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Great Doctor and clean, straight incision. Healing...

Great Doctor and clean, straight incision. Healing well after 12 days, but I am extremely swollen in lower abdomen. Had fluid removed yesterday, but I still look large. The first few days were hell and could have used stronger pain medication. Difficulty sleeping and shortness of breath at times.I am still bent over and my back hurts. I hope to be able to smile about this in a month.

I am 55, fairly fit and size 8-10. I felt it was now or never due to my age. I ride a motorcycle daily and frankly wanted to look sleeker in leathers and create a waist that seem to have disappeared a few years ago. The price was something I could afford, but not the leading factor in the decision. He was highly recommended by other clients and doctors.

Dr Ricardo Vega

Well known surgeon with years of success as a plastic surgeon. Investigation revealed no problems or complaints. Other doctors recommended him. I interviewed many women who had procedures of all types performed by the Dr and they looked beautiful. I was extremely confident in his ability and Im sure in time, Ill be gorgeous. smile.

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Thanks for sharing your story with us! Do you have any photos you'd feel comfortable posting?

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No photos..My husband said we should have, but it was such an ordeal between the 2 procedures, that taking my photo would have only made me feel worse. The fat injections in the face are very subtle. Simply softens and fills in the lines and looks very natural. Lifts a bit too, so if you can manage your face looking like you were attacked with a bat for 2 weeks, then its for you. By week 4, its all sweet, so steel yourself! The tuck is on week 4 too. Swelling and still bent. Nice waist, but it is too soon to tell about the hips and glutens. Lipo is cake! Only a bit of soreness, but still some swelling.About $20k worth of work for $6600, but not so easy crossing the border 3xs.
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Hang in there get's better each week. I love it..looking sleek in leather. That is awesome. Trust me you will be glad you did this in a few weeks. That nice flat tummy will be so worth it in the end.
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Thanks for the encouragement. If I could only stand up, Id feel better. Im trying to be patient. I had fat injections in my face too, so I think the combination was simply too much to deal with. I was hideous..truly unrecognizable. I cried for 2 days. Today, the lines are softened and 5 years clearly off my face. Ricardo is very good. Injections inside the lips and fill in the cheeks lift and fill. Pretty cool if you can manage it.
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Between weeks 2-3 you will start to stand up straight again. Although your back may still be sore for a bit. By mid day mine felt strained for a while. It seems like a long time I know :) It sounds like you have been through a hard process but you can do it. You will notice good changes each week. Isn't the swelling horrible!!
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