Yily Doll in the making! Bbl and T.T. July 2014

Hi Ladies, First I must say how excited I am to...

Hi Ladies, First I must say how excited I am to have found Real Self Forum. I'm been searching for something like this for awhile now...anyhoo I'm mentally, physically and spiritually perparing myself for my BBL with liposuction.

I recently found out about a amazing Dr. Jaime Campos and everything I found out about him is AMAZING. I'm still doing my research and even though I have seven months I'm the type of person who pays attention to detail and need all my I's dotted and T's crossed.

I've always wanted the perfect hourglass figure and tried numerous exercise rountine and nothing came out of it. I have the beautiful face, sexy legs, just missing the rest lmao. I'll be updating my process as time nears. I'm truly appreciative for any tips.xoxoxo

Welcome!. i havent had my surgery yet, im in review just like you are.

Hey there,

Thanks so much for sharing your journeyw ith and congratulations on choosing your surgeon! So, you're having your surgery in February 2013? That gives you a good amount of time to prepare.

Please do keep us updated on your progress.


OK LADIES! after reading so many wonerful reviews...

OK LADIES! after reading so many wonerful reviews I've decided to go with DR.SALAMA. Now I know I have many months ahead of me...but as we all know..time flies.. So I just wanted to thank you all for paving the way for me... TEAMSALAMA!!!!!!! ANY TIPS ARE APPRECIATED...XOXOXO

Hi BBL Ladies, I just recieved a email from...

Hi BBL Ladies,
I just recieved a email from Nancy @ Dr. Salama office in regards to the pictures I sent him and this is what he said: "Patient will be an overal good candidate for the BBL and T.T. but she needs to lost weight for. I suggest she do the TT first and then the BBL" Now ladies I don't have a problem losing some weight...not one bit. However my dream is to have the BBL done not the TT. So then they include the price for both procedures and it's a little over eleven thousand dollars.....WHO IN THE HELL HAS THAT KIND OF MONEY?LOL...NOT ME!!!! After reading that email I slowly felt my dreams dissapper but I'm not going to give up. I email Nancy explaining my concerns and hopefully we can work something out. I'm not having surgery until MARCH 2013 so that's more than enough time to drop 20 pounds. Ladies keep me in your prayers please. xoxoxo
Hi Nicki, Thanks miss lady. I spoke with the patient coordinator today and I emailed my pictures. She told me that Dr. Salama is booked until March 2013 which is perfect for me. When are you going in?
Hey girl,
Welcome to the sisterhood n congrats on picking a dr. I'm team salama as well... N I can't wait til my big day... Good luck ahead on your journey, do you have a set dae yet?
Hi @ nellima, Yeah I'm just doing my research..You can never be to prepared. Have you decided on a Dr yet?

Hi Ladies, I have great news :-). I spoke with...

Hi Ladies, I have great news :-). I spoke with nancy and she said as along as I'm happy with the results... Then i can go ahead with my Bbl next March. She advised me to lose 25 pounds. So I'm going to buy Zumba for Wii right after work and some weights. I've never felt so motivated in my life. I plan on recording my progress and if there is anything i can do for anyone please don't hesitate to ask.... Team salama
how long are you staying? and what all are you getting done?

Hey ladies. I went out yesterday to toyrus and...

Hey ladies. I went out yesterday to toyrus and brought zumba two, then I went to TJmaxx and brought a toning weight and a sliming belt. I have to lose atleast 20 pounds before Janurary and this way i can take my time.((((((((((( SMILES))))))))))
Possibly ten days. I'm having done a BBL and liposuction to my arms. I'm hoping he's willing to fill up my hips. What's a good amount of cc's do you think? Thanks for sharing.

Hi.Ladies, I've been on this site 24/7 lol. I...

