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On our way to tj, with my sis and cousin. Exited...

On our way to tj, with my sis and cousin. Exited tomorrow me and my cousin are getting surgery. I booked it a little over a month. I did it through email. They were quick and helpful. I actually had been looking into it for a year already. My sister will have her surgery on Tuesday 3rd time with him lol. I will post my befores. I'm 27.. Im 205 pounds 5'7" ..i have one 7 yr old. The reason im not getting a tummy tuck which i need is because i would like another child in future.

got tuummy tuck instead

He recommended a tummy tuck instead since i already had loose skin and wouldn't be happy with results. My cousin went in first, then me, and my sister last. We're currently all in same room, too cool. They showed me and took pictures of it with my phone for me to have.

shower today

Removed gauzes and omg love what i see! In great pain, but that's the cost of beauty.

loving my new belly

Today feeling better

home now! yay

Drain off, stitches still on.. not so much in pain but get tired easily when up. Feel swollen but should go away in a month

3 weeks after surgery

Removed belly button stitches and lipo ones. Have to change tape on tummy tuck scar for 8 weeks 5 more to go. Wearing a tight girdle. Cant wait to take it off.

almost 4 weeks post-op

I'm feeling great. I hope I'm still swollen don't feel completely flat but if I stay the way I am I'm happy, a total absolute progress. I love shopping now the only thing that ruins it is wearing my girdle. But one more month to go at least.

its been one month since my surgery

I hadn't taken back view pictures since I couldn't take it myself. Had my bf take it yesterday and love the back view! Yesterday I bought scarguard (brush form)for my belly button its healed so why not. My cousin is in tj seeing doc for month check up I couldn't afford to go plus im back at work, but she did and they told her I'm not supposed to put anything until 3 months :(
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you look great. My understanding is as time goes on your shape will only get better! Congrats.
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Thanks!!, im having a great time shopping for things i couldn't wear before
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I agree, your TT scar looks awesome.
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thanks :)
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are u getting pain meds?
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Yes, tramidol and madivol
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Welcome and I hope everything went well today. Telling by your photos, you're going to look great! I will be praying for you and your family's speedy recovery.
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Thanks! We all got in today! Are doing well
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