Too BIG and Lumps

I agree DONT do it unless you really hate the way...

I agree DONT do it unless you really hate the way your full appearence looks. It really changes the way your entire face looks. I had it done Friday and it is now Wednesday. I had it done only in the top lip and I hope that it is still swollen, if not the Dr. put way too much in. I also have little lumps on the bottom of the top lip, you cant really see them but they are hard and sore. I am just hoping that it doesnt last very long or everyday it will get smaller.I was thinking about having it absorbed but I have not talked to anyone that has had it done. Any expierences??
I agree, massage and be patient. Contact your doc if you still have the lumps in a couple of weeks. They usually go away within a month. If your doc didn't tell you what to expect, I'm sorry. Hang in there and speak up if it's still a problem.
First, massage, massage, massage. Next, if you have not already, contact your doctor. If this was injected superficially (injected too close to the skin surface), you can certainly feel it. Don't blame Restylane! Next, if your doctor is not willing to address the issue, contact one who will and who has experience injecting hyaluronodase to reverse the results in a matter of days, not months. Please do not blame Restylane! Millions of women have this in their lips and cannot feel it, cannot "see" it, and love the full and natural results.
I know that it was done too close to the surface, I really should blame the Dr. What is true is that it does change your whole look. I may relize in a few days that I love it, I am just concerned about the lumps. A lot of people have had lumps and some say they have it for a real long time. I am sure many people have had great expierences but with any cosmetic sugery you will always take a chance. Thanks for the info. Will start to massage.
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