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Botox Brow Lift - FAIL. - Toronto, ON

I've always suffered from droopy eyebrows and...

I've always suffered from droopy eyebrows and to combat the issue I'd constantly hold the inside of my brows up. I liked the way it made my face look. My eyes appeared brighter and my face actually looked quite a bit slimmer when doing the expression. Unfortunately constantly animating your face can give you quite the headache, so after a few months of contemplating I'd decided to see about getting a "Chemical Brow Lift".

I went to visit a place in Toronto and had a very pleasant experience. The Plastic Surgeon made me feel as though this was the perfect solution! Everyone at the office insisted I would be nothing but happy with my results. WRONG.

I had 30 units injected in between my eyebrows to lift the inside brow (or so I thought). That day I saw the Botox take affect, which apparently is nearly impossible. I couldn't lift the inside of my eyebrows at ALL. I appeared spock like, which seems to be a common side affect. It's now almost a month later and I still can't lift the inside of my brows. I assumed the procedure only targeted the depressor muscles in my face, I assumed I would still be able to lift my eyebrows naturally, boy was I wrong. My plastic surgeon later told me the two muscles (one pulling the eyebrow down, the other pulling up) are on top of one another, and it is impossible to target one without the other.

Ultimately, I'm stuck with a lifeless static expression until the crap wears off. Might I add I'm only 19. It's almost a month later and I've seen no improvement. I ruined my summer, I haven't gone out much since the procedure, not even for my own birthday. And to top it off, I start college at the end of August.

I wrote this review to tell all young girls too vain for their own good, I know how you're feeling, but botox is NOT the answer. Neither is plastic or cosmetic surgery. I find people often look their most beautiful in the before photographs anyways. Please girls, don't jump into something like I did. I've never regret anything more in my life. If only I could turn back time.


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30 units sounds like way too much for first time and only 19. I wanted almost the same thing as you and the plastic surgeon who I saw said I need 5 units, I'm 22. I chickened out though… but still think of getting it done.
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30 units between the brows is not unusual, although I do it to avoid the frown lines, not to lift the medial brow. I am sorry you had a negative experience.

However, Botox, like anything else in real life has to be used carefully and for the right reasons, otherwise unintended consequences can occur. I hope you realize that one bad experience doesn't mean all Botox is bad.
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almost all gone :D :D :D :D !!!
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sloooooooooowly starting to wear off
i'm able to move the outside of my eyebrows but still not the inside.. which is what i want. BOO BOTOX
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still no change :(
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so it's been three months and i still don't see any difference unfortunately. i'll be sure to update when any kind of feeling my my forehead returns!
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oddly enough i actually kind of enjoy the look now. i think after a while the skin around your eyes almost adjusts to not being able to lift because its looking much less saggy. it's almost been 2 months, would still never do it again, but there is some positivity finally!
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It's been almost a month and a half and I've seen no improvement! (which was expected seeing as how it is supposed to last 3 months minimum) However one piece of advice I can give people who find themselves in a similar condition, plucking and reshaping your eyebrows works wonders!
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Wow! I am so sorry to hear about your unfortunate circumstance. As an experienced injector, I can tell you that I would NEVER EVER use 30 units for a brow lift. As Britt mentioned, it will wear off and you will be back to normal soon.
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I appreciate the tips Britt! Whether it works or not, I know green tea can do some great things for the body so it wouldn't hurt to drink a bit more of it ;) I've also heard that people who work out tend to work though botox more quickly but I wonder if that has to do with having a faster metabolism? Regardless, can't wait to be back to my normal self. I'll be sure to update when I see improvement!
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Hi Live,

Yes please do keep us updated. I think the working out also filters stuff out of your system through the sweat and stuff, but not 100% sure. Yeah, I too could probably drink more green tea. ;) Have a great weekend!



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Hi Live,

Well, at least you are young and Botox isn't permanent so hopefully when it leaves your body you will come out of this without consequence. I have heard that working out a lot and green tea can help filter the Botox out of the body, not sure if it's true, but a number of community members have mentioned it. 

It sounds like your doctor overfilled the area. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this, but thank you so much for your review as my community seems to be getting younger and younger it is important for them to hear from a peer. Please keep us updated as things progress.

Enjoy the rest of your week,


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