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I am a 27 year old mother of 3 kids, my first I...

I am a 27 year old mother of 3 kids, my first I had when I was 16, he's 11 now. 8 have a 5 year old daughter and my youngest son who is 2. I breastfed all 3 of them and I wouldn't change a thing....but my boobs lol. Well lack of boobs I should say.I've dreamed of a BA since I was 17 years old, done breastfeeding my oldest and my cup size went from a D down to a B, not a full B either, a very loose and stretchy problem. After my 3rd, I'm down to nothing, If I wear anything without a bra I look like my son. Needless to say my comfidence wasn't that high to begin with, being a teen mother and outcasted by all of my friends in highschool.. then it went down to almost nothing. I honestly do not even feel comfortable taking off my bra while being intimate, I've been with my fiance for years and I still won't do it unless its pitch black, even then sometimes I have to stop. I think to myself, how can he be even remotely turned of to flaps of skin bouncing around? Is he really even thinking about me? If I were him I wouldn't wanna see that. How can I feel like a sexy woman if I don't even have the womanly figure that I believe is sexy? I've lost the weight, and maintaining it well, I'm comfortable with that, which hasn't been something I could say in yyears. I thought that would be good enought, but its not.

Soooo now I've finally been able to be open with my fiance about everything and he's agreed if its going to make me happy and confident in myself then he will do whatever he can to help make it happen. We don't have the best financial situation but we are happy in our home, the kids have everything they need, and we are comfortable, sometimes things get tight but I have been staying home with the kids and will only work 2 days a week until mark goes to pre-k. So we are going to wait until next tax season, we will have enough to clear the whole surgery up front! Still with money left over!

I'm sorry for all the rambling, but this is how I'm feeling hahaha. Anyway, I went for my conseltation yesterday! We scheduled a date for April 7, 2014 and I'm already counting down the days I'm so excited!! Dr. Nagy made me feel comfortable immediately, took his time to answer all my questions and didn't make me feel weird about my skin boobs either. They took pictures to do a 3D image of what they would look like, but unfortunately the computer didn't know what to do with the weird folds I'm my skin so I couldn't see that. He did measure them and we decided on high profile saline, and we'll need atleast 430-450cc

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Eeeek I pressed submit without fixing all my...

Eeeek I pressed submit without fixing all my typos, not writing a review/update with my phone anymore hahaha. so April 7, 2014..Such a long time!! I'm already completely obsessed with reading stories and looking at before and after pictures on here, this is gonna be hard. I am worried about a few things though. when I did the pictures I had been wearing my super padded bra and it made my skin a little more folded than normal and they stay that way for a while so I'm not sure if I should make another appointment with the ps and not wear my padded bra that day? Without the bra my right side has a lower fold too. I'm not sure if 450cc will even be enough to get the results I want. A full C maybe even a small D. Did you girls make several appointments to talk? They said I would just be doing the consultation, then a pre-op a month before the surgery, but that I could call if I want to and I have to go somewhere else to get the bloodwork done, 6 months or less before the surgery. I'm worried about only having the one appointment with him before a pre-op which they said will be with his nurse? Is saline the right choice? Silicone kind of scares me though. I want them to feel soft and without a lot of breast tissue will I feel that its saline? I didn't get to feel any of the implants or try any yet. I forgot to say they will be going under the muscle and he said high profile will be best for the look I want (perky) and my two choices for the incision were under the fold or the nipple, I don't want to lose sensation in my nipple so I chose under the fold. I have very faint stretch marks, I don't really mind that they're there it's only me and my fiance who will see them bare but I hope they aren't noticeable in a bathing suit or a cleavage shirt, has anyone else had slight stretch marks that got more noticeable after the ba was done? Ok I'm gonna stop obsessing haha baby is up from his nap and the kids are home from school. Hopefully I can get some answers =)

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Ive realized I never put my "stats" up, I'm 5'5",...

Ive realized I never put my "stats" up, I'm 5'5", I weigh 110 pounds, a size 1..I don't think I'm that petite, kind of average, my friends think I'm too thin but I'm happy with it and I believe my frame can handle larger breasts lol


I had stretch marks prior and well they are less noticable now than before I had my BA. I was a small 34 b before and went with a a 421cc and have ended up with a 36 D. it all depends on your frame on how the size will look on you. good luck on your journey. I am so happy that i finally did it!!
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Thank you so much for starting your story on RealSelf. We are here to support you all the way! My only suggestion would be to have more than one doctor consult...a completely different doctor. Have you thought about that?

Here is a link you may find of interest:

Saline Vs Silicone Breast Implants for a More Natural Look?

Keep us posted!

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Great Blog! I think you'll be very happy!! After breastfeeding my kids I've had an asymmetry problem due to mastitis x2, so I understand how hard it can be after! I am now 6 weeks post op and I am so happy!! It is just nice to do something for yourself after giving your body over to those beautiful (and taxing) little ones :) keep us uptodate!!!
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So I made another appointment for another consult....

So I made another appointment for another consult. I want to meet more doctors and see how it goes since my ps was the first time I've ever even stepped foot in a plastic surgery office hahaha. I don't know if I'll change or not but I want to make sure I keep all of my options open. Ugh still a year to go =/

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Forgot to mention, my next consult is on April 2nd...

