Getting my Strong Curves Back - Tijuana, MX

Ahh, where did the the time go? One minute I had a...

Ahh, where did the the time go? One minute I had a nice athletic and strong body with curves everyone wants now (back then we all wanted to be Skinny Minny) fast forward and self care took a back seat to career, family and home and, WHUMPH, I almost doubled in size.

** Disclaimer- I worked for the insidious processed food industry and was the poster girl what that kind of food does to you.

After years of trying different things and becoming a research junky, I finally lost 85 lbs and was pretty decent, Heck better than decent, only to add back 25lbs (dramatic sob story here) and this weight looks ugly, puckery, rolly. It took full advantage of my degraded collagen and less resilient skin, which I have likely made worse with repeated half assed attempts that resulted in 10 lb yo-yo fluctuations.

MY Public Service Announcement- DO NOT YO YO WEIGHT GAIN!!!

I've thought about a surgical response for a long while and it is very, very hard for me to spend this kind of money on myself, just myself. But my husband and partner in life is very encouraging. He says go for it, I deserve it, I'm worth it, and afterwards we will go to Jamaica. (where did I get such a lovely man?)

So I have started conversation with a couple of Dr.s after looking at reviews, pics, profiles and then reaching out to patients of those Dr.s to see how their experience really was. Although the approaches were disparate, the Dr.s consensus was that I need a Lower Body Lift. BTW when you get conflicting information and approaches, I think you should ask the Dr. to explain their opinion vs. another, you will find out a whole lot of stuff you might not otherwise and some of it might be important to your decision making. After all this and making some good friends here, I have decided on Dr. Victor Gutierrez. He was not the least expensive but he listened to my concerns and priorities, treated me as a unique person, plus the patients of his that I talked to, met and even saw in person the results were fabulous and they all said they felt no real pain. Not like the stories you usually read about.

Meeting the Dr. in Person Tomorrow

Excited to meet the Dr. tomorrow in person! Tagging along with AZDee to TJ and getting a pre-op consult so we can fine tune what needs doing. I have an old trauma at the base of my left buttock that I am wanting attended to, it is the dent that creates an extra ripple below and shows in a lot of things I wear. Not nice. But it will be a fun overnight in the San Diego Area, and a little cooler than our Phoenix. We are hoping we might get a sneek peek at the Doc's new surgery and recovery center that is under construction.

Meanwhile I was in the gym this morning working on the muscles- So this transformation is part me and part the Doc. I want to improve the musculature that I've let go to seed and provide a good scaffold for the LBL. And I want to be as strong as possible for a good recovery as about a month after I'll be visiting with my sister and helping her open her brand new indoor tennis club in Camas WA.

So These 3 Patients and a Plastic Surgeon walk into a Bar...

I mean, where else but Mexico are you going to get to spend lunch hanging out with your Plastic Surgeon?

We got to TJ and Dr. Gutierrez' office and Elsa, office manager, patient coordinator and superhero, tells us the doctor is on his way but suggests we go to the seafood restaurant across the street and have lunch and he will meet us there. So we have a wonderful lunch hanging out with Dr. G and Elsa before we even have our appointments.

When we do finally get to my actual consult, we talk about my entire list of fixes. We discussed medial thigh lift groin incision only, butt lift, full tummy tuck with muscle repair, mini face lift, mini upper arm lift, lipo scupture in various discreet areas and treatment for tuberous breast with breast implants and a small lift. I know, sounds like a lot, and it is.... and it can't all be done at the same time. Of course not. It is too much trauma and too much potential blood loss for me, which would jeopardize my health and recovery, and too much surgery time for him. He is only human after all.

So after a few minutes of pushing things around we decided together that the LBL, which is the butt lift and flankplasty, the medial thigh lift (groin crescent) and the tummy tuck would be done in August and the mini face lift, mini brachioplasty (axilla crescent) and breast work would be done some months down the road.

Now comes the ummmm bad news. I have to lose some 10lbs+/- of fat off my thighs to really get the results that I want. I have a fair amount of thick adipose tissue still sitting in reserve, mostly near the top half of the thighs. I am in the gym weight training now to improve my musculature, trying to make a perkier glute and stronger hamstring. But I was not trying to achieve a net loss of weight. I know some will come, but I was after strength and muscle gain. ( those legs in the blue pair of leggings are not what I look like now but they are my inspiration) And there is no such thing as spot fat reduction, unless it is lipo. However we are avoiding doing a lot of lipo on the thighs because results can be iffy, there is lymph structures you don't want to damage and very superficial fat just can't be lipoed. So I need to add some other components to the program. Apparently cheese had just been stricken from my diet :(

Do you ever feel like you are your own pet? I have to feed me and pet me and take me out for my exercise and check my vitamins, brush my skin, get a chiro adjustment, etc, etc.....

Any weight lifters out there?

So, my trainer is back and we hit the gym today. He seems to still be in arm and core mode and I'm not saying that is not important, but I have a finite window of time before my legs and butt are being done and I want to do more leg work. So I am disappointed. Building more muscle will rev up my metabolism and help me shed the weight Dr. G would like me to lose. Arggh. I am also cycling, both to and from the gym which just counts as my warm up and cool down, and on my non gym days I am trying to cycle about 6 - 8 miles both for cardio and some leg strength. ( these are all just 30 minute work outs, which is optimum) I use the harder gears to keep the intensity up. I may have to add some other activity on my own, but then why am I paying a trainer? Any weight lifters out there? How do you build hand strength?

Also I have had some symptom of peri-m and it struck me that estrogen dominance could be part of why I have not been able to shift any of this fat that came to my middle, so I just started taking CDG (calcium di-glucarate) to help clear out the extra E and maybe that will add to my fat loss efforts.

