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Forehead Lift, Face&Neck Lift, Upper Blastephamy, Fat Transfer to Lips&Cheeks, Rhinoplasty - Tijuana, MX

I have seen Dr. Quiroz's work firsthand, and it...

I have seen Dr. Quiroz's work firsthand, and it was nothing short of a masterpiece. My face began to fall at about 42, the indentations in tearducts are huge grooves. I have been using juvaderm and botox for two years but would like to get away from this costly procedure.
I have booked surgery and flights but am nervous, very nervous at this point, and will be travelling alone.
The photos I have uploaded show the possibilities with my face. If this is filler and botox, imagine surgery!!

11 DAYS OUT!!!

Scared, nervous but fortunately working 15 hours a day so I'm not FRANTIC!!!


Well, not surprisingly, I'm nervous. Will land in San Diego tomorrow, in the O.R. on Wednesday. I have my camera so will take pics regularly and upload along with thoughts.

Tomorrow morning!!!

Okay, I admit it ladies...I'm scared sh*tless!! Arghhh
I'm at the Recovery Boutique- Very nice place, Very nice people. The are two beds in my room, I wish I had a companion in the other bed for a discounted rate. Would be great to have someone.
Have had my shower with Betadine(iodine) and will have another before surgery tomorrow.
I keep thinking my face isn't that bad yet; perhaps fat transfers rather than face lift. I then took pictures(which I will post) and realized that considering I have filler and botox right now, I do still need to go the distance here...no backing out...sigh.
Will keep you updated, thanks for the support ladies, I really do appreciate it! :)

PS The ladies just came to see me, apparently I go upstairs for surgery tomorrow and spend a full 28 hours up there before they release me to Recovery Boutique.
So I must pack a bag of essentials. And they brought tea and cookies-love cookies!

Night before surgery

Surgery complete YAY

Surgery was a breeze. THe only thing I wish would have been is the lenght time in OR. Ther's no reason tat I could see that I had to wait in OR for a full 18hr!!! LET ME OUT!!i'm upstairs now at the recovery boutique, much like home. i will upload photos tday one before they put hed wrap on and thae other after. No head wrap is 3 hours out of sugry.

Day 3

Ha ha, reading my post from the day of surgery was cute- was definitely having vision problems!

Still in Recovery Boutique, what a fabulous experience to be right here on sight, in luxury!

There is a lady who had her surgery the same day; she actually watched them do my facelift for 5!!! hours, listening to loud spanish music. Once mine was complete she had hers. We are both extremely happy with our results and so pleased to be here for the same length of time.

Another lady has arrived whom I met here on Real Self! So cool! She is currently in OR and we are excited to see her again tomorrow morning. What a wonderful experience!

Just went down the hall for lunch, I took a pic of fabulous lunch as well- will upload now.

Day 3

I forgot to mention that today the nurses will wash our incisions carefully, and tomorrow we get to wash our hair YAY!!!

Surgery complete YAY

For some reason we cannot delete what we write here so this is an edit to Day One. I was in surgery center for a full day, as is everyone so that the nurses can monitor each individual patient. The Dr. will give the okay the following day for release.

I was in surgery within 10 minutes of being in surgery center. I slept some afterwards but was restless and wanted to get back to our plush digs up here at Recovery Boutique. Thats all- just whining a bit

Day 4

MILESTONE REACHED: I am now able to wrap my lips around a straw and not dribble juice all over myself YAY!

The swelling has dropped dramatically.

I am getting bored, but I know it is in my best interest to stay put(besides Tijuana is having a cold, wet storm right now)...sigh, I will watch yet another movie.

Have a great day ladies :)

Day 5

I am so pleased that I chose to stay on site at Recovery Boutique, everything is done for us, and just a short elevator to see the Dr. everyday- I can't say enough about it.

I am feeling so much better each day- good thing because I'm flying home in 3 days!

Day 6

Well. ladies, I am winding down here, leaving for home shortly. Thank you to all who have placed reviews before me, the information was very helpful on my journey.

I an effort to retain some anonymity, I will not upload any further photos to this site. Rather, you may send a private message and I can share that way.

