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My Tretinoin Microsphere Experience - Tennessee

I started using tretinoin microsphere 0.04% on May...

I started using tretinoin microsphere 0.04% on May 29th. I've been using it every night since. It seemed to irritate my skin badly at first and contribute to acne. Now my skin is clear. I didn't take pictures of it because you couldn't see in pictures, but tretinoin also helped tiny pimples on my forehead that were skin colored and made my forehead appear bumpy. My chest was the same way, even when it was "clear", and I'm happy to say that tretinoin also made those small pimples disappear.
I just started using retin a yesterday. I ve acne on my face and am hoping I see results too.. Will keep you all updated.. Am trying the 0.025% gel
Love your results. I am now trying to get my mum to try it out as she's noticed how much my skin has improved!
Thanks. That sounds like a good idea. My mother has some mild acne and wrinkles, so I've said she should try it. Unfortunately, her skin is very sensitive. She's worried about the irritation.
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