Dr Campos- 5'1 130lbs/ Sx Date June 11, 13

Hello, let me start by saying i've been...

Hello, let me start by saying i've been researching for the past month on Realself looking for a great Cosmetic Surgeon who is going to give me optimal results!

Im 32yrs old and have a 14 yr old son -never enjoyed my body.. I was scarred with stretch marks!! Then i gained lots of weight at the age of 29 due to bc(mirena).

So after finding realself, i discovered that there are teaching hospitals that offer low priced surgeries, so i said hell yea n went with it. Found -Lenox Hill, my surgeon was a fellow Dr. Parahk, i when i tell you she was the one she really was! Very talented w the knife! I got a tummy tuck, lipo to my upper n lower abs, and mid sec of my back plus flanks. Also had a breast lift with the change of the shape of my Areolas! Everything went well, i suffered for 3 wks but thats the price of beauty! I love my results!! She is the greatest! She has now moved on and is in massachusetts!

Soooo.... I now find everything else wrong with me..
Flabby Arms
Fat in the front and back of armpit Area
Bra strap fat
Back fat

I just want a really thin upper body that look proportionate , a lot of females get lipo and have a super slim waist w thick flabby upper body which looks unreal

Ive researched on Realself and the docs i came across are
-Dr. Campos, Dr. Pantoja, Dr. Salama, Dr. Jimmerson, Dr. Yily
And from word of mouth ive heard of Dr. Cabral - but he doesn't have a good history on google :(

My first choice was Dr. Pantojas but i keep moving towards Dr. campos
Im guessing 'cause i only see most of his work on -Realself and MakeMeHeal.

Has anyone done Sx w him? Are you satisfied? Or is anyone planning like me..

Also want to add , i want Rhinoplasty done as well so.. Im excited but also a little nervous! Im looking for a little extra reassurance i guess! Any is gladly appreciated thanks.

Im currently 5'1, 125-130 pds weight fluctuates

Im soo sorry for all the typos, i tried editing...

Im soo sorry for all the typos, i tried editing but it doesnt give me an option !!

Hello, so today i had yet another consultation...

Hello, so today i had yet another consultation with Lenox hill, not happy at all!

As i said before, my first sx was is a tummy tuck, lipo, n breast lift was done at Lenox hill, great result i guess what i want is a -Revision!!

So i returned in hopes to get the following
Lipo in the upper and lower back, upper and lower abs, infront and behind arm pit area, and bra strap area
Followed with a trasfer of fat to my butt and hips.
And a Rhino

My first consult for these procedures was last month
The fellow i seen, wanted to break my sx up into 2
And said i didnt have enough fat to transfer, besides that they -claim!!!, my booty has enough volume and that i need to work out.
If i wanted someone to give me opinions i wouldnt be in the office lookn for sx now wud i?
That pissed me off..

So i schd another consult with a different Dr/Fellow in Lenox which was today only to be disappointed some more..
She didnt even wanna give me the lipo i asked for, told me to diet n cut the carbs.. Im like is she serious!!
First off i bartend, i want a body im comfortable in!!
I want my lipo, booty and rhino
Why r u as a ps giving me other options!! Its my money i wanna spend it! Ill worry about working out after!!
So they pissed me off in total!!

So i guess itll be Dr. Campos all the way!!
Goingmto take my pics today and send angie an email for my quote!!

Yea Dr.Cabral is known for for giving the "barbie" figure but he is also known for causing burns and botching tummy tucks.Good luck with Campos!I'm 90% sure I'm going with him after I finish saving.
Hi smiley, sorry for all my typos i tried editing but it doesnt give me an option :( why do u choose Dr. campos?
I've seen a lot of before and afters from him and he's the most consistent surgeon I've seen so far with transforming shapes.He's def. the hourglass man!Alot of girls say he is a perfectionist when it comes to giving u a nice shape.

So i took my and emailed the to info, angie,...

So i took my and emailed the to info, angie, hannia@tjlipo.com, and hannia responded. So excited!!
Good luck!! I'm choosing Campos too. I haven't booked yet. If I book now anyone have an idea how how long the wait is? Good luck to all you ladies waiting to get "bootyfull"!!
Im going to Campos April 29th. Im soooo excited
I sent my pics to him yesterday, now im just waiting for my quote. How long did it take for him to get back to u?

