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So much to say dont even know where to start....

So much to say dont even know where to start.

11 weeks Pre Op Stats
Height: 5'9'' Weight 193 Size: 14
Under bust:39''
Waist: 40''
Belly/Flanks: 45''
Hips/Butt: 44''
Thigh: 25.5''
Hoping to get to 179 before S-Day
Im on a (nut, seed, meat, raw veggie, light fruit) Paleo Diet. My baby is now 6 months so I signed up that the gym with child care services. I start tomorrow. =D

First off. I considered going to the Dr.....uh.. I cant remember his name even. Anyway I paid the consult fee and as usual I could hardly stand to be in his presence. At that time i heard of Cardenas through browsing this site. I loved the enthusiasm of her clients. I needed dental work and was going to TJ anyway so I made an apt for a free consult. :) If you go for a consult Ill tell you what I did. I walked over. Which there is a trolley that goes through SD right up to the border. Then I caught a Taxi and told them to go to Zona Rio. Calle De Heros and Diego Rivera. It should cost $4 I give them a $5. Maybe Im getting ripped off but I was told that was about right.

I also might I add first had a consult at the same place I was to receive my dental called Hospital Jerusalem. It was awkward they seemed dumbfounded and confused by my request for a consult. I left there went straight to Cardenas. Nice area. Business people dressed to the hilt walking along the sidewalks. Its somehow comforting to be in Mexico and have everyone dressed nicer than you are. I ended up finding the best dentist Ive ever had next door. I had my work done there instead. I was convenient to hit both places at once for apts bloodwork, results ect.

Today, 4/27/13 11 weeks PreOp I transferred the $500 deposit from my Chase acct to her Chase acct. Easy as Pie.

Holy Crapola! S-Day in now MAY 17th!! I called to...

Holy Crapola! S-Day in now MAY 17th!! I called to see how soon I could get on a plane home. I would be leaving my baby with my sister just dont think I could be away from him for a week. Much less the 2 weeks they recommended. Plus I breatfeed. My boyfriend has a 9 day vaca from work May 19th-27th. They told me they had a cancellation for the 17th of May. Thats in 17 days!!! This way he can come and bring the baby a few days. Yay

I need to get mentally prepared and organized fast. Down side is I'd hoped to loose more weight before the surgery. :/ Working out 1.5 hrs a day as well as healthy eating. Well see what can pull off. 5-10 lbs maybe?

They advised not to take certain supplements.E, A or Omegas. Guess ill quit all supplements. I wonder if a wholefood muli would be ok.

Another thing. after my C-section I was in a hospital bed for days. Then when I got home I sat constantly nursing and holding the baby. I developed some sort of bruising on my tailbone. More than 5 mo later Its still VERY sore if i sit too long on anything hard. Now, here I go again. Ive heard of sore backs after TT what about tailbones anyone?

Would love to meet others who will be having a TT around the same time.
You're one day after me, wow, it's happening!
what surgeon are you going to soulnik13??? I am excited less then 3 weeks left!!
Dr. Wolfe in Denver :) can't believe we are so close. I'm still in denial!

12 days to S-Day. For my birthday recently my...

12 days to S-Day. For my birthday recently my boyfriend bought a gift card to a high end dress shop. He wanted me feel catered to and have a ball trying on dresses. Unfortunately it was more embarrassing than fun. They just wouldnt fit!! The poor lady tried so hard to zip me up too. I went home empty handed.
Soooo now that i know im def having the surgery, I went online and bought the 2 dresses i really wanted before they sold out.
Wait there is more. ;) I also purchased my wedding dress online and it should be here any day. Im sure i will have to have them altered but thats ok. So excited!!
Sooo excited for you!! Mine is scheduled for June 24 with Dr C! Good luck!
Ive tried to comment on your profile several times but was distracted by baby grrr. Anyway, I think were built kinda similarly. It will be neat to see our results. Whats your current height/weight? So exciting I leave in 9 days.
Aww thats so nice!!! OMG almost here!!!

