I can't get that Cee Cee Penningston song out of...

I can't get that Cee Cee Penningston song out of my head "Finally" because it's exactly how I feel. I've been talking about this for a little over five years, thinking it about for even longer. I finally decided what better birthday gift to myself was to gain pieces of me I was tired if dealing with. I'm the proud mother of two awesome boys and proud of the body that brought them into this world, extended nursing for them both and now it's time for my next chapter.
I chose Dr. Cervantes and have been working with his patient liaison, Leslie. I feel good getting to this point, had originally decided on a lift with extensive TT but decided a month ago to do a reduction. I have not felt nervous yet just in project management mode trying to pack, take care of last minute details. Also, last minute change - I'll be recovering in TJ alone and hoping to get my accommodations switched to a recovery house tomorrow. I plan to update as often as I can until I return home. :-)

Let's get it started!

So much as happened in the last 48 hours… So many details changed and things that had to be done to get here but I'm here and that's what really matters. For the first time in 12 years, I made a decision that was and is about me. I struggled with it being selfish foolish expensive silly dumb risky all the work you can use to describe when a woman decides that herself image is important. And mild risk taker I'm calculated I plan to follow details. It's what I do for everybody. To pay something for me to get back to myself for working so hard to make everybody happy. I didn't think it be emotional but it's 6 AM and it's almost time for my surgery in the bathroom finally getting some tears out. I'm partially excited, scared, nervous, but ready. Reading is what I feel. And confident that I made the right decision and I'm in the hands of very good doctors. I don't know how I'm going to feel over the next 48 hours but I do know that right now I feel ready to do something about the way I feel about my body. I worked hard 2 years ago to lose 84 pounds, only to start again parts of it again once the stress returned. I got myself back together and I still work hard every day to keep things in check but thing is I never saw much improvement for the way things looked when I took it all off. So this is my chance to make them upside match it's always been going on the inside. Here's the flat side ladies and anybody thinking about it… If it's on your mind and it's been on your mind you owe it to yourself to do something. I promise to post pictures and give more about my whole hospital experience right now this is about me how I feel. God knows my heart and I thank Him for walking with me to get here. May He cover the hands of the surgeons and hospital staff and the others that will take care of me at the Recovery Boutique and take care of my wonderful children and family that have made it possible for me to be here.

Few more things...

I almost forgot, this is for you Dr. C! ????????

More before pics

Okay I'm telling myself because my really organized or chronological but the hell with it. I have so much going on in my head but I'm getting it done so focusing on that and laughing at myself. TypeA- ladies know what I'm saying (minus because no one is perfect) so please excuse the typos and grammar errors, misspellings of pop stars's names. Real Self does not let you edit copy. Boo!!!!
All that aside here are more pre-op pictures.

Recovery - day 1

It still feels like a dream. I kept waking up at 3 AM on...
Not anxious just full of emotion of all the things I had been thinking about. I made a few phone calls to family, I played some music and danced for a little bit. But besides that would've been if anyone could come in. Lastly, I prayed for God's will to be done.
First nurse came in about 830 so I took a shower and changed into the hospital gown. I was previously wearing the gown I delivered my sons in. Got it from Hot Mama Gowns a few years back and I thought it was quite poetic to wear it again as I shed my mama belly. Soon after, then walks Dr. Juan Cervantes! He is so charismatic and smelled of coffee and awesome cologne and his warm and comforting smile. I'm noticing that everyone on his medical team looks like they have had previous lives as actors) He said let me hear it referring to the song Finally by CC Peniston. So we turned it up while he did my markings - it was great! We settled on a C cup for me for my reduction and I haven't been to see cups of high school so looking forward to being up going to Victoria's Secret and not have to buy bras online for much longer. He also told me what to expect with my tuck and what would happen if I lose or gain anymore weight. Sounded simple enough. He had me goodbye and immediately after walked in the anesthesiologist.
Dr. Luis Rujana (who also happen to look like a movie star). He explained my options and epidural, general anesthesia, or combo of both. We decided to go with the combo and he went.
Everything happened so fast from 9:00 AM when I was picked up and will get into the operating room. So many smiles top me get ready which was really great. A hospital orderly named Ceasar came to put me on the table to take me to the OR. I asked him what he had for breakfast because I hadn't had anything and we joked back and forth down the hallway. He reassured me that I was at the number one hospital in North and I believed him. I received a common pill even though I don't know much what it did because I felt pretty calm. And then we were on to do the anesthesia that's all I remember I'm back in my room. Not even sure what time it was. Later on that day Dr. Aragon came to check me and my drains (she too is stunning). Everything looks good so far. All I remember our nurses coming in throughout the day to give me more pain medicine which makes me a little nauseous. I had a little Jell-O which didn't last long. So I decided just with stick with the ice chips. It's about 8 AM and I'll update more when I get to the recovery boutique.

