my mommymakeover journey- oct 19, 2010 - tennessee

Hello! I had my mommymakeover about three...


I had my mommymakeover about three weeks ago,I had a TT with smartlipo of the flanks and outerthighs,breastlift with 375cc saline implants.I've been waiting trying to decide if it's been worth it or not,and decided I need to be sharing these changes now. Hopefully your comments can help me with the concerns I have about my tummy tuck and I can share my experience and help the ladies that are facing this procedure.


Hello Ladies, I wanted to share these new pics and...

Hello Ladies, I wanted to share these new pics and update my opinion about my momymakeover. I haven't felt like I could say for sure if I would do it again, my still trying to give it some time before deciding if we need to do some touch ups. I haven't gotten the results I was expecting,I know now that one can't expect things to be perfect but I do feel like I look better and I would do it again

Saw the DR. today and we are going to do some...

Saw the DR. today and we are going to do some touch up work on the flank area and my lt side where the lipo isn't even he's happy with the changes in my scar and he wants me to continue with the vbeam treatments. He's puzzled as to why my breast scars are fading so well and my tummy and bellybutton aren't they questioned me as if i had been in the sun and i'm pale as a ghost and i haven't been in the sun, will continue having the laser treatments and hopefully the end result will be good.

I had a vbeam treatment today and will post a pic...

I had a vbeam treatment today and will post a pic so you can see what the skin looks like after this type of treatment. I don't see much change and my DR.doesn't understand why the results aren't better but they want me to keep having the treatments and they feel that the scar will improve,I will compare the scar in a few days to see if there's any noticable change.
Chattanooga Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. N comes with very good reviews and has assured me if my results are not what either one of us are happy with he will do a revision when considering plastic surgery this is comforting.

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Thanks Bigbumper! 5 more weeks to go then lol. Glad ur doing well. Thanks for getting back to me.
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Hi There BROOKLYN, you've got the worst part behind you i had 375 cc implants and they have settled now but it was about 8 weeks when they startd to feel natural i feel ok now i still have some swelling in the evening...hang in there!!
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Hi How are you? I was looking at your pictures and you look great. I was looking at your 6 week and 13 week pics and i was happy to see how much your swelling has gone down. I am 3 weeks today and I am still very swollen. I have 350cc implants. When did you start seeing them go down? and how do you feel now?
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Oh yes...I like those choices!
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OOOOH! I keep missing all this good stuff! I wish I could go on vacation but the current financial situation is very bad. Four new tires are on the top of my list. Winters need to come off.

I am having so much trouble keeping up with school work my children aren't even going to remember who I am. So tonight my 13 year old and I went on a local trail and walked and jogged/ran. He kicked my a$$. I could not keep up with him and had to walk more than run but it is a start and we had fun. We are going to check out our bikes and start taking them on the same trails. An old railroad bed so it is a great exercise trail along the river. It was so beautiful in PA today. I only wore a fleece over my t-shirt YAY! Summer is coming.

So who all is having revisions? Looks like Christine and Big Bumper? My Boyfriend wants me to ask about my hip now. He has been the one saying give it time. Now he is seeing what I am I guess. He is in love with my new breasts. Saw the no sex thing in a year comment. Oh that is so bad. Although if you can't stand the person sometimes you just don't want them to touch you. Unfortunately I have had that experience in the past. I have more than made up for it since leaving my husband!
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KIMMERS, we can't forget little babyblues when you print the shirts should it be "SIX PACK" AND "HALF PINT" or "SIXPACK" and "BLUES" people will think we are a bunch depressed drunks...haha
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OK I will see about facebook and when the hubby puts me out which one of you are going to take me to raise...HAHA
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Doesn't the hubby know that men aren't interested in women with small children? Too much baggage!
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Hey ladies,Big Bumper, JenBob, Daffy, Christina and Kimmers!

Work has gotten busy. I am out of the loop too. Spill please about revisions. My PS decided that I must wait until 6 months and do more ab work before she will discuss revisions. Can you say,"fighting depression"? I am not sure it would be a good idea anyway, but I wanted to see what the options were. I tried so hard to manage my expectations but I want a flat tummy so bad. Will keep doing ab work and running. I have NOT given into the desire to give up and eat chocolate, so that is a positive.
How are all of you doing?
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Oh all my ladies are back...the fabulous six pack !!!   Yes that is our new name!!   I will be printing up the t-shirts for our first get together. 

I miss our daily chats :(   We need to get Gracey and Big Bumper on the Facebook loop!! 

No revisions for me..I am just waiting for my Va Jay Jay to go down.  Damn thing is still a bit puffy.  Doesn't look like a man package any longer but still sticks out.  well at least the tummy doesn't hang over it any longer.

I do not think that anyone needs revisions in this group.  You all look wonderful and I am so proud of each and every one of you. 

