Round 2. I have been to Dr Pantoja In the Past. I...

Round 2. I have been to Dr Pantoja In the Past. I had a tt,lip and a bbl. I am going back for a breast lift with augmentation, lipo of the tummy and a lil more other areas. As well a a little more bbl.I will update or add more I just wanted to start my review. I will add pictures later. I can't wait !!!

Looking forward to your journey...especially since you are knowledgeable from your first experience. How long has it been since your first Round 1?  :)

I am just about 4 months post op.
Hi phat_mommy4, results look great! Was wondering if you can post more before/after pictures? Thank You.

Lets see what to update. I changed my Date to...

Lets see what to update. I changed my Date to 6/6/2013 with Dr Pantoja of course. I love him. My Current measurements to date are 26 waist, 35 hip, 41 ass lol. Oh yeah I am 5 '7.5 lol and 146 lbs. My breast are a saggy ass mess. which is why I am going back. I am an over planner so I have already started getting somethings that i will need, somethings I already had from the first the first go around. I will be adding a list for those to want to see what I use, tho it might seem like a lot I am supper frugle lol.


THE FIRST LIST IS THINGS THAT I STILL NEED. I still have 79 days so I have time, but I am a supper planner. With out further a do here we go:
Breast ice pack (make your own or countourmd $3)
vitamen pack (make me heal)
fajate (Colombian on that yily precribes, message me and I will send the link)
abdominal board (
wedge pillow
foam (fabric store)
wrap dresses
heating pad
breast stabilizer
post op bra ( message me for link found them for cheap):)
tegadirm (protects breast incisions from getting wet when you shower)
Arnica tabs (have some but need more)
Arnica gel (have some but need more)
Small supllies:
thick pads
puppy pads
antibacterial soap
hand sanitizer
baby wipes
zip lock bags
arnica teah

anti-itch ointment
soft lip chapstick
adhesive pads
surgical pads
sanitary pads
latex gloves (not if allergic)
sticky bandages
funnel (to pee)
little garbage can
laxative milk of mag
tripple antibiotic
small band aids

neck pillow
over night bag
lawn chair, with a hole in it for the booty.


YAY to Dr P!!!!

Thanks for the updated and yes, we'd love to see your frugal list! lol. Just curious as to why you had to change your date? I was wondering if it was too close to your last surgery?

No it wasn't close I just need to come up with the rest of the money. I am going to to update in a couple hours after wendy williams lol.

Okay I am honesty thinking of just doing my boobs...

Okay I am honesty thinking of just doing my boobs and then going back around Sept/Oct for the lipo and bbl. I kinda dont want to wear the cp during the summer. I have been okay wearing it for 4 months. Due to the tt, lipo and fat graft that I already had. But I kinda want to give it a rest and just to the boobs. I work out anyway and am at a solid 146 and I am 5'7.5. I do plan on loosing like maybe 8lbs. Don't ask why 8 lol j/k. So yeah I might just do the boobs. Let me know what you ladies think.
What kind of foam u getting from joanne's?? Are u using it to sit down?? U know im slow lol.
The thick one to cut wholes into for my butt, since you have to lay back for the boobs.
wait n do it all together...enjoy the summer!

UPDATE!!! So as I stated on my other Review I am...

UPDATE!!! So as I stated on my other Review I am going to start and ab challenge for myself. I am calling it 6 pack for that Ass!!lol Goal by my birthday. So update on my body stats are as follows:
under wire (bra line) - 29.4
waist 25.5
hips 33.5
ASS 41
thighs: 24

I will upload a pick of progress every Thursdays for those who care to see:0
Wow you look amazing!!! What did you look like before??? Did you have a little butt, medium one, or no butt at all??? I am asking because I want an hourglass shape body with a nice round butt . Sort of like Kimmy K., but more conservative. I have been reading that he is a great expert with lipo, but not with the booty. I am considering Dr. Campos, but I do not like the lack of attention when it comes to communicating my concerns with his staff.
Thank you so much. I had very little booty. Lol on my other review I have a pre-op picture.
When is your surgery scheduled for?

Supply update: I also added pictures. OMG LADIES...

Supply update:
I also added pictures. OMG LADIES. I started my tattoo yesterday. Its turningt out to be a back piece part rib and going on to my tt incision. Omg let me tell you its going to be beautiful. I will post pictures of the finished piece when its done. Oh weight update. I am 143. I am 5'7 .5 by the way so i think that pretty damn good

Update time. OMG LADIES.... I was able to move up...

