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BBL Part 2: New Beautiful Beginnings - Tijuana, MX

Hey Ladies, this is my part 2 BBL review. If you...

Hey Ladies, this is my part 2 BBL review. If you first want to read my part 1, please click here.


I took my latest measurements and I am now at:
Waist -32 inches
Mid waist/ hips -32
Bootay-43 annnnnd HOLDING!!!
(Loss 2 inches only since sx!)
Weight- 180 lbs

Add five mos pics. ...

To my page....

NOW US VETS can LAUGH abt ......

Things that make us go hmmm as we now can look bck on all of our BBL BLOOPERS : c'mon on and share a quick laugh w me and ohhh you newbies dont crack up at us just yet ....
-first time you wake up and u see your PS standing over you and he says hello and u say well do i got a "phatty"? He/she says yes and tells u your cc's and u pass da hell out....and your PS smiles and says she out like a light!
-or we get up for the very first time and u just pass da h-ll out ....another one bites da dust (due to low iron count dropping frm sx)
-nooo wait ok first day catherter gets taken out and u think u got this just a few steps to the toilet and bam...river runneth over...or u think ok i can let it rip in the plastic cup and dayunmm u miss like wtf???
-wiping your dunkey donk for the first time....lmao know one told you u needed to take "wipingmynua$$101a.com all over again !
-ok ladies hold up dont fall out da chair on this one....single ladies n da house holla bck....ok you haven't told your bf abt the sx and he's mad crazy rt abt now craving yo a$$ cause you've made hin wait 6-8wks to see u or alone GET SOME and u mke him mke "WOOPY W YOU w ur garment on talking bout free access bby cause im trying a new loose weight outfit and i cant take it off for 90days!
- or he hasnt seen you, come over wanna hit it and you miss superwoman takes off your garment and have on regular attire and while sitting visitong w him a white cloud comes over your head like ' i sho'll cant wait til i take you tired a$$ home! Lol cause you are dyeing to get bck into your one and only undeniable, irresistible LOVE AFFAIR you have with your COMMPRESSION GARMENT! AM I WRONG ABT IT?
-or trying to mk the room so darn dark rt b4 your woopy session bcz your nosey dont let nothing pass him abt your body and you trying too keep your TT scar unseen and out of sight for the brothas thats up on the PS tip.....rt!
- your first night out pn the town and u sit all funny style not trying to ruin dem fat cells.....
-the first four post opt days and its time to take a shower and get out pf your garment ALLL ALONE...hello somebody!
- ok TT girlz....u forget and bend over ooouch! Or significant other tries to slap dat donk and you forest.....you think you can run! NOTTTT....hilarious!
-sleeping in pur "praying hands" position trying to avoid smashing our hips or sitting on our new donky donks but not realizing the hubbies are getting turned on by the minutes cause all that new untapped territory! Yea they want is to get well soon but they got those lil white clouds tooo!
-ok getting p/u frm the PS clinic and the RH driver picks u up n a darn SUV and you cussing they a$$ out like no tomorrow under your breath saying they know they needed to bring a sedan, low rider or sumtin!
-going thru the airport security and every fine a$$ TA knows oh here comes another sx pt in her decorated designer wheelchair that ndds to be pat dwn! Lol
- driving for the first time using a boppy pillow and your head is too the roof of your car looking like herman da.....
-first day back at work and just when you think u got this your boss calls a 2 hr mtg....dayummm u must get up every 45mins!!!
-airplane ride home and we sweating bricks thinking how da sam freaking heck ur not going to squash our new donky donks hoping we all could get a whole row to lay on our semi side or tummy for those non TT ladies!
Ok So I Hope you NEWBIES enjoyed our VETS reflecting on how far we've COME n GROWN over the last 6-12mos! Yesss we can look bck and LAUGH NOW but BCK THEN WE WLD ALL CRY n our secret monents at how n da h-ll did we put ourselves thru this here! Things WE girlies DO to REMAIN BEAUTIFUL BOOTIFUL BUTTERFLIES ....smooches!


My honey says ....u go bby!! Go SEAHAWKS!!! RAIDER DIE HART.....BBY!! Ok on the serious tip....ladies u can do this! The bbl sqiats really work But im nit gonna lie .....they hurt like all get out!


