Full TT, Lipo to Waist, Back, Inner Thighs and Fat transfer to my Rear 03/14/12 Yeahhhhh! - Tijuana, MX

Well, I am 33yrs old 160pds 5'2 with two...

Well, I am 33yrs old 160pds 5'2 with two children and have not been able to get rid of this tummy. I have always wanted a larger more bubble like butt with a flat tummy and small waist ( The american dream...LOL) and have tried so many things to acheve this.

I finally started saving 5 years ago to have all of the above done and I have scheduled a consult for January 31st 2012 in Belleue WA. Is there anyone who has done this in Washington state and has before and after pictures?

After lerking on this site for the past few years and more in the last few days I am starting to consider going to Mexico. There is a person on here who has my exact body type and her results were wonderful and exactly how I would like to look. I am just really afraid of going out of the US and having something go horribly wrong with me. Having no family with me and My kids back here in WA is a really scary thought.

So I have decided to go with Dr.Campos TJ Mexico....

So I have decided to go with Dr.Campos TJ Mexico. I just sent pics a few days ago. I hope I can get in before Mid March. If anyone knows how far out he is booking Please let me know. I wanna be ready for the summer !!!

Dr.Campos is booked until June :( , I can't...

Dr.Campos is booked until June :( , I can't wait that long. Im now on the hunt for a new PS. It's so hard trying to find the right PS that will give you what you want and had extensive experence. Grrrrrrrrr Sooooo Fustrated now!!!

FINALLY!!!! I found a PS Dr.fuentes Mexico he is...

FINALLY!!!! I found a PS Dr.fuentes Mexico he is also licenced in the US. He has some GREEEEAT results on a few other sites and he can get me in Mid March. I am so excited I cant wait. Will keep this updated just incase anyone has any questions.

My surgery was moved to March 14th with Dr.Fuentes...

My surgery was moved to March 14th with Dr.Fuentes.I am now taking iron supplements as he asked of me and have stopped smoking. I am still really curious as to why no one on Real Self has any reviews about his PS as he has been doing this for a long time. I have had to go to MMH and PSJ and there are Soooo many posts about him on there. So I will continue to update my post thru out this journey so anyone coming after me will have some insite and results to look at . Smooches ;)

Well,10 days until my surgery and I am so excited....

Well,10 days until my surgery and I am so excited. I am going to go ahead and post my before pictures. If anyone has any advice or info for me please feel free to message me or post here. I am taking Iron supplement, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 as advised by Dr.Fuentes. I have paid for my full 7 days at Club Medical and purchased my faja and waist cincher . Im all packed 7 days worth of tank tops, Undies, Bras, t- shirts and sweats. I have not gotten a BBl Pillow or boppy pillow and for some reason my pass port has not arrived . I will check on that Monday.ok ladies My next update will be after surgey unless something changes.

Ok so I am now 4 days post op staying at Club...

Ok so I am now 4 days post op staying at Club Medical. Truth be told the day after surgery i was feeling GREAT !! I had a pain pump which im sure helped lots . I was able to get 900cc each side . I would have liked to have atleast 1000cc per side but I must say Im satisified. I did have some horrible fluid build up in my lower back but i guess thats normal after agressive lipo to that area. My tummy is still pretty swollen and my butt Is still REALLY hard and sore. I must say I have been sitting on it . I don't know how these girls don't sit for a month or more. With the tummy tuck , lipo and fat grafting to my butt a comfortable sleeping, eating, watching tv position is non-existant. The girls here are soooo much fun shot out to Vanessa & Felicia they almost made me bust my stitches with all the laughter and kidding around. I will post a few pic today and will continue to update every couple weeks. Luv yall and happy healing!!!

Ok so because im on my iphone the site wont allow...

Ok so because im on my iphone the site wont allow me to upload my pictures. I will start uploading them as soon as i get home. Oh yeah. I disnt get lipo to my inner thighs i chickened out.

Ok ladies I am now 8 days post op and actually...

Ok ladies I am now 8 days post op and actually still feeling pretty good. " FluffSo the pictures where I am naked and in the black pants are 4 days PO. I really wish I wouldnt have sat so much but thats what happens when you don;t follow directions I guess. Now I am just waiting on my butt to "fluff ". well I will update in a few more weeks if you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me .

Pre-op Measurements 40-41-43 8 days Post-op...

Pre-op Measurements 40-41-43
8 days Post-op Measurements 40-35-45

I'm now 14 days post op . I can't find my...

I'm now 14 days post op . I can't find my measuring tape to see if anything has changed but I know my abdomen is still swollen. My butt is starting to get soft at the bottom and my stomach is now hard as a rock. If anyone knows when this "Fluffing "thing happens. well here are more pictures .