Update time. OMG LADIES.... I was able to move up my date. I am so excited. I cant wait. I am aware that it is going to be painful but i am still excited. No more saggy ass tiddies lol. May 22 here I come.
Ok miss thang, i need to know ur date!!! Lol when will ur boobs make they big debut???
LMAO May 22. I am ubber excited i am gonna have those bad boys out when i heal lol. I am also getting more lipo and possibly more booty. Still unsure
Did ur hubby sign ur permission slip to get more bOOty!!! Lol

Well lets see I ordered some things i needed being...

Well lets see I ordered some things i needed being that I am getting full abdominal Lipo where ever I have fat and lipo of the mons pubis. If I get more money I might include inner thigh lipo. HELL I am gonna end up getting it lol. I am trying to be supper summer time fine lol. So on to the the things that i ordered.I Got and abdominal Tabla wich should be here by monday.
I also ordered lipo foam, wrap foam for my boobs, and boob ice packs from I also got all of my pre-post op vitamins. I started taking my multivitamins, iron, vitamin C, CHAI SEED. (I love that stuff). I have been taking all of that for about 1 month of course I am going to continue.
Current weight 143, height 5'7.5.


Preparing For Your Breast Augmentation Surgery
Preparing for your surgery well in advance can ascertain that you have all that you need, and in ample time to make changes, or order special items. Making a list with the help of your surgeon and other patients, or utilizing our suggestions below can certainly help when you feel overwhelmed by what to do and buy in preparation.

PDF Versions For Print-Out

Preparing Your Recovery Area
Pre-operative Shopping List
Medications & Supplements To Avoid Before Surgery List
What To Do In The Event of An Emergency During Recovery
Emotional Preparation Reminder Checklist
Consultation Preparation Print Out
Questions To Ask Your Surgeon At Your Consultation
Medications & Supplements To Avoid Before Surgery List
Pre-operative Shopping List
Preparing Your Recovery Area
Surgery Day Instructions Example
Helpful Tips and Suggestions For After Your Surgery
What To Do In The Event of An Emergency During Recovery
Emotional Preparation Reminder Checklist
Preparing For Your Post-operative Appointment
Your Pre-Operative Appointment
After your initial consultation, you may book a surgery date. If you choose to book, whether at the office, or via phone, you will schedule your pre-operative appointment. A pre-operative appointment is used to further evaluate your needs as a patient, answer any remaining questions you may have, and to clarify your expectations of what is possible.

This appointment is also to help you prepare for your surgery. You will be given a list of the supplies that you will need to buy that will your recovery go well, plus prescriptions for medications (or they may be called into your pharmacy, so have that number handy). You will take before photos for your file and also be given any pertinent paperwork and waivers.

You will also be instructed to have lab work performed and possibly a complete physical. This depends upon the surgeon, your age, your state of your health, or any pre-existing health conditions that you might have.

If you are a smoker, you will be advised to quit immediately. In fact, you may be told that you will have to post-pone your surgery until the nicotine has been out of your system long enough so that it does not affect you while under anesthesia, and also while healing. This includes nicotine patches and vapor cigarettes as well.

We have provided a list for your convenience below:

Preparing Your Recovery Area - DOWNLOAD .PDF PRINTABLE VERSION
Preparing your recovery area is very important and can make all the difference in the world. Searching for Kleenex, medications, and even something to eat can expend a lot of energy that you and your caretaker do not have to spare. Having all of the necessary items on hand, within arms reach, can make your recovery more pleasurable, or at the very least easier.

You should clean your house a few days before your surgery so that you will have time to relax the night before. This includes laundry, the kitchen, dishes, and the bathroom you will be using.

If you have children, arrange for them to be cared for by a family member if you can. The grandparents may look forward to the visit and you could use the break the first few days.

For your four legged "children", arrange for your caretaker to take care of walks, cat box cleanings, etc. If you cannot have them taken care of, be sure their food is easily accessible. You will more than likely have to bend down, but please do so with caution and bend at the knees carefully. Remember to get up slowly and brace yourself for balance.

If you will not have someone to prepare your every meal, have easy to cook (as in microwavable, or easily heated) meals on hand. Or cook your own and freeze them for heating up later. Choose healthful meals and snacks.

If you can, place all of your needed foods and other items within easy reach, preferably at hip level. Including your silverware and can opener!

Purchase several bags of frozen peas, usually 3 "sets" of what you will require for icing. This way you will always have a fully frozen set when you need it. Remember to place the bags in the freezer at least the day before your surgery.

