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Hey there i have been wanting a nose job for...

hey there

i have been wanting a nose job for some time now and boy let me tell you the headache i get when i here the pricing form doctors in the us, the highest so far was 17000 from a doctor in new york or 8000 from a doctor in Atlanta GA. I personally need to have a good feeling about the doctor i choose and i have been researching this procedure for a 3 years and i finally came across a name Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero. So far all i have done was contact him through his website and i am currently waiting on a reply . I plan to get the surgery this coming up August 2014 if his price is right because i would like to get my breast done at the same time. By the looks of his picture he does a good job, i just hope its the same with me.
so i will come back with before and after pictures who i choose , pricing, and more

wish me luck.

i need a buddy to go with me for rhinoplasty/black female wide nose

hello i just moved to az and im going to get rhinoplasty some time in august when school breaks i will have a week so its the perfect time to do this. Down side is i have no travel buddy ,i just received an email from Dr Manuel Gutierrez to send pictures for a virtual consult but i have not been quoted yet, bet i made up my mind i am defiantly doing this. Have any one went alone is anyone doing surgery in august

Side view before

my wish pictures

currently waiting on a quote i have sent them my pictures of what i do and dont like about mines and also pictures of what i possible would like
which would be /elevate tip
narrow the nare
refine nasal tip
you have to know exactly what your looking to do to give the doctor a good idea
here is a young lady who did her story on here with the same doctor and shes african decent / type ethic rhinoplasy


im not correcting typos guys sorry lol im using my cell phone , you get the point

verified dr Gutierrez Romero

To verify Dr. Romero’s credentials & membership: call direct to the Mexican Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (in Mexico) at: # 011-52-555-615-4910. The Doctor’s Certification Number is #942.

One more month before surgery

I'm nervous an excited all in one , I guess I'll be trawling by my self so defiantly keep me in your prayers .

surgery day

so i get the surgery in the morning and boy am i scared wish me luck here is also a better pic of me before surgery ,

chat with u guys soon i even have videos for you guys about hotel stay , money orders and car rentals and safe hotel

great frekin surgery

for starters i would like to say that the doctor was just over all professional , form the time he walked and even the initial sit down interview. Hes very well spoken and makes sures he understands exactly what you want. I think my results are going to be more that what i expected my phone is dead but this is day 2 of surgery and we have taken out the gauge stuffed in my nose, but over all no pain the staff and nurse are wonderful , i cant wait to show you guess pics ur going to be shocked. Right know there charging my phone and allowing me to use a computer so i will have to up load tons of pics when my phone charge. but again i stayed at the quality in hotel in san ysidro for one night the room was great make sure you get rooms on the 3rd floor though there updated and the beds are huge its so nice. let me not forget but i traveled by my self and i feel like i am at home the doctor even preyed with me. and for that he awesome , im so excited guys , im going to get a breast quote from him in a few to but there's all ready people who who just had breast surgery and feeling great .. this place is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome , even to the drive he picked me up in a huge 4 door cadillac truck so clean nice and professional but when my phone charge im going to up load pics.this doctor is beyond good on black people nose


day 2 , so ugly

Day 2 at home scared to sleep

this blog is so confusing i tried to upload videos

it wont let me upload videos so go to my youtube and keep updated but here is some better shots of before pic

day 4

post opp day 4

just in case

just in case the video don't upload heres a link to videos

chat and ask me questions there

sorry guys days mixed up

so i got my surgery September 11 i am on day 4 post opp dont know why i said day two yesterday but any who wish me luck for good results

peach and luv

here is a video of day to

day 2 post opp sept 12


hi guys im on day 5or 6 lol i had my surgery sept 11 so yea
but things are going great i have been studying and preparing for my breast surgery in october , i found a really good doctor i dont know how im findng these amazing surgeons but yea :] give more details as i get closer from going from a cup to a d cup.,, but right now im still healing from rhinoplasty and the cast comes off my nose thursday and the bruising is going down and back to normal so thanks for the support guys

