Tummy Tuck and Liposculpture - Tijuana, MX

I went for a consulation this past Saturday with...

I went for a consulation this past Saturday with Dr. Carlos Buenrostro. I loved the facility, Dr and the nurses. The service recieved that day was outstanding. They gave me and my hubby a tour of the entire facilty. His operated on several famous actors and singers. One of them Jenni Rivera and her brother Gustavo. I'm still undecided wether to do it there in TJ or here in California. Has anyone had a tummy tuck or lipo with this Dr? If so please tell me your overall experience. I wpuld appreciate some feedback. Thank you!


Hi i thought we could team up my TT is on the same date....
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Welcome to the community.  Keep us up to date:)

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The day is here!!

I'm nervous and excited as I will have surgery tomorrow morning at 5am! Tummy tuck and lipoesculpture...I'm praying that all goes well. Will post my before and after pics!


Hi Kerry, my surgery is tommorow morning at 5am. What time is yours? I will keep you in my prayers tonight.
Dr Carlos Buenrostro

I had excelent service on Saturday!! :)

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