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35 Yrs Old, Mother of 3. Full Tummy Tuck - Toronto, ON

Going in for surgery tomorrow and freaking out! ...

Going in for surgery tomorrow and freaking out! Can't sleep but I'm so ready and not turning back! Before photos posted:) a little history: I am 35 years old. 5'3" and 155lbs. I never struggled with my weight (was always 100lbs) till after my first son. I gained 90lbs, lost gained, lost again yadda yadda. I have gone for 3 consultations since then and after having a stillborn daughter last year I have decided I won't be doing that again and am ready to this is. Losing my daughter has taught me life is too short and fragile. Be kind to yourself, no one else is responsible for your happiness but you :)


Glad to hear everything went well. Hope you are able to get some rest. Happy healing and congratulations.
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Good luck Hope all is good keep us posted !!
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Thx everybody. Support means so much to me:) got home at midnight thinking I would sleep like a baby all night... Uhm not so much lol, thing is I'm so so tired just wired up and cant sleep
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Day after full tummy tuck

Well yesterday I was feeling pretty shabby, like hey I can do this, it ain't that bad. Today different story, pain from hell and I feel totally helpless. The biggest bummer is that I like to sleep on my side but I move a lot, side to side and I just can't right now. So uncomfortable :( on another note, I'm not as swollen as I thought I would be love my new tummy even now the way it is. I can't wait to see the real end result


so??? where are those post op pix!!! Hows the journey been?
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Short so far lol, only day 2 here, post op pic is up!
mea culpa - only AFTER I posted did I see the dates - :P Get well soon! Cheering for u over here!

Going on day 3

Ok pain is still bad mostly getting up and and sitting down etc.. But what's surprising is that my belly doesn't shut up! I'm gassy, heartburn, neck and back pain and all I can say is gasx is my best friend right now :)


Heal quickly!
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Day 4 and depressed :(

I feel a bit better physically every day but my emotions are getting the best of me. I'm just so tired of all this and want to be healed over and done with. Anyone else feel this way?

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Day 4 post op


Congrats! I had my tt with muscle repair at the plastic surgery clinic in Mississauga today. Laying I'm bed now trying to take it easy. Lots of rest and well wishes going ur way
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To u too :) which clinic did u get yours at, if u don't mind me asking?
Thanks. I had mine at the plastic surgery clinic, Dr. Lista.

Day 4 post op, more photos


Hi Ladies, I had a breast reduction in Toronto in December and the only negative of that experience is ... I can see my tummy :) I am thinking about having a tummy tuck but not sure because of mixed reviews about pain and recovery. It was tough not having a good night sleep but I'm ok with that now so I could deal with that for a tummy tuck. I just don't know if its something I really want to have done. I want he flat tummy but would be disappointed if I had the surgery and my tummy wasn't flat. With the BR I was a 40E and I asked my PS if I could be a B. I had 2 lbs taken off each one and they are a LOT smaller now, but I occasionally look at them and think they could really have gone a little smaller :) A tummy tuck seems to be more pain as muscles are involved, so have any of you thought you aren't as flat as you hoped after surgery? Thanks
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I'm only 5 days post op and know that there's swelling but even as it is now I'd say it's worth it :)
I can't see my belly yet, had my surgery in Mississauga yesterday. Slept pretty well actually. I have a blog on here which I will keep updating. With pictures.

Day 5 post op

Feeling so much better, thank goodness. I can get up fairly easily now. No more pain killers. Just every now and then I get some stabbing pains around the belly button. And itchiness around the incisions. Overall I'm feeling a lot better. I'm hoping Monday these drains will be removed :)


I love the 2nd side pic you just posted.. So small looking!
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Thank u! I know it's an enormous difference what a flat belly can do. My sister said I look 40lbs lighter and my husband says I look like the day I married him, I was in tears hearing that :)
Worth the hell pain? The more I read, the more I am freaking out of the recovery process. Take care

Day 8 post op

Ok feeling so so much better, no where near 100% but feels a lot closer that's for sure. Had my pre op appt yesterday and saw my belly for the first time. It's swollen and yada yada but I am so impressed with my scar. It's so thin and pink, complete closed with no oozing or leaking whatsoever. Even the nurse had to take a photo and send to the surgeon for him to admire his work. She said he is a genius, and I have to concur :). Everything was stitched from the inside so there are no sutures visible. I wish I could show u all but it's taped up again. I have one tip I learned over the last few days. When u feel that tickle in your nose to sneeze, plug your nose real tight till it subsides. I sneezed and felt like my belly button blew up, no more of that. Works pretty good, I've heard of people holding a pillow to their bellies to sneeze, but it still hurt like hell.


You are looking good very happy for you!! You made me laugh Abt the sneezing it's so true I am two weeks po and I have a head cold omg sneezing is the worst Abe for me the pillow thing don't work . I don't have an stitches visible except my bb. I go to dr tomorrow to get tape removed can't wait. Happy healing
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8 days post op


Wow, looks great!
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It looks really good
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2 weeks post op

So it's been 2 weeks and tomorrow I go in to finally get these horrid drains removed, thank the gods! I'm almost completely painless and standing upright for a while now which surprises me, thought that wouldn't happen for a while. Only concern I have is my belly button, no pus or oozing but it's red and spitting out sutures like it's nobody's business. Doesn't hurt but feels irritated. I'm hoping I will hear all is well tomorrow ! Kind of nervous:(


Your tummy looks great! You must have listened to instruction and did as you were supposed to. I plan to sit and rest as much as possible in hopes to have a recovery as you are. You look awesome, can't wait to see more(:
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Thank u! I love the support I get from here, it has helped me immensely. All the best to u :)

16 days post op


U look amazing
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Wow, you look awesome! Well done!
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6 weeks post op

K so I'm 6 weeks post op, thought if update since I'm well on my way and feeling more human. My scar is beautiful, everything was sewn underneath the skin so no sutures visible or needing removing, I had some issues with healing of the belly button but it is almost completely healed now (yes I smoked, screw it). Overall I feel great, it's been a long recovery and painful as hell but I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat!

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6weeks post


You look great, I went to La Fontaine but was less than impressed with Sara, I didn't see any drs but the first impression really turned me off
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glad you named the doctor - who wouldnt do it calling you fat - nice bedside manner whatta tool. It isnt always about the damn fat either it is the muscle repair - we cant change that without this surgery! You look good and the scar is nice. Happy for you!
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I agree, muscle repair makes a huge difference... I have no regrets...Thank you!
Dr Chivers

So far I love the clinic, they were straight forward and didn't sugar coat anything. I was beaming after my consultation after hearing from another doctor I was too fat for a tummy tuck :( My excellent plastic surgeon is Dr. Quinton Chivers at Lafontaine Cosmetic Surgery, Yonge St, one who said I was too fat for surgery was Dr. Delorenzi in Kitchener, On... Just an FYI.

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