Why RS blocked NJPRBEAUTY's page whn she honored every request and posted she doesn't ndd to advertise on RS is puzzling????
Help me plz to understand why RS doesnt SUPPORT QUALITY RECOVERY CARE FACILITIES for every member on here becz post opt care is just important as the PS and it should go hand n hand! Vets and members ild and new what are your thoughts of this?
Well i guess my journal will be next so ladies its been great meeting all walks of life and sharing the same common goal "enhancements of our God given NATURAL BEAUTY!" REMEMBER one thing abt me in what i ve always quoted to each and every doll, hater etc " you are all already beautiful and wonderfully made in OUR CREATORS EYES but YOU just have to BELIEVE N YOURSELF that you're already SEXEE!

SHUT da FRONT DOOR .....!!!

Look who is a "REAL FRRIENNNNND" !!!

"Happy 6mos BIRTHDAY to my home grown PHATTY!"

Hello bootiful butterflies! I thought I would nvr be able to get bck online to update you ladies and share the latest hot off da hot sizzlin' press w all the long awaited 411 bcz of that ole red devil trying to pull up n my driveway and park...we aint got time for that rt ladies! First these long grave shift hours i have been wrking, then my internet goes dwn for an entire week and im like NOT NOW! I must update my journal and let the ladies know i jad to roll up on em TJ ya'll...yea this sexeeangel can only take so much thing its own n crackalacklin OAKLAND BOOTY STYLE...HEE HEE!
SO I NVR HEARD bck frm Dr. P...NOT ANSWERING his PRINCESS? OH NO WEEZE NOT HAVING THAT! I was on the nxt BIRD SMOKING! See er gonna quit all this emailing nck n forth to the middle man and let me have my PS address my concerns face 2 face bby girl and tell me his logical explanation on his actions and not your opinonated advice or saying repeatedly "did u send an email w pic?"
So i arrived in TJ, my driver picks me up at the airport and we roll out to dr. P's office! Omg i've nvr seen TJ so cold!! I arrive at the clinic...OMG MS......U LOOK WONDERFUL! WE DIDNT KNOW WHO YOU WERE! DR. P running late as usual but whn he comes thru the office foor e that charmful smile of his and great big hugs one tends to forget abt everything he/she orginally came to accomplish! BUT OH NO DA HECK WE DIDNT, NOT THIS TIME! I HUGGED HIM BCK BUT LETS NOW GET dwn to business and explain to me what,why and how come this big lil sexee bootay of mine seems to come n go as she pleases? Why is this discoloration on my belly button so dark and how long is healing time or is this a mild seroma?
Dr. P stated there was no seroma, not to worry and complete healing is up to a year! He went on to explain his technique n how his bbl 's just dont start out like they end in six mos " fully developed in its newly designed shape, its a growing process as the swelling goes dwn my shape defines every month!!! Dr. P went on to compliment me on my overall "natural yet sexy physique" as my wish pics displayed to him. I advised dr.P that in prder to acquire this shape i had to do lots of hard extra wrk like "Bbl squats now up to 200"! Dr. P liked to have fainted and said...plz stop doing those ASAP! And while ur at it ...NO MILK, CHEESE, CABBAGE,RED MEAT, COLLARD GREENS, BANANAS ,SALT, BROCCOLI. etc now have you to know whn he said collard greens i was threw! Ik so dr p n getting to thr nature of this this visit as i was pulling off my garment the orginal one he gave me just a talking saying and i have done everything possible to avoid a " REVISION/ROUND 2!!! DR. P looks at my shape and says, " let me get your file, i will get bck w you n about a week!! I THOUGHT SO....LOL!!!! SO STAY TUNED DOLLS and let me share some pics w you ladies! I am wearing one pair of my jeans that fit all others are waaay too big. I went frm a size 16 to a 14 and now ladies a SIZE NAUGHTY NINE! AND OOPS DOLLS I HAVE ANOTHER SECRET TO TELL U NXT MONTH ABT what had happened in TJ AS A RESULT OF MY "DRIVEBY" ...hold onto your seats!


Loving on ME some ME!

Last pic.

Didnt take...lets try again!


One mo time...lol!


