23 days left for my transformation!!!!!

Well I am 26 yrs old and a mother of 3 beautiful...

Well I am 26 yrs old and a mother of 3 beautiful children. I work full time and don't really have time for myself like most mothers. Well I have been looking at this site for some time now and have decided to go with Dr pantoja. Love his results and have heard great things. I will be getting a bbl and ba on July 8 so excited. I will try to continue to post as often as possible to help others the same way this site has helped me:)

So I was scheduled for July 8 th and I get a call...

So I was scheduled for July 8 th and I get a call from Nadia today that she has May 15 available!! Of course I took it, and now it's so close and it's really happening! I'm a little nervous, scared and excited and the same time. This is all I think about lately. I'm constantly looking up stuff for this surgery I feel like I'm crazy and obsessed lol. Am I the only crazy one out there. So if anybody has tips and suggestions please let me know, I only have a month to plan everything out! K I will keep u girls posted:)

Well I am exactly 30 days away from surgery. I am...

Well I am exactly 30 days away from surgery. I am excited most of the days and some I just feel so bummed:( I think I feel that way cause lets just say my husband is not very supportive. He told me he doesn't want me to get this done that I don't need it, that it is a waste of money. Which I think is funny cause once he saw that I made up my mind on this he said ok but once the car is paid off. So I picked up a few extra shifts and paid the car off and now that we don't owe anything he really didn't have an excuse. Yet when I told him ok the car is paid off I'm ready he was like, well I still don't want you to get it so if you want it then you have to pay for it. I was like seriously, I was a little annoyed cause I am so supportive with him. I supported him emotionally and economically when he did his RN program :( Anyways I came up with the money but what really annoys me is the fact that he told me if I'm still going to go through with this then he doesn't want to hear about it at all. He said all he want's to know is when the surgery date is where I'm staying at and when I'll be getting back. It's so hard to not talk to him about it, especially when I'm so excited. Well I still have you girls:) The amount of support and advise you girls give is incredible. Especially because I have been flat chested all my life, boo. At least before they where perky but after 3 children not only are they small now they are also saggy. Hell no that really sucks. I figured since I'm going to get my boob I minus well get some booty while I'm at it lol.

K so I heard one of u girls talk about the raja...

K so I heard one of u girls talk about the raja website I can't remember who though. So I went online to check it out and behold the faja for $34? Is that legit cause that is actually really cheap actually the cheapest I have found those things. So I ordered my vitamins and arnica. How soon do I start taking it, is it two weeks? I'm going to post a list of things that I think I will need if u guys see anything missing please let me know:)

Oh yea I forgot to tell u girls my most recent...

Oh yea I forgot to tell u girls my most recent experience. So my mother and sisters know about my surgery, at first they were very judgemental then all of a sudden they were cool and talking about getting work done too! Well my sis is all into palm reading and shit and call me the other night to tell me that her lady told her that I shouldn't have surgery till July cause may is a bad month for me! Wtf!!! I'm annoyed cause I'm still gonna do it but I have to admit I was a little scared lol. My sis and her brujeria shit lol. Okay I'm over it gonna let it go and I want nothing but good vibes this way :)

Okay here's my list that I have gathered let me...

Okay here's my list that I have gathered let me know If I'm forgetting something please

Vitamin c
Arnica Montana
Maxi pads
Sweats and loose shirts
Funnel for pipi
Bobby pillow and boppy body pillow
Cocoa butter
Good ibuprofen
Muscle relaxers
Vicodin or good shit
Stool softners
Tea for popi
Compression garment isavela
Benadryl and Tylenol pm for sleeping
Prescribed nausea meds
Pads for tummy tuck
Epi foam
arnica tablets
antibacterial soap
hand sanitizer
vitamen e oil
shea butter
neck pillow
anti - itch cream
Unison sleeping pills
Breast ice packs

I am so excited, only 23 days left!!! Wow time is...

I am so excited, only 23 days left!!! Wow time is flying I feel like I'm not ready yet I'm so excited. Well I hope everything turns out the way I want to. I'm so nervous I can't even focus at work lately. My poor patients :/ I can't wait for this to be over so I can go back to being normal again lol.