Forgot to mention, my next consult is on April 2nd. I've also e-mailed 2 other surgeons to set up consults. Yay! I just know I'll feel so much more comfortable after my search is over, even if I don't change, which reminds me I need to call Dr. Nagy's office to talk about silicone. I e-mailed his office and haven't been contacted yet. No rush anyway though haha.


Sweet that eases my worries about that for sure, thanks! Can't wait to be on the other side with you lol.
Yes I want to definitely have more consultations, I made one appointment so far but it's a little farther away. I posted a question and got so many answers from the doctors, it was so great to have them take their time to answer my question! Thanks.

That is so great you are meeting with more doctor. Like you said, you may not change your mind, but I think the more information you have, the better! Good for you!

So I had another consultation! Dr. Samra was...

So I had another consultation! Dr. Samra was pretty freakin awesome lol. He really explained everything in full detail, the risks,recovery,results, medication everything. I left with no question unaswered, which made me feel super comfortable and even more excited that I will achieve the look I want! I still have to wait though, ugh really wish I could do it now but I can't get approved for payments with my credit =( k I have to go get the kids from bowling. Gonna update more later. Xoxoxox


Hi! I'm excited to follow your story. Daphne is correct about the research and the time you have to go. When I came on this site I learned a lot about the P.S. 's that I had to choose from based on other women's experiences. That is how I found my surgeon, on Real Self. Until then I was lost, scared and left with tons of questions. I felt really hopeless too about my situation. Then I found my Dr. I have not one worry now. I had stretch marks but the implant filled in my tissue and they went away. That is just my experience though. I grew up In the town next to you btw. I'm about 15 mi . up the parkway from you :)
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Hi there! A year may seem like ages but you'll have lots of time to do your research... & it'll be here before you know it. It's great that your fiancé is really supportive! About the stretch marks- when I breastfed, I went from an aa to a full c, so I did end up with a few marks on the underside of my breasts. After nursing they weren't really noticeable because my breasts shrank too. After my implants filled them out again, I can see them a bit, which makes sense because the skin is pulled taut. They haven't been stretched 'more', if you know what I mean. (They're not new pink marks -just very light colored/basically skin color) I also suspect if your marks are on the upper side of your breast, they'll be less noticeable. The bottom seems to be the fullest part if the boob, you know? My husband has never noticed the marks, btw-even now. We are definitely our own worst critics! Your surgeon should be able to put your mind at ease if you're still worried.
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thinking about getting a full mommy makeover!

I've been doing some research and I really want to get my tummy done too! I've done yoga and tightened my belly as tight as it's gonna get naturally and the stretch marks and gross loose skin is annoying, even when I get my boobs done I don't think I'll wear a 2 piece because whenever I bend over it's like hello grossness lol. Soooo, why not do it all in one shot? Save a little bit of $ and only have to go into surgery once as long as there's no complications. I'll have to post some pictures of the full effect of my stomach and see what you girls think? I think I'm going through stages where I can't get off RS and then I'll just not sign on for a little bit because I know it's so addicting to read all the reviews and experiences lol. I have learned so much more though which is a great benefit! I'm so thankful to have RS and not going into surgery blind =) April is getting so much closer, could possibly even be in march, we'll see hehehehe. Oh by the way my fiance is getting more excited about the surgery too! Did not think that would happen hahaha, he was supportive but not excited, but the past couple of weeks he actually has brought it up to me and said he can't wait to see how much my confidence improves. Maybe because I figured out a way to explain it to him in car logo, he's got this old 88 dodge truck that he loves dearly because it was passed down from his grandfather to him when he passed away and he's slowly restoring it and doing improvements and when we get our taxes back he said the only thing he wants is a nice set of rims for it so I said to think of his rims for the truck like my boob job for me, it's not something I need to "run" or survive, but it will greatly improve how I feel about my overall look. Well thanks for reading ladies. ttys


Im sure 5 months seems like forever but before you know it you will have your beautiful new boobies. I always say we mommies never do anything for ourselves. So we deserve to do this for ourselves! I know my life is crazy with 3 kids. And this has been the best gift I have given myself. Best of luck to you. Im sure you will be stunning once youre done seeing as you already have a hot body to go with the boobies! :)
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Thank you!! I am so excited to feel like I have the hot body lol, right now I try to avoid the mirror because I end up getting stuck looking at what should be there haha. I don't think it'll feel real to me until I actually have paid the surgeon and have everything ready to go, but time does go by pretty fast with the business so that's a good thing =)
Have you decided between Silicone and Saline yet?
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Pictures of my belly =/

Hate these pictures so much..ughhh


Hey girl yes can you tell us prices from all of your consults ? I private messaged you bc I dint think I could comment...but here goes I really think that you should go with cohesive silicone is almost IMPOSSIBLE to rupture they feel so extremly eal and LOOK real I got mine done finally :0) you commented on my review of Dr. Fiorillo. Im telling you dont do saline!! you wil regret it ...water evaporates and ripples in your skin love...go for silicone!!
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if you dont mind me asking now much was Dr.Nagy for the silicone ? I went for a consult at the personal enhancement center which is Dr. Godek his prices seemed very high to me. Thanks !! Dr. Godek was at about 7600 for silicone
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I thought Dr. Godek was high too. Dr. Nagy was some where around 7,000.
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