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I had the typical Asian button nose and I've...

I had the typical Asian button nose and I've always wanted more defined outline. So after research...I decided to go with Dr. Solomon. He is very straight forward and professional. I enjoyed our first consultation. I told him I like my nose`s shape but I wanted a higher bridge and showed him some pictures of ideal Asian noses. He nodded and told me it will look good on me. I always believed to go with the best surgeon I can find since I value their expertise and professional options.

On the 2nd consultation, he took before pictures of me and it was fairly quick. His office is always packed with's very common to go in way pass the scheduled appointment time. I suppose that's a good sign since so many other people trusted him.

On the day of surgery, I was kinda nervous. He came in and ensured me everything is going to be great. However, he asked me one question that almost made me faint....
He asked me if I want my nose tip to be higher....we have never discussed to alter my nose tip. And I've never thought I need it or it's needed in order to achieve the result I wanted. It is not the kind of discussion I can have 10 mins before the surgery..I could barely think straight...After Dr. Solomon saw my expression, he told me he will not do anything on my nose tip..

The actual surgery was breeze since I was under full sedation. When I woke up, everything was done. I barely felt any pain. After I was sent home, I never needed to take a single pain killer that were prescribed for me. There were no bruising as well. Dr. Solomon is very skillful. I had a painless recovery.

On the day to take off my splint, I had a nervous breakdown after seeing my nose. I had a curved up Asian button nose before. 7 days post surgery, my nose looked like a lion, connected straight from my forehead down to my nose tip. It completely changed my nose shape...I know was swollen severe and it's not Dr. Solomon's fault, but my mind just wasn't prepared for it. Dr. Solomon comforted me by saying I need to give it up to a year to see the full result, he can always take it out if I'm not satisfied.

Recovery - the first 3 months were the worst...not physically, but mentally... learning to like my nose again and not being depressed were the biggest challenges. The only saving grace were my optimism and knowing that revision can be done after a year's time.

6 months post-op: The swollen on my nose bridge has subside, even thought I haven't fully learned to love it. At least it no longer depresses me and I start to like to see myself in the mirror again. There are two things stresses me out still....
1)There is a bump on nose, Dr. Solomon said it's still swollen and will become better in time. And since we've only raised my nose bridge but didn't touch my nose tip, my nose looks going downward from the bump which bothers me a whole lot.
2) You can see from the front view that my nose is slightly crooked. I told myself it is the scar tissue inside my nostril will be better in time...I am keeping my fingers crossed.

In a year's time, I`m going to have to do a revision. I now know that in order to retain my slightly curved up nose shape, I need to raise my nose tip as well my nose bridge. I wish this was brought to my attention during my consultations so I can mentally prepare for it and have it done with my Rhinoplasty altogether. I know Dr. Solomon is a skillful surgeon but it`s hard for him to know exactly what Asians want for our noses. To him, I didn`t even need a nose job. I had double eyelid surgery done in China. It was a breeze to explain to my surgeon what I want. He already knew what I like, could almost finish my sentences. So most likely my revision will be done in Asia.

Advise of getting Asian Rhinoplasty in Toronto: Not recommended unless you`ve done extensive research on what you want and is confident that your surgeon knows exactly what you want.


Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! I'm sorry you're thinking you'll need a revision, but I hope you eventually achieve the perfect nose for you.

Please keep us updated!

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Some pictures.

I'm going to see Dr. Solomon next Tuesday to put some filler in my nose tip.
Hopefully that will cover the nose bump for a little while till I get my revision done next year. I do like the new improvement on my nose since the surgery. But I can't live with my current nose...Not after the cost of my surgery and all the mental adjustments I had to go through. So revision need to be done. At least the tip of my nose needs to be raise up. Anyhow..I will post new photos after getting fillers next week.

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another before picture.


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I like your nose better before. I agree that the bridge is too high compared to your tip, and it is crooked. I can understand that you were disappointed in what you wanted compared to what you got. Please let me know who you will go to in China or Korea. I do not think that there are many doctors in Canada or the US who are very familiar with Asian noses. All they ever seem to want to do is stick something in the bridge which really changes the harmony of ones face.
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Did he use a silicone implant or used your own cartilage to build your bridge?
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Filler with dr. Solomon

I was a bit nervous hence the rhinoplasty wasn't as successful as I've hoped. I wanted to put in a filler that will last me half a year till my revision can be done.