peace and love

ok so i souldnt wait for day 7 of cast removal lol

to me my damn nose look the same its still big it

to me my damn nose look the same its still big it just more defined on my profile shot i am not uploading front faced shots still i am sure this is swelling i am seeing

ok nvmd

dosnt it look the same though i will be really pissed if all he did was add a bridge ,,, so pissed i do not want to look like t.i baby mama lol forreal though

my story

see before i always put on hats and never looked any one in the eye because the would always touch there nose and i know it was because of my nose , i use to just go to the park and or grocery store , it really is depressing when you have no family or friends who care and love you unconditionally , so when you see pics of me a little bit cute its because on rare days i would get dress and do my make up and go drive around, i even dropped out of school and enrolled in online schooling for my ba just to not come incontact with people, i know sad right , today when i went out i felt my self doing the same thing i hid behind a hat feeling so ugly , i guess all i can do is prey, its all i will do. another thing thanks for the comments about breast surgery im just trying to do things to make me feel better about my self im 26 and every sense my mom past i literally hid behind close doors, i text a few people here and there but i feel really alone during this journey , hence i traveled by my self to get this surgery and will be doing the same for breast surgery. I have been saving for a while and finally found the courage to do something to make me happy. so thank you for all your support as i am more than grateful\ for all the fee back

:{ goodnight luvs


all im gone say is im getting a revision in jan by dr lisa bootstaylor in atlanta ga , which is where i
should have went in the first damn place, my nose is uneven and it looks cut off from the side his stich is really noticeable , and people at work make snickering comments like where in fkin high school , i'm so ashamed for going with this doctor and then he don't even call you back , all i know is i am not about to go to his ass again just becuz its free , the first time is enough..ill upload a video when i wake up i just got home and i'm to depressed at the moment. my nose is uneeven , like how do you mess nose up when all you had to do was take a little fat away how do you make uneven nostrils, i think the first black girl raving about him was a fake account or she got paid, his work is the same with ever other black girl he has done. im pissed waisted 3500 fa messy job


no doctor will touch till a full year , :[ currently coming up with master plan

so i refuse to allow my self to go through something bad guess what i did

i am always one to try and fix a situation so , i sense my cartialige is still forming in my nose i have bought a 3 diff kinds of nose shapper and lifter off ebay last night , i seen the other girl pics of how her nose got curved and a slit in her nose , i am nt about to sit back and get bad results or wait a year to get a revisions , the first nose shape is for your bridge , it lines your nose in a straight way the other kinda pinches the tip a little if your tip is big and round and the other i can use to sleep at night it raises your bridge and lines it straight, watch me make my nose how i want it , that doctor is really fkin sloppy with his work and then he dont even check on you after wards for results and everything, do you know i had to take off my own cast, well all i did was stand in the shower and it slide right off. and and i almost forgot tell me why they did not do vitals on me before surgery now im about to get real, the only good thing i got out of this whole deal is a smaller my nose but if i got to by nose shapers to try and catch what could be fuck up 3500 defeats the purpose ... your face is your baby its first impressions always , this man should not be all up in people face , if you have very little to work with as far as your nose do not go to him , look what he did to my nose and the platform was basically laid out for him , i keep you updated with my nose sharpers and how it works out nose shapers can be found on ebay i got the pink one and the long silver one the both line the whole nose straight and one that close the nostrils

i have being eating salty foods lol

ok im going a strict diet of pineapples , bromoline , berries and water for a week or few days , time to get my life back lol this bruising is bad

i cant believe this this

would you spend 3500 on this nose like really my nose looks chopped and screwed \

for some reason realsself wont upload my video

i guess the dont allow you to upload bad review videos

surgery was sept 11 pics are as of sep 18 and sept 19

He Does Not Do Good Nose Jobs on Every One.

