Like most of the women and stories on here... I am...

Like most of the women and stories on here... I am a confidant, in shape mother of three (10,8,& 3)... wanting to "photoshop" the stubborn fat areas on my curvy body. I am scheduled for a full TT, inner thigh lipo and BA with silicone implants. I am very excited...its surreal ! Finally decided to share but have been reading reviews and stories on here for over a year! Thank you to everybody for posting... i cannot stress how helpful this site and your contributions have been in my decision making and planning. Wish me luck !
Awesome, congratulations!
Yay!! Thanks for sharing your story and congrats on being so close!!! :)
im getting silicone implants and still deciding between 339 and 371 cc..... im 5'4" i weigh 165. im also getting lipo to thighs... they called today from surgery confirm that im there 9:30... my nurse keeps stressing "dont forget to take your valium in the morning" ha ha

Im omw... took a valium... so it's kicking now. ...

im omw... took a valium... so it's kicking now. I'm very excited ! see you on the flat side : )))))
I'm sure all went well. Definitely keep us posted!
Congrats! Keep us posted.

I added three photos from my post op appointment...

I added three photos from my post op appointment today. The doctor was very pleased with the results and frankly so am i. I have the one drain...and tape over the incisions. other than that... i have the compression garment for the lipo on the thighs. a binder over that and a sports bra that i think is pretty cute : ) My implants are still set high...and will drop expected. Overall... i feel ok. YES it is hard to walk...getting up and getting into bed...OUCH. you must have someone help you to transition. My father brought me a toilet riser which is super useful... I moved myself to the couch... my bed is too soft. prior to surgery i was contemplating getting a recliner or lazy boy... for all those that have one... USE IT !!! Im eating fine... drinking lots of fluids and basically taking my meds around the clock...which is the best way to get through this. (peeing a lot but didnt poop LADIES YOU CAN DO THIS !!!! It's way better than you're all expecting telling you first hand! hope this helps..and thank you for all of the support !!!!!
So glad to hear you are healing quickly and not in too much pain. You look wonderful! Just remember, the healing process is a long process- so when you get frustrated, and you probably will at some point in time, just remember- you are doing this for YOU; and you LOVE the new YOU!
You look amazing! So jealous cause I am wrapped and bound so tight until my fist preop Appojntment
Wow! U look great already!!! Congrats. keep posting your progress & pics. only 7 days left until MM. Very excited!!

I'm three days post op. im really feeling ok......

I'm three days post op. im really feeling ok... mainly due to the help I've been getting and the drugs around the clock. my next dr visit is next Monday. I'm excited for the progress. hope to hear everyone's updates.
im one week post op today... very excited to see my dr today... hopefully will take the drain out. feeling positive overall...even though i hate that i cant wear regular clothes and still cant do certain things on my own. but i know i need at least a few weeks... just gets me at least once a day! ive reduced my meds... not in so much pain or discomfort... binder is annoyihng....however when i take it off and compression garment... i feel as if i cant stay without cg for too long... everything looks great... just need time... ; )

2 weeks post op today....

im officially 2 weeks PO. i cant believe its going by so fast and so well.....
i remember reading posts after posts and reviews after reviews... for well over a year... contemplating... dreading... scared...turned on... excited... confused... petrified... and i finally did it!!! i can see what im going to look like... id like to post updated pics...and share... however i wasnt comfortable posting them online so i removed my originals and post ops... so if anyone would like to see, you may email me.... my drain came out on thursday.... so now its just wearing the cg, sports bra... and taking my arnica...and massaging hydrcortizone and vitamin e into the scars. im completely off my meds for a few days now. there is swelling and bruising... but i can see my new figure underneath. my implants are still high-ish. im massaging them twice a day : ) and im almost standing completely straight. emotionally im back to myself.... physically... i still have to remember to take it easy... but seriously... best decision i have made in my life and SO WORTH IT !!!
THIS IS SO DOABLE AND SO WORTH IT... PLEASE IF YOU ARE CONTEMPLATING...FEELING AS I DID... YOU CAN DO THIS! happy healing ladies.... im so happy and grateful for this website !
SOOOOOOO happy for you! I would luv to see your pre and post op pics, so I will emailing you. I'm also on day 5 of post-op. I still have my bandages and GC on. My 1st post op apt w/ PS is tomorrow, so I will be able to see for 1st my post op results. I do know that my implants are still very high but PS tells me they will drop over next few weeks. I'm looking forward to watching your updates as you heal. Glad to hear that your recovery has gone well and that you are very pleased!

