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After waiting so long, i'm ALMOST there!!

So I have been wanting a boob job sonce I was 16...

So I have been wanting a boob job sonce I was 16 years old. That was obviously not an option. I always knew I'd do it, but I never knew when. When I turned 18 I started considering it now that I was an adult but still I did not have the money. 3 weeks after I turned 18, I found I was pregnant. Ok no problem. Had my baby and 3 weeks after I turned 19, I was done breastfeeding my daughter. So I said ok time to get my boobs done because this insecurity is seriously KILLING me. I started looking into doctors in the US and I decided it was too expensive. So I started looking for doctors in Mexico as I know of a lot of real life ppl who have gone and had successful procedures in Tijuana. So I did all my research and contacted Dr. Fuentes. He gave me an estimate of what I would probably spend of about $4000 for everything. He said I would have to wait 3 months AFTER I stopped breast feeding. I was really considering setting a date but then what do you know, 2 weeks after that conversation, I find out I'm pregnant AGAIN. To be quite honest, I was happy but I was very devastated. I was so depressed over my appearance especially after having a baby and I was going to do something about it finally. I had even just lost all my pregnancy weight and weighed less than before I had ever been pregnant. I really did not want another baby but I really feel like my son was given to me for a reason. So I just had him in November 13 and I stopped breastfeeding him about 2 weeks ago. So my journey begins. This time I WILL be getting on the copper IUD. I figured well at least I'm done having children at a young age and BEFORE I get any procedures done! So I am happy about that. I am 20 years old and I was also happy to find that Dr. Fuentes said there is no age rule to getting silicone. I want silicone implants and here in the US that is not an option until I'm 22. Honestly there is NO WAY I can wait another 2 years. I am seriously THAT insecure. And it hurts really, really bad :/ Dr. Fuentes got back to me quickly and he answered all of my questions and he was not rude about it. I had my mind set, I was going with him. BUT then, my cousin went to Mex. to get his butt done. He went with Dr. Jose Luis Salas Martinez in Tijuana. I asked him about his doctor and he had me reconsidering. He told me practically all of his girlfriends got their boobs done by him amd they look good. So I googled him and his info came up just as my cousin gave to me. Everything that I've found on him regarding BA is all positive. His before and after photos are amazing and breast augmentation is actually his specialty. So I am 99% sure I'm going with him as my cousin has actually been there before and offered to go with me. So right now is a waiting game. I'm just waiting until it's been 3 months since I stopped BFing. I'm hoping to get it done like in late april/early may. I am so excited, if I could I would do it tomorrow. It's now february and I will be counting down the days as well as making ALL of my preparations. I'm still waiting on a quote from Dr. Salas. (barely emailed him today)

Not having a good day.

So I'm just having a bad day. I'm just feeling real ugly and not womanly. I HATE this. I wish I could have my surgery tomorrow!! Paulina (part of dr. salas' staff) has not replied to my last email asking about a possible areola reduction. She's really helpful and friendly, we had been emailing back and forth but maybe she just forgot or something. I will email again and update when she replies.

Decisions, decisions.

Paulina emailed me back and asked if I had made a decision, I told her yes but I was also thinking of an areola reduction. She said it would cost $500 more. Original quote was $3,100 for everything and I said YES! so now it will be $3,600. Now I just need to confirm my appointment. I cannot choose a day between 4/21-4/24. I need to choose one of those days. I'm kind of thinking that the 22nd will be the best day for me. I'm also having a hard time deciding if I'm going to want 475cc high profile silicone or 500cc high profile silicone. It's such a hard decision! I still don't know how I want the placement either. I kind of want that like big boobs round balloon (blew up) somewhat fake look but not where they're falling off my chest. If that makes sense. Maybe he will insert then through my areola because I want the areola reduction as well at the same time so I guess we'll see. I'm 5'1 and 120 pounds. I don't want it to look like I just busted out at the top but at the same time, I kind of feel like 500cc would benefit me more in the long run. Decisions, decisions. I'm 2 months away and I am getting so excited :/ I wish we didnt have to wait at least 3 months after breastfeeding. I would go tomorrow if I could. lol.

Here's some wish pics.

wish pic

wish pic

Wish pics

oops i messed up when posting the wish pics

wish pic

Ok the date is almost officially set!

April 22nd! Ahh cant wait. Lol. I called and unfortunately paulina had not showed up to work that day but the woman i spoke with just said to tell her the date and she would leave a note for paulina and that she was sure it would be available as it is 2 months away. Now I'm just waiting for paulina to call me back on monday morning to confirm because she is the only one with Dr. Salas' schedule.

Ok I have decided, hopefully doc agrees.