So seriously could we please plan this get together for the summer or early fall.  When and where???

Miss you all!
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I am so IN on the summer/September plan. We need to settle on a good time for everyone.
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Absolutely....I am game. Summer/fall...whatever. Daffy I think you are the farthest away. Something beachish would be awesome.
Good luck getting BB to facebook....I have already tried. But maybe you guys can bug her more.
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DEAREST GRACEY! I will be at 6 months in april so mine too wanted to give it time will you be making the trip to Nashville to see Kimmers? That weekend stinks for me but I will catch her I'm all for something this summer or fall can't be anything to long for me I'll come back and the hubby will be locked up in the nut house after having the little you notice the skin on the sides of your hips being a little saggy? I don't like mine it's ok when standing but bad when sitting...I just want to finish this thing and move on..good to catch up with you gals!!!
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I'm glad to make the six pack and more thrilled that you don't think I need revisions but knowing your could be your eyes..haha

I'm so upset that I can't make it to Nashville for your BDAY you and VICTORIA are so close on BDAYS but some day it will slow down and the little booger won't even want me to celebrate with her one of my friends said her little girl no longer wants her to walk her in for school and they are only nine. mine probably just doesn't have the nerve to tell me I don't know she already says mom are you going to wear your hair like that? good lord I'm just glad to have some hair...
about the vjay jay just jazz that thing up with something original and don't worry about it being puffy at least we can see ours a lot of my friends can't even find there's one of my friends said she and her hubby hadn't done the "wild thing" in over a year good lord!!

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I know I'm way out west...I'll come to you guys....ocean, lake, river...just somewhere near water will be great.
Too bad you're all so far since I live 2 minutes from the beach....wish I had a giant house.
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I wish you did too we need to get a package deal somewhere a beach house might be economical i've never been to vegas but most of you have any beach is good for me i know what your saying about me and the kids package if someone ever met these two angels they would never turn on a computer..I'm not looking for a man i've been trying for years to train this one sure don't want to start over....
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Ok girls the beach it is!!  We will get these plans all worked out soon.  We will have so much fun together. 

We won't forget Baby Blues...promise.  And I like both name ideas.  If your hubby puts you out just let me know...we will take you in :)

No wild thing in a year....What is up with that.  That would never fly in my house :)  He would be one really crabby man that I could not even live with..UGH!

I totally understand about the Nashville weekend.  I will let you know ahead of time when I come back through again.  We will all be together soon. 
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HOWDY girly. OK, so I am sooo out of the loop. Life has me burning my candle from all So you bought a house?? That's awesome. Is it closer to Chattanooga? Do you have to sell your current one? And what's this about revisions...what, when, who? I swear I am not on crack. Not yet anyhow.

Speaking of being on crack, my lil baby is 2 1/2 and is KILLING ME!!! She has decided to have way more independence than I thought she would, and my sweet smiling angel has turned evil..."Mine!! NO!!! Julia hit me!!"
Seriously...sometimes I dream of running away to a commune on the beach and running naked (hell at least I'll look good) and living off the land. I hate fruit and veggies, so I will have to live off potatoes and such. Does Laffy Taffy grown on trees? Surely the banana flavor ones do. Right?
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HEY GIRL FRIEND!! I'm buying this house to fix and rent or knock down and start over probably it needs lots!!!! of work it is in DAYTON,
about the baby don't you recall it's called "THE TERRIBLE TWO'S" just pray it ends mine are 9 and 6 and like you i want to run and hide sometimes but the little girl can out run me and the little one is really good at hide and seek... I will know about the revisions when i see him the 17th i can't do it before the second week in april anyway...i'm a little nervous about the work on my bellybutton just dreading the lipo in the flanks..the evening out my outer thighs seems to not be a biggie and old peepee is behaving these days so that should be minor too but when you add it up it might make for an interesting day?
how's spin class going and are you keeping the hubby in line?
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HEY STRANGER!! what all will they do? will you be able to have I.V. sedation? how long are you going to be under? my DR. said I would be sore for a few days and i will be wearing the old binder again can't wait to meet up with that beast I don't know how he's going to fix my belly button that's concerning me will know more soon....when's your race isn't that soon?
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Congrats on the house! I go in for revisions March 31...can't wait to get this done!
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What are you having done? I thought you were perfect!
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Hey Bigbumper....have you had your evasions yet? How are you?
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Hey Daffy, I'm ok just been busy how are you? I 'll let you know when I'm having this other done..I don't think I'm going to be able to make it to Nashville when Kimmers comes:-( that's not a good weekend for me having that party and I can't go up a week the kids will be on spring break but Kimmers said she travels that route some so I will catch her one of these days!! are you seeing any changes these days in your body?
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Thinkin of you. When do you go for other treatments? Never did hear back from you on that personal email. Hope you are doing ok:)
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