having a down day : (

ok so... im 17 days post op... i had TT, BLL and BA with silicone 370ccs. i feel great. i stand up straight. no more meds... bruising going down... but what is up with this swelling???????????? i feel better with the cg... and even though its holding me in...its adding bulk... im not even looking at the scale... i think im just having a down day...and expecting too much too soon. when i look at my self naked from the front view.... the tummy looks amazing. the scar the belly button... my ps did a fabulous job... but my thighs are still so chunky. the only think i notice is that my saddle bags are gone. so my thighs appear smooth. from a side view..... theres noticable swelling from belly button down. i choose this over my previous rolls anyday... but i look like im4 months pregnant.... can someone just stop me from getting annoyed!!!! i guess i also hate that my clothes dont fit. its getting hot out and im covered in baggy clothes. im usually at the gym every day.... and now im thinking im flabbing up..i refuse to look at the scale. HELP !!!! i need my ass kicked!
The bad days are sprinkled into the mix so we appreciate the better days, right? I loved reading your post the other day about how we can all do this!!!! Your words "YOU CAN DO THIS LADIES !!!" has been cancelling out the negative thoughts that creep into my mind -minute by minute! The bottom line is this takes tremendous courage. To do it in the 1st place & then to have a smooth recovery. BUT you are on your way & inspiring others too! I have yet to find out what I am in for, but I wanted to thank you for your words!~!! Hang in there, tomorrow is a better day!! :)
that made me feel great... thank you!

a few to share...

I am so glad!! Your welcome :)


i did... but i can privately message you pics. : )
No worries. Just was curious why u took them down. Was there any specific reason?
In was so excited to see you pics but none r on here? Did u take them down? Hope all is well in your heeling journey!

Hello there stranger... have been MIA... back with some pics : )

hey ladies...
i know im not so active on here...sorry for that.
first off... hope everyones healing well and happy : )
i've gotta say..this is a roller sho!!!!
my surgery was may 6th so im 9 weeks PO.
i'm loving my breasts.... loving the flat tummy...the scar...the panties... everything...
i have days where i feel great. and days where i feel fat.
i have yet to step foot in my gym. i hate not going...but i feel like im makeing excuses.
i did zumba last week.. had some pinches in my stomach after.... going back to night and will take it easier this time.
i feel like im flabbing up everywhere else... and my thighs dont look like i had lipo both inner and outer...but drs and nurses and massuese keep saying to stop looking in the mirror. post op care is fabulous... included 4 lymphatic massages... not sure if anyone has had any...but being so overprotective of my surgical areas...and keeping them covered... and then letting someone massage those areas... is absolutely amazing it reduces swelling big time...
anyhow... im obviously trying to catch up ... too much to say...and not taking my time... but really i still have no regrets... just the typical doubts and self criticism that come along with the package. its summer so im not eating so well...but im not eating a lot... ive def maintained. havent lost weight but havent gained.
my husband is IN LOVE with my body. and im starting to fall back in love with it too... i hope everyone is doing well... healing well.. and is happy with their results too.
Beautiful transformation!! I see a big difference! Take baby steps for the gym, it will help you mentally as well. Sometimes we need that more than the physical. The good news is you will take care of both when you do! ;) You can do it!! Show off your shiny new body in some new workout wear! ;)
thank you. there is a big difference and thats why i look at my before pics all the time!!!!. I went back to gym again... did a few machines and walked on treadmill. felt good to do it. but im so used to killing it at the gym...that i felt like im more active running my daily errands lol. the support here is great. thanx for the reply!!!!
You look INCREDIBLE!! What a difference!! One step at a time. Your body will heal in time and be ready to take the plunge into exercise. If you push yourself too soon out of guilt, you will only get burnt out. :) So glad that hubby is happy too!
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