Finally Getting my Boobies Done! - Tijuana, MX

I got pregnant at 15 years old and I was a size 1...

I got pregnant at 15 years old and I was a size 1 and my baby stretched me out. After having three kids they did bad things to my body lol. I had a tummy tuck 2010 and now I am scheduled for my breast augmentation with lift with Dr. Suarez. I am really excited and will have my husband with me.

I just want to have some nice size 36D or 36DD. I am currently a 36C with saggy breast. I am having surgery on 8/3/2012. I am feeling excited and like I am in a nesting stage because I want to make sure my house is clean and I buy everything I need for the healing process.

I will update you all on the Thursday when we leave.

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I only have two more days and I will have some...

I only have two more days and I will have some nice looking breast. I am super excited about having this procedure done. I hope I heal well and everything goes smooth. We will be leaving tomorrow at 8am to head to Tijuana, MX ( Well the border on the US side). We are staying in a hotel on the USA side and will get picked up at 7:30am. The husband and I are going to have a nice day tomorrow and go out to dinner. I am so looking forward to it!

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Hey ladies! I am currently in my hotel room with...

Hey ladies! I am currently in my hotel room with the husband. I showered and put my new pajamas on that I will be wearing tomorrow. The top is a button up and I was told those are easier to put on after the surgery. I'm very excited and I set my alarm for 6am. We will be getting picked up from the border station parking at 7:30am.

I have had the worst luck today as far as a babysitter goes so I will have to go home tomorrow after surgery and that is a five hour ride. I am just so angry about that and times like this I really wish I had my family where I live but they live in Oregon. I will be happy to be in my own bed though.

Thank you all so much for the support and prayers.


Sending positive boob and healing vibes your way! Thanks immensely for sharing your story and I hope your experience in Mexico is a good one.

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Thank you. I will update tonight.

Hey Nettie, good luck with your surgery tomorrow, I hope all goes well for you! Please do keep us posted and let us know how you're doing!

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Hey ladies! I am doing great. I got out of surgery...

Hey ladies! I am doing great. I got out of surgery at 11am. My implants are over the muscle and I believe they gave me about 500 cc. That's what my husband said, that it was around there because I wanted a size D. Everyone here is so helpful and nice. The antheseologist is a cutie pie lol. Hope my hubby don't see this lol. Love my husband so much for being here with me and supporting me. I am so thankful to have support from you ladies also. Thanks so much!

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Just wanted to let you all know I am at the...

Just wanted to let you all know I am at the Holiday Inn in Tijuana right now and have a very nice room. Way better than the one we stayed at last night in Chula Vista, CA and this one cost less. So I actually have the Natrelle silicone implants and I have 545cc over the muscle. I can't wait to shower tomorrow and look at my breast. I am really excited. My husband just went to Walmart to get me some fruit and a salad because I am starving and I can't take any meds until I eat something.


Hola nettie~ Sounds like you have a great hubby. It's important to have support after surgery. Look forward to seeing the post op piks....Best wishes for a speedy recovery! :-)
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Thank you. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Yay! Glad your surgery went okay. Rest up and take care of yourself. I look forward to your updates. :)

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I am one day post op and I am feeling good. I had...

I am one day post op and I am feeling good. I had some minor pain today. My husband and I drove five hours back home and I got to take a shower and put my compression bra on. I was a little dizzy in the shower but my husband was in there with me. I am really happy with my results. I know I am really swollen right now though so they will go down. I really need to rest but as soon as we got home my kids have been screaming and jumping around like crazy. Wish I could of stayed in Tijuana a little longer but we don't have a sitter.


lookin' good girl!!! I bet your hubby luvs them as much as you do...Lol Best wishes for a speedy recovery ;))
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Thank you. Yeah he likes them too. He was like whoa those are big! lol
Hi Nettie in AZ,
Soooo glad that everything went welllllll.
Yes, the antheseologist is a cuttieee.
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I am three days post-op today and I took a shower...

I am three days post-op today and I took a shower without my husbands help. I was feeling a little depressed today because I can't do some of the things I normally would do. I called my family physician's office to schedule an appointment for Friday to get the tape removed and they said my insurance would not cover it because it is cosmetic related which is dumb to me. All I need is the tape removed but what ever. So I called my plastic surgeon and they said it was ok for my husband to remove it and they told me how he has to do it and make sure his hands are clean and stuff like that.

