So Excited 4 Days to New Shape!! Dr. Pantoja - Mexico, MX

Dang!! I can not believe that my wait is over and...

Dang!! I can not believe that my wait is over and I am making the jump!! Feeling nervous now though I can tell you.

I am 35 years old, 5'6 and currently 153 lbs. although I strive to be around 130-135...just let myself go a little bit in the past few months, but that is normal for me. I am hoping that after this procedure when I am at this current weight I carry it better :) so I can not have to work so hard at being know what I mean?

I am getting lipo to my arms, upper and lower back, thighs, flanks, and tummy. To be honest I have a decent bum but I feel like I lost some of that volume and perk, so I want that to be addressed....that and I want the smallest waist Dr. Pantoja can create!!

My biggest concerns are my tummy, inner thighs, and that order. I have heard that these areas are prone to lump and sag if aggressive lipo is performed. I will post some pics of my before at around my low end weight and then pics before my surgery on Friday!!! FRIDAY!!

June 10th is open if anyone is looking...
Really ahhh I'll take it!!! Been looking for a closer date!
Yep I just rescheduled on Friday so June 10th should be open still
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