Make helpful lists which your caretaker or significant other may need. This may include thermostat settings, bill due dates, delivery dates, etc. Things that you can not take care of in advance, but that you usually take care of, may be confusing to others.

Place the toiletries you will need, such as extra toilet paper, within reach so that you do not have to reach, bend over, or climb up to get them.

Have an area set up on your nightstand for your medications, with a medication organizer (with day and time dose compartments), and a written back up schedule/check list.

Place several bottles of bottled water and plain, low sodium crackers on your nightstand.

Place your vomit pail (coffee tub with lid) within easy reach as well.

Place Wetnaps, Kleenex and a roll of paper towels within reach.

Place a digital thermometer near the bed so that you will be reminded to take your temperature. It is a good idea to assign a time schedule for your readings, for instance before you take your AM and PM medications. Write this on your checklist.

Make sure your remote controls have fresh batteries, or are fully charged.

Rent or download movies, video games, purchase books or magazines, or download digital or audio books in advance so that you will have something to do when you are not sleeping.

Have your cellphone, charger cord, and a power supply nearby as well. You can use your cellphone in an emergency and also to call or text for your caretaker.

Have your MP3 player and earbuds nearby with its charger as well

Set up your bed with plenty of pillows including body pillows or "husband" pillows if you have any. if you have a recliner, you may wish to sleep there instead.

Place an extra blanket or throw easily within reach.

Although you will be spending all of your time in a compression garment, you may want to wear comfortable pajamas or sweats over them. Again, tops which close via buttons or snaps will be easiest for you.

If you wear slippers, make sure they have grip on the soles. If you choose to wear socks without grip, take care when walking on slippery surfaces.

Make sure your laptop is charged and that you have a power supply nearby. Especially if you are going to document your experience for a journal.

Make sure you have your digital camera fully charged and has an empty memory stick (or disposable camera).

Make a list of your emergency numbers for your caretaker, or for you, to find easily in the event that you might need them.

Here are some suggestions for your pre-operative shopping lists.



prescribed pain medications

prescribed antibiotics

prescribed anti-inflammatory medications

prescribed anti-anxiety medications

over the counter (OTC) sleep medications or ask your surgeon for a prescription

prescribed medications the patient normally takes on a day to day or weekly basis (birth control)

Supplements & Vitamins

Arnica montana

Topical arnica montana


Vitamin C, or Vicon C

Miscellaneous Medications

Mild stool softeners


Other Supplies:

medication organizer or pill case (with days of the week and times)

medication Time Schedule for when to administer medications

dressings, sponges, gauze,

triple antibiotic ointments

antibacterial soap

digital thermometer

silicone sheeting, Mederma


heating pad



Grocery Store

bags of frozen peas

plain, low sodium crackers

bottled water

frozen dinners

low sodium soups (no Ramen)


fresh fruit

Department Store, Online Store, or Other

Surgical Bras and other Compression Garments if needed (medical quality only)

extra pillows (varying in firmness), body pillows

digital camera with memory card

journal (or use your laptop)

movie rentals or downloads

books, magazines, audio books, Kindle downloads

empty plastic coffee tub with lid (for nausea)

batteries for remote

pajamas, robe, or oversized, comfortable shirts that button in the front

slippers (with grip on the soles)

hand mirror

small flashlight for late night bathroom trips if you cannot get to the light switch easily. Sometimes pain medications can also cause confusion upon awaking, and you don't want to walk into a wall.

a nightlight, if you want to avoid the above and are able to sleep with a little light, a low level nightlight may be better than having to fumble for, and hold, a flashlight.

Nothing really to update. I ordered boob ice...

Nothing really to update. I ordered boob ice packs, lipo foam, andominal board, and foam boobie wrap.
Ooooowwwweeee u fine as hell lil't wait to c those boobies!!!!!
Lol thank you. I cant barely sleep I'm so excited. And I still got 3.5 weeks.
First of all I love how you look hunny beautiful. And I love how you give us all that info its really nice of you thank you and good luck with you're surgery.

So being that I already am a 32 saggy ass d...

So being that I already am a 32 saggy ass d possible big saggy C. I was thinking that 400 high mod cohesive silicon implants will make ma a video vixen DD. Since I am getting a breast lift as well what do y'all think. These are going under the muscle so....

OMG I can't believe I am down to 22 days.

OMG I can't believe I am down to 22 days.
damn girl! you look awesome! can't wait to see the boobs with it!
Thank you. I can't wait to see them to lol

My time is coming in 21 days OMG 3 weeks away. I...