Hello dolls! Well Dr. P returned with an email stating the same information he referenced in an email months ago before he seen me n person on FEB 1st 2014 for my 6mo follow up. Do u know where this is already going right?
Dr. P said he will address my concerns and he now understands my issue but he will charge me an additional 1700 bucks to REVISION his error!!!". Like whattttt?
Ok here is my issue, HOW MANY TIMES is it going to take to GET IT RIGHT? B4REAL and QTMOMMY (now mew body) is my witness that i explained to him that im not a R2 patient! Buddy ole pal u got one time to do yo thang up n here on this temple and precious cargo of mine cause im the biggest bby when it comes to needles and my body is very sensitive to and disruption like sx and i take forevvvvvvvvvver to heal! When i met w Dr. P on the morning of my sx, i asked him to explain the whole prpceedure after he looked at me and sd ...." you dont have enough FAT!" SHUT da FRONT DOOR .....!! I sd as i was thinking w that white cloud over my head doing the MADEA saying I oughta jump across this beautiful maghony wood desk and WOOP YO ....! I said DR. P you told me to loose 15-20lbs and i told you that I am tall amd i am not obesed looking w my weight and i think you need this fat! I said w some women we cant go by the doctors chart they use to calculate bmi but now that im here what do u suggest on how im to achieve "projection" i desire? Ladiessssss right there he should have NOT been all abt the Benjamins and sd let me refund you for the TT and we just do AGGRESSIVE lipo, FAT TRANSFER AND BBL! Not take my money and not explaining to me that if he does the TT HE THROWS THAT FAT AWAY cause he cant use it in the buttocks area! I was a newbie once and u ddnt have anyone on here to go put of their way to say no sexee dont do the TT!!! This is why i reach out to ladies advising them whn it comes to our PS ....dont allow him to waste your fat by telling u do the TT first and then end up not having enough "VIRGIN FAT "for your BBL paying all that cheese for 300-700cc's!!! So now that i have no fat, he didn't fo aggressive lipo like he should have on my upper back bra flanks, arms and nvr touched my thighs bcz he said it's a dangerous area where our main artery is in our leg! So you live and learn and i have learned the signs of a conservative PS and a PS that will do the dam thang don't play like dr Jimersen says and Dr. CARDENAS oooo that lady is AWESOME n bbl's. What you say is what you get and she WILL tell you w/o selling you a DREAM!!!
Now ladies dont get me wrong ....Dr. P is the MAN for TT AND S CURVE! MY TT is flat as A TWO BY FOUR PC OF PLYWOOD ANNNNND HIS TT SCAR IS THIN AS F--K!!!!! I've seen a lot of TT scar lines and im kool! I am happy with my natural S curve hour Glass figure, my tt is off da mofo chain, although i had to work much harder than most, i appreciate my enhanced beautiful SEXXEEEE body that i had prior to sx much more and loving me for me just as i am! I must be doing something right bcz i got men, turning taking second looks, dropping their food doing to much staring...lol!! Women coming up to me complimenting me, men offering to go out of their way to buy me lunch, dinner etc! I met a cardiologist surgeon so who knows what my future may hold :)
Ok now the secret i've been and holding onto til i heard from Dr. P....SO i also had a consultation w dr. Cardenas who was rt around the corner from dr.p and she is so dwn to earth, took her time w me and gave me her real and true honest opinion on what i shld do to address my concerns! She stated i look absolutely GORGEOUS annd everything is in porportioned and please dont gain weight to have surgery for no one bcz they will ndd "VIRGIN FAT"! Thats taking a risk Bcz that fat will go to areas that no doctor will be able to take and transfer it to the desirable area! She sd im sorry i didnt find her first becz she wld have been more aggressive in lipo to at least give me 1400cc's weighing 189 at sx! After spending two hours w her she had her husband pick me up and gave a tour of their "BEAUTY CARE RECOVERY HOME" and ladies it is set up for your entire family to come w you! Which is very nice! Real nurses and a nurses station and ambilantory services 24/7 on call! Reclining beds also! Great menu! Call them or keep them n mind! So round two for me and who will do my REVISION? STAY TUNED DOLLS! AS for now i have a trainer who os almost 99.9% sure dat 700cc bootayyyyyy will be dble her size by AUGUST 12TH,2014 NATURALLY! IM wearing a size 9, i m n a small squeem and slowly sloooowly graduating from my garment bcz i still ndd COMPRESSION!!! I will post monthly!