Hello everyone, So I am now 35 days PO and so far...

Hello everyone, So I am now 35 days PO and so far so good. I did loose about 2 inches in my butt so I am now 43in my waist is holding pretty steady at 34in . My lower back is still really sore and turning in bed is a bit painful. I just want to say I have not been wearing a compression garment. I HATE THAT DAMN THING !!!! I wear a waist Cincher for about half of the day then I have to take that off I guess that may be why my waist is not shrinking like it should but I feel that thing is torture and its more painful to wear it then to deal with the small amount of swelling. My Bum is completely soft and jiggley I love it. My TT Scar is getting lighter and my belly button is completely healed. I have attached some pictures of me trying to find jeans which has been a never ending battle if you like the designer jean like me. I did happen to find about 5 pair so for anyone else looking for jeans that have had fat transfer to the butt and tummy tuck try VIGOSS, LEVI DEMI CURVE and my favorite SILVERS . I got all of mine from Macys for under 500.00 . Well ladies I will update again in a few more weeks .

Hi everyone I am almost 4 months po . I'm am doing...

Hi everyone I am almost 4 months po . I'm am doing LOVLEY my bum is soft, giggly and pretty attractive as far as I have been told. I think I had some fluffing in my bum finally. My only issue is my tummy looks big because I did not get the lipo there due to the tummy tuck so needless to say I will be going back to get lipo on my mid and upper tummy as well as my inner thighs I think I want more butt also ( why waist the fat right). I feel it was well worth it and would do it again in a heart beat . One thing I would change is staying in a recovery house. I fell like that was money I could have saved for my future procedure. I was not bed ridden as other people say they were . When I return I will be staying in a hotel. I will post some recent pictures so you all can see how I am looking . I have to warn you some of them my fiance took when I was not aware LOL . FYI, the pictures don't look as good as I feel it does in person. Chao .
Dr. Fuentes

Dr.Fuentes is very to the point and straight forward. He is not one of thora docs that are all about the almighty dollar. His concern is Safety First .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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How can I contact Dr. Fuentes?
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Hi wannabubblebutt. Your looking great sexy!! Hope you get what you want next time.
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I put up new pictures ladies but I could not figure out how to rotate them so I apologize yall.
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You look really great! I'm having a TT and was considering the fat transfer to my buttocks but am wondering if it's worth the pain and money. Do u feel the volume in your bum? Is it worth both procedures done at same time?
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No doubt his work looks great but Dr.Jaime Leon Campos in Tijuana Mx.is not a plastic surgeon! He is a board certified orthopedic surgeon!
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I didn't go to Campos I went to Dr.Fuentes. I wanted Dr.Campos at first but he was to far booked. Really....I think I looked him up on the Plastic surgery website that shows whos board certified and he was listed as a Cosmetic Surgeon. He also used to work under Dr.Fuentes as a resident until he left to get his own practice. I will be going back to Dr.Fuentes anyway.
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LOVVEEEE your results! Would love to see recent progress.
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I really like your results. Hope to see new pics of your progress. After much thought, im considering dr. fuentes as well as pantajo
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Love your results!:)
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Thanks girl.
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Hey wannabubblebutt. We are almost at the 1 month mark now and I was just wondering how are you doing? I know i'm loving my new shape!
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Doing wonderful. I love the picture you sent me. I added some pictures of me trying to find jeans to fit this ASS lol.
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Did you go to doctor Fuentes as well? Can anyone tell roughly how much it will cost to get fat transfer from my tummy or love handle area to my hips. I am very petite...5 feet 2" tall and 39kilograms but I gained 15kilograms so that I have enough fat for the surgery.i already had it done once in India and loved it and now I'm close to Mexico and was thinking how much it will cost me.
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You look fabulous congrats
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Hello, u look really nice and moderate. How many cc's?
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@ juicyblaq I got 900cc per side. Im pretty satisified didnt want a huge fake looking booty. Just a small shelf which i can see starting to come in as my lower back swelling goes down.
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Your 14 day post op looks great! Wonderful progress.
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Damn girl your looking good!!
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Oh girl you look great :) I'm sure you must be so overjoyed :) Enjoy your new shape :)
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Thank you bootyful2be .
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Thanks Tmonie12 .
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You look great!
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Obviously your better at fighting the urge then I am!! Lol. Once I got into it I didn't feel any pain but I sure felt it after. But i didnt have the tummy tuck you had. Just be careful beautiful I'd hate for you to do any damage to that sexy body of yours!!
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Hahaha ! I've been fighing the urge but im starting to get worn down .
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I'm doing great still!! I actually managed to have sex on Saturday night and it hurt afterwards but it was worth it ;-)
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