Have been dieting and exercising since baby was...

Have been dieting and exercising since baby was born. Was loosing 1-2 lbs per week for 3 months till 3 months ago. I was @ 193 and got some traumatic news. I had a bit of a breakdown for a few days and havent lost a pound since. Im wondering if my body went into some kind of survival mode from the stress.
My old average weight was 173 prebaby. Now ive been working out 1-2 hrs a day 6 days a week and eating very well....and im gaining weight. 195 today Gah! Was hoping to slim down for surgery.
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Aww your dress is beautiful!!
Oh wow!! Look at your dress - so romantic :)

I considered the risks when i made the decision....

I considered the risks when i made the decision. Not going to think about the negative what ifs anymore. I'm only thinking about how good ill look in and out of clothes now! Like cliff diving i assume. Just jump. Don't think. Deal with whatever when it comes. If Ive decided to do I'm not going to stress. I need to be at my best. I think good energy goes a longgg way in recovery. Happy thoughts.
I am healthy. I am safe. I am loved. I will heal perfectly. It will be worth it. I am strong. I am happy and freakin' excited! Right ladies?
Too right! Im exactly on the same page!

I have never seen my belly button. Sad, really. ...

I have never seen my belly button. Sad, really. Even when i was 9 months pregnant i could just barely see it. I think i will be happy with what i get. I mean how would i compare, really? It will be so nice to finally have a belly button. ::Sigh:: :)

My naturopathic care package for recovery...

My naturopathic care package for recovery house:
Arnica tea
Arnica pills - (swelling/bruising)
Bromaline - (bruising)
Whole food Vit C complex (tissue repair)
Ginger - (nausea, anti inflam)
Turmeric (pain, anti inflam)
CoQ10 & ALA (wound repair, cell damage)
Omega3 (anti inflam)
Magnesium (protects brain from anesthesia, constipation aid)
Probiotics (counter antibiotics)
Vitamin A and E
Amino Acid Complex
And of course a whole food multi.
And another little bag of infection treatments (just in case)

Assorted herbal teas
Decaf coffee
Whole food protein/fiber mix
Magic bullet
Coconut waters
Organic salad greens
Organic frozen blueberries
Raw nuts
I think thats everything

I forgot.... Zinc (wound healing, rapidly reduces...

I forgot....
Zinc (wound healing, rapidly reduces wound size, immune function prevent infection)

In my just in case infection bag

Colloidal siver spray
Garlic pills
Yunnan Baiyao Powder (Don't normally dabble in Chinese medicine but this stuff is considered the penicillin of the Asian world.)
What time u go iin tomorrow? In TJ already right? Wish you the best, will say a prayer for you! See you Tuesday!!!! Big hugs!
Im at the gate waiting to board. I took the last possible flight to spend time with baby. I should be there in TJ in 2 hours. Just realized I forgot my phone in the car.Grrr! Straight to sleep then up at 6am to scrub down and go to the clinic. Meet with Dr.C and start the surgery. Thanks for thinking of me. Ill let you know how it goes. Dont know if i can bring my laptop or if there is internet at the clinic?!? If not i will check in when i get to the RH Saturday. Here we goooo!
Congrats tomorrow.... Btw I love your list.

Washed up and shaved down.

Sitting on the edge of my tub trying shave for surgery, reminded me exactly why im doing this. Its exhausting trying to lift my belly out of the way with one hand and shave with the other There is nothing more humiliating than not being able to see your own junk! Im so ready for this.
That dress Is nice. Please post pics of you in it!! Good luck on your surgery RS family sending prayers your way!!
Thank you. Waiting to go to the clinic. They changed it from 8 to 8:30. Darn wish i could have a cup of coffee.
Your too funny, soon you will have a flat tummy.