I am going to be doing stuff by myself starting tomorrow because my husband has to work and I will be here with the kids. I hope I don't have a hard time and it gets easier.


How do you feel?
Do they feel sore?
Do they feel heavy?
Any pain?
or normal with a bit of discomfort?
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I am feeling better today. I took a shower and my husband washed my hair for me. I have a friend coming to braid my hair today so I won't have to worry about it for a month or two. Yes they feel heavy and my back is hurting. I have some discomfort and a little a little pain where my incision is depending on how I am laying or sitting.
they look gteat congrats ! do they feel heavy? yesterday i just got mine done. 450/475 cc under the muscle. best of luck
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I am six days post-op today and I am feeling...

I am six days post-op today and I am feeling pretty good. I think the pain I have been having under my right breast where the incision is located is because of the bra rubbing against it. My husband will be taking the tape off tomorrow and I am nervous about it. I think there is some bruising under the tape on my right boob. I haven't been taking too much of my pain medication. I only take it when I feel some pain or before bed so I can sleep good.

I will post some pictures tomorrow when the tape comes off.


Hi Nettie, My PS said to not touch the tape, it will fall off on it's own when it is supposed to- funny, the wide range of opinions pertaining to all things breast augmentation.
Anyway, your new girls look great! Don't try to do too much too soon, I know it is hard.
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Yeah they told me to take the tape off tomorrow. I am scared to see the scar. They wanted me to go to my family physician but the clinic I go to are saying I would be charged to take the tape off because my insurance would not cover it being that it is cosmetic related. So my PS said my husband can take it off but he has to make sure his hands are clean and he has to hold on to my skin with one hand and take the tape off with the other. I am going to ask if I can just wait till the tape comes off lol.
Hi Nettie in AZ,
if you go to "" and enter "removal of steri strips" you will find videos on how to remove the tape.

I am two weeks post op today and everything is...

I am two weeks post op today and everything is healing great. My left breast is still more swollen than the right but the scars are looking good and the pain is not really there unless I walk too much or go over a bump while driving. I drove for the first time yesterday and the bumps were uncomfortable. I have been so stressed out lately. Well before I went to get my boobs done I was offered a job but they told me if training didn't start on the 13th then it would on the 20th. Well now they are saying they are waiting for their corporate office to give a date for training so now I am dealing with that and my five year old did something to his neck so I took him to see a doctor yesterday and they found a bead in his ear and she said there was more she could not get out so my husband took him to see a ENT today and they took TWO beads out! Now my oldest son is coming down with something and to top it all off I started graduate school online last month after graduating with my Bachelors degree and I am just so overwhelmed.

I am so ready to start working so I can get out of the house. I don't have any family or friends here where I live so I am at home with my kids and husband all the time. I am going a little coo coo in the house.

Sorry if I am venting, but just wanted to update you all on what was up with me.

Thanks for listening :)


Hi Nettie!

I just read your review and saw your progress pics.
You look great! Congratulations!

So sorry that you are dealing with a lot of craziness! Sounds like a "Calgon take me awaayyyy!" time for you.

I hope it gets better for you soon!
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Wow it sounds like you really have a lot going on at the moment. Take it easy. Glad your boobies are doing good.
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Thanks, yeah I am in a funk right now. Feeling a little depressed. I just want to work already and now I am doing job applications all over again because I don't know when the job that said they want me is going to know when training is going to start.

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been MIA. I have been...

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been MIA. I have been very busy. I start my new job tomorrow and I am super excited for that. I am now six weeks post op and I went bra shopping and I am a size 38 DD. I am very happy with the results. Everything is healing really nice also. I gained ten pounds and I am trying to lose that weight. It is mostly in my tummy. Hopefully with me working and not home sitting around just eating I will lose some pounds lol.

I will update you all at the four month mark.



Ok never mind I see the price :) hope your well
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hey your pics are great quick question how much was your surgery
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I did lots of research, read reviews, asked lots of questions. I am very excited and will definitely let you all know how it goes.

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