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I am a 32 mother of a five year old little boy :)...

I am a 32 mother of a five year old little boy :) I have always struggled with my weight. At 22 I topped out at 185 lbs. By age 25 i was 125 lbs and after having my son at 27 i have stayed between 128 and 130. I recently quit smoking. Fat sure does seem to redistribute after having a baby :) I want the body that I worked so hard for in my 20's back. I have always been top heavy but the girls seem to have deflated after pregnancy (although they were never a matching pair). My arms and back once looked "athletic" now look a bit matronly.

I had a c section and my wonderful dr put the muscles back in place but fat and loose skin was not his department. I've never had a narrow waist (or maybe i just have narrow hips? :) And my super flat but once perky behind is slowly migrating into that upside down triangle that Irish gals are cursed with.

OH, one last "problem" (for lack of a better word)area, my skin from smoking, sun damage (in younger years) and melasma, is less than glowy these days. I am having what my girlfriends have dubbed the ultimate mommy makeover. Mini tuck, breast lift, vaserlipo arms back and flanks, fat grafting to the behind and laser resurfacing. I know it seems like a bit much but id rather do it in one shot. less time off of work, less money ect. I've been on the fence for 2 years now. I found a dr I'm confortable with and I'm going for it.

Two more days until preop apt. I'm freaking...

two more days until preop apt. I'm freaking out. I keep second guessing myself. Do I need this? Am I being horribly selfish? What if things go horribly wrong? My PS had better be prepared for this apt lol. Blood work today. My mother who was dead set against this is taking that week off of work. I am a horrible patient so my hubby appreciates this :) love you mom xoxo

Pre op appointment went great. I feel so much more...

pre op appointment went great. I feel so much more at ease. I had four pages of questions written out before walking in the doctors office and they were all answered (plus) before I could ask them and they are so supportive. I am generally a happy go lucky girls but the past two weeks i have been on an emotional rollercoaster. 9 days :)

Posting the before pics is the scariest part yet.....

Posting the before pics is the scariest part yet... filled the script for anxiety meds. AHHHHHHHHH better.

Ok so i thought I would share this. I Cant lay on...

ok so i thought I would share this. I Cant lay on my stomach after surgery and I shouldnt rest on my buns after fat grafting. side sleeping is not recomended so they said to rest on right or left hip with upper back flat...... bwahahahahahahahahahah. YEAH RITE. So... This will either be genius or big waste I bought two "bed wedges" for upper back and feet and a extra firm 5" thick foam cusion that is almost the size of a twin bed. We cut two hole in the foam for my butcheeks:) I tried it out and only my tail bone and butt crack area are putting weight on the foam. seems perfect in theory. we shall see

May 3rd is gettng closer. So excited for you. Your pics not only show your great hair but also your great skin. I sure wish my legs were nice & smooth like yours.Oh well, besides if I did have great legs like that, I'd have to be telling everyone, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!" Ok, maybe you're too young to remember that commercial. lol

Hang in there & keep us posted. Your sleeping situation looks very creative. Percocet is your friend -- at least for a few days.
you are too kind. Thank you. I'm getting cold feet. I'm afraid of the scars and all of the things that can go wrong. Percocet is waiting in the kitchen cabinet for me. This site is keeping me sane... or making me crazy.
I was worried about the TT scar; I even made sure it wasn't going to bother my hubby. Believe it or not, it doesn't even phase me now. When I look down all I see is my flat tummy. (Even with the swelling.) Yeah the scar is a long one but most of the time it's covered up, and even when it's not, it's really not that bad & I'm not even 4 weeks out yet. The breast scars are hardly noticable. The vertical scars on my breasts are definitely more sensitive than the ones around the areola & under the breasts. Probably cuz that area is the tightest. But they aren't painful.

If you haven't taken Percocet before make sure your doc gives you something for nausea -- Percocet can make you sick & you DON'T want to be vomiting. You don't even want to have to cough or sneeze.

Part of the process... fear. Took a day trip...