At the Clinic

Very relaxed and happy. :) Im sure ill be crying later but for now im awesome. And yay there is internet here. Very nice since I forgot my phone in Az. Surgery isnt till 11 Getting prepped now. Photos, paperwork, gown, vitals ect...
Congrats...:) I am so happy for you. BTW I love your dress.
I just look at her reviews on "Make me heal" Nothing but 10stars. she is an awesome PS according to those reviews. I also seen a review on here and the results was amazing. You are going to look HOT!!.
Good luck!! I know everything will be just fine and you will look fantastic!! My TT Surgery date is on the 22nd. I keep thinking of the "what if's" too and I'm going to take your advise!! Thanks!!

Tubal ligation

They let me know that I could have my tubes tied at the same time for $400. My hunny and I have been going back and forth about the birth control thing. Neither one of us want to alter our bodies or risk hormonal imbalance....but i also dont want to risk pregnancy either. I def dont want to ruin my results. So Ligation it is!
The lady who tried to put my IV in was not good at it. Sweet as she is i could tell before she started that she is not very experienced. Sure enough she blew the vein on my right hand. Then she went for my left. Blood everywhere. She was way off. kept digging around till i told her to stop and get someone else.
Other than that Im just relaxing in my room with the wind on my rear. All marked up. They say it will be at 1230 now. 30 more mins.
Oh I cannot wait tp hear from you!!!!!! I guess dr c does everything lol
They bring in an obgyn the same one that did hers and Fatimas
Best of luck!! You are going to look stunning in that gorgeous dress girl :)

Alost 12 hrs P.Op

Ive hardly been conscious but not quite asleep. Some where in between. . But ive been leaking so much i had to have my bandages changed. Anddd you know what that means. Yep, I had my first gander. Tiny pocket mirror but i think i like what i see. I
Ive met a lot or super nice people here. The night nurse i have now isnt the friendliest. Ive had to resort to saying "Mam Im speaking to you. I need you to listen to me, to acknowledge me and answer me." I even had to start speaking spanish to get her to out of her zone and less defensive.

The pain hasnt hit yet so im comfortable and relaxed. Going back to limbo ladies. Night night.
Finally!!! So glad to hear you are doing well. Dumb nurse!! Cannot wait to see pics, though I guess I'll be seeing you first! :D
Cool! So how long was your surgery in the end? do you know?

Stll night?

This night is dragging on. Ive had to get up for pumping milk adjusting in bed meds ect.... I thought it would me 5 am nope, 1;30! Plus its a friday night Mexico and you know what that means. DJs blasting and systems a bumpin' Im listening to 528 Hz on youtube for background sound. positive pix and its supposed to heal you. Cant hurt i guess. Ok going to try again.
Im also downing water like i ran a marathon. Very dry mouth. Urine output is low despite receiving an IV drip and drinking so much water. But i am recovering and making milk as the same time.

A few things i forgot

1.No Vit A nor E nor Omegas nor multiV for another 2 weeks DrC says.
2. Still havent eaten since 30 hrs ago or so and not really hungry.
3. Have a cath so i dont get up
4. Trying move my legs around to keep flow since im not walking.
5. Bring earplugs.
6. Forgot phone so no pix till hunny gets here sunday afternoon :(
Hey girl! Just checking in ya. Can you believe it's our turn! I think I'd have liked hearing the booming music lol. It's so hot here. My friend came over and my vag was all on display and I didn't care lol
at least it looks perky now ;) lol
Healed up and hope when hubby comes you r up to taking pics!

