BA, TT, and BBL for a New Hotter Me! - Tijuana, MX

I'm Smileysjs and I'm a mom of 5 kids. I recently...

I'm Smileysjs and I'm a mom of 5 kids. I recently lost close to 60 pounds. I'm 5'3 and now weigh 136. Even though I lost a good amount of weight I still have this wrinkly pooch on my stomach and my poor breasts look sad and deflated. I figured that I might as well get the fat put in my butt while I'm at it.

I chose Dr Cardenas because her prices were great and because her and her staff are sweet, god-fearing and compassionate. This is her message to me about the tummy tuck "This procedure will help me to remove all of the saggy skin above and below the belly button but mainly to do a tight muscle repair to get a totally flat abdomen and tapered waist. I am aggressive on muscle repair, always monitoring the oxygen levels while I am doing it just to stick on the safest way. I have done 8 inches muscle repair but I can envision for you a good 5-6 inches. This will really make a major difference on your abdomen and waist.

Also I would recommend a thorough liposuction to your upper and lower back, flanks, waist and a bit to inner thighs to prevent them to sag. Definitely I would recommend a nice volume fat grafting to your butt and a bit to your hips to create a better and curvier body shape, something fine and elegant. As for breasts, I'm probably in a size A and want to be a full C.
I feel very confident with my decision. I will be going alone and plan to stay at her recovery house for two weeks. I love it because their will be nurses on call 24 hrs a day!

I haven't done any other planning/packing yet. I'm just trying to save up as much money as possible for this trip.

So now that my review has published, I can finally...

So now that my review has published, I can finally add some pre-op pictures. I've emailed my family doctor to see if he can do my labs for me (no response yet). I get days where I feel like this money could go to better use. It's a lot of money. I have cut down on a lot of expenses, even sold my cell phone to come up with this money. A few years ago I was going to get a breast augmentation. But in the end, I ended up taking the kids to Disney World. When I was heavier, I didn't feel like going out of my house. When my kids had activities I would sit in the car or go home. I never felt good about myself. Since losing the weight, I feel like I've shed my cocoon and am ready to fly! I look much much better. I'm in a single digit size! I doubt I'll tell anyone about the surgery. I'd rather no one know and my results be natural. I will eventually have to let one family member know so that hopefully she can help watch my children while I'm gone. My son says that he sees nothing wrong with me and that I don't need the surgery. My oldest two are worried about me.

So for different reasons I had to reschedule my...

So for different reasons I had to reschedule my surgery for August 15th. Which is great for means my surgery will be sooner! But I was told by the surgeon that I needed to get labs done 2 months before leaving. I've looked all online and when I add up the different tests it comes out to over $300! My family dr charged $200 for only 3 out of 7 of the tests. Dr Cardenas does offer labs there the day before surgery but if something were wrong with me; I might have to reschedule my surgery and I'd lose $$. I have to get these tests done: CBC, Chem Panel, PT &PTT INR, HIV, Hep C, HEP B, PREGNANCY TEST
Anyone out there know of a good cheap places to get your labs done?
I also realized that because I have to get my blood tests done in June that means I have to wean my youngest now. :( I hadn't thought about it too much; thinking that I'd wait till the very last minute.
Anyone used the Vitamedica pre and post op vitamins?

Well, I've decided to go to Dr Pantoja in Tijuana....

Well, I've decided to go to Dr Pantoja in Tijuana. I was able to get the same date for my surgery and I don't need to worry about my labs because I can get them done in Tijuana. I ordered some folic acid and floradix to use because I'm pretty sure I need it. I also changed the recovery house I'm going to. I'm going to Grace Recovery House. Lana, the owner is American and a sweet southern Christian lady. I did want to say that if you're looking to get labs done here in the US mdlabtests are the cheapest I've found and even have discount codes online. You order the tests, pay for them, and then show up at a labcorp or similar and get the tests done.
Anyway, I'm really excited. Things are getting closer now. Just 2 months 1 week left!

I took my measurements just now and they are:...

I took my measurements just now and they are: breasts 31 inches..I read that that converts to 34 A..? I wear a 34 b because that's all I have and I definitely can't fill the cup.
Breast: 34A
Waist: 30
Hips: 38
I can wear size 6-8 in everything. I did purchase a few things from Ann Taylor Loft and I can wear a 4 in that brand.

I found a good site that explains how to find your...

