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Brachioplasty After 153lb Weight Loss Here I Come - Tijuana, MX

I'm 46 yrs old and had VSG in Mexico with Dr....

I'm 46 yrs old and had VSG in Mexico with Dr. Illan on 8/31/13. I was 326lbs and now am sitting at 181lbs. My arms have always been the worst part of my body in my opinion. I couldn't wear a lot of jackets and coats because of my arm size. My grandmother and mother had this problem as well but of course my weight was the number one issue. I'm SO HAPPY to finally be getting my arm lift. I've worked hard at the weight loss and this is my one year surgeriversary gift to me! Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes in TJ, mexico.


We want before photos Sherry!!!
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I will post this weekend. Surgery is Monday 9/1..................OMG............It's getting real :)
Good luck Sherry, and all the best. The good lord will be wacthing over you.

Wow! My Arm lift story

So I had my surgery on 9/1/14 with Dr. Cervantes. I chose to have my surgery at Florence Hopsital since my husband was having VSG surgery with Dr. Illan. This way we were able to share a room. From the minute I stepped into Dr. Cervantes' office I was greeted with such caring and warmness. I did my consultation online so we meet the morning of surgery for bloodwork and to discuss the procedure. He took his time to explain the entire process from start to finish and what I could expect. His office is located in Hospital Angeles Tijuana and is a top of the line hospital. It's such a beautiful hospital. My surgery was scheduled to begin at 3pm and once we were ready Dr. Juan Carlos Flores-Carrillo a specialist in Anesthesiology came in to explain and ask questions about what type of anesthesicolgy we would use and ask about prior surgeries. He also took his time and I knew I was in the right hands. The entire staff is this way! My husband said the Dr's came in after surgery and explained how everything went. The drains really are not a big deal and there is no pain at all in removing them. Dr. C explained how to wrap my arms and step by step instructions on aftercare. I'm to take weekly pics for him and if any question arise he will be available for me to assist. I feel 100% sure I chose the right surgeon and team for my surgery! The care you receive from this team is amazing! I stayed in Tijuana from 8/31/14-9/5/14. I felt well enough to go out for lunch on 9/3/14 and dip my toes in the ocean. Our last full day there we went out to lunch and dinner as well. Thank you so much Dr. Cervantes you have made my dreams come true!!! God Bless you :)


How did you get around in Tijuana? Where did you stay? Did you feel safe? Your arms look great by the way! Congrats!
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I chose to stay at Lucerna Hotel (very nice!) I know someone in Tijuana that drove us but you can get taxi's as well. There are lots of restaurants close by and some things you can walk to near the hotel. The hotel itself has very nice restaurants so you really wouldn't need to go anywhere else. I'm sure Melly or Yola would also give recommendations on how to get around as well. I felt very safe and I've been there three times since last year.
Sherry! So happy to keep reading of your positive time with arms! I'm also SO GLAD I found this great place to research plastics! Best, Annie (aka JAY on the FB group we both use :))
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week 2 update Brachioplasty

Healing very nicely! LOVE MY ARMS :) I can't walk by a mirror without stopping to see a sideways view......................


Thanks for your updates. I would love to go to him, but I just can't change my husband's mind about coming to Tijuana. He is freaked out by that place, and Everyone talks about how unsafe it is
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Arms do look lovely and healing great!
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Congrats on healing do nicely. Glad you're happy :)
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