Sat up and met with doctor

First i sat up and ate (instant flavored oatmeal, cottage cheese, granola mix, fresh fruit and tea).Even though it wasnt easy to get up, It felt nice at first to move and relieve pressure from butt and back. Before i was finished i got a bit nauseous and then low blood pressure hit. I got dizzy, weak, loud sound in my ears and blurry vision. It felt awful. Nurse helped me lay down and it went away. Now, im supposed to get up and walk around and take a shower before i can go to the recovery house today. They said it will happen again. I dont think i can stand it. ::Dread::

Dr showed me a pic. The piece she removed was 2 feet long by 1 foot high triangle. She said it weighed 6 pounds. She said she removed almost 6 litters of fat and deposited 1000 on each side (hips/butt) But that i still have weight to loose naturally. She said the OBGYN was surprised at how much viseral fat i have. That that much is expected of obese people, not someone like me. Yikes, thats the dangerous unhealthy fat that causes health problems. Its genetic she said. I need to get in shape as soon as im healed. 4 weeks till i can treadmill and 6 weeks for everything else.

I dont want to get up again :'(
Hopefully it will less hard second time around. I wonder how much she is gonna take off me and how much it'll weigh. Try to be strong, you are on the other side already!!! It can only get better :)

At the recovery house

I forgot to mention something. I had double chin lipo as well. A few hours after surgery my face felt funny when i talked. Like my bottom lip wouldnt do what i wanted it to. I asked for a mirror and it was crazy scarry. Mbottom lip woud go way down and sideways when i smiled or talked. I had the nurse call the Dr. She said it was normal. By 3 a it was back to normal. Phew lol. I thought at least my bod will look good bec im going to have a fugly face.

Also forgot to mention that she brought in my tumy 4.5 inches on bottom and 5 inches on top.

My morning nurse was funny and easy to talk to. We managed in spanglish. My shower went fine. I got to seeyself. My butt looks awsome and bubbly. My incision is scary of course. My torso looks short. It will take time to stretch out again i guess. My bb looks deep. Idont nkow if its swelling or than i still have fat. Either way, she did so much work on me.

I had to walk down the stairs to get to the car. I thought they were joking with me. It really wasnt bad though. I just took my time and went sideways. Surprising the different muscles you use when your hunched over. They get tired fast.
I am glad you are doing well.
Thanks for all the updates!


Im hot, uncomfortable and my butt hurts. Thank god for boppys. DrC came by to visit. She said to try laying on my side. That didnt work so well. They left the cath in my arm as well as one in my back for morphine. I just had morphine so i hope that relieves the pressure on my butt.
The food was very salty when i got here for lunch. D'lish but salty. It was Tilapia, rice and salad. Ive requested no salt in my other food. She made a probiotic/protein/fiber shake for me that i brought. She asked how it was. I said it tastes like cow shit.... Its perfect.
Took a nap thought it was morning when i woke up. Nope it had only been 1 hour. 1hour!! Ughhh.. It doesnt hurt if i dont move. Its just very uncomfortable and my butt is soreas hell. Hurry up tomorrow. My hunny and my baby arrive at 2. :)
Thank You Very much for sharing your journey with us. I will also be going to Cardenas for Lipo and FG in September :)
Youll be so happy when u get to see your baby!
Thank you ladies. Hope i get some sleep tonight.

Day 2

Couldn't sleep again last night. Itchy and uncomfortable. I took a sleep aid similar to benadryl. It knocked me out from midnight till 8am. :) Woke up and had a shower. Dried incision with my blow dryer. Today my muscles are so sore. I think they inject the fat into your muscle. Just today and tomorrow and the hardest part is over.

The day before surgery i didnt eat much. before i went to bed i had these flax/oat fiber cookies from walgreens. I had a BM the morning after surgery. Had my fiber shake last night and had a BM today as well. Glad to not have pooping problems.

Do not accidentally inhale water! It hurts like a SOB to cough that hard. Owie, my corset stitches down the center of my belly are sore now.

Ive found the best position to sleep is a pillow and 2 boppies on top like an O. Really takes the pressure off. A Boppy alone wasnt doing it. then 3 pillows under my knees to bring the up. And bend wayyy over when you walk. Even though it looks silly. Even if you can stand straighter. You do not want necrosis.