I found a good site that explains how to find your bra size. If I go by breakoutbras instructions then I'm a 32 A. I think that is right as 34 is too big. Anyway, I have about 4 weeks and a few days left! yay I have booked a flight, bought vitamins, silicone areola circles, epifoam, pj's, socks, toiletries,etc. I've also started thinking more on breast size. I definitely want to be at least a D or DD. I read of so many women wishing they had gone bigger and I don't want to make a mistake.

I've changed my date yet again. This time my...

I've changed my date yet again. This time my surgery will be done on this Thursday August 9. I fly in on Wednesday. I've been taking pre-op vitamins from makemeheal and also iron and folic acid. I can't sleep at night. I'm excited and anxious. I still need to find a cheap boppy pillow. I really don't want to pay $50 for it. I think I pretty much have everything else.

I got here in Tijuana last night. I've had my...

I got here in Tijuana last night. I've had my blood taken and EKG done. Iron level was 13.4. Everything is perfect. I've been marked up and they haven taken pictures of me. Dr says 495cc should give me the look I want. Dr Pantoja's staff have been warm and friendly. I'm not nervous at all and I thought I would be. I'm the only surgery he has. He is doing a consultation and then we'll be good to go. I just wanted to update before I go back. Grace recovery is very nice. It's in a gated community. I'm the only person staying and they said they'll be spoiling me. Everyone I've spoken to here speaks English. I miss my kids. I've talked to them with FaceTime which is a God send!

I'm 1 day post op and I feel pretty good. Granted,...

I'm 1 day post op and I feel pretty good. Granted, I do feel like I've done a million sit ups but other than that I'm good. I had 600 cc put in each butt cheek and 495 cc silicone breast implant. That compression garment sucks big time. Its so tight! The Dr seemed surprised at how well I'm feeling. Forgot to take a picture of my butt. That will have to come later. I'm not exactly speedy gonzales right now. I would say lol but it really hurts to laugh or sneeze or cough.

I had a follow up appt with Dr Pantoja. He says...

I had a follow up appt with Dr Pantoja. He says I'm doing really good. I came in walking about 90% straight and he said I should hunch over a little more. I was able to change my faja for the next size up and that is so much I'll probably stretch it out but I really don't care. Good news is he says I'll probably be able to take the drain and stitches out at my next appt on Saturday. I really didn't want to take it home with me. I also had my first lymphatic drain massage. It did hurt in some areas but she was able to get a ton of fluid out. Next time I'm taking a pain pill before starting. Its really boring here but what else can I do but watch tv or read. I miss my babies like crazy. I bought epifoam and brought it here with me only to find out that they won't let me use it. That's a bummer. So I suggest asking if its ok with your doctor before purchasing. That thing cost me $40. :( My bra they gave me is a 38C. I was hoping for D cup. I guess I need to wait a while before getting professionally sized though. The ladies here at Grace Recovery are so sweet. Margarita is one in a million. Its definitely more than a job to her.

I am 2 weeks 1 day post op. I'm feeling really...

I am 2 weeks 1 day post op. I'm feeling really good. I'm at home and my kids are keeping me busy. They started school on Wednesday. I've been picking them up from school. I've also done the deed already! Didn't hurt at all. I also had to pick up my 19 month old a few times already. I've had to clean and cook and I've been grocery shopping. I'm sleeping semi flat too. I just try not to overdo it. Or if I get tired, I try to slow down. I measured myself.
Breast: 32 DD!! WOOOOHOOOO!
Waist: 29 in I still have a lot of swelling; especially on my back.
Hip: 38.. no change at all there. I'm not sure if it takes a while to see the results. Dr Pantoja puts the fat under the muscle. I have been sitting on it all this time. He may not have put enough fat.. I dunno.
I'm really happy though. I'm blessed to have made it through such an extreme amount of surgery. I really feel like eating healthy and taking all my pre-op and post-op vitamins have helped me recover so quickly.

Officially one month post op yesterday. I'm...

Officially one month post op yesterday. I'm feeling pretty good. I was able to take my first real bath which was nice. Dr said I had to wait till all of the incisions were completely closed. I'm in 28 skinny jeans. I was doing a happy dance! My boobs are still the same size. One thing that sucks is that the nipples don't have any sensation. My lower back and stomach feel numb still but I read that it could be like that for months and months. I walked to my child's school and back and it took me close to 40 mins. It felt like I was wearing a corset when I got back home. I'm still swollen. All in all I'm still really happy and it was so worth it. I'll update with some scar pics later.