Recovery Day 2

So I made it to the Recovery Boutique. This place is absolutely gorgeous and feels like I've checked into an actual spa. Cost per night is $125 with meals included, a nurse, wifi, and free calls home too. So far the transition from IV to my meds has been a seamless transition. I've been most comfortable and looking forward to having 8 days to just focus on me. That has never ever happened since having my boys and I'm so ready to take the time. Dr. C or his team will visit me here so I'm feeling great about things. Best bday gift to myself ever!

Recovery Day 3

I wasn't sure why I kept reading day three was the worst but I have a better sense now… Started expensive gas pains late in the day on day two slept through the time to do redo my meds so this morning wasn't that great. I kept dreaming that I was a balloon waiting for someone to pop me to let the air out. I took some still softeners and have actually been able to go twice but yet the pressure still remains. My breasts are still pretty firm to the touch and I had to cough a couple of times which felt like someone struck a match across my belly. But other than that, I'm okay. I'm really glad I got a second set of compression garments because the ladies here have been changing my bandages for me and actually helped me wash them as well. That kind of help usually only comes from family or people who know you really well and I'm so glad made the decision to stay here.

Recovery Day 4

Had a great visit with Dr. Cervantes last night. Had to get something straightened out with my anticoagulant medicine and it was so nice of him to personally handle himself. He took a look at everything and said things were healing great so far and encouraged me to do to start doing a lot more for myself. So today, I was determined to get up and do my own shower which I successfully did with very little discomfort. It was great knowing RB team was there to help and I feel so much better afterwards. My plan for today is to continue to walk and spend more time upright and rest as needed. I finally got to see what things look like. Still very swollen but so far very happy with the curves and no more swollen belly and flap. Yay!!!!

And then there's days like today...

The one thing I learned from reading all the reviews is it is definitely a day by day healing process. I woke up today with all the optimism in the world and for some reason the medicines are just making me nauseous. Not sure which one but I don't want to eat anything and everything smells gross. Napping off and on dreaming about conversations with deceased grandparents while enjoying red beans and rice - lol. In search of soda water. Just resting. Not a full setback but definitely not a fun day. I see Dr. C tomorrow at 12:30.

Recovery Day 6

What a difference a day makes… I definitely learned from my mistake of the previous day and had a light breakfast before taking my antibiotic. It definitely helped contained also to sip water. My 1230 appointment with Dr. Cervantes went very well. He's advised I can drop one of the pain pills we should help with some of the night you as well. Actually haven't had that much pain throughout this process. Really feeling blessed when I read how painful this surgery has been for some people. So I have to say his pain management plan has been excellent. Once undressed, he is happy everything is looking great. He removed the tapes underneath both breasts and gave me a prescription for Kitoscell scar gel that I will use for three months. I was able to undress and dress myself without help and standing up pretty straight. Best part was I got back to the Recovery Boutique and was able to have a hamburger with fries. With Lentil soup of course per Perla. :-)

Recovery Day 7

Wow what a journey it's been… A week ago I was jamming with Dr. C being prepped for my surgery, drank some happy juice and the epidural. Don't remember much after that...
Minimal pain over the past week, so here's a few tips: having gas sucks so add simethecone tabs to the list and avoid gas producing food (including pizza which I only had once). Stay on top your meds and eat before taking your meds. Will most likely help you to avoid nausea. Let your doctor know everything that's happening. Doctors are your friends.
Bring lots of the white T-shirts. You will love having them underneath your compression garments. Underwear is optional. And trust me optional means don't waste your time.
Learn how to get rid of phlegm by sipping liquid. So you don't have to cough. Avoid the belly of fire at all possible. Also sneeze slightly reclined backward and hold your belly to brace yourself.

What I got besides a new body:
I learned how to enjoy complete silence. To be driven crazy by complete silence. And then enjoy complete silence again. As I get closer to returning to my real life as a working outside of the home mother, wife, friend, official family travel consultant, kid shuttle, etc I am the damn CEO of my family and it's hard work to keep it all going. This week I was able to anxiety where it belongs. Took short walks. Sitting in the sun. And reflecting on the days ahead and what I will need to survive the rest of recovery. I feel blessed to be able to do this for myself that I made it through surgery very well.

Leaving Thursday for home and things keep trying to creep in but I'll hold it off as long as I can. Thanks for all your support and being a part of this journey with me. Healing Angels surround us all.

Recovery - Going Home!