I've been doing a LOT of research and I've found that women with my stats look good with 550 hp silicone implants and most are more than pleased with the size and some have even wished they went bigger. I do not want to get booby greed so i think I will stick to wishing for 550 high profile silicone. I'm hoping to go partially under the muscle, through the areola. I hope that's possible. I would like to be at least a D. I want them to look big when I'm naked or in a bikini but I want to still be able to downplay them at times. My stats are 5'1, 119 lb. chest is 34', rib cage is 31', waist is 30', and hips are 36'. Current bra size is 34A/32B. Breast width diameter is 16 cm. Do any of you ladies have any knowledge if this is all possible/a good idea? I am not going for a natural look by the way. Oh and I actually WANT some side boob too. lol

This is what I DONT want them to look like

I dont want them to look like two balls just straight up placed inside my skin. I want some fat to conceal them

Yay! The date is SET!!

For April 25!! I told Paulina that I would like 550cc high profile but I also told her I wanted to be at least a D and she said I might have to go a little bigger but I hope not because it's 300 dollars more if you need an implant bigger than 550ccs. Lol yes, I'm a cheapo and I'd rather not pay $300 extra just to go a little bit bigger. 600ccs is the max that I would ever even go so yeah IMO not worth it. I'm going to leave the night before because it takes 8-10 hours to get to TJ from where I live. I'll arrive in mex the morning of and do my consultation, have surgery, and go spend the rest of the day/night at the hotel, then go back to the clinic the next morning for my check up and head home! Yay! I can't wait!

Doing some online shopping.

I bought some zip up sweaters and sweats from hollister for when I'll be lounging around after surgery. they are soo comfy. anyway, im thinking why not just buy everything I need. surgery is 7 weeks away. lol am i getting carried away, should i just wait until I'm a little closer to my surgery date?

Paulina emailed back.

I'm so happy that she let me know that he does under the muscle as well as over. I wanted partially under but oh well I can live with under. I just DONT want OVER. I mean we'll find out for sure at the consultation but I was not hoping for over because I feel that they LOOK heavy. I just hope that I'm not anemic, I tend to be slightly anemic when I have blood tests taken.

Starting to get nervous.

So all of a sudden, I'm seeing bad stuff about dr. salas? the whole reason why i chose him was because he has done boob jobs on my cousins friends and they all look really good. i also love the work on his website. i did look through real self and i ultimately decided that even though i read one bad review on him, that review was a nose job. im not getting a nose job from him. now i have discovered more bad reviews. im not sure right now. i already paid $100 to secure the date but i would rather lose $100 than be disappointed about my results. i have a look that im going for and i have wanted this for soo long and i have been coubting down. im 5 weeks away but im starting to think of going with dr. jacob freiman in miami. one of his patients on this sight has AMAZING results. i want the big fake boobs look andbi want ti be at least a D. im really hoping to get 550 cc high profile silicone implants under the muscle but if he doesnt like D's and wont even consider what i want then i think i will be looking elsewhere. i know ultimately the surgeon will do whats best and he knows more than i do, but i want him to give me the look that I like , not what HE likes. I already contacted dr.freiman and am awaiting a response. i will see what happens.


I'm sticking with my doctor. Paulina and I talked and she expained things to me and I COMPLETELY understand. When getting cosmetic procedures, you have to have realistic expectations and consider factors other than size. It sucks but oh well. I'm HOPING to be the size I want but if it cant happen this time, then I understand. I wouldnt want ugly stretchmarks on my boobs and then still be unhappy with them. And that wont ever go away, thats something that you can never really get rid of so if my boobs are too small to be made into D's right now, then I will accept that and go back for a bigger implant if I want after time has went by and my skin has been able to stretch more to fit a bigger implant. 4 weeks away, keeping my fingers crossed.

550cc rice test. not totally accurate i know

But I guess heres an idea. I like it :) lol. excuse messy room

2 weeks away

Ok so surgery is a little over 2 weeks away and now I'm freaking out that its not going to happen. I was told that we would do blood work in mexico and that if it came back that i was anemic or even slightly anemic, the doctor would not operate on me. I tend to be slightly anemic when I get blood tests done :/ so i dont wana go all the way over there then be anemic so i said no I'll just make an appointment and do a blood test here then send the results to the doctor. I am PRAYING THAT MY RESULTS DONT COME BACK DAMN ANEMIC !!!!! lol. i have been looking forward to this for way too long now and i will be so hurt if i have to postpone. should i take iron pills? my blood test is tomorrow like in 25 hours from now. Lol.

just my luck!

ok so now i think i might have a cough coming on. my throat started hurting this morning when i woke up -_- i hope it doesnt turn into an actual cough and if it does, i hope it goes away by surgery. i will be gargling with salt water. lol . but damn everything is going wrong! well i have the blood work today i reeeeally hope it comes back fine. and that i dont get sick either. lol, wish me luck!

ok so no bloodwork today

I saw my regular doctor and he said he would order bloodwork for different things. So I have to fast. I ate today so I have to wait until tomorrow. the lab opens at 7 and just my luck i work from 7 to 1 then it takes 24 hours to get results back so ughhhh i wont know until thursday :/ and im going to have to starve tomorrow !!!!! >:| but oh well the time will pass and ill be doing the test tomorrow i guess

And the results are back...

