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Hi everyone,im looking to have brazilian butt...

Hi everyone,im looking to have brazilian butt lift,i just had a tummy tuk in august so im going to wait the full year before i do my bum,i have been looking through allot of different surgeons work and i love Dr Jugenburg work, im wanting 1000cc in each buttox,has anyone out there had work from Dr Jugenburgs with such a big amount of fat grafting if so please get back,thanks so much..

Hi colleenjj - In regards to your question, yes. I just had a BBL from Dr. Jugenberg less than a week ago. According to the dr, he put 1L in each cheek, which I believe is 1000cc's. The surgery, and everything leading up to it, went very well. I'm in the healing stages, which is a bit more painful than I expected, but I think it has to do with the amount of fat he took and put back in. Like I said, I'm less than a week into my healing and I don't regret it whatsoever. So far, results are great and I can only assume it will get better with time! Very happy and would recommend 100% ! Let me know if you have any questions :)
Hi,thank you for your reply,can i please see pic?im having a real hard time choosing a
Sorry for the late response! Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures. I have no idea why, I'm really regretting it now. My BBL has definitely gone down, but it's much more natural now than the first few weeks after surgery. What I've realized is that it's not so much about getting a huge butt, it's about the contouring. The dr sucked out the love handles and put it in my booty and it's made an amazing difference to my body shape. As I said before, I'd still recommend dr jugenberg 100%! Hope this helped :)
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on internet,a tv program,great reviews,im choosing his because from what i can see his work is amazing,wish i would have found him sooner....

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