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My expectations with this surgery will be less...

My expectations with this surgery will be less back pain if any at all and self confidence. I have had big boobs since middle school and while everyone makes their little jokes I really do not like my breast. I am a size 36g I am looking to get to a full C . My insurance is paying so I don't really know if I'm able to full on decide which size I want to be. But I have as questions if anyone thinks they can help please message me.
Congrats on making the decision! I'm confused with the $5,000 price you listed - if the insurance is covering it, is that your copay? Seems super high!
No it wasn't giving me the option to put it so I guesstimate ! But my insurance is covering it all I shouldn't have a copay

48 More days !!!

I'm trying to get a list of things I'll need such as; panty liners for my incisions, open up shirts, scar cream etc. if anyone have anything to share let me know. I'm starting to buy things now so I'm not buying it all at once.
You should make it clear to the surgeon that you want to be as small as possible. As far as I can make out the insurance company will specify the minimum amount to be removed but it should not be a problem if it is more than that.

Little help

Getting a bit nervous. Does anyone know of any things I should purchase for afterwards?

2nd thoughts

Anyone start to have second thoughts.
Mine are just because I have had two kids and both were c sections my tummy isn't up to par I don't want to look like a fatass with small boobs and a fat tummy I weigh in, in the 170s
totally common and very healthy to have 2nd thoughts, it is a big decision and major surgery. However, I am sure going ahead will be the right thing for you.
I'm sure it will too. Just nervous about being out to sleep
Having a breast reduction will actually make you look thinner. You will need to make sure you have enough pillows and some comfortable front closing bras as well as pj's that button up the front. Good luck!

Walmart Haul

I have open up pjs, peroxide, panty liners, mederma (heard good things) , silicon scar sheets(minimizing scarring hopefully), Neosporin, carmax, gauze, vitamin e oil, and a pill box, also bought some vitamin c pills that I need to start taking.
Sounds like you are doing great. My surgeon says I won't be able to shower for a week so I have baby wipes to freshen up. Also I am going to start taking arnica a week before the op. Sounds like you've been putting your nervous energy to good use!
What's arnica

Time ??????

If feel like it's a year from now, but only 35 more days.... Still pretty far.

Almost Pre-op time!

Today is Saturday and my pre op appt is Monday. Don't really know what to expect but I know I will update in how it goes and what we go over. I plan to make a list if questions to ask him. I know it will be a lot!!! Lol
The pre-op is exciting because it's a step closer and makes it feel so even more real. Write down any questions that randomly come to mind,, my brain went to mush when I walked into mine and I feel like I had so many questions but had forgotten most of them. Luckily my PS was thorough enough to cover it all. Good luck!
I'm in the process of that now . And my mind is kind of gone


My Pre-Op was really quick. I sign in and got call back. Meet with my surgeon. I had this whole list of questions and within 30 seconds of him talking he had just about answered them all. With a few exceptions. When I asked about sex, he got a kicker out of that. He gave me the soap he wants me wash with the night before and the morning of surgery. And some papers. We didn't do any blood work like I thought we were. My surgery is in 07 days, so time is winding down. Surgery is at Noon but I have to be there by 10 and its a hour away so hopefully the ride back isn't too painful. Having to be there 2 hours early is because we will then do blood work im guessing and markings l0l. But yeah I have about everything I think im going to need. More stuff than my surgeon requires but hey whats a girl to do l0l. I just need a button up shirt and some Tylenol to wing off the pills.
Not long! I find it interesting that they do the bloodwork so short before. I cross fingers for you :) Btw i didn't need a button up, i had a zipper ;) i still don't like button ups yet :D And i could get in and out of wide t-shirts well :)
Really? I was wanting to just get a little zip sweat suit type thing but was wondering. Vs buying ugly button ups from the thrift shop that I won't fit soon ;)
A zip up would work just as well as a button-up - I am sorry I hadn't thought of that before my surgery. The only thing to consider is that sometimes you bleed afterwards (not a lot) which means blood will get on the clothing which is why a lot of people just get some cheap button ups from the thrift shop. I still don't like button up shirts - they just don't suit me.



