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I am still pre-op and I am so excited. I go to...

I am still pre-op and I am so excited. I go to meet Dr. Campos in march I will keep you ladies updated.

Hello everyone so i went to Campos yesterday and...

Hello everyone so i went to Campos yesterday and stopped by beauty care check it out.

Hey Everyone, Sorry its been so long. I had my...

Hey Everyone,
Sorry its been so long. I had my surgery Jan 10th I am really excited. I also got a tummy tuck along with my BBL, now I am planning to get a reduction. Recovery going well, I am here at beauty care and I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! everyone is so amazing. I paid for a 5 day stay, but after seeing how cool it is I didn't to pay for an extra 2 days. So far I like my results can't really tell to much though. Anyway i'll post pics soon.

If you have any question please ask them here, I...

If you have any question please ask them here, I will not be responding to them on my youtube channel. Thank You.

Had my post-op appointment today and another...

Had my post-op appointment today and another massage. I was really disappointed because Dr, Campos told me I would be fine if I use the Boppy pillow and it wouldn't mess up my results. I felt like my butt was getting flat and I asked him he said he thought it looked like it was getting flat and then said, "To bad" I was shocked. I thought his bedside manners would have been better then that. I talk to Dr. Cardenas and she told me don't worry its to soon to tell if my butt is flat or not because I am still swollen. Everyone in the office said it would be okay to get the TT and BBL together, but honestly until I see my true results I do not recommend it. My mommy left me today and I am still at beauty care it is cool because everyone is so sweet, but I miss her so much can't wait to see her again. She had a consultation with Campos to get a BBL and he told her she didn't have enough fat she is really Bummed about it because at one time she had enough fat for a whole village. It really sucks! anyway I am on day 6. I will post more pics. Oh yea he also only spent about 3 minutes on me in my Post-op appointment.

OMG!! If your going to have any type of surgery. I...

OMG!! If your going to have any type of surgery. I urge any and everyone to stay at BEAUTY CARE RECOVERY HOUSE! Everyone here is so amazing from Ron the Manager to the the cook carla and fabiola and driver. I looooooove this place! If you are scared to come to a foreign place once you get here it is like being at home with your family only better. Dr. Cardenas was not my surgeon, but she comes to check not only on her patients, but everyone here that stays at BCRH. Come check it out, I promise you will not be dissatisfied. My stay has been amazing.

Hey whats up everyone, Just a quick update, I am...

Hey whats up everyone,
Just a quick update, I am doing pretty well. Cant wait until I can start being fast. lol I feel better than what my body does, still can't stand straight up, but the move I move the better it gets. I still have my drains in. I will be going back to Dr. Campos Monday to get them removed. It's a couple days after my 2 weeks but I was still draining a lot, and I would rather have them in than out right now. My navel was looking kind of funky and I was so nervous I called Dr. Cardenas who BTW is not my surgeon, but was soooooo helpful and calmed me down. She is Hella Awesome!!! Anyway, I'll see update you in about a week or if I noticed something different.
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Had surgery jan 10th

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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the best tt i have in my life wow!!!
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Wow you look good!!! Congrats
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Congrats!! You look amazing girlfriend! I hope you're doing great! xx
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OMG amazing body, you look fabulous, I'm scared to go up there though :/
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You look good girl happy healing I love your stomach
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Hey hun congrats on ur surgery!!! I'll be goin to Tijuana for surgery on March 4th with Dr. Pantoja.
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U look really good having my surgery on the 26 th of march
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Your results look amazing your waist is tiny!
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Hey Pantie...looking good ma!!
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* what I get for typing on
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LOL you crazy
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Hi panties, ur results are amazing. How come u stayed longer than 10 days? I thought tt n bbl one will need to stay for a short time. And beauty care, how much do they charge for 10 day stay?
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Now your breast look huge -for your new body are you considering a breast reduction at all?
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Yes! girl I was saying the same thing.
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I was in absolute shoooooccckk when I saw your pics.. they are amazing. Looked very painful at first but it looks like you are healing very well and your waist line is beautiful. I would have been soo scared to stand up straight-scared to pop any stiches..
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I was, I still can't stand up all the way straight.
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Healing .. process and in due time sure you'll be standing tall and showing off that new body.
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u have an hourglass waist. wow, so far so good. keep it up
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Thanks! I just hope this booty keep up and don't go down anymore lol
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Congrats Hun!!! Your post op pics look great!! I'm revving up for my turn!! Take care Hun. kp us updated!!
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Okay I sure will, thanks
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