Lookout fellas ......summer looks like it has lots of surprises n store for ya! HOTT OF DA PRESS!
CONGRATULATIONS to Vanity Vixen on her RN graduation and HAPPY healing to my RS sister Elli80 our beautiful butterfly which its her "SHOWTIME" to blossom and shine! Im haapy for you both!


WHO DATTTTTT! So by now you all may have guess that i'm a southern bell at heart w citifed sexee flava n my fabulous foxy forty's!
Not only are we CELEBRATING MARDI GRAS but CONGRATULATIONS to all the new PHATTY'S being born today! Welcome to the big bootay side dolls!


Hola mi amigas! Thought i forgot about you? No i have just been busy doing way to much CARDIO.....LOL! OHHH but not rhe cardio that you all are thinking of...hee hee!
So now no big changes n my seventh month just continuous beautified fluffing from the booty Gods and um grateful to get an over abundance of bootiful blessings to come my way! I can truly see and reap the benefits from it! Ive slowed up on the squats to see if the fat is withholding from all my weight loss from eating clean n lean! Im not trying to loose but maintain my weight at 175lbs but i keep loosing???? Oooh 2 much heart2heart? Lol! Im up to 5 hrs straight n my size small squeem and my male friends all say they can see difference by saying....'dammmmm girl look at all that waist and....need i say more? Hmmm this spring break let alone SUMMER MADNESS this year is going to be off da chain!
So for ladies that have reached their year anniversary anddddd had both TT , MUSCLE REPAIR and BBL at the same time........When does that feeling needing compression finally go away? Although my TT is flat as two by four piece of plywood and no lumps or bloated, it still feels like gello on the inside until i put on my SQUEEM and stage one garment! Im dwn to only eight hrs in my garment!
Well im off to packing to get ready for my cruise nxt month so maybe they'll be some updates w pics of whats in store for my 8th month anniversary n my bikini on the islands w my island men! Toodles chicas, divas and sexi bootiful dolls!

Hate phn memory ....dont u?

I could have sworn i typed....look at that small waist and all dat.....
Well most of u all got it....lol!


Congratulations to my girl " YOKAST2011!" Yes doll live your dreams! Ladies if you have not stopped by to read her journal you're all missn out a great inspirational journal for all of us ladies to step out of our comfort zone! So proud of you YOKASTA2011!!!
Ladies this proceedure, lifetime investment and exciting move that you have decided to take requires much PREPARATION, RESEARCH AND INVESTIGATION and last but not least PRAYER!!! When you have decided and determined to live your best life going forward for whatever time frame we all may have left on this earth there is no time for rushing or guessing when it comes to choosing the best PS surgeon for your priceless and precious TEMPLE! One PS may be great for one person or not the other but best for your chosen desires just dont make your final choice too soon! Ultimate goal is too match a PS with your beautiful body as it already is prior to sx so that the "ENHANCEMENTS "that your chosen PS will give you fit u like none other and it will be done right the first time around! (Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong w revisions or r2's, but those wish pics of stars they paid for many revisions to get to their final result) The cheapest quote and the biggest bbl is not always the best or final solution to your ending result of what your natural yet beautiful sexy flowing desired look on YOUR BODY should be! Remember this if nothing else YOU are UNIQUE and GOD created a masterpiece when he formed you n your mothers womb, so dont rush into anything dolls! Live your dreams, dream BIG, step outside of your comfort zone do YOU and live your life like its GOLDEN...we only get one chance at it!!

7 1/2 month "WASIT TRAINING ...U SQUEEM,

I squeem!" Lol hi ladies thought i might share with you how this small waist squeem is working although she ia doin da dang on thang to my waist line ..oooh wee if i can just get to my eighth hour! She baddd ya'll but she wont get the best of me ....i want that 29inches bad! Lol It makes big daddies suga project more n more! But im grateful at 30-31inches if God says so!
Now the picks u will see are me n my squeem w no stage one garment one but i do still wear it becz my tummy area feels like jelly ndding more compression so im listening to MY BODY!!! The last pic is of my scar of all that's left....i have to give dr. P credit foe a wonderful incision line. I used bio oil and scar jel together twice a day and it looka like i will NOT be needing a tattoo afterall like dr cardenas and dr.p both stated! My tummy is flat on daily bases but that day and once a month i must eat me some broccoli and have me a pepsi! Lol So i wanted to share what eating those bloating foods will do but it goes away after two days and what doesnt OMG my LYMPHATIC MASSAGE THERAPIST will drain the mess out of my abdomen! U shared her infoo for the cali girls if u want to look her up n part one of my journal!