this doctor is a sweet talker he knows how tomake you feel right t home, im just lucky to be alive seeinghow i traveled by my self, they didnt even do bloodn work before surgery, and she tried to charge me extra for meds when it clearly said in my fees that all that was included i had to showher the email again cuz, the main female is kinda rude , the doctor him self is a nice person but i just would not recommend a nose job from him , his work is sloppy and you will always end up with uneven nostrils , go look u the other black female who recently had her done by him were going to be honest, although i just had my procedure i canfeel and tell the unevenness , i had to buy nose shapers while my cartilage is still healing to straigh my nose because the other girls nose ,,, i just feel so bad , 1 star for surgery 5 stars for hospitality , and the staff is nice but its just not worth it , never again

we sat and talked about what i wanted , he seem to understand , i asked for a slimmer less wide nose not and uneven nose and two black eyes, my nose looks chopped and screwed , and after you pay the female nurse gets little attitudes the doctor himself is a nice person though but thats about it

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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Hello, I had my rhino about 4 months ago. Let me tell you this: patience is key. I hated my nose for the first 2 months. Month 3, I tried to tolerate it, but I still had this gut feeling of regret, and I just didn't feel like it looked natural at all. Literally, and I swear by this, like 2.5-3 weeks into the 3rd month, there was a change. It certainly had dropped, and the nostrils began evening out. The tip was much softer. It's month 4 now, and it looks soooooo natural. I know now that I can calm down, that it can only get better. I'm not self-conscious about it at all. Trust your doctor. I know your nose will drop more. My theory is that, since the nose gets so hard, it appear to give that pulled up pig appearance, but as it softens out and heals, it lowers. Keep your head up. And don't isolate yourself. Luckily, those 2 bad months for me were during summer break, but hiding out in my house only led me to staring at my new nose constantly. I started school at month 3, and having something else on my mind really assuaged my fixation on the nose. Think of it like this: your nose can only get better each and every day. Good luck!!!! And I hope you get the nose of your dreams!
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Good morning Lauren Today is the 9th day since your procedure, I am glad I was able to talk to you about your concerns. Please keep me updated with your progress. . I thank all the ladies here that have shared your experience with you, because they are correct, it is just a matter of time. Thank you for all your kind words.
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SO I TALK TO THE DOCTOR THIS MORNING i am really scared of scaring and wide nose still but he has just reassured me that if my nares are to wide then he will close the a little more because if you close something to little its not like you can open them back up which made sense ,now i feel bad for saying bad things when i am still in the healing process,i guess my emotions took over and from geting nasty tares from people at work, but i felt ignored after the surgery and no one checked on me i kept calling them, dr manuel is really a good doctor he kept his professionalism, and thats what you call a doctor , so in a few months if my nares are to wide i will be getting them closed jussssst a little:} ,
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Hi Again Lauren I am glad I was able to set your mind at ease, as I mentioned a few moments ago, please just be patient, it is a process and call me if you have any questions, I will be happy to guide you through the process.
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Yes just be patient I had mine done by him as well. Its been 6 months and I finally like my face again and can continue to wait for the final results. Mine too seemed high, showing nostrils, seemed pinched, lopsided. I looked different and like Hooville for a while. No lol because I cried hard a lot of times. I rushed home from work everyday to stare in the mirror for hours. I also cancelled a trip back home at 3 months post. I had several procedures done with Dr G and Im now rocking and looking good in my outfits including dresses which before I wouldn't dare before lipo at the bottom of thighs and around my knees. All didn't happen overnight though. Lipo gives loose and puffy swollen skin for a while. Almost like two years then it shapes and tightens. The skin and tissue has to reattach. I guess we really have to be counseled about tearing into the body thing. The body has to do its thing to heal. So it's like you're worst first. But you are very pretty to me. Those lips and eyes do it. I saw a pic of Keyshia Cole and you kinda favor her. Trust Dr G and he will touch up anything you want; covered under his guarantee. Let the nose heal. For me everyone now just says I look good and I even get compliments on my skin from random people when I'm out. Oh I forgot that I almost broke down at work because a friend at work told me people were talking about me to her few days after I went back to work. Saying what's wrong with her. I almost decided to go out on disability from work. So if you ever have a question just DM me. :)
