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Hi there Cardenas dolls! I'm new here on this...

Hi there Cardenas dolls!
I'm new here on this forum so where shall I start... I'm a 40 yr old mother of 6 beautiful children. I gained so much weight during my pregnancies and I would lose some weight and gain it... which has left me with saggy skin and stretch marks. : (
I am so ready to get rid of this look. I live in Washington State and have looked into getting the procedures done here and have consulted with a surgeon as well and to be honest I dont think I would be happy with my results. I recently started looking into TJ surgeons and several have great talent but there was one in particular that got my attention. Dr. Cardenas, WOW does she have talent!! I jumped on it right away... I emailed them and got a quick response from Fatimeh. She is very thorough, straight forward and super nice!! Here is the quote Dr. Cardenas gave me...

Quote ETT, Lipo FG $6200
Quote Breast Lift $3500 + $1000 Implants.

Quote all togueter $8500 + $1000 Implants

  Quote includes
-Stay overnight (additional night $200dlls )
-Clinic expenses
- Surgical and Medical staff fee
- Anesthesiologist fee
- Postop blood work

Quote does not include 
- Recovery stay
- Reconstructive  Bra ( cost $85dlls)
- Meds (1 antibiotic, 2 pain killers, 1 Gastric protector) (cost around $ 100dlls)
-  1st stage Compression garment  (cost $120dlls)

Quote is honored for 6 months

I will recommend to stay in Tijuana for:  14 days in order to let you go home safe and sound. Please consider our all inclusive Beauty Care Recovery House
There was more informational stuff I left out due to confidentiality. Dr Cardenas quote was very thorough (informational), Most importantly she truly does care about the patient's well being! I have decided to go with Dr. Cardenas
I have not set a date as of yet. I have so many things that I am currently doing, including my job that is not allowing me to get this done. I will be in touch with Fatimeh soon!.... Maybe some of you Cardenas dolls can message me let me know what your thoughts are.

before photos

Hi everyone. Here is a pic of me clothed... I will update before photos as soon as I can get the nerve to lol...hope everyone who are having surgery the best of luck! And those who are on the other side I wish happy healing! :-)

Has anyone had Tummy Tuck,BL,BA,BBL all at once?

Just curious if some of you had all the above procedures done at once. What was your experience? How did you cope mentally and physically? How long was your recovery? Please respond i would love to hear about your journey... :-)

My deposit is paid...Yaaaay! !

Hi everyone here at realself.... finally updating after a few months...Have had a lot going on. I have done some research and have talked to several beautifully transformed Cardenas ladies and feel completely comfortable going with Dr. Cardenas... So as of today deposit was made and I'm locked in for my surgery date February 28th. Yaaaay! (:
I am posting before pics. Didn't have enough nerve to post completely nude showing the cooter and my deformed butt...lol
As I mentioned I have had 6 beautiful children but that has put a toll on my body. I hope that Dr Cardenas can make me look beautiful again. I have 4 weeks to go before the big day...hopefully nothing goes wrong. I will be updating soon! :-)

12 more days to the big day....Yaaaay!

Hi everyone! 12 more days to the big day... its pretty stressful doing last minute things. I hope I have everything I need.... : /
This is a list of things I have.
1) stage 1 Compression garment
2) Compression bra
3) EpiFoam
4) cigar shape pillow
5) Anrnica
6) Neosporin
7) shampoo & Conditioner
8) Liquid body wash
9) shaver & shaving cream
10) deodorant
11) Robe and slippers
12) 2-3 changes of clothing
Do you ladies think I am missing some things? Please help.
I'm posting some more pics of me in a 2 piece bathing suit which by the way I would never were now. Just went out and bought to take before pics. I hope I can wear this after all is said and done.. :)

5 more days... just started to take Arnica pellets

Hi everyone. So its 5 more days until the big day. Today i started to take Arnica Montana. Taking 5 days before surgery and 5 days after surgery should help reduce swelling and bruising. I also started taking Do-q-lace for constipation. Btw my daughter will be having surgery the same day as me. We will be budding up together. Hopefully that goes well for us ????
Thank you everyone for the wishes. I will post again as i continue this journey!

Beauty Care Recovery House

Hello everyone. My daughter and I are at the BCRH. Just to let you all know that when we arrived it felt like we were being greeted by family. The hospitality here so far is great! We just met Dr. Cardenas for the first time. She is super sweet and beautiful! I will be going into surgery first thing in the am and my daughter after. Flat side here we come...Yaaaay!