Thank you girls for all ur good wishes!! I'm...

Thank you girls for all ur good wishes!! I'm excited and also nervous due to what happened with mbones:(. I can really use some support from u girls especially the veterans I am just about all ready with all my stuff just a couple of more things and I am set

Hi Girls, only 4 days left!!!!! Sorry I have not...

Hi Girls, only 4 days left!!!!!
Sorry I have not updated lately but I felt like I had to take a break cause otherwise I would have to see a shrink lol. No but seriously this site is addictive and all the bad shit happening lately to some of the girls was making me nervous. I'm over it now and now I am just getting excited. I am a little uneasy though cause Lana has not gotten back to me on picking me up on Tuesday and I already paid the full amount :/ I hope she responds tonight or tomorrow so I can relax. Okay so my husband is still not on board and honestly at this point I don't care. I just hope I don't hold that against him later. I will also upload my before pics and after pics after my sx. Qtmommy I can't wait to meet u at Lanas!!! Can all you girls please pray for Qtmommy and me so that everything turns out good. I will continue to update u guys especially after my tx.

So I only have 3 days left for my...

So I only have 3 days left for my transformation!!! I am so excited:) Lana finally called me back and that's all taken care of. Also my husband finally is being supportive I think he realized its going down no matter what. I have everything I need, I talked to Lana, I got mg passport, my husband is finally onboard everything is coming together! I will give you guys detailed reviews about the recovery house, dr p's office and overall experience for everybody to know what to expect:) k I have to go to bed ill update more later

So tomorrow is my big day! I'm having surgery at...

So tomorrow is my big day! I'm having surgery at 9 am. I am at the Grace house right now which is very nice. I am going to get some rest for surgery tomorrow and I will keep u guys updated and with pics:)
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I will update my rating once I have gotten my surgery

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Happy holidays ans happy healing to you! How r you ?
  • Reply
So how did it go?
  • Reply
How are you doing?
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I pray that you have happy healthy healing. Please keep us posted.
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I'm getting ready, I can't believe it's finally happening!!
  • Reply
Your day is finally here! I'll be praying for you!
  • Reply
Thank you for your prayers I'm so excited I will keep u guys posted
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Good luck, I hope you get to meet qtmommy(I hope she's doing well). Best wishes....update soon!
  • Reply
Thank you I know I can't wait to meet her
  • Reply
I am so excited for you.
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I know I'm so excited I couldn't even sleep last night..
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Wooohooo...I am so excited for you.
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I'm soo happy for you! Team Pantoja
  • Reply
Thank you your time will come quick too
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Aw! that's so sweet... can't wait to meet you either :-) As far as Lana NO COMMENTS FOR NOW :-/
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Your time is coming.....
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Omg I'm so excited for you! 14 daysss!!! Post pictures as soon as you can! I'm July 1 for a BBL with pantoja :) your Guna look gorgeous!! Best wishes! Xo
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Good luck n your sx May 15th, mine is this coming Monday April 29th I'm so excited and yea don't believe n no " brugerias " b more of a modern Latina not everybody has the huevos to do it so they are always going to cum out with something trying to scare you......jaja it doesn't always works
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I am supper excited for you tho. Your date is ubber close.
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yeah ... i really think it because men get insecure, my hubby was the same way. At first when he thought it was unobtainable he was very supportive. Once he saw it was going to happen, all the support went out the window. I talked to him and gave him time. He has done a complete 360 and now back to being super supportive and loving.
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Thank you, your right ill just give him some time to come around. He better hurry though cause my date is next month!
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He will. He will have no choice right :)
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LOL!!! Yes that is right and You're welcome... girlie i'm filled with mixed emotions about the surgery. I try to walk, exercise, and eat right. Less than 30 days for us both... How are you handling it ?
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I'm excited, I have everything thing I need already. I'm anxious then anything. How bout you?
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girl you got everything!!!... i'm still working on my list ... i'm excited most days...
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