23 Yrs Old, and Tired of the Dreaded Double Padded Bra!!! - Toronto, ON

Let me start off by saying I love this site ! ,...

Let me start off by saying I love this site ! , what an inspiration and help everyone here is. If never written a blog before , nor really shared a lot about myself but reading everyone's experiences has help so much that hopefully one day I can be some help to ... So here I go. I'm 23, 5,1 and around 105lbs, I wear a 32B always double padded bra, I don't even own a single bra now that isn't padded .... Sad lol. I've wanted a BA as long as I can remember, and having just graduated college am really starting to do some serious research into it . There are a few drs. I have done some serious research on. The fist being Dr. Jerome Edelstein, his reviews and results are amazing, the second being Dr. Martin Jugenburg . Does anyone know anything or had or is going to have their BA done by either of them ? Or any other PS in Toronto ?? Any input would be beyond helpful!

Wish pics!

Getting the wheels in motion !

So I emailed Dr. E's office a few days ago to inquire about a consult . Heather emailed me back yesterday with a nice detailed letter about what to expect during my consult , 45 min with Dr.E to answer questions and explain the procedure ... Trying on sizers and to bring a light coloured top .. And also cost of the consult ($100) but that's put towards the surgery if you then book it with them. So I'm getting pretty excited , I've been told and read on another site that wait times for a consult is months sometimes .. Which I'm okay with because I want to pay for it up front in cash and need a few months to finish saving up for it . I'm going to give them a call on probably Tuesday as its Easter weekend and everyone's pretty busy , myself included .
The only thing that is making me nervous and apprehensive to book is my mother and her strong opinions against any thing you can possibly do to alter your self image ... The women I get my flat chestedness from ( thanks mom :) ) and who's never worn a bra in her life , and is more then happy she doesn't nor will ever have to . I don't so much care what anyone else has to say about it , I've never hidden the fact I have no boobs and that I won't be caught dead without a double padded bra on, girls gotta do what a girls gotta do ! . So if anyone has any suggestions about it , it would be soo appreciated !

Finally made a consult appointment !!!

So I made my first consultation appointment today with Dr. Edelstein ! It's not until November but Heather , the really nice patient care coordinator put me on the cancellation list, and said that usually things get moved and there is a good chance I will be hearing from them in the summer. I hope so because I was planning on getting it done in the fall anyways , and this gives me some time to get the rest of the money , supply's and all that good stuff ... I'm also thinking about making a consult with Dr.Jugenburg as well , there are a lot of happy lady's on this site who seen him .. And since I was in such a good booby spirited mood I decided to make some rice sizers, following the guide lines off of justimplants.com... I dunno if I did it right but it kinda get me excited !

2 weeks till my consult!!!

So My consult is finally coming up , November 28th. I'm getting so excited , my best friend is coming with me , I have only told her and another good friend of mine , and both are supportive. I decided I won't be telling anyone else but my mother , and that won't be happening until the surgery date is booked and am preparing for her to unsupportive and unexcepting, plastic surgery is something she is against and even now when we see someone on tv with them she has something to say about it ......
What should I expect during my consult ? I have compiled a list of questions and got pictures (mostly from other wish pics from lady's on this site ) , do dr's usual show you pictures of there work ?
Also I have a mole on one of my breast that I want removed ? Is it okay to bring that up with the surgeon ? I don't know if it should be done before or after the surgery ... During ??? Maybe ? Probably not lol but if he does mole removal I would prefer to go to him for it also, I had a mole on my finger removed by a different plastic surgeon 10 years ago and the scar is big and you can even still see all the holes from where the stiches went in , to me it looks like a bad job and if it had been done now I would probably go back and say something but I was 14 at the time and it wasn't really a bother..
Anyone have a consult with Dr.Edelstein ?? What should I expect ??
Any advice /info is appreciated !!!

Consultation done ! Ready to book... I think

So this past Friday I had my consult with Dr. Edelstein . It went so well , I was so nervous at first but once I got there, the ladies at the front desk were super nice and made me feel so comfortable, so I got there at 9:30, went through the medical question are with one of the front desk ladies ( totally forgot their names , I was too excited) , then was shown upstairs to a patient room and given a gown to put on. Dr.E came in after that , and everything went smoothly , he recommended exactly what I had hoped , silicone , under muscle , crease incision , 375-465 cc. . He's so genuinely nice , calming and not pushy at all, he really listened to what I was looking for and answered all my questions before I got the chance to even ask them . I tried on the testers , the 375cc were a little small , I really liked the 415cc and didn't even bother with the 465 as I thought they would make me look top heavy.
I'm going to call it to book my surgery for the beginning of February, I would love to have it done sooner but with the holidays , And then school starting back up in January it's just a crazy busy time . So now my dilemma , telling my mom, she is against plastic surgery ... I don't plan on telling her untill after the holidays , and don't plan on telling anyone else in my family or otherwise . I'm also confused about the size ! I really liked the 415 cc but I'm worried since im going under the muscle in going to loose some volume.. I'm so confused .

Finally booked !!!!!

So I finally booked my surgery date , March 2nd is the surgery date, i would of liked for sometime in February but I wanted it done in the hospital instead of the private clinic as I have a genetic disorder and feel safer in the hospital and seeing as Dr. E does both it wasn't a problem. My pre-op is on February 12th with Heather the nurse and I will decide on a size then. Im still very confused about size , originally I tried 415cc but now I'm thinking that may be a little small for the look I want ... Booby problems

Also *****Marry Christmas****** hope everyone has a good one !!!

Growing concern....

So my surgery is less then 2 months away and I'm super excited , but something that has been worrying me is stuff I have read in regards to implants and dental work.
I am in the beginning process of a lengthy stretch of extreme dental work , tooth extractions , braces and at some point a year or 2 down the road , jaw surgery ... The whole process is gonna take a long time , and I doubt I will have any work done before the BA , I have read that dental work can cause problems with implants and I emailed the nurse at my Ps's clinic and she said there was really no solid facts , but some people do take a antibiotic before any work gets done ... I'm still really worried .. Has anyone experienced any problems with getting dental work done after their BA?
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