3rd day Post Op

Hi everyone. Here's a quick update. Surgery went well but the healing is so hard. This is what Dr Cardenas has done for me. I had a lollipop breast lift and
545 cc under the muscle. They look huge! ;-)
I had an extended tummy tuck, lipo but the Dr was only able FG 600 cc per butt cheek And 300 per hip. I Have a super small waist. I know that when the swell goes down and I'm healed I will be super happy with results :) I will pics soon!

here are few photos

Hi ladies
Here are a couple pictures of BCRH. Gosh I think that if I were to be home recovering it would be a horrible experience. Its pretty painful and uncomfortable but the nurses here help us so much. They are god sent. I would recommend BCRH to anyone. I was able to sneak a picture of me just out of a shower. The nurse was getting ready to wrap me up like a mummy...lol
I will post more pics as soon as I am able too stand better. ... :-)

Post op day 7

Hi everyone !
Day 7, feeling much better. Yesterday I was finally able to walk past the dinning area to the patio. Hunched back of course. The view from the patio of Tijuana was very nice to look at.. :) especially after being in room for a few days. With only going to bathroom and back.
Dr Cardenas said that I'm healing very
well. Hopefully I will have drains removed before I return to Washington.
My pain from the lipo and tummy tuck has gone down drastically. I have no real pain on my boobies...which I'm glad.
I will update more pics soon!

Last night at BCRH

Hi everyone
Today is my last night here at the recovery house. Im so glad to go home and be with my family but at the same time I'm sad to leave. The nursers Susana, Naty, Eli and the cooks Carla and Fabiola are wonderful! Carmen, Ronnie are so accomidating. I totally recommend Dr Cardenas and BCRH to anyone. :)
Here is a picture Monica took of my back side. I see curves even with all the swelling...lol
I will take more pictures as soon as I can stand straight. :)

2 Week Post op

Hi all!
Happy to be back home with the family! :-)
It's now 2 weeks post op. I still have lots swelling especially above the incision of the abdomen. Dr. Cardenas says its normal. Can't wait for the swelling to go down and to be able to stand straight. Here are a couple more pics...

Before and after photos

Hi everyone!
Just updating on how I'm doing. Its still very uncomfortable to sleep through out the night. Can't seem find that comfortable position. No difference in swelling. Dr says its going take time.
I'm hunched over still. I'm afraid to stand straight. Does anyone have this problem? Today was looking at my before and after pics and I can definitely see the difference. Here they are. Wish those who are in the pre op stage the best of luck and those who are post op happy healing! :-)

Update with pictures

Hi all!
I'm a lil over 7 weeks now. Swelling has gone down quite a bit...only some days especially towards the end of the day I'm more swollen especially from my abdomen. My incision from my tummy tuck was almost completely healed but a few days ago it started to get irritated and red not sure why. I will email Dr on Monday. My breast have finally dropped. My left breast is looking a bit droopy though...Overall I am happy with my results but the fat grafting to my butt does not look nice. Dr. Cardenas was honest with me before hand and said she would try to do as much as she could. My butt needs lots of work!I will be going for round 2,arm lift and thigh lift in 2015.

2 months

Hey all...its been a couple months since I have updated. Just want to let everyone know that i'm feeling 75 percent better... :-)
I'm 4 months post op I am still very happy with the tummy tuck and the waist that Dr. Cardenas has given me. My breast have lost some volume. I'm a D but was wanting a DD... maybe in 2 years I will get them... :-)
As for the fat grafting to my butt well...i am not happy with my result. I have lost most of the volume and the bottom of my butt is still saggy. :-( Dr. Cardenas was pretty honest with me before surgery that she could only do so much.
She will always to me be the queen of tummy tucks! :-)
I have been considering going for round 2 bbl, an arm lift, and possibly medial thigh lift. I have been looking into Dr. Salama or Dr Fisher in Florida for these procedures. They both do excellent work and have great reviews! Can anyone that has gone to either of these Dr's give me some insight that would be great!
Here are a couple more pics of what I look like at 4 months.

forgot one more pic

Salama or fisher? or?

