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Hey there i have been wanting a nose job for...

hey there

i have been wanting a nose job for some time now and boy let me tell you the headache i get when i here the pricing form doctors in the us, the highest so far was 17000 from a doctor in new york or 8000 from a doctor in Atlanta GA. I personally need to have a good feeling about the doctor i choose and i have been researching this procedure for a 3 years and i finally came across a name Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero. So far all i have done was contact him through his website and i am currently waiting on a reply . I plan to get the surgery this coming up August 2014 if his price is right because i would like to get my breast done at the same time. By the looks of his picture he does a good job, i just hope its the same with me.
so i will come back with before and after pictures who i choose , pricing, and more

wish me luck.

i need a buddy to go with me for rhinoplasty/black female wide nose

hello i just moved to az and im going to get rhinoplasty some time in august when school breaks i will have a week so its the perfect time to do this. Down side is i have no travel buddy ,i just received an email from Dr Manuel Gutierrez to send pictures for a virtual consult but i have not been quoted yet, bet i made up my mind i am defiantly doing this. Have any one went alone is anyone doing surgery in august

Side view before

my wish pictures

currently waiting on a quote i have sent them my pictures of what i do and dont like about mines and also pictures of what i possible would like
which would be /elevate tip
narrow the nare
refine nasal tip
you have to know exactly what your looking to do to give the doctor a good idea
here is a young lady who did her story on here with the same doctor and shes african decent / type ethic rhinoplasy


im not correcting typos guys sorry lol im using my cell phone , you get the point

verified dr Gutierrez Romero

To verify Dr. Romero’s credentials & membership: call direct to the Mexican Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (in Mexico) at: # 011-52-555-615-4910. The Doctor’s Certification Number is #942.

One more month before surgery

I'm nervous an excited all in one , I guess I'll be trawling by my self so defiantly keep me in your prayers .
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero ethnic rhinoplasty breast surgery

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Hey ladies!! I'm actually planning on getting my rhino done with this doctor as well! (Yes, I'm African American) Wish me luck!! I wish I could go at the same time as you all but I wanna have it done before my B-day in august. I'm looking for a good ticket price for mid July. I;ll definitely keep you all updated.
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Yayy! Congrats!
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thank youu! & Good luck!
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I just went Gutierrez for a bbl in April and was going back around sept for my revision rhinoplasty. He makes you feel like you are in good hands even though my butt didnt come out the way I was hoping it was an improvement and I had zero complications.
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Oh good. Did Dr. G do your initial rhinoplasty? If not, can you say who? You may have already stated who did it but I remember you saying you were dissatisfied with the results
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No he didnt do my first rhinoplasty I have a post about that dr.Dr G did my bbl wich came out ok but im still going for my nose with him because I have seen his work and he is good with african american noses and he already gave me a consultation when I was down there in April
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OK thanks!
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I went to Dr Gutierrez with my husband. Felt perfectly safe, his driver pucks u up, u go straight to the office, blood work done, consult in person, stay over night. I went on a Monday had surgery same day, stayed at a close hotel until Thursday went back in for f/u and tape change. Then flew home. I had a different procedure done, but planning on going back when I can afford my tt
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Thanks so much for your input. That is great to know!
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I'm glad you found somebody to go with you! I hope this is one of the places where you can stay and recover for awhile. Although my surgery wasn't technically "ethnic" rhinoplasty I feel like I had some of the same concerns that you want to have addressed. My nostrils are/were wide, no definition to the tip and my skin is thick. I still don't know what my final result will look like but it sure seems to complicate things with the thick skin - It would be nice to have a petite nose but, to me, if the nostrils are narrowed too much or the tip gets a LOT smaller then it starts to look artificial. It's a fine line. In retrospect I wish I had spent a little more time talking to my surgeon about how far he could go in reducing things before it started looking weird. Of course you want to end up looking natural, but you also don't want to feel like the change was too subtle. I'm not saying I'm not happy with my result. I just haven't seen it yet after 1 month. Good luck!
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You can also h.m.u. aswell. My email is
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Laurenbeetaylor..hmu..either message me on fb or email.. I'm getting confused with all the other peoples
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Your nose looks fine what are you wanting done? People saynnose is fine bt id prefer smaller.
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I don't like the width of it. I hate taking pictures because I always feel like I have to stand just right or have my makeup on just right.
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