Ive been in and out of bed quite often. Every time i have to pee. The bladder cath was taken out at the clinic.
Thats all for now. My boys should be here a few hours.


Day 2 P.O.Pix

Hey girl! How are you feeling today? Just checking in on you!! I know you were feeling the pain and discomfort but I hope it's improving. Hugs!!! Looks great so far from what I can see!! Congrats!
Glad you got a better nurse than that one! I'm so hunched over, it's ridiculous. I had feelings that I'd be stretched too tight and get more stretch marks from having to eventually walk upright again! Kind of wish I got a booty injection but seriously, this recovery has been ridiculous enough! Maybe in the future a little bit of lipo here and injection there, lol. Glad you're with me, girl!
Yay to a flat tummy!!!

Felling better

The hardest part has been getting comfortable. Especially at night. Last night i moved to the recliner and it really took the pressure off. I slept great.

Never realized how funny my BF is until it hurts to laugh. The more i try to stop the harder it is. OMG it hurts so bad to belly laugh. I had to tell him to get away from me and not even look at me or Id burst into laughter again.

Getting a massage in a couple hours well see how it goes.

The crease

Dr says the crease down the center of my tummy should go away as swelling goes down. She also said my bb will be more visable as i loose the last 15 - 20 lbs. Im guessing i lost 15 pounds from surgery alone. 6 lbs fro skin removal + 2.2 lbs each for 4 litters that didnt get redeposited in my bum.
You look great! I'm glad you're feeling better
Much bettahhh. Thank you. :)
Ugh more stretch marks would suck. All of mine were removed w tt. Luckily they were all on lower belly.


Wow. Cant wait to see u on the flat side. I know ur so happy


This crease is out of control.
see u later!
Yay see you soon! Wow 12 lbs!!
i know, dr told me too i had lots of fat and in my pubic area too

Lymphatic massage

So heres something i didnt know. The massage therapist cuts the stitch open in your butt crack and then pushes out all the fluid from your sides and back. Blew my mind.

In my garment.

Dr C came by because one of my drains wasnt draining. The one from my back thats supposed to drain the most. Were going to keep an eye on it but she said its not a big deal.
She and Fatimeh put my garment on. It feels ok.
DrC said you have to be concerned with seromas, infection, for the first 2 weeks and clots for the 1st month. Keep those legs and feet moving. Get someone to massage them if you can.

Skin removed!!

It was a pleasure meeting you!!!!
You too. I really enjoyed out talks. We will have to meet up again one day. That way we can check out each other results after we heal. ;)
Looking great!!!

Going home in the morning.

Flight leaves at 6:45 am Yay!
Uncomfortable as hell when i got to the airport. Wasnt sure how i would make it. Took the last pain pill 20 in before flight. After it kicked in i felt so much better. Made it home safe.:)
How long was the flight? So glad pill kicked in.
Glad ur home safe happy healing

pic from a few days ago

I love your incision! You do not look swollen! You are looking awesome!
You look so great already!! I love the wedding dress you picked you're going to look fantastic!!!


You look so good!
You look fantastic on day five! Day three for me. I had to remove my CG to wash it...could not stand the wetness from the drainage anymore. Looking at your pics are giving me hope...I am sooo swollen but I can see the changes. Very excited ...but I have my moments of doubt. Your notes are so encouraging. Thank you.
Just an hour luckily.


Want to walk upright again. Want to take these tubes out. Want to take this CG off. Want to stop being ITCHY and numb. Want to carry my baby. Want to sleep in my bed. Want to wear my cute skinny clothes. Want to clean my house. Want to soak in a hot bath. Want to go to the river.
Easy to get impatient. But all in all I'm lucky. I dont have to go back to work and my BF has been taking pretty good care of the baby and I. I'm not in pain just UNCOMFORTABLE!!
My BF says I look like a strange mix between Esmeralda and the Hunchback. lol
Hey hotbride, u look good in that ONE pic.thatu posted, can u post more pics from different angles so that we can actually see the doc work
You look so good. I can't wait to look like that
Looking great! I cant wait to look like that in a t-shirt!