All I can say is this has been the most transformative experience since giving birth to my two children. What an amazing adventure… A time to stand up for myself, a time to make choices for myself, and a time to reflect on all of me the person. I cannot say enough how excited I am for the next chapter.
The day started with my shower, hugs and goodbyes to the awesome team of nurses that cared for me at the Recovery Boutique. It was like having five or six moms making sure I ate properly and rested. About noon I headed over to Dr. Cervantes to clear me for home. He advised for me to use an antiseptic like spray to help some of the wounds heal completely but all in all he was satisfied with things. I got my beloved drain removed and well was I surprised to see almost 6 inches come out from underneath my skin. I will not miss my friend but is served it's purpose.
I then proceeded to meet up with the shuttle to take me back across the border. It was an easy process since we were traveling in the medical lane. The customs agent asked me what I was in Mexico for and I said medical travel so I could enhance a little something something and he laughed. That seemed to satisfy him and he moved us right along. Got picked up at SD airport by my husband who seemed amused to see me moving slower than usual. The crappiest part of the day was sitting in LA traffic. It took me until 7 o'clock to get home. But I'd do it again a million times. I'll travel back to Mexico in a month to check in with Dr. C.

Two weeks post op

First day back at work today. I would have liked to have has a full three weeks to recover but I had a big presentation to do. I made it through the day okay physically but mentally I'm so drained. Today was my first day driving, my first day seeing people and it was awkward to remember they thought I was on vacation and had no idea of what I've been through the last 14 days. I wish I could say the presentation went the way I wanted. My performance was disappointing because I wasn't 100% on my A game. A little mad at myself because I stayed up late and woke up early and still my nerves and not being at work and being subconscious all got the best of me. I know everyone has an off day but extremely hard for me because I pride myself on being on when it counts. But as I continue on this journey, I keep having to check myself. Medically speaking, I did okay. I had to travel to and from campus several times and had a lot of walking to do and definitely was moving slower by the end of the day. It was great to see a few friendly faces from those who knew about my procedure. Was great to see them because and have them reassure me that I was looking great even with the swelling.

Recovery Day 15 - all tapes off edition!

So today was the day I was told to remove all the totes. I sprayed with warm water to help loosen from my skin. I know this is a process so I kept telling myself this is a process was looking at that even tiniest imperfection seems like WTH is that. I joked with my mom and said at least I'm not a stripper so I don't make a living on being completely flawless when naked.

I also started a silicone gel today. Dr. C has prescribed Kitoscell. I don't know how I'm going to use the stuff three times a day but if I want to improve my scars, I better find the time.
I sent the doc a few pics of some areas but I want his professional counsel on. I'll post once I hear back. so I can give you guys a full overview of what's going on. I do feel it's important to share when things are less than perfect but having context with the pic is more productive.

Post Op pics - 2+weeks

Started scar treatment this past Thursday. Kitoscell is what Dr. C has prescribed. Continuing to wear the compression garment round-the-clock as well. I still have a few spots that need to scab over before I can apply treatment but Dr. C is happy with where things are today. Also, at the hips, there is some bunching that he says will resolve over time.

3 weeks post op pic

Feeling better in some ways, not as completely wiped out at the end of the day but continuing to eat as well as possible, take meds and supplements. Continuing scar treatmebt and considering starting massage therapy next week. Have a few slow healing areas that I'm working on with Dr. C. He continues to be attentive and responsive to all my concerns sad questions. Never known a doctor to be so invested - feels great knowing I'm not alone in this stage. Here's a pic of one of my sassy dresses that I had stopped wearing because my cleavage and gut were out of control.