My time is coming in 21 days OMG 3 weeks away. I get my blood work done tomorrow. When I see my Dr I am gonna ask him for the pain meds and antibiotics. I pretty much am supper ready I just have to pack. But being that I am only staying overnight and coming back home I don't need to pack much. My stats to day are 29 underwire, 26 waist, 34 hips , 40 bootay. Lol.... I want more booty but I am going to wait until I have my breastlift/ implant. Then once I heal. I want full lipo from were ever they can get it then pumped in my butt. Well I will check in again on Friday I should have my lab results, mammogram results as well my meds.

I will be starting my bomalin in 2 weeks aswell as...

I will be starting my bomalin in 2 weeks aswell as my arnica. But I am stoping the vitamen E. Weight update I AM 141 WOOHOO!!!!
Your body is so awesome!! Do you have any advise i am having a tt, lipo, and bbl, bl/ba did you use an abdominal board? Did you need epifoam for a tt? How was recovery?
Thank you so much. Yes I do. I think a walker is a must I used it for 4 weeks. keep your lipo holes dry, use your boppy mine became my bff, for a tummy tuck Dr pantoja doesnt suggest you use the board but i did use the lipo foam for my back, sides and inner thighs. OH DRINK A SHIT LOAD OF WATER, CRANBERRY AND PINE APPLE JUICE.
Thank you so much. Your results are so inspiring. Im scared of the walker though.

Hell yeah. ...19 days left. I just got my...

Hell yeah. ...19 days left. I just got my mammogram and lab work back and I'm in the clear. Set to go. Just need to get a little bit more money together and I'm set. I will be adding saggy mess boob picture in a couple days. I will also be adding post op pics as soon as I am able to.
On another note I need to pack, I haven't done that yet. Being that I am only staying over night I don't need to pack much. Pretty much just something to wear home next day, passport, money,.....well yall know. I will put up a list of my over night bag when I pack it lol. Team Pantoja!!!!

Here is my saggy ass hot mess boobs lol. 18 days...

Here is my saggy ass hot mess boobs lol. 18 days to go to fis this shit. lol Pantoja here I come
good luck to you too!
hey girl hows it going?? you getting excited yet?
Omg yes. I can't take it. I haven't packed yet. Tho I will be at the Dr over night. How are you feeling?

Well I am down to the wire Ladies. I am so excited...

Well I am down to the wire Ladies. I am so excited I can barely contain myself. I have cleaned my house from top to bottom as well as reorganizing everyting. I still have to do some shopping and preping in regards to food for my family and I have to get some low sodium food for me. If any of you ladies have any ideas on cassoroles for my fam pleae let me know. I am slo looking for ideas on low fat, iron rich foods for me. I forgot where I read on a review about a yummy recipe for some black beans.
Also I have all my medication for after surgery. I have my Cipro, prednison, vicoden, zofran, moltrin 800 mg. In regards to over the counter meds I have my stool softner, MOM, tylenol pm, all my vitamins.... umm I think thats it. Oh yeah I have to get a mani and pedi (I will do that the day before). I also have to do my hair and pack. lol so much to do so little time.
You've already gone to pantoja and are a vet, I'm getting nervous now, I'm afraid he's Guna lump up my belly like he did jasminee and mbones :'( I'm eventually Guna get a TT after my last baby so if I did end up with lumps would my TT be lumpy? Or no ? Ahh
I'm sorry I can't speak on the lumpy stomach issue. I went straight for the tt. I have seen other ladies on here that have gone to other doctors and have gotten lumps as well. There's have subsided. From what I've read on there reviews it was through constant massaging. But again I don't know personally. Lol I think it was pretty politically correct with that answer .
when are you leaving for mexico? i am feeling excited. just a little anxious but otherwise im ok. have to fast today for my bloodwork apt at 515 so im like a friggin beast right now im so hungry. and i pick up my scripts today then i figure im all about set. i was gonna pack that monday before but between food shopping and getting my hair done (big priorities lol) i might be pushing it. i take forever to pack and overpack so much its a big joke cause i bring so much stuff even for an overnight stay. so maybe ill do that next thurs since im going away next weekend. btw your new pics look amazing you are really representin fo sure with that body. i mean it : )

So excited I am so happy its almost time dor my boobs.

So excited I am so happy its almost time dor my boobs.

Oh my goodness. At this time next week I will be...