Its been 6 months! My tummy is still numb. I can...

Its been 6 months! My tummy is still numb. I can feel just a tiny bit in my nipple area. Mostly when its tugged on. Anyway I feel great. I'm still very happy that I got the surgery done. My measurements haven't really changed. I do have some bumps on my scar. I've read that that's normal and that eventually go away. I'm just trying to use scar gel more often and massage.
Dr Pantoja Pereda

Seriously no problems whatsoever. ::knocks on wood:: Dr Pantoja is professional, funny, and caring.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great and thanks for sharing
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I slept on my side and had a sock balled up between my breasts. I only slept like that for like 2 weeks. When I was home I still slept on my side with a lot of pillows. I didn't buy a wedge but had one at the recovery house. I didn't use it all that much. I use coobie bras and Walmart has the generic version that is just as good for like $5 each. I still wear them all the time and at night too.
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I like the sock ball trick. I think I might do I am still confused on how big to with the boobs.
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I don't feel that I'm swollen at all. I did not have a breast lift cause I didn't think I needed it and I didn't like the scar. (Not that the tummy tuck scar is any better. Lol) I bought silicone gel circles that go on the areola and i used it for probably 2-3 weeks. I eat pretty healthy and I think Vitamineral Green had a huge part in my healing process. Here are just some of the benefits: greatly increased rate of tissue growth and repair (great for healing!), immune system enhancement, free radical scavenging and it speeds up the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria. I do not sell this fyi. I just really love this product . I put it into smoothies and have it daily.
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Oh oh I think I might get that, I'm a pretty healthy eater. I love love love fruitien smoothies. Did you use a spacer between your implants? What type of bra did you use? How did you sleep? Did you use a wedge pillow?
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You look great, did you get implants with or w/o a lift. I am going to him in June. I was wondering what you needed for post op healing for the boobs.
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You look good! I have a question, do u still feel that you are swollen in ur tummy area? I'm 4 months post op and doc told me a few days ago that by around 6 months or so I shouldn't be as swollen. He said it can take a year :[ thanks for ur update! Not a lot. Of pple update after a few weeks
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Hello how are you doing??
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Update us!!
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I took floradix for iron and then when I ran out I just bought iron pills from Walmart I think it was 60 or 100 mg. Anyway I just took one a day and my iron level was 13.4 when they checked.
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You need to tke 65mg of iron once or twice a day. You can get straight iron from walmart an it will say -=65mg iron on the front of the bottle
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He did a wonderful job on your TT! Are you standing straight now? How long did it take?
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Hey girl, I was wondering how much iron you took per day prior to surgery? I tend to run low.
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Update us with some pics
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It was 600 cc in each. I was more worried on my tt and ba that I did not talk to him about the size I wanted for my butt.
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Nope no regrets. I'm Very happy with my results. Well worth the cost.
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Update us with a pic! Thinking about going with Dr. P also. How many CC's did you get?
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So any regrets?
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Yeah she doesn't have many pics on her website of her bbls. I just looked over and over at pics of Pantojas and Cardenas patients and my personal opinion is they both do a great job overall so I narrowed it down by price. I think my butt looks better than before but it's definitely not KAPOW! Lol but I'm ok with that.
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I'm good! Thanks for asking. I've been trying to add more activity. I washed my three dogs the other day. They hate getting wet. So just imagine me trying to pull 100+ lb dog or run after the other two. Geez they wear me out! I wonder if I could do situps?
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I think you have to wait 6 weeks well thats how long a friend of mine waited and that was to do light cardio. How did your BBL come out. I am suppose to be seeing Cardenas and I have heard people are not happy with their BBL but love their TT. I am thinking of switching docs even though I know I need a TT my stomach is flat but I have lots of loose skin.
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Wrknonit. If tt is your #1 priority I say see Cardenas. HOWEVER youre roghr alot are dissatisfied wirh her bbl but love her tt
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Yes I figure I better take care of my Tummy first and I don't want to have to worry about my butt...if I am not happy with my backside I will go for round 2 with Pantoja or Campos...I just worry because I don't have a lot of fat just loose skin!!
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I think thats what most are doing.
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How are you doing??
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