BBL Round 2! -8 weeks post op new pics added!

Ok, just updating my review my BBL the that Dr...

Ok, just updating my review my BBL the that Dr Cardenas gets the credit ... It won't let you change the dr name to update the review. I originally a tummy tuck and bbl with dr pantoja may 2013 and just recently had round 2 bbl and scar revision with the wonderful Dr Cardenas. I'm so happy with my results and the quality of care I received in Mexico. Hard to take good pic of yourself from the back. My horrible photo taking abilities do her work no justice.
My measurements
before round 2- waist 32 but 37ish
after - waist 30 bootay 41 that's down from 43
(fingers crossed waist goes down some more)


Hi...Hun how's the recovery coming along.....well I hope update when you up to it.....we all can't wait to see.
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How are u feeling ! I missed your call on July. 8th happy healing I heard u came up for round 3? Happy healing! Lots to catch up on...
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Do You know how Dr. Cardenas places the fat? Under the muscle, in the muscle or on top of the muscle?
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