Oh my goodness. At this time next week I will be headed to Dr Pantojas office. I cant believe it. I can't wait to be able to wear a top with out a bra. I want big ol boobs. Lol I have almost everything set. I do have to do my nails and toes this week end. Or possibly Monday. I also have to do my hair. So much to do..... My house needs to be cleaned, and I need to make some frozen meal for my family. How long do ya'll think I will be out of it???

V.E.G.A.S. dun dun dun... so ladies I was...

V.E.G.A.S. dun dun dun...
so ladies I was talking to another lady on here I believe it was " pinay" about a Vegas meet and greet type thing. We should all totally do it. Maybe August would be good. I think it would be a cool week end thing. Let me know your thoughts and we can totally put something together. I will start planning...... Yay VEGAS!!!!!
I'm booked for Pantoja June 4th I'm soooo nervous I hope everything goes great with you! I'm hoping to get it moved up if there is a cancelation to the last week in May because I move to Vegas in a week and half and I need my body on point!!!
did you let nadia know about the change. They are pretty good with that. My date was the 6th of june and was able to move it to May 22
I did let her know that I would prefer the last week in May but I was on the waiting list for the last week in May and the first and second week in June so either way I'm happy I got a date. It's going to suck doing recovery in the summer but it will be worth it. Where are you staying? She said I would need to stay 3-4 days so I'm thinking of staying in San Diego or Club Med.

Almost time WTF

Okay i think that it is starting to hit me. So much to do so little time. I still have to pack do some serious cleaning, prep food for after for my family, get my food for after surgery. Shit not to mention my daughter has a formal coming up that I need to shop for, and my youngest daughter has a report do that needs to be typed by tuesday. So you already know who is going to be typing that lol....Some where in there I need to fit in a mani/pedi to. OMG its seems like so much to do. But I can handle it:0
Your gonna do fine, you seem like a planner type. And you've already have gone through the hardest part of the surgery the tt and bbl.
you can handle it!! you dont need to pack much i would seriously try to get that out of the way and done tonight. then you can focus on cleaning and shopping for the formal. you should try to get the mani/pedi on saturday. you are allowed to have polish on your nails and feet? i cant have any polish on i have to have it all removed. im so jealous!! you can do it!! i think im gonna finish packing tonight. trust you will not need to pack a lot. a few pairs of pants a few zip front hoodies, undies, your post op bra if you have them some slippers maybe and flip flops your meds and bathroom/shower stuff. you are only going for one night right? i know you and i are over packers lol i still have to finish packing, get my face waxed on monday at lunch, get my hair done and food shop monday after work and then go home get everything together because im leaving tues night! yikes!

WTF .....

It almost time. I woke up with a sudden burst of energy this morning. Barely 6:40 and I have already done 2 loads of clothes. Cleaned my kitchen. I am about to start with my living room. I also have to pack as well as start preparing all the meals for my family and freezing them. I think I might do my hair Sunday... Maybe Tuesday. Umm lets see that it for now... Oh yeah I will be posting all kind of yucky pre-op boob pictures so yall can see what I'm working with.


So I cleaned my entire house including garage. I also made a mean plan for one week after surgery for my fam. I am almost done packing Just a little bit of last minute things to do. I am gonna get a blanket and pillows for the car ride home. I also need to get some gingerale. And club soda. I love that stuff. I think either sunday or monday I am going to go get a mani.pedi. I think thats it for now....
Lord. Bless Phat on her second journey.we lift her up to U and ask that U watch over her. Bless Dr P and all involved in her surgery. We pray for healing, strength, calmness and relaxation. Lord be with her every step of the way. In Ur name. Amen. Happy Day for you! Xoxo!
Awww pinay that made my day thank you.
whoa sounds like you are just about ready!!! i fininshed (for the most part) packing on friday night and will food shop tomorrow at lunch for the other things that i need. can you believe that the 22nd is so freakin close?? i swear though that im really more excited than nervous which is TOTALLY out of character for me. am i growing up? am i becoming a mature woman who is ready to live life instead of being afraid of it? am i freakin losing it?!?!?!? WTF is right, cause i know come tuesday night/weds morning im going to be buggin out fo sure. im so happy you got the crib cleaned and the food made im sure that is a great weight off of your shoulders. how are you feeling otherwise? are you holding up ok?