Tummy ...

Didn't take ...try again....

Often Times Forgotten and NEVER MENTIONED ...

RS sisters that are new community members as well as dolls who are planning on having REVISIONS:
1.FIRST PRIORITY if TRAVELING ABROAD to get surgery .....Contact your PC to get your immunization shots that will help your bodies fight off INFECTIONS/ DISEASE! !!
2. GET a full complete physical so your PC will be able to advise you if you should have this elective surgery and an ideal candidate from jump street!
3. Make me heal- pre opt vitamins and post opt vitamin pac sold online (MMH.COM) why i stress this is becz this combo has everything you need for before and after our sx and ot boost up our iron levels. Yes its for forty-five days after our sx but hey i'd rather be covered completely than NOT AT ALL TO FOREIGN PARTICLES when it comes to our TEMPLES!!!
4. Dont just decide on sx then call and book ur appointment in the nxt 60days! Allow thosr vitamins to set in, establish "lean n clean " eating habits if u are one that ndds to get within 10-15 pounds of ur bmi or ideal weight n order to have a successful sx results. Then after sx it won't be so hard to cont to eat that way after sx!
5. Noooooo soda before midnight b4 ur sx.... TT patients!
6. JT Tubing- find out if the PS uses them bcz if u know u may NOT exercise proper ETIQUETTE while wearing and sleeping in your drains ....seek a PS that doesn't bcz NO u CAN'T reinsert them...INFECTION and now that you're home u have now become a liability to the doctor n the USA!
B.To help ur drain stay in place,my nurses made a waterproof tape seal around it. The square bandages look like a letter U or u can mke them w clear taping! Its ok dolls just another bbl blooper their are some of us who are sugar ray lenords n our sleep then their are others who lay rt n place and sleep CUTE like we do when we get that new HAIRSTYLE/QUICK WEAVE! LOL!!
7. Garments -are make sure u order the proper STAGE when ordering or reordering....ask the clerk bcz we ndd that proper compression for our ABDOMENS in order to work hand in hand w that BEAST of a SQUEEM/WAIST QUENCHER for our waist training!
8. Dont go buying all that unnecessary items like that peeezee ....just get an old plastic big gulp cup from home and pack it, it will be ur best friend shoot half of that stuff we NEVER get around to using! All those clothes we do get around to even wearing cause us TT patients either dont want to be touched we're sooooo freaking SOAR, we hate to get up but we have too!!
9.LEGGINGS ....CIRCULATION(keep it flowing)
10.STOP SMOKING!!!- during preparation for surgery, not two wks b4 bcz that time frame too short bcz it will only increase your desire TO FIRE UP AFTER SX!!
10 . Practice wearing your CG b4 ur sx date so your body can get used to different texture and tightened feeling!
***RS please consider a "forum "eating so that our dolls can grieve together when we loose one of our dolls and gain an ANGEL! My HEART is so heavy and grieving for our recent loss this past Wednesday ...please join me and our other sisters PRAYER for that family!

Typo ....

Delete......eating, do(dont)
No im no smoker nor a tummy sleeper. I sleep on my side or bck but i have an i comfort bed, so my sleeping wasnt a problem. My inventions i made were to help other TT patients!

Guess who i just talked to.....?

Our beautiful butterfly HAZ_LOVE!!! OMG.....GOD is soooi AWESOME!!! She sounds GREAT and VERY POSITIVE and in a good place now in her recovering! Please keep encouraging her to also update us all so hit her page up w some LOVE!!!!


Well Ms Phatty is holding her own very well and she is a whole wopping 1 more inch.....44inches! My waist still 30/31 at times. My weight still the same so maybe i will see some significant changes n my ninth mo???
I do know im tired of this CG, but unfortunately if i dont wear it my body begins to swell slightly ....im still trying to tuff it out j my small squeem and o ordered another one to work out in becz i have worn my size medium squeem til i can just slide it on...lol.
I have had death n my family my mothers bby brother paased. so i haven't been online as much Bcz there is no mo u hear me no mo room in the inn! Family is here from Louisiana, Texas and Atl!!! Then the following week n half....PUERTO RICO here i come!
To all ladies that will be having their sx's BEST WISHES ,happy healin and just tell them ladies.....one hasnt seen the last of me/you and the BEST IS YET TO COME! !!


