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Okay Girlies, I have been a avid Boobie looker for...

Okay Girlies, I have been a avid Boobie looker for quite some time now. Having a chest that stays put, when my bra comes off is something I have always wanted!!!! Well many many years later, it's time :) I have Nursed 3 babies for one year each.....needless to say they have SUCKED the LIFE out of me :( I am scheduled to go in on July 18th, (time is not known at this point in time)
I have always said, I can't wait for the seatbelt to sit between my boobs.....not blend right in. Growing up my lovely mother called me "Twobacks".....Nice eh? Im super excited, just nervous about recovery. When you have little ones, you don't always find "me time". Any tips of advice??? What things should I have on hand for after the surgery?


Hi, ittbitty! I was also almost flat-chested as a teenager, got teased by friends and family, and was very insecure about my breasts for literally decades (I'll be 40 next month). Breastfeeding 4 children did not help. I had become a small B cup by the time I finished, but only because I gained lots of weights with pregnancies and couldn't manage to lose it all, but they lost all firmness and looked deflated. So while I finally had a little something, my heavier body just looked even more out of proportion with my small breasts. Anyway, I had a Mommy Makeover 7/2 - last Tues - which included getting 400cc implants. I still needs for the swelling to go down and for them to drop and fluff, but I am already thrilled with them!! I am SO happy! You can click on my name to go to my review for before and after pics if you want. I was very nervous beforehand also, but wanted to reassure you. It's the best thing I have ever done for myself!! Your story remi died me of myself, and I wanted to wish you the very best. Keep us posted on how you do! :-)
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             lol! i was teased by my sisters all the time! they used to tell me that they couldnt tell what was my front or back since they were both flat! they cant say that anymore! what size are you plan on getting? 
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465 cc ....the sizers looked amazing, but just unsure how "ba-bam!" In your face it will be - shirt off??? I am excited today though....

Prescription fiasco........

Okay, so I went out with a friend tonight for some retail therapy, and to pick up my prescriptions (I didn't want to do that when the kids are with me in the day). Shopping trip = underpants! Hmmmm no bra????? Not yet at least. When I got to the pharmacy (I was advised the prescription had been faxed already) they hadn't even started to gather my "order". I asked if I could wait for it? The Pharmacist looked at he fax and muttered"woa, that's a lot of stuff. 9 prescriptions! Can you come back tomorrow ? Sooooooooo - I dint come home with raz or meds! Got a cute scarf though ;) do I need stool softeners? Or laxatives? As it stands now I can typically go 4-5 days without a BM. Night ladies.


Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! Here is a list of items you may want to purchase and set up for your recovery. Also, will you have some help with the kiddos the first few days? You may want to have a few "surprises" for the kids too...something to distract them a bit. Lastly, be sure to have a good laxative on hand to offset the constipating side effects of the pain meds. Keep us posted please!

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Medical supplies still not sorted.....

Okay, so after spending what felt like a million hours with 4 kids at the Zoo all day, I thought I would scoot out and pick up the Cica Care Strips that I was asked to get. After driving from one pharmacy to another, I was told the store that carried it closed 5 mins ago! ARGH!!!!!! I am trying so hard to be organized and discreet at the same time (didn't want to bring the kids with me). Back I go tomorrow.........OH, I was so envious of cute tanks and shirts today (as I was soaked in my 4 inch thick padded bra) This sucker is getting burned after surgery ;)


Thank you so much for this note....I am trying to upload photos (no luck) I'll keep at it. (most pics would be on the phone..don't know if thats the issue). Went out tonight and picked up some itunes card for the older kids and some yummy treat/snacks for the little one. I feel like I am "nesting" again.....c'mon 18th!

Getting Close......

Hi Ladies, I hope you are all well and not dying in this crazy heat! I will be so glad to get rid of the crazy padded bras....ugh!
I have tried posting pics, no luck as yet - sorry :(
So I have been a complete bag of nerves, trying to keep myself busy so I don't sit and overthink things like size, pain, recovery, kids......
I have been doing so much laundry and grocery shopping, hoping to have the house run smoothly when I am out order for a few days.
I am so happy to read such amazing stories....it puts my mind at ease.
Does anyone have any tips on how to sleep after surgery? sitting up ? on your side?


Here is a link to help you post photos. Posting from your home computer might be a bit easier than a cell phone or tablet, but they all should work. PM me if you're still having difficulties. Good luck today and let us know if you still ended up with 465 cc's.  

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I tossed and turned from 415cc to 465cc but the 465cc was to big for my frame so went with 415cc
My PS told me to sleep propped up for a couple of weeks, on my back. Said that helps keep the swelling down, as compared to lying flat. Sleeping in a recliner or propped up on lots of pillows is good. Said that on your side will cause the implants to shift towards the bottom, and also cause the bottom boob to swell up. Hope this helps!
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Toronto Plastic Surgeon

I went for my Consult last Wednesday, and my PS was amazing. Very kind and thorough....and on TIME. I can't even say that about my hairdresser ;) Every question was answered, and not once was I made to feel guilty for asking the same questions a few times.(Spending big bucks and going under the knife requires LOTS of clarity) His assistant was amazing, she helped my husband and I pick the perfect size.....465CC I am a very small, almost non-exisitant A cup.

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