W.t.f I cant believe it. By this time tomorrow I will be waking up from surgery or already in recovery. It seems like just yesterday I made my apt. Its really gonna happen. I am not gonna have a saggy ass mess anymore. Say good by to having to lift and tuck the boobage. I will be updating and adding pics for those of you who care to see.
God bless and keep you! Boobs boobs boobs lotta boobs!
Thank you. I Will keep yall posted.
Ps. I am Thursday!!

can't sleep

Trying to get some sleep but its not working out for me. I'm to the excited. I will be on my way in a few hours. I cant believe that its finally gonna happen.
Thinking of you Ma! Sending you good vibes! (((H))) BIG HUGS!
Thank you. I'm on my way to tj
Good luck girl!!!!!! Will talk to you soon!!!! Xoxo

I did it DONE

I am a little achy. I just wanted to let yall know that I got my implants and breast life. I will go in to full detail when I get homr tomorrow. i was a 34 saggy D. With the lict it took me down almost 2 cup sizes. I had one boon bigger then the other. dUN DUN DUN... i GOT 470, textured, H.p. under muscle.
woot woot!!
Lol ...

Made it back home

Hello all.well I am back home from my breast lift and implants with Dr Pantoja. He did a wonderful job my boobs look awesome I just keep looking at them. I had one way droopier then the other and one was bigger, so I needed a major lift. I got 420/470 hp gummy bear cohea

oops continue

Cohesive silicon textured. I will post pictures tomorrow.
Hey Ma.....I'm so glad you're back. Get rest. Relax. Talk to ya later. Xoxoxoxo
Congratulations! Love how your excited even in recovery. Can't wait to see!
Yay cant wait to see pics

2 day post op Pictures

Hello ladies, It is my second day post op. I am loving my results thus far. He did a wonderful job. I am going to post a full pre-op of the day of and days following. I first wanted to add pictures of what i got:0
Daaaaasnng !! That's my 2nd Dannnng that I gave you lol :) they look bigger than 470& 420 / look good though
I posted pictures. I will update my story in a bit.
I am gonna post my whole story in a bit.

My Whole story

Well I left my home at about 6 am. Made it to the border and walked over hopped on a taxi paid the the Man $5 and we where off to Dr Pantoja's office. I arrived there at about 8:55am and was greeted by Ruth and then Nadia came. Right away Ruth took my down to do my blood work which was awsome. Thants my word lol. I then came back up and had my ekg perfomed. I then Dr Pantoja came in and called my back, all while giving me complements on the work that he had done 6 months ago. So I pulled out my note book full of questions. I told him what I wanted and he told me what he thinks he should do. At first we talked about 400 cc but being that I had one boob way bigger then the other he did a lift to both and game me 470 in the smaller breast and 420 in the larger on. I got them under the muscle. Well after my consult and dr Pantoja marking me up I was taking up stares where I was met by Suzi (I love this nurse) so caring. Any way she helped me change into what I needed to wear. Then the cardiologist came in to talk to me then the asnestsiologist. I was then given a lil pill and my IV was put in and I was off to surgery. I layed on the table was given night night medicine and my epidural block and I was out. Next thing you know I was awake and i was over. They where wrapping me up and then took my to my room. As I am dosing off again Dr Pantoja was in the room with me making sure I was okay. He came intot o talk to me about 3 times before he left for the evening and then after he left he came back toy check up on me again. I was woken up by the nurse taking my blood preasure and asking if i was thirsty. I said yes and Suzi brought me some mango.guava juice and alot of water. Then I was brought some jello. They asked if I was hungry and I told them yes so they brought be the best grilled chicken with sauted fresh spinach and alot of muchrooms and fresh backed french loaf, OMG IT WAS DEELISH. After i ate I slept most of the night. When I woke up in the morning I woke up to a fresh bowl of fruit that had papaya, mango, strawberrys, blue berries, apples, granola, cottage cheese and honey. OMG sOOOOO GOOD. After I at Dr pantoja came in to check on my and unwrap the bandages and to tell me how good they look, I just kept hugging hime. They came out so beatiful. He asked if I was going to come back and i said of course, He personally put my bra on, asked if I had any question and then Nadia came in with the birth and registration og my babies lol. I was then given my meds I hugged everyone and I was off on my way home. Well there is my story. Ask away if yall have any questions.
Hey Phat. I showed hubby & asked, " what if I had boobs like this?" He made a if to shake his head between the definately will think of getting it round 2. DrP said that he doesnt want me to do it for my round 1 coz he's going to work on my bottom half A LOT! He is afraid my hemoglobin will go way down. Anyway Phat, I hope we can ALL get look HOT!
Lol okay so yall like my boobs? Cool lol. Yeah I think you should wait. My first time my hemo was almost a 14 the day I was gonna be discharged it was an 8.4. I had to get an iron IV in order to be released. So yeah its better to wait.But you can get it all done in a year. Look at me I'm 6 months post up tt,lipo, and bbl today and 3 day ba/bl today.
they look amazing!!! so happy for you