Tomorrow is surgery! Im nervous and excited all in one emotion. Ive never been put to sleep! So im really nervous about that. Packing my hospital bag. :) I will update as soon as I get in there and as soon as im out.
Any advice ?
good luck!

Morning Of

Last night I washed with the special soap the doctor gave me and this morning I am doing the same. I will be getting my bloodworm done soon too soo PLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS
Praying for a successful surgery - I look forward to hearing your great results :-)

Out of surgery

Just a little update. Surgery went went well. I stay over night. This morning my nurse removed my drains so that was a huge relief. I couldn't hold ANY food down so still working on that. The hour drive home was bad at all. I could barely feel a thing. The nurses were very good to me. I'm a little in and out writing this but I will try to give a full update a little later
Healing Hugs smaller jugs :--) I'm 2 1/2 weeks into healing Breast-lift-reduction 2/12/2014 Hope your doing okay....waiting for an update ((hugs)) LLB
sounds like you are doing great
Happy surgery went well - make sure you get some rest and I look forward to hearing how well things heal up :-)


SORE!! I am really sore. I did get to shower yesterday which was amazing! I used antibacterial soap. It also took some of the soreness away. The Percocet gives me headaches so I try not to take them as much. I almost fainted twice while trying to get undressed and into the shower so I would recommend getting undressed and then turning the water on. I got to see my breast and I like what I see soo far. They are a little too small I think, but my back pain is gone. Do wish I had a little more but maybe once they aren't swollen and drop a little I will like them more.
Glad you are doing well. Can't wait to see how great you look!

Pictures after shower .

This is day 4

Oh yeah

I didn't have to do any blood work at all. All they did was made me pee? Anyone else just do this
You don't look small at all - I think you will be very pleased once the swelling subsides. I didn't have any blood work done and since I am beyond my child bearing age I didn't have to pee in a cup.
I think so too. Probably just my timmy

This freakin bra

This surgical bra has hits to go!!!!!! It's the worst part of healing omg!!!! It's so tight! I'm asking for a bigger size on my pre op visit
I get it, I feel the same. But you just had surgery! You're vulnerable and you wouldn't tell your best friend her stomach needed work while she was flat out on the couch in recovery and needing your support would you? Then don't do it to yourself!! :)

Post Op Appt

Appt went smooth. Was about 3 mins long. He told me I could go into a jogging bra and too start using peroxide and Neosporin
All sounds good!

2nd post op

Everything went well UNTIL he told me I could take my strips off and when I did this happend.....
I don't think this is unusual or a problem. have you asked your PS about it?
No it happend after my appt. I'll call tomorrow.

New bra!!!!

Whew . I finally was able to get out of that straight jacket also known as a surgical bra. I bought a front zipping Danskin bra from Walmart. And regular white one. The front zipping one is very comfortable.



I was able to go to Dillard's to get sized. ( I love Dillard's. They allow you take your bra off for an better sizing and to try on a bra! ) and I'm a 38c. Tried on a 38d also but It was a lil too roomy ??. Feels good to go from a E to a C . Perfect size.
Well today I am 2weeks post exact and I had sex last night (tmi) but my boobs are hurting today and I think it was because of the sex. All throughout my healing my actual boobs have not been hurting more on my sides where the liposuction was done but today it was my boobs. So I bought more Neosporin with pain relief and I applied that and doing a lil better other than the soreness.
I could never fit into my zip front bra - whenever I moved it unzipped. Congratulation on make it to a C.


I think a stitch has popped or something is stuck on my boob?
Would a stitch be over there?
that looks like a popped stich, leave alone unless it is cleanly protruding and then a gentle pull with tweezers will let you know if it will come out easily, I took out about 4, they came out with about a quarter of an inch of suture, and the tiny hole healed very quickly. I am 8 weeks post op and a couple of little ones have peeped out round my nipples
My appt is tomorrow hopefully my surgeon will take it out. I'm a wuss
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