Sometimes all this work just feels like an out of body experience...

Locked it in today!

I paid my deposit and made my flight arrangements today, so this is getting pretty real. Just to make sure I wasn't dreaming I decided to crack my head on the wall. I must say my clotting factors are great!


Actually not so ow as it could have been as I have been taking bromelain for a little tendonitis in my arm and it works GREAT! My boo boo is an egg on my forehead but it did not bruise and does not really hurt unless I press on it. And my tendonitis is really improved, no nsaids. Today I did not even wear my wrap. You have to get the enteric coated but so worth it as I'm not killing my liver. So I did not bike today, I thought I should take it a little easy. So I've been journaling my diet, which I knew I would find tedious but I am learning how all these calories are sneaking into an otherwise wholesome diet. But I will see how it is after a week, hard to judge one day at a time. The weight training adds water to the muscles so my weight is up a few instead of down. But I can already feel firmer muscles, and cranky ones too.


Went my thigh as I did a lung. It felt like a ripple or a rubberband pulling through. It startled and scared me. Did I just pop a tendon in my quad?

I had pins but not a deep tearing pain, nor bruising nor deformation of the muscle. So we decided it was a nerve that flipped places in the muscle group. It happened in both thighs a couple of days apart. A little freaky. So I work on lunges at home between gym session. I

Adding to my Craziness

SO you would think these last 32 days before a major surgery would be enough to handle, what with organizing recovery supplies, the pre-surgery weight training and strength building, which is coming along nicely even though the scale is barely showing a net loss, more on that...

I just started a new 5 week project consulting on a political campaign. It is one of those fights like the last season of Dallas ( The original 80 series). So there will be lots of things to keep me occupied and my mind off the upcoming surgery so I don't over think it. And with any luck I'll burn a few extra calories too!

So my weigh training, I leg pressed 170lb yesterday, more than my bodyweight. Ladies I can tell you that I can see a difference in one month in the contour of my leg and butt muscles and I only go 3 times a week for 30 minutes. I just have to hang upside down to see it because the RDTS (Redundant Dermal Tissue Syndrome ;) ) still obscures much of it in the pelvic girdle area giving me the ultimate drumstick thigh. But even my bat wings are responding. I'm not saying I or any one can fix all of my RDTS this way, but this will be a great structure over which the Fabulous Dr. G (Gutierrez) will perform his artistry. Can't Wait, really.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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Nothing like that leg press. It forms beautiful muscular legs like nothing else. Keep working hard. It make recovery so much easier. (Smile)
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That and squat, lung, and hip thrust....
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Do a extra set for me please. I will be much obliged.
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Sounds like you are working hard. Wish I was as close as you are to having my work done. Are you drinking enough water and stretching before and after your workouts? Take care.
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I hope all is going well!!!
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I'm doing good, Feeling stronger, I am stronger. Just 32 days to go... How about you?
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Weight lifting does make you strong. I love it too. I Went to the gym yesterday and walked very slow. It felt so good when I was done. My reward was the hot tub. I got to show off my new and improved thighs!!!!
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You're so funny and easy going. That good attitude will lead to a smooth recovery, i hope. Thank you and please, keep us posted. Best of luck!
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Thans so much for your nice words. Well you know laughfter is the best medicine! I am do for an update so keep an eye out.
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I can not wait to see you results, I am happy for you,too!
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I'm very happy with you :)) I will have you in my prayers. I'm excited my self I have an consultation on July 26th... I hoping to schedule my surgery if he everything goes well in the appt.
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That's great. He is a very personable and gentle person. Take all your questions and concerns, write them down if you need to. He will patiently answer them all.
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How exciting. I can't wait to hear about your results.
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You're doing great! Good luck on everything!. I should be scheduling a visit with Dr. G. I'll be in L.A. in a couple of weeks. Hmm. It was good that you had someone to go with. The crossing the border thing is scary to me. Ill continue to follow you. This all helps so much, with the decision making process
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Hi Suko, thanks so much for your nice comment. Yes we walked across the border then took a cab from there to Dr. G's office which was barely 5 minutes away. If you haven't been to Tj in while, it is pretty much south San Diego. First thing you will see is a big Costco. Everyone was very nice and helpful. There is a decent amount of English understanding so you should have little problem. I actually managed to drop my passport in my San Diego hotel room but had my drivers license when I was coming back into the U.S. They are getting pretty used to seeing U.S. women going through for some kind of medical appointment, so it wasn't a big deal. Driving through that would have been more difficult. But overall the tj border was easy and low key. Walking in, there in only a big turnstile, no immigration officer or anything. I hope that makes you feel a little better. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
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You are going to look fabulous!
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Thank you for your kind comment. I really appreciate it.
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Just wanted to Thank you, for all your updates. I have been reading all reviews on everybody and they are so helpful to me. I have an consultation with Dr. Gutierrez in August as we'll, and pretty sure that I will going with him as we'll. I've talked to the Dr. And Elsa and they are awesome. I wish you the best in your surgery and pain free. Keep us updated....
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"So three patients and a Plastic Surgeon walk into a bar"....that had me laughing out loud...haha that was funny, but it was fun! I had a really nice time down there. Everything is so relaxed, no body feels rushed, so different than here that's for sure.
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Will you be getting a thigh lift as well as lower body lift, or breasts done? You are going to look great, you look very athletic now. Best of luck!! I'll be following your posts.
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HI Soon2be. Thanks for your sweet comment. I will post a more comprehensive update shortly but the very short answer is the plan is to have an lbl with a medial lift, groin incision only, and a tummy tuck, The breast work would come separately.
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