday morning I will be a changed woman:)
Wish me luck! xox
Also good luck girl!! xo
I think 335cc will complement your body very well :) What profile are they?
Thanks so much! They are full profile :)

Sizer picture :)

I'm soo excited to see how you did! I hope everything went well! Good luck with the healing process Rest up hun Xo
Best of luck to you today !
All the Best today!!!! Looking forward to your post-op update! Take Good Care!


So, My surgery was Friday morning at 8:00am and I was literally immobile until today!
-Got to the office and was instructed to change into a robe and wait in recovery until i was called in. The nurse was very sweet and made me feel comfortable and excited. Dr pirani came in to make his markings and talk to me before surgery and then i was walked into the operating room where i lay on a heated bed and tucked under blankets (very warm). Everyone in the room was very cheerful and talkative which made me feel great. The iv didn't go in the first time so the anesthesiologist had to try again on the other hand, I thought this was going to be so painful meanwhile i didn't even feel it... i must have been too in shock that this was actually happening...... Before i knew it i was in recovery and in soooooo much pain. The nurse gave me some morphine in my iv which helped a lot. Dr pirani came in after to check on me and explain how the surgery went, he explained that in my left breast there was a lot more connective tissue between the muscles which he had to cut therefore it would be much more swollen and take a little longer to heal (which is evident). His patient coordinator Naushin is such a sweet and beautiful lady, she came in to visit after surgery and brought me a little gift bag with many things INCLUDING my favourite Chapstick (how did she know:)!?) Let me tell you, when i got home the pain was so real. Seriously, i don't mean to scare anyone off but the pressure and pain that the implants put on your body is bad. Thankgod for my Tylenol 3's. My PS only prescribed that and antibiotics which is great because i don't like the way hard drugs make me feel, Also dr pirani called me that night to make sure i was okay which was very nicee of him. By Saturday waking up was horrifying, i felt like i had a baby elephant on my chest and my entire back was so sore as well, PLEASE invest in a heating pad because this would have helped me a lot, I was able to walk and brush my teeth but any sudden movement would have me in tears.
Thank god by today (sunday) I Havnt taken medicine since 2:30am last night and im feeling pretty good, its like all of a sudden my pain level went from 9/10 to 3/10, its only painful near the incision because this post op bra is so tight on them:(
PS. I am very happy with the size, i feel like it is perfect for my body and i cant wait until they drop and fluff, right now theyre like a squishy hard... lol


Looking good so far! Mine wasn't pain so much as stiffness...I hope you are feeling better soon.
Thanks so much! I hope you're doing well as well! :)
Omg this scared me so much but I'm happy you were honest! Did you get a choice were you wanted your IV? Can you chose arm instead of hand? I really hope you heel quickly hun Btw from what I can see in the pictures your boobs look great :)

Feeling great!! Just tight!!

I woke up this morning feeling the dreaded morning boob once again but after a few very light massages they seem to feel so much better! I have my post op appointment on Thursday morning so I havnt been instructed on any massages yet, BUT my left breast which was the more difficult one to do during surgery just feels sooo tight every time I move, like its stuck to me in one spot >.< & the right breast feels perfectly fine! I kind of started worrying thinking I may have cc already but I know its just my nerves!!! After the light massages it feels so much better so I hope only with time it becomes more loose:) ( like come on! its only the 3rd day post op, I need to be more patient with my body:) )
Other than that i'm feeling great with my decision and so happy with my surgeon, he answered all my texts literally seconds after i sent them.
Will post some more photos later on!
* Also, bruise is all gone already :) *
Glad you are feeling well!!! Make sure to get rest :)
Thanks so much! Your 7 week photo looks amazing they turned out so nice , cant wait till I get there!!
Did u see my pics??? My boobies are so high up there! I feel like the muscle doesn't want to relax at all:(( and they are sooo heavy. Can you move your boobies around? I can't!

Day 4 post Op

Ps in my last update I meant 4th day post! lol ^^
- Changed bras - post op bra was way too tight on incisions :(
I can't wait for my post op Tom!!! I want to see if I have to wear a band on top to push them!! How you feeling miss??
My PS said if by next week my right doesn't drop like my left has he will have me wearing the band !! But my massages were right and he said to continue them only on the right side because I already was doing it to the left !Im feeling great only the small area on the sides of my breasts near my ribcage are a little sore, otherwise im good! .....have you sneezed yet??.... ouch lol!!!! I only hope for the best at your appointment tomorrow!!
Lol I haven't sneezed yet! But I coughed and it was fine. I only feel pain when I press on my incisions. He told me while putting them in that the right is higher. So I m pretty sure I will end up with the damn band!!!

Smooth Sailing !

