32 Years Old, 3 Kids, Lipo on Inner and Outer Thighs and Flanks - Toronto, ON

I've wanted liposuction on my inner and outer...

I've wanted liposuction on my inner and outer thighs since I was a teenager. I've always been physically fit, and I exercise and do resistance-training at least twice per week. After the birth of my 3rd child, I decided it was time to make the changes to my body that I've wanted for so long. I currently weigh 125lbs, and I am 5'8" tall. I've weighed 125lbs my entire adult life, so losing weight was not going to help me get rid of the excess skin around my abdomen, or the bulges on my upper thighs.

I had a consult with my plastic surgeon in February 2014, and booked my surgery for August 5, 2014. I wanted to have a good amount of time to really think about all the pros and cons of having surgery. My youngest child will be 18 months old at the time of my surgery, and this worries me a little, because he loves being held, and I won't be able to pick him up for about 6 weeks. That will be tough. But I think if I wait any longer to complete the surgery, I simply won't have the available time to do it.

I've posted some "before" photos. Surgery is in 5 weeks! I'll post more photos after the surgery has been completed.
Make sure you're aware of how minimal the results are with a mini. I had a mini, umbilical float with full muscle repair in April 2014, and will be having revision surgery this winter because of excess skin that still remains, especially above bb. I'm not over weight at all, workout 5 days a week, have two boys... So upsetting that I didn't go with a full TT in the first place
I'm so sorry your results were not all that you'd hoped for twoboys76. You must be so frustrated, especially after having gone through the recovery for a mini already. I don't have enough loose skin for a full TT, and I'm not willing to take on a super long scar. But I appreciate your advice, I hope your revision goes well. How is your surgeon planning to correct the loose skin above your bellybutton? Your mini TT scar looks great by the way!
Can put a pic of your thighs as well. I am having my inner & outer thighs done in October 2014...I would like to see if you have any saddle bags like my on your thighs.

Slight change of plans

So....I've done a LOT of thinking over the past few weeks. I've decided not to go ahead with my mini-tummy tuck. HOWEVER, I am going ahead with liposuction on my inner and outer thighs and my flanks.

I still want to correct the skin below my navel, but I just can't envision being able to recover properly with a very active 18 month old who needs a LOT of attention. I want to be able to have the best results possible, and I know I can't give myself the time I need to recover properly from an abdominal incision. Liposuction is something that is manageable for me at this point in my life, and I think if I want to have liposuction, I should do it while my skin still has good elasticity. In 5 years, I'll pursue a mini tummy tuck again.

I've posted a video for those who have asked to see what my thighs look like before surgery.
Honestly you don't even need a tummy tuck. Your post preggo stomach looks better than 90 % of the general population! But if you do I advise waiting until you can give yourself proper healing time. My BA was so incredibly painful to recover from I am glad I had 3 days to do nothing but sit and two weeks of light activity after. That was with Demerol.
Thank you porcupinelove, I do appreciate the compliment :) I decided about 3 weeks ago to wait on the tummy tuck until after my youngest is in school full time. I'm proceeding with the lipo as planned though.
We havnt made the final decision on the revision yet, either a reverse TT, skin only ofcoarse, where an incision will be made in/under breast folds to the center, excess skin would be lifted. Or converting to a full, which will put my bb at risk of loosing to much blood supply and turning black. I too was told by my surgeon that I really didnt have enough extra skin for a full, that I would have not only a longer scar but also a small verticle scar from my old bb... I'd much rather have that then having the results I have now and having to get it re-done. I didn't think the recovery was that bad honestly was much easier than I expected, especially since I had full muscle repair. Above my bb did not have the indentations and the loose skin didnt appear so loose before my TT! I know some of the indentation is from sutures internally that still havnt fully resolved. I was still very swollen in those pics too. I commented to your post because I'd just don't want someone else to be in my position. And it seems like from what iv been reading, many end up unhappy with the mini. What ever you decide to do I hope all goes well and you get great results:)

1 day post op

Surgery was yesterday (Aug 5th) and everything went perfectly. I am very glad I chose not to have a mini tummy tuck done along with the liposuction I received. I don't believe I could have recovered properly from a tummy tuck with 2 young children running around!

I'm really pleased with my results so far. I've got a fair bit of swelling, but I can still see that my thighs and waist have been reduced in size quite a bit. I finally feel proportionate! The bruising is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. So far the pain has been manageable with just regular strength Advil. I do have a high pain tolerance though. I am hopeful that I should be able to resume my normal activities in about 2 weeks time.

Post Op Day 4

Still pretty swollen which is discouraging because it's hard to see any difference between the way I looked before and the way I look now.
which clinic and doctor did you go to? I need to have my hernia removed and am considering a mini tt.
My surgeon is Dr. Ali Adibfar. He is located at Elements Surgical Centre in Toronto.
Which doctor did you go go? name of clinic?

9 days post op

I met with my surgeon yesterday to have my stitches removed. Now I just have steri-strips on the incision sites which feels so much better and less itchy. My surgeon had no concerns with my healing and said that I could start wearing Spanx now instead of my compression garment because my compression garment was leaving awful indents in my lipo sites. After switching to Spanx for one day I can already see a marked improvement in my shape. Here are some of my post op photos from day 9. The swelling continues to go down and the bruising is fading. My surgeon says I will continue to shrink over the next 3 months. I have some small hard lumps that are collections of lymphatic fluid that will drain away over time and with the help of some massage.

16 days post op

Wow! Swelling has gone down a lot and bruising is almost gone. Pretty much pain free at this point. My incisions are not symmetrical on my tummy and I'm not sure why. A little disappointed by that but the scars will be nearly invisible in 6 months so it's not a big deal.

feeling pretty sexy!

I am just about 4 weeks post open and loving my new bod!
One of the incisions on my right hip opened up last week, but some prescription antibiotic cream and gauze bandaging has it healed up properly now. Still a little swollen on my sides and inner thighs but otherwise feeling great!
Considering a mini tummy tuck but realized you have not done it for the same reason an active toddler at hand. Liposuction looks pretty good tough congratulations!
You look great!!!!! I understand the bruising and it sux really bad and it's hell for awhile lol! But it does subside and it's worth it after several months! I didn't think you had an issue before but people can tell you that a million times you got do what you want! :-()
Dr. Ali Adibfar

Dr. Adibfar was wonderful. He is very approachable and yet still very professional. I felt at ease asking questions and never felt rushed. He provides honest answers and doesn't try to talk you into anything. His work is impeccable. I would highly recommend him. He called me at home the day after my surgery to check on me and to make sure I was doing alright and following my post op instructions. He also provides his personal cell number to patients to call at any time if they have questions or concerns. He has an excellent patient coordinator, Agata Kusiba, and she is very understanding and quick to respond to emails and phone calls.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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