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Titan Can Cause Dents in Your Face - Phoenix

I had Titan about two months ago only to recently...

I had Titan about two months ago only to recently notice a quarter size dent in the left cheek which looks significantly more sunken, incidentally, than the right one. I bought a package of 3 for $1100 which was their special, at this particular clinic. Now I'm afraid I will have permanent damage and maybe need fat grafts. Don't waste your money and risk your face on this. It hasn't been out long enough for there to be subsantially documented results that it's safe. It may turn out to be another face denting disaster like Thermage.

That would be the IPL actually, I have personally caused a small indent in my client nose area due to her slightly shifting her head to the side when her phone rang off as I was firing the shot.
This created an indent.
Titan can't do this, but IPL can.
sorry - infrared light (titan) will not cause "dents" (or divots for that matter) - known as fat necrosis

rf energy (like thermage) CAN cause fat necrosis (dents, etc)
I asked the RN doing Titan for me for the last 2 years. She's an RN for 30 years & worked with prominent Plastic surgeons in So Cal. She'd never heard about Titan creating this problem, unless your provider was inexperienced or not well educated about this laser. So far, she said that if Titan is done correctlym you should be very happy with results of tighter not saggy skin. In addition, it could also be your skin's health & lifestyle that could have contributed to this "unfavorable" outcome.
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