Had my post op appointment this morning and my PS said that everything is looking great and healing the way it should be which eased my mind and made me so happy!
Since I've only been massaging my left stubborn breast it has dropped more than the right so now I'm on to only massaging the right lol!! Also, i was instructed to go bra-less for awhile & have another visit in a week to see how my progress is doing :) Happy Healing to all !
I sooo agree with my ps about being braless! Doesn't it makes sense!?!!! We have to let the girls drop and they can't if we wear the stupid bras!!! 

I love them!

They keep getting better everyday and they're getting so soft as well:)
I can finally sleep on my sides for a while then I wake up and turn back onto my back because of a bit of discomfort.
Other than that, I am so so so happy with them :)
To note, I am 9wks post and if I sleep on my belly it feels the same as before :) And… I'm almost 38 :)
38!?!?! Holy crap! Your body is amazing you go girl! Im so excited to sleep on my stomach:(
Your boobs came out looking great! Yay for side sleeping!! I was also super excited when I could sleep on my side. :)

As requested, my side profile! The projection is great!!

My left breast has dropped more and had rounded out more than my right, patience and massaging is key !:)
Projection is great! Don't worry - you will sleep on your belly again soon :) and a common theme one side is always more dominant than the other! Looking good Wishful! :)
Im a little worried about the right side, I know my nerves are getting to me but I really hope it catches up with the left, the left is perfect in my eyes and the right looks a little weird :(
You are still VERY EARLY days! Crazy early - and I swear words out of my own mouth!!!! I had ladies rooting "come on lefty!" just reverse of you then :) I promise, at 14 days, I almost passed out in fear of the result - seriously and I did use the strap religiously, had my own impressive technique with it :) and the difference from my 2 wk check up to my 6wk was unbelievable. Night and Day!!!!

Workout Tanktops!

One of my biggest insecurities was in workout tank tops with the built in bra... They just never did it for me... now I can finally wear them alone with no bra underneath and I feel amazing!!!! I love how they look
ps. Waiting for the dreaded strap in the mail :(
Hello old friend! Congrats on the new girls, the results look fantastic already!! :) So happy for you. Happy healing! xo
How great that your mom was so supportive! They look super good!
Hi! What do you mean about the dreaded strap in the mail? I think I missed this in your posts! Looking good in the workout tank!!!

Just over a month Post OP!

Hey RealSelf friends!
Sorry I've been away from the site for awhile, I am so busy with school! Not to mention have four exams next week! ahhh... wish me luck...
Just thought id post an update since I went to my just over a month Post op visit!
Everything has been going very smoothly with my recovery and I'm so grateful for that!
During the last few weeks I was worried about my slight asymmetry due to my right breast being initially higher than my left, However, this existed before my surgery so there is no way that my breasts can come out completely symmetrical. As the days go by they get better and better and I'm still very early out so it just takes patience to see the final result:)
I also got the OK to wear wireless bras today, so knowing me I obviously went straight to victoria secret to get sized and get me some bras LOL.. Its kind of hard hiding the nips everywhere I go when I'm braless, especially at work.

I was more than shocked when she told me that my size is a 32DD BELIEVE ME I do noooooot look like a Double D, the lady said it was due to my projection and narrow frame... However I'm not complaining hahaha.. the wireless bras only went up to D, So I ended up buying my sister size which was 34D and it fit wonderfully!

I also posted a few pictures of my scar because this was also something I was worried about as it didn't look too pretty right after surgery, but also like everything else it takes time! And they already look amazing and I'm only a month out:)

I dont have to visit my PS until January because he said all the worrying is done now, and its all just a waiting game from here until the final results start settling in:)

Before and 3 weeks After

So here is a picture to show my before and after, keep in mind.. I am only a month out of surgery and there are still many changes to come:) You can see how my right breast (Your left) ( Picture is reversed ) was initially higher and had a higher breast crease than my left which is why they can obviously not be completely similar after the augmentation.
I am truly very happy with my new additions and cannot wait until they fully drop and fluff out!
I will post another picture like this at about 6 months post op to see the transition of both my breasts:)

Pictures to go with the above paragraph ^

How are you doing :)? Any new changes?
YAY! looking good.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr. pirani and his team was truly a great one. Everything from the warm welcome from Naushin, Dr. Pirani’s patient coordinator, to the caring nurses, Maria and Chris, and the anesthesiologist during surgery. I truly felt that I was more than just "patient #"... They are so personable and want to ensure that you feel comfortable with every decision you make! Also, I was able to come in to the office many times before the surgery to decide on sizes and discuss any questions I had prior to surgery. They never made me feel like I was bothering them or asking too many questions. Actually, they encouraged me to ask questions and helped reassure me. After surgery Dr. Pirani provided me with his cell phone number and answered within seconds when I had any questions or concerns. Naushin is also available to speak with and very quickly responds to emails and phone calls to ensure that I am caught up with all appointments. Had my first post-op appointment and everything healing according to schedule. My BA looks amazing and it has only been 6 days. I am very pleased with the results and I am so looking forward the final product :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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