If I could give a big smile right now, I would- I LOVE my result! Thanks to Dr. Q and his team, and of course, the nurses at Recovery Boutique!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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It's a straight scar. I had some nose work as well, I think there will always be blood when we're cut. I am a side sleeper, but got accustomed to sleeping partially upright on my back. I still, at 6 weeks post, sleep mostly on my back to protect the fat transfer to the sides of my face, until I'm sure that blood vessels have grown to the fat cells that remain there.
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hello could you send some pics please,it all sounds great, thank you nikki.
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Can't wait to see more photos! I'm wondering - did you have difficulty sleeping on your back for a week or two? Believe it or not, that's one of my major concerns about getting surgery... as hard as I try not too, I end up sleeping on my stomach. I have another question. The photo of your head tilted back: is that one straight scar or a jagged scar? And why is there so much blood?
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HI, I can send more pics to your email address. You can send it privately through my account on realself
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You look fabulous, you really went for it, eyes, noise face and neck!!! I would love to see one more photo in about a month after the swelling goes down, I know what you mean about posting, I don't mind posting my face, but my new boobs, well that's not happening!!!
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If you send a private message to my email, I will be taking pics one month post op and will send you some. Please include your email addrress!
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Thanks for the link for the photos you look great, your neck is so tight and smooth, I think Dr Q did a great job on you. And it only gets better, it takes a good 6 months to get back to normal, with complete feeling to come back, and all the swelling to completely go away...
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Looking forward to latest pic. *****@*****.net

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Please send current pictures. Have you had any long term problems. I keep thinking about having what you've done but it is so scarry. I admire your strength and determination.
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Sorry Rose it wont allow an attachment. You will have to send an email address if you want a pic. I am having remaining stitches removed Friday
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I too had Dr Quiroz for a face/neck lift and tummy tuck. Also stayed at Recovery Boutique for 3 days. I agree with your comments. Excellent care and great dr. I am 8 weeks postoperative and am very pleased. You look fantastic even with the swelling!
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I am glad you're happy as well! :)
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Please keep in touch. I am post op day 6 and it gets better and better. PM me anytime. Hope all goes smoothly. Good luck!
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Thanks Cindy, right back at you! Take care now!
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Beautiful results! He does great work.
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Hi Taylor I hope all is going well for you. How are you doing? Is it possible for you to post update pictures of yourself. Please include the incision sites. I would really appreciate it.
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One day next week I can, it's hard to take pictures of my incisions but I will try, I wanted to tell you that the scar under my chin was very thick right after my surgery but it has gone down about 90% same with my other incisions.
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Hey girl, Just aware of myself to be able to wish you a speedy and comfortable recovery. I am Post Op day 3 and I think the full face Fraxel laser is the worst part. I am bruised from the base my neck into my cheeks. Iced in here in Dallas so no visit with PS today. Good luck!
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Thank you! I looked over your pics and you do look mighty bruised alright. But the end result will be fabulous, I'm sure. Without the laser it's easier to see the results quicker, but without the laser the result may not be as good- my trade-off. Lets keep in touch girl, going down for a nap now; sleeping as much as an infant right now! Sheesh! Lol
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became stir crazy and braved the icy roads and went to Blockbuster. It whipped my tail. Came home and went back to bed. Good thing? I have lost 3 pounds----YAY!!!! Cleaning my face with mild cleanser and it feels soooo weird. I have had the deep laser before but I still hate it...I feel like Charlie Brown head. Go back to work on the 15th. Hope I look presentable. I hope that you are doing well. Actually doing well sleeping upright---so tired I think I could sleep anywhere. Have a great nap.
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I missed your message- didn't see it till just now. Crazy girl going out there, I haven't left the coziness of the facility. As far as movies, I can't focus long enough to watch a whole one through!! Wow the 15th is pretty close! If you still have a touch of redness maybe you can tell a "little white lie" that you went to Cuba and burned badly on the beach! Lol Hope you're doing well...
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Oh, you had a facelift? I was just looking at your beautiful lips!! teehee You look like a teenager!
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Wow! You look great already, I can't wait to see more as you start your healing! Thanks for sharing.
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H2O girl! Lookin' GooD! Glad it is over and you are on the other side! 18 hours waiting for surgery tho?????? Kathy
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Sorry Kathy, I wrote that wrong. They have a surgery area with full time nurses in which patients stay for a full day before being given the okay to leave. I had my surgery immediately, and slept for a bit but was restless and wanted to get back to the cozy digs upstairs. I was whining a bit I guess.
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