my mommymakeover journey- oct 19, 2010 - tennessee

Hello! I had my mommymakeover about three...


I had my mommymakeover about three weeks ago,I had a TT with smartlipo of the flanks and outerthighs,breastlift with 375cc saline implants.I've been waiting trying to decide if it's been worth it or not,and decided I need to be sharing these changes now. Hopefully your comments can help me with the concerns I have about my tummy tuck and I can share my experience and help the ladies that are facing this procedure.



hey how are you doing? I think we need to see new pictures of you it's been a while lol.
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Baby Blues you look so good!  Give the scars some time and they will smooth out.  Keep massaging them firmly with the oil and the will lay down nicely before you know it.
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Thanks Kimmers. I hope they lay flat or I will probably start obsessing over them. I really want to get to the point where I am not always bothered by some part of my body.

Hello Ladies, I wanted to share these new pics and...

Hello Ladies, I wanted to share these new pics and update my opinion about my momymakeover. I haven't felt like I could say for sure if I would do it again, my still trying to give it some time before deciding if we need to do some touch ups. I haven't gotten the results I was expecting,I know now that one can't expect things to be perfect but I do feel like I look better and I would do it again


Baby Blues, I 've been watching the weather today Kimmers is suppose to catch a flight friday to Vegas I believe I hope she's going to be able to make scar didn't flatten out on the edges until about 8 weeks and this purple color your seeing didn't happen until last week so i'm not sure about that will ask yours will get better too!!love the waiting thing...haha
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I am soooo impatient but I am trying. Had surgery the 8th of December so Feb 8th will be two months. I just don't know if it will ever smooth out and I don't know what he will do if it doesn't. I hate to ask everytime because I am trying to be patient but I do believe I will ask again on Monday. He just keeps saying to give it time.
Big Bumper: It does look better. I am so glad for you ; )
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Saw the DR. today and we are going to do some...

Saw the DR. today and we are going to do some touch up work on the flank area and my lt side where the lipo isn't even he's happy with the changes in my scar and he wants me to continue with the vbeam treatments. He's puzzled as to why my breast scars are fading so well and my tummy and bellybutton aren't they questioned me as if i had been in the sun and i'm pale as a ghost and i haven't been in the sun, will continue having the laser treatments and hopefully the end result will be good.


Gracey, I know about the time thing I said the exact thing to him today it will put us into spring he said i should only be sore for about 5 days I wish he would just go ahead and do it but he says with smartlipo the results can change up to about 6 months I was hoping it wouldn't cost any more too but I do understand about the meds oooo well i just want to finish this thing and he told me he just wants me to be happy and i'm not happy with my flank area and i'm not sure about the upper tummy daffy said her dr. said the same thing you have to have enough excess skin to stand up.. i ask christina if she had to pay any thing for her revision but haven't heard anything yet
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Hey Big Bumper: So glad your PS is willing to work with you to make sure you have a great result. Wonder why he wants to wait 6 more weeks? Doesn't he realize that we did this in the winter so we can enjoy having "hot" bods this summer? This all takes so much time and money, we need the result to be very good. My PS is going to help me make a decision about what we need to do next the first of March. That will be 12 weeks PO for me. I was told that it will not cost me any additional money.
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Baby Blues, I saw my and he said he still wants to wait another six weeks mine looks much better but there's still a little place in the middle of the scar and i'm going to have to have some touch up on the lipo i have a place on my lt hip and my flanks are still big we will probably do it in 6 weeks i don't have to pay anything for his fee but i will have to pay 500 for the anestesia and my garmet i'm thinking about haaving him look at my innerthighs they didn't seem big before but now that i've had the outter done they seem a little big on the inside it will depend on what he says neither one of us said anything about it when we did the other if it's very much at all i won't do it i feel like i've put a fortune in this already....he also said to wear a bra that lifted from the top not a sportsbra i just bought some of the ahh bras and i love them but he said they were'nt supportive enough i bought the playtex 18 hours and they are supportive but my breasts come out to a point so the journey for bras continues....he said i would need several vbeam treatments after i had that they told me to wear surgical tape maybe if yours doesn't go down your DR.could try vbeaam on your scar remember it was 8 weeks before mine looked better you will know something your private email will get back when i can have a good weekend:-)
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I had a vbeam treatment today and will post a pic...

I had a vbeam treatment today and will post a pic so you can see what the skin looks like after this type of treatment. I don't see much change and my DR.doesn't understand why the results aren't better but they want me to keep having the treatments and they feel that the scar will improve,I will compare the scar in a few days to see if there's any noticable change.


Thanks Bigbumper! 5 more weeks to go then lol. Glad ur doing well. Thanks for getting back to me.
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Hi There BROOKLYN, you've got the worst part behind you i had 375 cc implants and they have settled now but it was about 8 weeks when they startd to feel natural i feel ok now i still have some swelling in the evening...hang in there!!
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Hi How are you? I was looking at your pictures and you look great. I was looking at your 6 week and 13 week pics and i was happy to see how much your swelling has gone down. I am 3 weeks today and I am still very swollen. I have 350cc implants. When did you start seeing them go down? and how do you feel now?
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