Part of the process... fear. Took a day trip yesterday with my guys :) all the way home (two hours) behind a truck with the grim reaper on it. WTF lol AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... meds. Yeah definately meds...
Wow! Are you ready ??? Just a one more day before your big day!!! I'm just a few days after you on May 11, 2011. Good Luck on your new body:)
as ready as i can be :) thank you. hope to update tomorrow
Ur going to look fabulous. Sounds like finding a position post-op will be an adventure. I suggest asking about a cathider as horrible as it sounds getting up and down after all that to pee might be hard

Ok ladies here goes. pedicured manicured showered...

ok ladies here goes. pedicured manicured showered and packed :) ttyt
you girls rock!! Thanks much. Yay for boobies teehee zanax and maybe sleep.
Good luck! Hope it goes great for you!
Good luck tomarrow. U will look fabulous

Belly hurts... boobies hurt... all else ducky....

belly hurts... boobies hurt... all else ducky. home and going back to bed :)
I hope your doing well Keep us posted!!!!!!!
Today is your day! Congrats! I hope everything went well for you, remember get plenty of rest!
Hope u r doing well.

All is well so far! Thanks for all the support!!...

All is well so far! Thanks for all the support!! It means so much. Hardest part so far is taking care of face after co2. Post of today. I LOVE my PS. Only thing I got to see so far is the booty so AWESOME. I wanna smack it but that would hurt lol
I'm dying to see pics of ur booty
booty pic posted!! And my butt bed :)
Wohoo. Look at that bootyful booty.

Two days post op... feeling not too shabby. hubby...

two days post op... feeling not too shabby. hubby has been an angel. Mom has kidnapped my son. I have a routine going for treatment and med/vitamins. Saw doc yesterday... he says I look great I concur. but with all the swelling and bruising I'm not foxified yet. my booty is rounder my arms and back fat is MIA, Belly is flatter and I have perky little boobs that match :) Co2 laser resurfacing is the worse

Your booty looks really good! Nice and full! Thats the one thing about me, I've always had a small butt, but when I lost weight it didn't really get any smaller, so I'm hoping now that my belly is gone and my flanks are smaller it'll look bigger! Just hopin'! Take care of you!
Hey A New Me! How are you doing? Haven't talked to you in a while. I was thinking about you this morning, so thought I would say hello.
Wow!! Nice booty!! Your going to rock in a bikini girl! What was the procedure called? I am 9 weeks post op BA and TT but would love to get my toosh done! One day! How are you feeling pain wise? Congrats on the stop smoking too! Such a nasty habbit!! :)

No bm yet and im bloated and swolen. no pain just...

no bm yet and im bloated and swolen. no pain just uncomfy. Tried ducolax and MOM.. no luck. Hubby came back from pharmacy with these DISGUSTING cherry flavored drinks that he claims will do the trick. At th other end... my face that has been bleeding crusting and oozing has been well "gooped" with aquaphor as to prevent scabbing. Not a good look.

6 days after surgery... not to be gross but......

6 days after surgery... not to be gross but... finally had a bm... several bms. been in the bathroom reflecting on this whole process since 3:30 am. It is now 6:15 and im enjoying a bowl of alphabits and updating you fine people. I Feel fantastic. I have some swelling and my belly has been very distended. I have lots of bruises. I also have random stitches all over from lipo. THey and my healing face are incredibly ITCHY!!!

One week post op and bruising is started to fade....