Other costs

Recovery house 6 night package $ 720
Medications $100?
Blood Work $80?
BF stay at RH $380
Plane ticket Me $140
Plane ticket BF $ 140
3 Lymphatic massages $120
Food for the week $100
Supplements $40
Tubal ligation $400
CG $140?
Home med supplies $50

Comes to $2,400
+ surgery $6,200
TOTAL $8,600
Thank you guys. Ill post more soon.

Measurements 2 weeks post op

Body part : Preop/Postop (LOST)
Weight 193lbs/185lbs (-8lbs)
Arms: 13''/12'' (-1'')
Under bust: 39''/35 (-4'')
Waist: 40''/36'' (-4'')
Belly/Flanks: 45''/41.5''(-4.5'')
Hips/Butt: 44''/45'' (+1'')
Thigh: 25.5'' /24.5''(-1'')

So far sooo good. Will measure again in 2 weeks.
So organized and well thought! I never measured myself! Should of!


Removed the front drain a few days ago. After draining 20cc one day and 15cc the next. It looked different than I expected. It wasnt just the tube in there. It was a long wide flat white bendy plastic thing with lots of little holes in it. That night after I drained it fluid started leaking out of the hole for my back drain. It has been every day since.Dr says its normal.Just glad what fluid is left is finding its way out. Ijust stuff gauze in my CG.
After I removed the drain I could see white gewy tissue inside. Dr said if its an infection it will smell like DEATH! Not just a little funny but like dead dog. Smelled fine. healed fine.

Now the other drain for my back. Where I had quite a bit of lipo. Is still draining at 75cc per day after 2 weeks. I looked it up and the Drs said most drains are removed in the 1st week but in some cases are left for 4 weeks or so. The only prob with leaving it in longer than a week, besides risk of infec is that your body can create a barrier around the tube. That would require surgery later to remove that tissue.

Also 3 nights ago after i removed the drain, my tummy swelled up huge right where its meets my pubic area. Feels fine and color looks fine though. Dr said it was from over exertion not fluid.
Also walking mostly upright. Tough on lower back muscles. Tight at belly button crease. :(
Great results and review!
You look great! I am so nervous I an getting my tt on Friday with lipo of the flanks and inner and outer thighs. Whatvis the most painful part? Hiw ling were you in surgery?
Just that your muscles are so sore you cant move your own weight around. Its hard to position yourself at all the 1st few days much less in a comfortable position. After a while your butt and back get so sore from sitting on it bec you cant lay flat or on your side. Its hard to sleep at night. All the numbness and itching is bad too. There wasnt much pain. Some burning in my abs where the muscles were repaired. Especially after id laugh or cough. The lipo didnt burn or sting like i was told. Its was just numb and sore. So basically. Numb, sore, itchy, hard to move.

Last drain

5 days ago I was still draining 50cc. I woke with my drain part way out. I rinsed it w alcohol and slid it back it and taped it down. The next morning i woke up with it almost all the way out. The Dr wasnt in the office yet so i rinsed it w alcohol and slid it back in again. When I talked to her she said to take it out. That once its out its contaminated. She said to put towels in my cg to add compression. Im keeping an eye for signs of infection. It looks like its healing nicely. Fell extra swollen but

Measurements 3 weeks post op

Body part : Preop/Postop (DIFF)
Weight 193lbs/187lbs (-6lbs) up 2lbs
Arms: 13''/12'' (-1'') same
Under bust: 39''/35 (-4'') same
Waist: 40''/35'' (-5'') down 1''
Belly/Flanks: 45''/41.5''(-4.5'') same
Hips/Butt: 44''/45'' (+1'') same
Thigh: 25.5'' /24.5''(-1'')same
Not much has changed but I look very swollen. And my weight is going up instead of down.