Hello dolls .....here is my recipe and items ndded for our flat tummies :
1. Upon your 14 day post put on your SQUEEM/WAIST QUENCHER/VEST. ..gradually working up to 8hrs, so 1 hr per day + an hr everyday!
2. 6cups filtered water,
3 1 tbsp grated ginger
4. 1 cucumber sliced
5. 1 lemon sliced
6.1/3 cup Mint leaves
Leave the mixture infuse over night and drink it all the next day!!!! Bootylicious!!!!!....pics to come via PUERTO RICO ....bonvoyage dolls!

Vainty!!!!!! For our future dolls here's an INCENTIVE!


8 mo pics...

Let's see if they post? If not KRISTY to my rescue! Those of u ladies who doubt bbl squats.. ..look again! Just takes will power cause u wont see results n two wks, nope dont believe the hype! U can do it ladies! I brought my girl bck from nothing to this! Yes its tuff bcz walking is still CARDIO and w my sensitive body one thing may contradict the other for example: no cardio but if i try to eat fattening foods to see if the carbs go to my buttocks, hell guess what .....rt! It goes to my face, arms everywhere there's no LIPO! So i have to walk to make an even spread due to i have a bck injury so im limited to ways of working out! So i reduced the miles in walking, drink my flat tummy juice, eat clean nlean lean w only one treat a month and let mr. Cardiologist shape n mold her all he ndds too...lol!!!! Let me get bck to work....toodles!


From above. .


"If I DO SAY SO MYSELF.....(in my JayZee voice) put it on 'em! I must go shopping at the 5,7,9 store! Pure BLESSING!"?

Cont frm above....

Pics didn't post ....
Dr. Salvador Pantoja

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Alright now Ms. Sexeeangel. You sho nuff working them girls hun! You look great :-)
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Ooops I meant working them curves lol!
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Lol ok i was chiecking the girls looking dwn at them ....lol!
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Lol you working them too hun!
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Hey girl u look good. U still swell and have to wear ur compression garment at 8 months?
  • Reply
Yes! I just dont like that jelly feeling i still have. My body is really sensitive. It heals very slow. Im one of those 1yr anyway bcz of my fat loss of cells....so whn that happens my recovery is on a whole different level than the normal bbl and TT regiment.
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Yesss yesss I see her stucking out back there!! Doing great sis!
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Thank you doll! Just think if i didn't put my big girl panties on, get off my lil flat bootay i was given and apply effort....my god what a mess i wld have turned out to look! I think my journal is ideal for those who had a bad experience w their PS but there is hope if one doesnt give up!!!
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Looking good lady!!!
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Thank u...those bbl squats save the day, ya think? How r you?
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And enjoy Puerto Rico!!!!
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Hey Hun, thanks for the flat tummy water recipe. I'm gonna give it a try. . How are you and Ms. Phatty doing?
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Girl she ova here cuttn up! She betta get some act right caise i need her to be on her j.o.b n the caribbean ok! Thank you!
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Hey sis!!! Looking greAt! How are you?
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Hey beautiful! Im hanging n there. Now lookahere....if u dont get some where and be nice! U had me rolling! There will b no smothering the hubby! Funny thing is i bet u stand straight ahead looking at someone but whn u turn around ....ALLLL HELL BREAKS OUT! GIRLLLL what u gonna do w all that booty? Ewwww weeee!
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He likes it , he likes it!!! Lol girl this thing is ridiculously huge!!! I dont know what to do anymore! Men women and children stare and point lol
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See hubby can't take u no where! Too funny!
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Hey luv i posted new pics...
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Thanks for the info! I'll have to remember that around this time next year! (IF I get a date by then... Lol!)
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Uw....lol who r u waiting on?
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I've lost about 40lbs, but I need to lose like 90lbs more. Hopefully I can achieve that by this time next year. Then I'll pick 3 doctors to get a quote from.
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Gooood!! U can do it!
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Thank you! :)
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I wish I did have the remainder in full. I need a discount period. Shat. Lol. Girl you giving us recipes...making my damn day. I was so in a not so good mood earlier at work. Still here. Blah.
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Lol yes! Maintaing dem flat washboards is a job within itself!
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