3+ week Post Op Mom suit before & after

3+ week Post Op Mom suit before & after

Post Op update 4 weeks

Today marks four weeks since my surgery. I've had to make so many adjustments physically and mentally but I don't regret my decision at all. I've made quite a few connections and I believe life long friends out of this process. It's great to have others to share this journey with. I will head back to Tijuana to see Dr. C next week.
Still working on a few slow healing spots. I have 3 to 4 lingering stitches that are irritating me since I started star treatment. It's getting easier to sneeze. Coughing is still very painful. And I have strange twinges and pains all day. Persistent burning on my skies but I equated to having a body sizes paper cuts. Sleeping is still uncomfortable, propped up by a lot of pillows on my side and that seems to help. Try to stay on my back as much as possible. Continuing to take anti-inflammatories as needed. As well as my anti-bruising medication and wearing my compression garment still 24/7. I made the mistake of wearing my bathing suit on Saturday (didn't get in the water) and paid for it dearly I was very puffy at the end of the day. Emotionally I'm doing well. Still tired at the end of the workday and school has just started so adding more complexity to the routine hasn't helped but I still managing everything pretty good. I'm feeling more like myself every day. Had a strange thing happened to my foot from wearing flats over the past month and trying not to wearing heels since the surgery. I strained a ligament in my right foot and developed some sort of tendinitis so I've been wearing sneakers to the office. Very weird look. But having fun trying on clothes that I haven't been able to get into for the past nine months due to my extra bulk. Very excited about that. Can't wait to go bra shopping and swimsuit shopping soon. Little frustrated and almost paranoid that a breast reduction was not done because my breasts have stayed pretty close to the size I had before which was a 34G. But these versions look a whole lot better! Been reading a lot about how long swelling last and guessing that's my problem. Trying to avoid salt and increasing my water. wondering how I'm going to make it a year to see final results. As far scar treatmet using the Kitoscell and invested in some silicone sheets as well. I've been wearing them pretty much 24 seven after I do the gel two to three times a day. I ain't playing with these scars! I can definitely tell getting flatter. Will Update when I come back from Tijuana.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Thank you so much to my wonderful doctor, Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes and his team of caring professionals for such a positive experience. Dr. Cervantes you are the consummate professional and truly an artist. Thank you for everything you have done and given to me. I don't even know how one can repay the gift that you given to me and I will never forget the last words that you said to me in your office to "be happy". I promise to honor you by doing that. I truly appreciate that you saw me, the whole person and not just another surgery. I thank you for the time and the effort you put in with me. You and your team are very respectful and considerate and for that I thank them. Leslie & Viri as well for all their work to get me to Mexico. God bless you and your gift always! Besos!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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i hope i get great results like u...lookn amazing
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Thank you mzdiamond...I'll be sure to drop in and check on you. Jan will be here before you know it!
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Looking great
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Thank you - how are things on your end?
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Well nothing as change , no weight loss but lose inches , I'm taking my irons and I bought a few clothing items , no schedule date yet but I'm looking more at January February monthend ... Still working and saving my money ... I can save $900 per month comfortably after paying my mortgage , car note/ins and my utilities but let me tell you something , I don't want no distraction from family member plus I'm not trying to date either , they have too much problems and they don't realized I have mine too just because i don't tell them my business ... So far everything going has god's planned , I'm hoping I don't wait too long to lock in my date
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Congrats on the inch loss-I refuse to get on a scale right now. Sounds to me like you're a woman with a plan. And that's really all you need. I'm here to support you reaching your goal. Keep pressing on! Xoxo
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I think I'm addicted to scale ... Lol... I have one in my kitchen and in my bathroom as well .. DWL .. My daughter told me to just don't get on a scale for a long time ... Even when I take my client to the doctor I weighed myself but that just me ... Well I have to stick with my plan I'm good at doing that , I even stop getting my nails done that's $65 saving every 3wks in my pocket , I'm using that to buy my personal items .. No more solar nails and pedi , I polish them myself and I always do my hair myself as for my feet I keep my feet nice soft and clean , always polish my daughter does them .. So far so good ,, our god is an awesome god
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Indeed He is. Us mamas can also squeeze a little more out of the piggy.
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That was supposed to say "always". I'm not mad at your hustle lady!
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You look great! I'm so happy your doing good!!
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Thank you so much - it's been so helpful to have you along for the ride. Are you still excited?
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I'm beyond excited! My sister calls it my obsession, lol! You've been so helpful and your review is very clear you address everything in detail i love seeing your progress each week you look wonderful I could only hope i get the same outcome ! Thank you!
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How do you feel? Your Rockin those dresses!;)
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Thank you so much for the compliments. You're going to do great! Like I said to Jessica. It's been really great having you along for the ride. You were so helpful to me while I was in the last minute planning stages. So I'm happy you find the review helpful. It's great to have a place to really have a better understanding of what each day could bring.
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I know I read from a few reviews about the emotion all over the place - yesterday was a def harder day for me. With all that's happening in the world, I am super sensitive to all of it. Not sure of the reasons. I'm generality able to manage and I'm not super emotional at any given time. Passionate but not upset, sad. Yesterday I was sad. A lot. Not related to my scars or discomfort just in general. Go figure.
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Take it easy , all these things is apart of life ... That's why we women are so strong because I know today you'll pickup yourself and go back to the drawing board ... Continue to be strong , our god is an awesome god , just continue to hold on to his unchanging hands in Jesus name amen ... Have a safe and bless day ... Happy healing you are looking awesome
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Looking good
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Thank you!
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Thank you!!! Getting better by the day. I appreciate you checking in.
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You're very welcome!
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Weerrrrk! I see that shape. And no guy in sight. You look so good! So glad you have a concerned doctor
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I meant no GUT* (auto correct)
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