Hey there relself sista's...Im 4 months post op...loving my tummy tuck and the twins but hate my butt, thighs and arms they are too saggy... :-(
Im currently obsessing on having work done on these areas. Thinking in 2015 after I am completely better. I live in Washington state and cannot find a dr that can give me what im looking for. I want a big, and perky booty...am I asking for too much? ;-)
I have been looking into Dr. Salama or Dr. Fisher. Great reviews and amazing results! Miami is a bit far though...has anyone traveled that far? Possibly a Dr. closer that can give those amazing results?

here are more pics

I look alot better than I did for sure...but you can see in the bikini pics the arms and thighs need hella work....oh and the booty pic I posted previously ugh is soooo sad... :-(

Playing with the plastic surgery simulater

Hey realself... :-)
So I found this plastic simulater app and have been having fun with it. I took this pic and made a collage. Tell me girls if you think Dr. Salama or Dr. Fisher can make this happen... I have not been in touch with either of the Dr.'s because i weigh 158lbs...I need to loose about 8lbs to be at my ideal weight.
Prayers going out to all of you that you are doing well (pre op- post op)... :-)
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

For those who maybe considering a certified plastic surgeon out of the country. Dr. Laura Carminas Cardenas is the one... i came across Dr Cardenas here on relaself. She had so many postive reviews so I decided to go with her... She is a beautiful, caring, attentive doctor/person! I am so glad I made the choice... :-)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look fab!!! Love your belly button!!!!
  • Reply
Thank you sweetie. You will see...I know it seems like a long time but you too will be loving your belly... :-)
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Go get that sexy HEART2HEART PHATTY...SIS!!!
  • Reply
Ima try and go that phatty lol....hope looks as good as yours! ;-)
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Both can do a great job but the key to a successful sx outcome is matching the proper PS to your body to give u ur utmost desires for PROJECTION!!! I say dr. SALAMA!!!!
  • Reply
Hey sexeeangel...thanks for the words of wisdom...that truly makes sense! :-)
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Uw anytime!
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You look great. Stop the obsessing. I know we are way harder on ourselves than anyone else but your results are amazing.
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Hi fatgurlslim. Thank you for the comment and advise. :-) My fiance keeps telling me the same thing..Its hard not to obsess when you have been unhappy with your body forever... I know that I look better than before and once I have the other procedures done I will hopefully be content lol... please keep me updated on your journey. Looking forward to seeing the new you! :-)
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I think you have great results! Your TT and breast lift and aug look fabulous! Was it periareolar? Hoping to have this done next year :-)
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Hi lipectomy_me Thank you for the comment... :-) Dr Cwanted to do the anchor because my breast were very saggy as you can see in the photos she ended up doing a lolipop lift. The left breast is somewhat droopier than the other but overall I am happy with them for now... :-) Btw im so in love with your tiny waist...you look great! ;-)
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Aww thanks hun, fingers crossed it stays tiny hehe! Your lollipop procedure turned out really good I think. I can hardly see the vertical line! Seen so many that look odd shaped or really big scars etc. My boobs are the same as your old ones. After Breastfeeding 4 children they are basically a whole lot of skin and sag lol! They look ok in a bra but totally need sorting out! I just don't know if I could deal with the scars but yours looks great! X
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I'll be going to Salama in a few weeks so I'll update as I go through it. Your tummy looks great.
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Hi Maria Thank you so much for your comment and encouragement...I read your profile and have to say that you are a very strong, brave and lucky woman. One because you had the courage to say what has happened to you (which I can relate) it has only made you stronger and way to go girl that you are finally doing something for yourself. Also, its a wonderful thing that you have the support from your mom. Me and my daughter had our journey together. It made things go better...you know less stress. Curious...Please keep me informed..on how things are going with you k...
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Thanks sweetpea... RS has really encouraged me to share honestly and just be open with this community. Ive been writing a book or a while about my life events thus far and after this experience Im sure Ill have the courage and motivation to finish it. My mom is my rock so I totally understand you and your daughter. Sorry that you can relate, you are also stronger for your triumphs. I sure will keep you informed. Blessings hunn.
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You look good!
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Thank you sweetie. How are you doing?
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You are welcome :D. I'm alright. Still trying to work out and diet :/.
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Looking good please update us on how you are doing :)
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Thank you. How's your journey going?
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Wow you look great. You are healing well. And she did a great job on your bbl. Have you retained all the volume? Did your quote include the RH?
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You look great!!!!!!!
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You looked great. I wish I had the courage to schedule an appointment with the surgeon but little nervous to visit TJ. How's was the caregiver and was it a cost? I don't have a support system so, I'm looking for a caregiver.
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Hi litawards Thank you for the comment. Myself and many others here on realself have been through the same feelings of fear and nervousness as you but you have nothing to lose by having a consultation with Dr Cardenas. Dr. Cardenas is very talented, honest,attentive, and caring. As far as pricing. My surgery was very reasonably priced for everything I had done. I was quoted in the states over 18,000. After care was not included. I paid 8,500 for my sx and recovery house was 1,200 for 13 days. 24 hour nurse care and delicious food was included. Everyone at the house was wonderful! :-) if you have anymore questions message me k. Ttyl
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You look soo good
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