Not Enough, Not Long Enough for What I Paid

I had two intensive treatments. Considering the...

I had two intensive treatments. Considering the cost, the results were pitifully minor and it lasted only a few months at best. I was told it would last 5-7 years or more. I think that the hype, the magic and the hope that they give you should be subjected to some warranty that it will last as long as they claimed. It was such a waste of money. The result was so minor that nobody noticed it except my doctor who held up the mirror and told me it was so much better than when I walked in. I might have convinced myself of the same.
I've been having titan treatments for 2 years. Each treatment session lasts 3-4 hours. I was told to have it yearly because you keep aging and with time all benefits will wear off. I absolutely love it. It's like everybody around me is aging and I simply "look younger every day." There is some texture improvement immediately, but the effects take about a month to appear. The chin line, the eye area and mouth area. Unfortunately, my dr. is very far away and this involves travel. I did it while on vacation. But after seeing all these comments, I will continue my yearly treks :) I can't imagine that it would work unless each point treated is very close to the other, so the collagen fiber can form. I do experience discomfort. Lots of it. I'm a big chicken, but I dread it. If you feel nothing, they are setting it too low and you won't get any results. (or you have huge tolerance to pain). My skin is a little red right after, but I put a little make up on and you can't see it and in half an hour it's all gone. I love how it's your own collagen so there is no deformity, so you look like you, just not aging so fast.
I'm currently in the market for a TITAN practitioner in LA--hopefully we're not going to the same one! Would you mind telling me if your doctor was a licensed MD with his own office or just working out of a spa?
Hi, that stinks that you had this kind of experience, especially since your doctor tried to tell you that HE saw immediate results. That is crap. The whole premise of the TITAN laser is that it builds up collagen gradually. Plus, you got way over charged. I do tons of research before I do anything to my face or body and everything I read about the TITAN, along with what my practitioner told me, is that it is not a "quick fix", and it takes months. The problem is that a lot of places tell you things that are not realistic and when those goals aren't met with the procedures done along with what is paid, people get discouraged. I totally trust the place I go to, as a matter of fact, they won't do treatments on me that they feel like I don't need, even though I try and insist sometimes. It is too bad that there are so many places out there that basically prey on the insecurities of women and will tell them anything and charge them so much money.
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