one week post op and bruising is started to fade. I'm off the heavy med (whoa) and i'm comfortably uncomfortable. I am so swolen I am bigger than I was before surgery :( I know I'm being illogical but I am discouraged and uncomfy and impatient lol I feel better just having someone to bitch too... thanks for listening. K going to have stitches taken out today and hopefully this disgusting drain too.
You already looked great, now you are going to really look fantastic. I was interested in the laser resurfacing too. I was thinking of getting it done seperately- my Mommy Makeover is 7/11/11. Is your face still really oozing and crusting? (I hope you don't mind my asking). Just wondering how long before you can go outside without alot of blisters and such.
thank you thank you and so will you!! very exciting stuff. I could talk about recovery from co2 for DAYS but ill try to keep it short. i was is more pain from laser more than anything else the first few days. I cant imagine what it would feel like awake. first few days my face was so swolen i didnt even look like me. then the following days i shed all the layers of skin. It no longer hurt at that point but for the following five days you are bloody oozy and yucky. stock up on aquaphor and baby washrags. they had me soak with gauze and gently wipe away what ever would easily come off every few hours. the gauze is very rough and hurts. then i tried regular wash rags (i boiled them so sterilize first) they were better but still too rough. Baby wash rags worked the best for me. Also, you need to keep your face coated with aquaphor the whole time in between so no scabs/scarring occur but i didnt realize how much I would go through. omg. anyhoo... to paint the picture my skin now on day 8 is flawless for the exception of being pink and a few bloody speckles near hariline. If you have the choice I def recomend doing it in one shot. I had all that done a week ago and im going back to work tomorrow. u will wish to be hidden in a cave for at least eight days. You will be doing it anyway from surgery. Also the say its "painful" but "tolerable"... isnt that what your obgyn says about giving birth?! lol I dont want to know either way. Knock me out first. My skin looks so new and pretty now i want to do my arms and chest and neck too. Do it. you will love it. I have NO PORES.. GONE.. POOF... no freckles no melasma no LINES... just pink oh and ITCHY very ITCHY skin. im done now.. ha sorry. Good luck!

Bow chica wow wow... getting this drain out today...

bow chica wow wow... getting this drain out today (I hope)... excited! Ha.. It's the little things. Time has been crawling. I want to work out so bad. I went back to work four days ago. Progress is a slowwww process. No where near bikini ready. I'm taking "make me heal"'s post op suplements. I think they are helping. I'm off of pain meds except for over the ibuprophen. I want to SLEEP ON MY STOMACH! I want my face to stop being red. I want it to be july... OK im done being negative. Wait one more... I removed the tape from around my nipples and they look.. like I had surgery :( I know im being irrational but I'm human. OK... NOW i'm done being negative. have a funtastic day

Looking good girlie!
thanks!! I need to post more pics. I will be four weeks post op next tuesday. Still hurting :(
You look amazing so far! Can't wait to see the end result when all is healed.

I'm 3 1/2 weeks out and still hurting. I'm not as...

I'm 3 1/2 weeks out and still hurting. I'm not as swolen but not where I want to be. All the areas that I had lipo are lumpy and bumpy. Is this just part of the process? Does anyone have any suggestions? I also have one spot under my breast that doesnt seem to want to heal. There was a scab there and it came off with my bra over a week ago and has been oozing since. Is this aslo normal? All was good until this past week. Now I'm starting to worry about everything. My body seems to evolve and change everyday one concern will resolve and a new one pops up. Talk to me girls :)
Your butt looks so good girl!
i cant wait to c more pics!!! :)

I am 10 weeks post op. I'm back to my normal...

I am 10 weeks post op. I'm back to my normal workout regimen. I am still sore often in areas where I had lipo. My scars have flattened out nicely. Some dark spots have returned to my face but every fine line is gone.
He was great. I have recommended him to my own mother. No implants... yet. maybe down the road if needed. Good luck :)
Your BL looks great... did u have implants... the scars look negligible... I'm also thinking about Dr Nagy for a BL...
NJ, I saw that you had a CO2 laser also. I had the Fraxel: Repair laser done back in April 2008. It looked great for a while but I have the same irritating small lines on my cheek that was the reason to get it done in the first place. I would never do it again unless I was sedated -- at least a twilight. Just had numbing cream, nerve block shots, & Valium? -- the doc had to stop midway cuz I was shaking so bad from pain. He was able to finish but that was the worst pain ever. I thought worse than childbirth.

You look awesome. Doesn't look like much swelling. Glad you posted an updated picture.
Middletown Plastic Surgeon

I Saw many other PS before I chose Dr Nagy. He listens to me. He is humble and down to earth. He didnt try to sell me anything. He actually talked me out of a few things. He was a complete professional. I asked to see some of his before and after pics. He is an artist. He knows his schtuff and he's the supercoolest :)

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