IM NOT ANEMIC !!!!!! yay omg im sooooo happy i can still get my surgery and no rescheduling !!!! yes i cant wait !!! in 2 weeks i will have new boobies FINALLY yay omg i wana cry . lol im so happy guys ;')

Starting to feel sad D':

I dont know if it hit me , ive just been keeping it in my head like im guna do it, time is guna pass, im guna survive all the suckiness and pain but then I'll be happy. Now im feeling sad :/ i just read a review about the patient waking up in the op room all alone and crying and it reminded me of when I had surgery to take out my appendix. i woke up and i didnt see anyone around and i couldnt move or talk and i was really thirsty my mouth and throat was soo dry it hurt . so i just started crying . i was crying because i was in pain and i felt scared because i didnt see anyone around and idk i just felt very sad and uncomfortable. i really hope i dont feel that way at all after surgery. i hope one of the female nurses/staff are in my sight when i wake up. im excited but i just want to get it overwith . its guna suck knowing that for one night, i will be like 12 hours away from my babes and for that one night there will be nothing that i can do to see them :/ surgery is 2 weeks away . i know that i am making the right decision FOR ME. i just need this time to pass already :/
Dr. Jose Luis Salas Martinez

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Share your fears and concerns with your doctor and nurses so they're aware and they can reassure you that they'll be there for you. Yes, this is an emotional roller coaster. Hang on, you're almost there!
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Thats a good idea!! I will let him know!
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And don't be afraid to tell every single nurse! ;) 
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Youre almost there! Hang in there, the emotions will get even crazier...
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i know :/ im just praaaaying that EVERYTHING goes perfect :)
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I can totally relate as you read in my review I'm just sad and anxious. Mostly about leaving my baby and not being able to cuddle him and carry him and play..pretty much I'm sad that I won't be present the way I want to be. I wasn't expecting this journey to be such an emotional roller coaster but it's turned out to be. I've never been so anxious o bit my nails all day and I've even gotten constipated sorry tmi but I know it's from stressing out. I just want it to pass already. We will be very happy when we get our boobs. Don't worry about being alone you will always have nurses around you. How long do you have to stay in Mexico for?
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aww lol im sorry! im only going to be gone for like 2 days but idk im still sad :/ the longest ive ever been away from my babies is one night :/ lol
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Ugh you make me wanna hold you! Being alone & scared is not a happy feeling. I thought your friends going with you? I had surgery 4 times all times nurses were there you won't be left alone I promise you! CGCC even have a nurse wheel you out stay with you until your help arrives. Don't be scared hun we are all here for you.. Xoxo
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i know D: yeah but they arent going to be there while im in surgery so they probably wont be there at that time. aww thats nice of them, i really did want to go to miami but idk i ultimately decided to stay with mexico. i hope i am making the right decision! but i guess if anything , if I'm not happy with my results then i could always go to miami. lol. thank u !!
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Hi love ! Omg I can sooo relate to the way you are feeling ! I was sooo emotional the weeks leading up to my surgery ! Felt guilt leaving my daughter and fiancé behind ! It's so normal what you are feeling but I promise you will be fine and this shall pass !! Sorry your feeling this way =[ feel better xo
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aww thanks :) it makes me feel better to know that other ppl feel it too and well shoot u got through it . lol
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Lol I'm usually N emotional person by nature and this surgery only intensified it ^_^ You will be fine and you have to talk about it don't hold those feelings in !!
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haha i know, im probably going to need a therapist D: lol
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Lol ^_^ Well I'm here if u ever need to talk and no co-pay haha
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Taking iron pills 24 hours prior to your blood work most likely would not have made a difference if you're really anemic. It takes several days for iron to build up in your body. Hopefully your results will come back fine and you'll be ready to go. I know this is all a nuisance but I would rather make sure you're healthy for your surgery first. ;) Keep us posted!
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I know , i feel so dumb i didnt really even think about it until now!! do you know how long it would take though? if i was anemic and had to reschedule, after how long?
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I think this is a very individual thing...it depends upon how low your iron level is. Don't feel dumb as this has happened to other women too!
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I know, thanks! Lol I'm REALLY hoping that I'm not anemic at all
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Ugh you been waiting & wanting this forever!!! Yes to boobies wishes your way! I really hope your good to go but health first too hun best of luck keep us posted !
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i know ! :/ will do!
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Damn girl the same happened to my girl but she was doing a BBL they denied her but thats more intense surgery now wishing you luck and no taking them now in 25 hours want make a difference but stay positive let's cross our fingers!
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Hopefully your tests come back great so you can get the boobies sooner rather than later :):)
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thank you ! i hope so too!!
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Geez this date needs to hurry I wanna see boobs already ;) almost there
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i know right! i cant wait D: lol
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