Hi.Ladies, I've been on this site 24/7 lol. I appreciate all of you sharing your experiences. I truly do. I have 7 months until I have my sx so I'm just trying to lose 20lbs at a slow pace. If anyone has any suggestions.. Thanks in advance.
Hey so when is your date I'm going to Cardenas March 13tg
:-)) hey girl just read ur post and first off I lOooove zumba fun way to burn those pounds, :-) also were pretty much going near the same
Time I'll be there feb 28 th- march 11. Im so hooked on this site; Its like we are apart of a secret society Lol!!!! As far as CC's depends on ur butt shape but I would probably go for 1000cc if u are also aiming to fill in hips...

Hello lovely ladies. I've been gone for a minute....

Hello lovely ladies. I've been gone for a minute. I decided to put my surgery on hold and take the time to save and prepare the right way. This is an important factor of my life and I have to treat it as such. I have to be patient and believe that God is the best of planners. I can't lie sustains girl is anxious but good things come to those who wait. I've been reading so many reviews about Dr. Yily and her work seems wonderful. I love the cocoa bottle shape she delivers...:). So I decided to email her...I'm still waiting for a quote it's been 5 days....I'm practicing patience as we speak....lol.
We are on the same boat I emailed her yesterday....we'll see :-/
From what I read it seems like her response time is 5 to 7 days.
Hey BBellaBooty1, I'll be recovering from BBL at Club Med from Feb. 26 until March 1st... Let know if you'll be staying there?!?

I've been waiting for days for Yily response and...

I've been waiting for days for Yily response and nothing! I don't kno what else to do....I'm starting to get a little discourage. If you ladies have any suggestions on what to do....I'm open ears...lol... thank you.
I have bn waiting for a quote since the 10th nd nothing. So it's longer thn 7 days lol. I'm gonna call Yira tomorrow. I need to get this ball rolling
Did you call Yira yet? If you call Yira she'll take care of you.
Thanks pinky and sididdy. I plan on calling her today because I'm ready to leave my deposit. When are you ladies getting your sx? I plan on going around December.

I spoke to Yira today and she told me the reason...

I spoke to Yira today and she told me the reason why I haven't receive my quote yet is due to the fact that they haven't checked their February 11th email yet. DR. Yily must be extremely busy. Patience has carried me this far. Has this ever happen to any of you ?

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oh and i emailed her on the 12th!!! and i called 2 ays ago and they were still answering emails from the 8th ...!! they need to hire some internes to sche appointments or something ..
I agree 100 % Bella

Today is my birthday!

Today is my birthday I'm 33 young and grateful for so many blessings God has given me. I've been gone for a minute due to me being so busy with school, work, and my family. However I'm Back!lol No better gift I can give myself than a banging body with a juicy booty! Blessings Dolls....
Hi. Just wanted to know if you or anyone who talked about her has has their procedure done?
No. I'm looking to have something done around late summer
Hey hun! Are you gonna go with Dr. Yilly? Im still waiting on a quote.

Duran DAmn!!!!

Why is it so hard to get in contact with her! or her assistant? I just called twice and was told to call back. I'm so annoyed right now. Customer service is so important to me...I don't know i'M just venting. I would like to have my sx this summer and I just want to ball to start rolling but I have to remember good things come to those who wait right???!!?? lol
Trying to see Duran first week in Sept!!!
Do you have Durans email? All the ones I found on RS were rejected
Did you get a response yet?

I've finally made up my mind I'm aYily Doll

after repeat attempts on trying to contact Duran. I'm going to go with by first option and that's Dra. Yily. My sx is July 11th and I'm the first patient that day. I'm so excited and I'm starting to prepare myself now. God is truly good ladies.. stay blessed.
I hope your surgery went well!!! How are you. Let us know your experince and show some pictures for us the ones that are still not decided in which doctor to use..
Good luck doll, my appointment is confirmed for July 8th :)
I just sent an email for a quote...anyone have some before after photos they can share with me? Also pics/videos of the facility? I'm just staring my quest to a better body so I need all the pointer and advise I can get. Feel free to email me askyers2@gmail.com
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Still searching doctors

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