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Help! I Am Going to Use a Dr in Tijuana but Who? for a Tummy Tuck - Tijuana, MX

I want to use a dr in tijuana because I had the...

I want to use a dr in tijuana because I had the lapband down there and it was the best experience I have ever had in the hospital. I had a consultation with Dr Carlos Buenrostro but I have now decided that I dont want to go thru him after reading as much as I could find on him. They say he is good on some procejures but when it comes to tt they say he isnt.... Help please. I need your feed back if you have had a tt in tijuana. I would like to do this surgery asap as I am scheduled to be off work from dec 21 thru jan. 7.

Oh, and can you please also tell me how long your stay in the hospital was? and somebody was staying on here that in tijuana they didnt give them pain medicine? wth??? please anybody that could help with your comments of your surgery it would be much apprieciated!! thanks

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I posted my experience here on realself and the community really came through, I luv realself.com
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Hello I got my tt with dr.carmina cardenas in tj. Im really happy with my tt I was really scared running around trying to find a reputable doc, and I did my research she is pricey but she is known as the queen of tt in tijuana
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Welcome to RealSelf.   I am happy you joined us and look forward to seeing you through this journey.

I have included a couple of links to others who have had tummy tucks in Mexico.

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thank you kimmers... I went to my consultation today and I decided I am not only going to have a tummy tuck but I am actually going to have a lower body lift. I am so excited and scared at the sametime!!!
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Now that is amazing!  You will love how tight your mid section will be.  Don't be scared you can do this and it will all be fine.  We are all here for you.

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Please keep us posted on everything from the Dr. to COST to time and RECOVERY... .Thank you and GOOD LUCK

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