Scheduled appointment for 12pm, didn't see dr. Solomon till 2pm. Room full of people. Dr. Solomon was running around none stop. I kinda feel bad for him being so busy n when I finally saw him, he hasn't had lunch yet. However what happened in the next 5 mins thoroughly upset me.

As soon as he came in, he recognized that the nose bridge is too high. I talked about getting filler on tip but I told him it has to be some filler that can be dissolve within 6 month. He touched my nose and told me ok then went out right away. The whole conversation lasted about 3 mins. Then after he came back, he handed me a responsibility waiver n asked me to sign before putting in this point, he hasn't even explain to me what filler he is going to use. I've trusted him once and ended up with an unacceptable result. At least I want us to spend time to talk about different options and make him understand what I want to achieve before filler happens. But he just left me the responsibility waiver and went to talk to the next patient!!!

At that point, I feel like a cash cow and nothing more. I understand he is busy, but each patient deserve his full attention when he is present. Even he does surgery every single day, to each patient, this is still a life changing experience he can not treat lightly.

I was very upset for what just happened. So I left without saying anything. He might be experienced, but I've come to learn the only dr. who cares n listens are the best kind. Otherwise, the result will be either unsatisfactory or looked all the same on everyone. No one wants to be a piece of factory product.

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Revision done in Korea. Recovering now.

Hi everyone! I'm so excited that my revision is finally done. Very happy right now. Today is just my 2nd day of recovery.
The old implant by dr. Solomon was taken out. I just want to show everyone how ridiculous the implant was shaped. And the bump on my nose was cause by a split on the right side of the implant as you can see in the picture. Not swolleness dr. Solomon had tole me previously. My Korean surgeon told me he has never seen an implant shaped like this.

I hope my experience can be a lesson for everyone. Best of luck on your surgery too!


I'm so glad you were able to get it revised to your liking! I'm going to Korea soon for a primary rhinoplasty -- do you have any suggestions as to which doctors I should consult with? Currently overwhelmed by the sheer number of plastic surgeons there...!!!
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can you share your revision experiences here? i'd love to know who the doctor was in korea. thank you. I'm glad you found the right doctor.
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Sorry to hear of the troubles you have had with your nose worked on by Dr. Solomon. Dr. Solomon also worked on my nose and I have not had good results with it. I went back to him a total of 3x to fix my nose over the course of a few years. Its crazy! My nose changed shape, my tip dropped, looked wide and bulbous and my nostrils flared out to much. Please read my review. I have pictures posted too. I agree that he is very rushed and doesn't seem to listen to what we want. Its more about the money. Get one in and then get them out and get another one in. I can't believe he would mention working on your tip right before your surgery never having mentioned it before. Your not in a state to be talking about that and you were not prepared. I am glad your revision went well with the Korean surgeon. How is everything now? Please post pics if you can.
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Another review posted for Revision in Korea.

Thanks for everyone's well wishes! It has been 4 months post-op. And I love the result.
I just posted a new review for Dr. Chung, my Korean surgeon.

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My journey is done. Best of luck on yours!

Somehow my review for Dr. Chung, Rex clinic from Seoul, Korea disappeared....
Below is side by side picture of my initial rhinoplasty done by Dr. Solomon and revision done by Dr. Chung.

My revision costed $7000 USD.

For those who want to go Asia for plastic surgery, my advice is to search online. There are many forums available for people in the same situation. The information is vastly available. Do your homework. It's actually not as scary as you think. I've easily made many friends in the hotel during my stay in Seoul. People are more sociable and supportive when they are in the same boat. =)

Best of luck!


Love your new nose! It looks amazing and really suits you! So happy that your surgeon in Korea was able to fix Solomons mistakes. I just sent you a PM :)
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My Korea revision review posted.


I Searched about Dr.solomon before and I decided not to do the my nose with him. The main reason was the same as you in the end, I am afraid they just can not understand what a asian-desired nose is. But I would say your nose it's better than what you think. It is natural and nice-looking. Well I just notice your revision and that is pretty. Congrats :)
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Wow your nose looks great and very natural.. from the revision surgery. But the pics of before from Solomon's surgery are bad. What was he thinking? Thank you for sharing your experience, I won't be going to him for my nose work! I had a consult with him and didn't feel that comfortable, but because of his experience, I was going to get work done by him. But no way, not now!
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Can u tell me what type of implant you have for the revision rhinoplasty?
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Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Solomon is a very knowledgeable and friendly at first. But he takes way too many patients then he should. He ended up being exhausted and leaves very little time to actually listen to what the patient wants. Do not recommended unless you are ok with being treated like a cash cow.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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