5 Days Post op

Well I am 5 days post-op and everyday is getting better. I am trying to figure out what size I am going to be. I'm so confused with that part of it. I started off at a saggy 32d or C not to sure. And then I got 470l/420 right under muscle hp cohesive silicon. So my question is what am I going to end up with? I also got a lift so. I am thinking I am gonna be a DD I have no idea. Help please lol
just cant get over how awesome your boobies look. my thoughts are you are def gonna end up prob at a DD. lucky!!! eventually if i decide down the road to get a lift in hoping to be around a DD. have no idea what size i will end up but im thinking around a D as well which would be nice. we shall see! im still having trouble deciding what to wear that is "rack appropriate" for work tomorrow since i have no freakin bra!!!! : / lol
I hope its like a DD. I would like that Do you have a Cami or something like that go wear? So i decided that i am gonna go back to him for another lipo and bbl round. I figure he knows my body so i will just let him know what else i want. And get if done.
Yaaayyyy u made it!!!!! I love tha new boobies....can't wait to c them in 2 weeks!!!!! Congrats Sexc mama!!!!!

Officially 1 week

Lets see what to update. I am officially 1 week post op. Tape came off yesterday. I love how my boobs look I can't wait until the stitches come out. Not to much to say. They are starting to drop a bit. But I asked Dr Pantoja to make sure he gives me a huge lift.
Hey Phat...As I'm gearing up for my tt/lipo/bbl, I have a question for you. When did you take out your drains? Did you take it out in MX or did you come back home and take out the drains yourself? BTW, QT sent me a private message. Basically she stated that the recovery house where she stayed at SUCKED BIG TIME!!!! But that her results from DR. PANTOJA were great and now she has an hourglass figure!!! Wow. If you recall looking at her pre-op pics, she had all that extra skin...I'm the same and can't wait to see my hourglass!!!! Lol...Well, the reason I ask is because I don't want to develop seromas or things like that. FYI I have no medical insurance here in the states....Please tell me all your precautions post op tt/lipo/bbl. Glad to hear that you LOvE your titties...I love looking at them too!!! Ha ha ha!!! Love ya Ma...take care!!! Xoxoxo
I actually left on the 3 rd day after round one. My primary took out my ty drain and my hubby took out my booty drain. As along as you follow all your post op instructions everything will be fine.
i ordered a bunch of camis with the bra built in online and just picked them up today at lunchtime. so thank god for that. i wore a long maxi dress with a sweater over it today but its pretty obvious from what my co worker was telling me that i had them done lmao i guess i was kidding myself. everyone is asking me how are you feeling?! too funny. god when are you gonna go back for another round? when you get your teeth done? you are so lucky i wish i could get all that done. but im happy for you and you are gonna be outrageous when its all said and done. your body will be illegal!!!!!!!

PICTURES 8 day BOOBS!!! look amazing and you seem so happy with your results. I hope my surgery go well also but thanks for all the advice you listed.
Thank you. No problem
Okay i just saw u got a lift i just didnt see the incision.. Also they said the larger the implant the more it will drop. My mom has maintained hers she sleeps with her bra and has it on 24/7

3 weeks post op+pictures

So I thought I would drop a couple lines. I love my boobs. But ladies OMG do not I repeat do not use neosporin......Come to find out I am allergic to it so I have to take some medication to get rid of the rash. Dr Pantoja did a wonderful job. I on my own decided to try neosporing to speed up the process. BAD IDEA. Aside from that I am great.
Nice !!!
Thank you

Congratulations! You are seriously looking like your goal pic! I am so glad you had a good experience, other than the darn Neosporin. Ugh! What type of cosmetic procedure do you think you'll do next? Hopefully you'll be taking it easy while showing off your new hot body!



Vegas here I come. I am supper excited that I will headed there in a couple weeks with my hot bod lol. My dang allergic reaction to the freaking neosporin is gone. Its my last day of prednisone and ointment. So I am so happy. My boobs are healing oh so lovely. I love them. I was wondering when I should go get measured to see what size I am. And i want to know when i should start scar treatment? I will add more pictures on wednesday which will be my 4 week post op day.
Hello you look fabulous.... I started trying to figure out what size mine were about 4 weeks out in the end I, I measured 34DD lol. Initially I was going for a nice full C-cup also had a lift with mine, I wouldnt trade mine in for anything in the world and I'm glad my Dr was thoughtful enough to think I could go bigger.
JLS..I love it! (The thoughtful doctor) lol
Thank you. I hope that's what I end up with. I think I'm gonna be a bit bigger then a DD but we will see.