3 week pix

3 week pix

LOL thank you ladies. Ill try to put up some new info and pix soon. I know im slacking.
Looking great!
I'm jealous I'm bringing your photos so i can look like you after!!!

3 week comparison photos

Great and detailed review. It's so good to have that support from your fam.
Thanks for sharing your story and pics... you really look amazing and on the road to recovery!

Over 2 months later

Its not the TT that gets you. Its the Lipo!! Still itchy as F*ck! If i stretch to far it re detaches the skin it feels like. But feel pretty good other than that. Working out for a few weeks now. Started doing crunches last week. Still sore. Feel so comfortable to walk around naked now. To have sex with the light on and not have to wear a shirt.

Found this pic

Found this from a week or so after i gave birth. Dear god I was. Didnt realize how far ive come.


What are your new measurements? Your arms and legs look really good too. They're well proportion to your body . Did she do Lipo in your inner legs?Congratulations!! Enjoy your new body =)
Yes lipo on my arms flanks outter and inner thighs and chin. Thanks :)
Thanks for reaffirming my thoughts on lipo...I'm day 3 PO and had lipo on my entire back, inner thighs and chin...it burns like a bitch! I had no idea how much that little tiny part of the surgery would hurt! xoxo

The down side of the results

I dont want to give girls considering this the wrong idea. Its not all perfect. First off the skin on the upper abdomen is not separated and pulled down like the skin on the lower belly. I was told this is to protect large veins in that area. So the upper belly is still flabby and even the lower belly is still a little loose. In my case the skin was pulled tight to reattach the belly button and left a tight vertical line of skin from my belly button upward and then its kind of flabby on either side. It almost creates the look of a butt on your upper tummy. I dont think this happens to everyone but i have seen it on other before and afters.
Also The fat grafting does shrink quite a bit. a few weeks after surgery I remember trying on a form fitting dress and was amazed at how rounded out my hips were. The dreaded dip in the middle was gone. If you have this, you know what i mean. Bulging thigh and muffin top with nothing in the middle. Now my thigh and flank are perfect but the hip shrunk away and im still left with that dip again. :/ Guess ill have to do it again? Though ill probably never have the money again since im a stay home mom now.
Anyway just wanted to let you all know that even though im thrilled at the huge change in my body, it isnt perfect. Loosing more weight will make a big difference as well. Im still waiting to see my final results when i get to that weight.
You look so great compared with your before pics! As mommys we deserve to look and feel good. I believe it makes us feel like a well rounded person in the end. I will be finishing up my butterfly project. ..boobies in April 2014.
Hey girl! Was there anything on your cost breakdown that cost more than you thought it would? Im taking more than i need but Im hoping to come home and still have $$ in my savings lol
Not really. Youll be fine.

3 months post op

Been working out 5x week every week for 6 weeks or so. Only 10 to 25 min in fat burning zone on elliptical and the rest is weight training. I HIGHLY recommend weight training.Starting to see muscle and clothes are fitting better.
Different body part each of the 5 days. Arms, Legs, Shoulders, Back and Chest. But Abs are everyday.
Sorry I haven't been on in long time. I had many people ask me about the dentist. I can't remember his name now but if you were facing Dr cardenas office it would be in the Plaza to your left on the second floor balcony. You can look on google street view and see it.
wow you look great. I about about the same measurements as you. what are your measurements now. Having my tt March 5.
How are things going 1HotBride2B? Awesome job by your Dr. Hope you got back on track. Any new pics? You look awesome!

dentist info

Sorry I haven't been on in long time. I had many people ask me about the dentist. I can't remember his name now but if you were facing Dr cardenas office it would be in the Plaza to your left on the second floor balcony. You can look on google street view and see it
But, I paid for the more expensivecaps. He said they were indestructible but one has already chipped.
You look great!!!
Wow. You look amazing. I love your journey and your honesty. I want to wish you the best.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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