Desperately waiting on my quote!! Feels like forever!!

Desperately waiting on my quote!! Feels like forever!!
Any progress?
Yes got my sx date for june 11th. How ur feeling? U look great btw :)
DID you get your quote?

Hello ladies hope all is well. Been so stressed w...

Hello ladies hope all is well. Been so stressed w work. I bartend n my club has bn really slow, n it seems like if ur booty isnt big none of the other clubs r hiring u :(!
My sx date is june, 11.. I wonder what so i have to bring w me? As well as a passport, do we need one?
Ive searched realself over n over and i have to say Dr. Campos is the man, compared to these other surgeons by far his work is absolutely the best!!
Who else is goin for sx the beginning of June?
Also, i think im getting my rhino w him.. Any suggestions?
My surgery date with Dr.Campos is April 11th. I'm staying at club med for 7days and Marvin adviced me that I do not need a passport! Just ID and birth certificate
I completely agree!!! I just started dealing with Angie, and she is so unprofessional. I am going to write on his Facebook wall and let him know. This is what you get paid to do. It's your job. I love Dr. Campos result, but Dr. Pantajos staff gets the crown. They actually take there time to answer all your questions, and show that they care. He's good, but theire are always someone better. If she does not get her act Together people will take their money to someone else.

Time is approaching ladies,i need to get it...

Time is approaching ladies,i need to get it together and start buying the nessecities. 1 month and 10 days away ;)

There is a salama patient on here and i think her...

There is a salama patient on here and i think her garment was best i have to search and get the brand again. And im def taking U.S pills
Hi bbl sista wow your date is approaching soon. Mine is not till July 24, 2013 do you know what garmet your going to get Im confused on which one to get and are taking US pain pills or using the one campos gives? Thanks
There is a salama patient on here and i think her garment was best i have to search and get the brand again. And im def taking U.S pills
Thanks girl let me know what the garmet brand was if you can please

Im kinda, like blah

Its finally come so close.. I leave june 10th
Any ladies have any idea what i need.. Like a list of things?

Upset that Angie tells me now to gain weight!

Seriously?? Im 130 5'1.. How can i possibly gain weight ;(
Hey Sexyl0ve! How are you doing? Only 3 days away, how exciting! How many days at club med are u staying? I hope to meet you there!
Hi im here! When do u come?
So excited for you, ur date is like 2wks.away. Wish u the best surgery, and look forward yo seeing BEFORE pics as well as new/improved.... im 5ft 125lbs, so I would luv to see campos.wk.on petite girls

Im at club med!!

Im here, im comfortable, and anxious!
How is Club med I will be there in les than two weeks, congrats on your up coming surgery!
Love club med, very comforting like if i were in mynown, i call suzanne mom!
It's your big day I'll be praying for you baby girl you're gonna look fab!!!

Ok ladies

I feel good to write,
Cudnt get my nose done.. Sad about that Dr. Campos look wasnt to reassuring..
He explained w a nose job u have to lay on ur back n he didnt want me to loose ay fatty cells.
Other then that i was 5'1, 133 pds and he told me that wasnt enough!!
So ladies if Angie tells u dont gain weight gain weight!
I told him take from my arm, upper back and inner thighs
Surprisingly after surgery one of the nurses was helpin, i asked how many cc's
She showed me a paper w a printed out body on it...
My booty said 1200 cc's doesnt look like it w this garment on but we shall see.
I wanted hips so i kno i see alot if hips! Till then i will update ladies
Also I read a some ppl wake up during the surgery.. Did you? I'm nervous about that part
To b honest, i didnt like the whole anesthesia idea. I kept wakin up n my last wake up cudnt go bk to sleep cuz of a loud machine noise n the pressure on my body :( nightmare
Hi hope you have a speedy recovery ... Can't wait to see the pictures. Thanks for your updates

Took a shower today

And i must say, my booty is huge n so r my hips
Thanks! so helpful, you look really good!
Do u have any pics?
Any updates?? Hope all is well :)
Jaime Campos Leon, MD

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