PC IS TRIPPEN lol. I will add pictures in the a.m.:) Happy 4 week booby day to all by 4 week old boobets lol.

Forgive me if I missed this, but what procedure is round 3 in November?

More lipo and 2nd bbl.

New pictures

Just a couple 4 week post op pictures. I am supper happy with my results. I started my scar treatment last night. Lets hope all goes well.
i love your new boobs too! seriously after seeing your pics i wish i got a lift too... : ( you look so good i mean seriously they look perfect. you have every right to be im love with them they look amazing from every angle. im so happy for you.
Thank you. I am supper happy. I saw your pictures your boobs look awesome.
thanks mommy i am gonna post a few new ones tonight. all my ill attempts at putting on bikini tops and bras that are way too small for me lol

6 weeks today + pictures

Well I am 6 weeks today. I love the hell out of my body. I am so thankful to dr pantoja fpr what he has done for me. Oh buy the way I am back down to my pre op boon weight. Which is funny cause I got implants. I do plan to go back for more bbl tho.... dun dun dun...


I loveeeee your boobs!!! Im scheduled sept 27th i hope mine come out as good as yours.. Ima saggy 38DD now goal is full C small D
the new pic is amazing i love it. you look AMAZING.....
THOSE BOOBS look excellent. Love it

8 week post op +pictures

hey ladies. I have been supper busy but everything is great.
Hi you really do look good, could I have his information I can't seem to find any info on him.
I'm trying

Boob 9 week post op boobs + booty 8 months

So everything is great. I gained like 6 lbs but has seemed to have went to my ass lol. Anyway I am going back November 20th. If anyone want to meet up I would love to put a face to the ppl that I talk to on here. I know ready is going Nov 19th so thats exciting.
LOVE!! LOVE!!! LOVE!! How long till your booty dropped? My booty looked weird right after surgery now its getting fuller but still seems a lil flat. Lawd ima have to go for round two lol but you look awesome keep it up girl
omg i have been stocking you for about a yr i was going to have a mommy makeover at that time but i ended up getting a place and this yr i got a car now those things are out the way so i cant afford it in the us, in all i want a tummy tuck for sure and breast lift with augmentation i love yours then at the end i want lipo with bbl i have butt but want hips and more volume. your body is my wish pic! your body is perfect and although every surgeon has good and bad reviews because of you im leaning towards pantoja. i hope i can at least go for tt bl and ba first round then my butt next time. im 23 and i only wore a bathing suit 3 times when i was 15 i had my first baby at 16. i hope i look like you i cant stop looking at your pics lol sorry for the essay.
you have a great result! i would say you are a DD not a D - that's why the bra fits small!

almosy 3 months post op+ pics

I love how i look:)
What type of compression garment does Dr Pantoja use? Are there different stage garments?
lookin geat hun i'm going back to DR P round two FEB 2014 ;-D
Great results!!! What is a "must do" after Lipo and TT? I am hopefully going to Dr Pantoja in October for TT and aggressive Lipo. Maybe BBL. But ur stomach is awesome and would love to know your regimen post op!!!!!


Sorry I have not been on here much but like I said on my other review, I have been getting my kids ready for school and getting everything straight. On to my boobs. I love them I think they have fluffed. Over all I am elated. Only thing is that I have put on 10 lbs all my fault was not eating right. But since monday I have been back on my grind. BTW i go back on November 20... Round 2 bbl
looking so good!!!
congrats!! They look amazing!
awesome they look just awesome!!!!!


Love your waistline. Awesome surgery.
You look great love your waist line!!!
Lmao!!! Im a 34DDD!!!! I was buggin out myself when I went to get measured. We should start our own bra company. Tig ol' lol


well i have been going hard at the gym and at the track. My weight did go up a little bit but i think that's because of muscle weighing more ten fat and my boob job lol.
under bust: 30 (WOW .. thats small but the boobs are huge)
waist: 28
Hips: 35
Ass: 41 (i will gladly take that for now but come 11-20 i will have more)


Soooo I had asked you who did your boobs before clearly clicking on your other reviews. forgive me. Do you know of any ladies or several post op pics of ladies who received a breast lift/ reduction with no implants from Pantoja? This is so hard to find.
I love your result, did he put implants under or over the muscle?
Thank you, and its under the muscle.
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