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See I told you I'm happy you just have to stay Calm and don't let your emotions take over wayyyy to soon and Fu$:!!!! Your co workers there haters so childish
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I am very sorry you are feeling so low. I think you still need to wait until the swelling comes completely down then you will take it from there. You are still a pretty girl. And your nose is somewhat uneven but still you are very pretty (not pep talk , which BTW a I hate people doing that but I am been honest. It is just my perspective ) God bless
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My friends nose looked piggish the first couple months. 4 years later her nose looks amazing. Her nose looked good after it settled and swelling went down. Within the first year your nose is going to change. You are going through a healing process. Its going to get better. I know its frustrating. I'm nervous about the slow process I'm going to experience too. It will be worth it. Remember its not going to be perfect its an improvement from your old nose. :)
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I know what you mean. I was paranoid of having a 'white nose' I was not keen on having a bridge as in a weird way I liked my flat nose. I didn't mind my nose being dlat just that it was wide and really was to big for my face. I had 4 year olds like at me LOL even now I have things about my nose I am uncertain of but overall I am pleased with the results 3months later. He did warn me that the nose will appear high up at first but will drop down over time and settle into a more harmonious place in time.
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Great opinion ;)
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So many complaints about this doc now...its unfortunate.
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yea its a hit or miss with him and people pay to muc money for him to be lazy
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I under your frustration we pay money because we feel they are qualified to provide us with the results we ask for... I just had my breast reduction and I'm so happy with the results! Had a lipo procedure a few years back whereas I wasn't as fortunate nonetheless give it some time to healing ... Best of luck to you !
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Its a two way relationship though. Yes they are qualified and we pay the money but we have to do our part as well. When I did my research I literally looked at pictures that looked like me in terms of the face shape and the rest of the features that resembled mine.(Just with my desired nose) Also, I looked at the portion with my own face and measured what would work on my own face. In other words I tried to view my face as would a surgeon and then I would find out if those results were achievable backed up with proof (His work) Have a clear idea how you would like your nose to look like and whether that nose would actual suit the rest of your face. Mine results are not perfect I just wanted a 'normal' looking nose but it takes 12months to see the real results. So, we shall see I guess.
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Yea it's scary. I've seen some great ethnic rhinoplastys by him and then I've seen some that look completely BOTCHED! His prices are great but im definitely reconsidering even having a consultation with him.
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Hey girl! I am so sorry to hear about you feeling lonely. You are stunning, HONESTLY! So with your nose/nostrils looking crooked, thats all swelling :) My nostrils looked like they were pointing in different directions at first, but now they're much more even. In addition, I had uneven swelling in my bridge so my left and right profiles looked completely different. Now at about 7 weeks post op, my profiles are much more similar. I, too, looked like a piggy for the first 5 weeks. Your tip should drop :) The best advice I can give you, is to not use any shapers etc on your nose... I feel like that could further put you at risk for complications? I am not sure but I don't think any plastic surgeon would advise doing this. I bet you in a couple months you're going to come back and show off your super cute nose :P Feel free to personal message me, whenever you feel alone!
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thank you so much and i hope so , i sure will message ya ;]
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Well I looked like dog meat after my surgery. My nipples were totally different sizes, one of my breast was flat on the bottom and was all puckered up. I thought one of nipples was going to die and fall off. I had a lot done it was a 5 hour surgery. It took several months before I started to like my results. Now all I have to do us look at my pre op pictures and then I realize how much better I look. I think I was obsessing and being over critical in the beginning . Everyone heals at a different pace. I'm still not done healing I had my surgery in April. It's way too soon to tell. I wish you could give it more time. Try not to look at it constantly, give yourself time to get used to it. I think in time it you will be happy
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thanks a bunch and im trying to stay out the mirror
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I wish I could see your pictures :( I'm considering this doctor
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scroll to the top and pics are there
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