Finally getting boobs! - Toronto, ON

I am so shocked that I'm finely at the place where...

I am so shocked that I'm finely at the place where I've had a consultation, put down a deposit, and booked a date! No going back now! Not so long ago I was just reviewing all the other best augmentations on this site.
I recently had my consultation on the 8th of October, and it went really well. I loved the staff there and my plastic surgeon. I felt really comfortable. I did feel really bad about having to bring my three year old with us but they were all really understanding! Which made me feel even more comfortable. My daughter had fun too as she got to play with "jellyfish" the whole time. Haha.
I have decided after trying on the sizers that i don't want to go under 500cc's as I felt they didn't look like what I wanted so now I'm deciding whether I want 500cc or 550cc. I will be having it done under the muscle so I know you lose cc's so that's why I'm leaning toward 550cc. At the same time though I have this fear that they will be too big though. I don't think they look too big? I just want to get it right the first time and love them!

Here is what I'm thinking I'll end up with:
Under the muscle
Incision under the breast ( as I've been told if I go over 485cc I can't do it through the nipple)
Highly cohesive smooth silicone
Not sure about profile? But I think I want High Profile. I forgot to discuss that one with my doctor!

Ok so I'm pretty sure I've been bouncing around on the topic here but I just don't know where to begin or end! I'm just so excited! Haha.

Another pic from my consultation

When I look at this pic it is so hard to tell the difference, and I definitely don't want to go smaller. And you lose cc's when you go under the muscle so I think I've made the decision to go with the 550's. I wish I had taken pictures in different shirts so I could get a feel for them more. The white shirt is one they told me to try on because I had a black shirt on and it made them look smaller. The black will definitely help hide them in the beginning, haha, a little. This nagging worry about not getting the perfect size is bugging me. I don't want to go too big and I don't want to go too small. At least I have three months to think about it!

Oh and as for my stats I am 5'8", 120lbs, I have a 3 year old daughter. Currently I wear an A cup but I don't fill it out very well.

Another one of my concerns has been that I'm 23 and I do want more kids in the future and I do not know how having more kids will effect my new boobies? I'm not planning on having more children soon but I know that at some point I will. Has anyone dealt with that?

For now though I want to enjoy the body of my dreams :) and I don't feel like i should wait till I'm done having kids because I can't foresee what's going to happen there for sure.

Before photo

This is a picture I took earlier this year. I bought this dress in hopes that I would get the boobs to fill it out! As you can see the fabric doesn't know what to do with the lack of boob! I'm wearing a padded push up bra in this photo and still I don't have much for boobs! It will be nice when I can wear this dress with out a bra! That would be amazing! If I did that now I would pretty much be flat as a board. :(
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