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I'm going in today to have Exilis on my thighs. I...

I'm going in today to have Exilis on my thighs. I am skeptical that it will work, but am hopeful. I will post pictures after 1, 2, 3...etc treatments if i notice a difference. The nurse practioner told me only to expect tightening and not lose of inches. This contridicts things I have read on here.

How did your first treatment go? Would love to hear the details!

the first five minutes of my treatment were intolerable!! I was definitly expecting more discomfort than "feels like a hot stone massage", than others had described, but not that much. After stopping her 4 times during the first five minutes I told the nurse practioner I didn't think I could last any longer. The pain did not seem like anything anyone (i don't care how vain you are) would be able to stand for a half hour on each thigh. She than switched some of the settings on the machine and it was way more tolerable. I was literally tramautized (lol, but yes, seriously) by the first five minutes that my body was shaking and i was sweating like a monkey while she finished the first thigh. The second thigh, I was a little more relaxed and there was only mild discomfort. When I got home there were some red burns (disappeared today) on the first thigh. I am wondering if this nurse was super new to preforming this procdure because when she was taking my before pictures I saw "weight" "take pictures" and "fill out forms" scribbled on a peice of paper. This lead me to believe she never did it for a paying customer before. She said the office was new to the machine, but they had been practicing on the employees. The only reason I didn't go running from the room was because I was at probably the most respected plastic surgeons office in my city. I don't think I see any reults yet...sometimes I think I do, but i suspect I am playing mind games with my self. Also I realized that if it does work, only a small part of my thigh (fold a peice of 8 by 11 paper in half) will be firm while the rest will still shake and wobble.

first treatment

look in my comments for a detailed explanation of my first visit

second treatment

Had my second treatment yesterday and it did't hurt as bad as the first one. I still don't think I see results. The nurse practitioner also did a free treatment of vanquish on my rear end even though it is only for your stomach and sides. Vanquish was way more tolerable. I'll keep updating and if I see a change in my legs, I will post a new picture.
Where did you go? Which doc?
It is a few months out, have u seen improvement?
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