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Hello , im writing in case my information can help...

Hello , im writing in case my information can help anyone on this site.
Im 30 years old with 4 kids age 15, 12, 3 and 2
i am 5'4 190 lbs
After 4 pregnancies and many, many diets and 15 years of struggling with my body and my weight i felt like surgery was the best option for me. its fair to say that i have never been too active but i have the motivation it takes to change my life and habits now that im still young.
so i was looking for the best doctor at an affordable price , came to find out that it was hard to get , at least in the US , i went to a couple of consultations here in the US but realized that i couldn't afford it so i either had to wait and save more money since i was paying cash OR go to MEXICO and i really didn't want to wait so i started doing my research and chose a doctor :) in TIJUANA , MEXICO
they did what they call a cyber consultation , i sent my pictures and the next day they gave me a quote of $5,900 DLLS for the 3 procedures , i personally think its a GREAT PRICE , and to be honest i didn't feel scared to have my surgery done in TJ , i don't know if its because im mexican , or because i lived in TJ in the past but at no point did i feel insecure that this is what i wanted to do and felt like i did my homework and chose a good DR, during the process from the beginning to now post op the staff at CER CLINIC including DR LUIS SUAREZ have been professional & ethical they have answered all my questions time after time without making me feel like im a bother to them also the clinic is clean and by what i seen he has a lot of clientele.

This is what i remember from the day or the surgery , i went in 7/4/2012 at 9:00AM
the operation started like at 11:00AM didn't finish until like 4 or 5 PM
When i woke up my and started talking i felt like i was going to vomit so i tried not to do anymore talking , i slept over at the clinic and the day after the operation the clinic transferred me to the hotel that was located less then 10 minutes away, at that point the only pain i felt was if i cough or sneeze , it felt like my stomach was gonna come out :( other then that i haven't had any significant pain , im still walking a little bent but its normal since it hasn't been 2 weeks , my stomach still feels numb , by what i see the scar is heeling good and its too early to see the final result but so far im happy with what i see
oh i forgot to mention i spent 2 nights at the hotel and then spent about 6 hours on a car ride : /but it was ok cause i had no pain :)

i dont know what else to share, if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

Hello Ladies , so i went to TJ yesterday for my...

Hello Ladies ,
so i went to TJ yesterday for my 3 week check up , they removed the stitches and the doctor said everything looked great.
He also told me to stick to the diet that they gave me so that i can have a nice scar. :)

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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And which diet is that? If you dont mind sharing beautiful...looking cute.
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Congrats!! You look gorgeous sweetheart! I am so happy for you. Thanks so much for sharing. Keep up your great work!
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@ NewGirl2012... You are looking amazing and beautiful. Always need to have FE/ Faith en el doctor and everything will go just great. I'm scheduled for Sept 10th @ 8am, counting my days down to two weeks very excited and kinda nervous. I already went to my pre-op on August 18th just loved what Dr. Weibel said to me when he came into examan room. Are you ready? Are you stress-free? Because I'm ready to leave you very beautiful he made me feel great. I'm very rested, stress free, healthy, and ready and excited to see my new look. We'll take care, please post more pictures...
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You look amazing for 3 weeks wow!!!!! Your breast look so perky not too big just right and the scar very clean. He did a great job, good for you girl.... Hot mama...I had a tummy tuck done 2001 I'm still so embarrassed because the scar is horrible and my belly button looks deformed. When you get a chance post some booty pics looking to get BBL and like you I don't feel scared or nervous of having surgery in Mexico. I can't afford just a BBL here in CA and from the looks of it Tijuana has just as good surgeons. Congratulations good choice you look amazing
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amazingly good price and you look great incision is nice and neat - happy for your success!
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Omg this is exactly what I want to get. And for that price. It's very good and affordable I feel so excited already :) I think I found my dr. Now .. Lol I love the way your scar came out .. It's not bad at all .. I been looking for doctors in Tijuana. But this one looks like the one for me .. Can you plz let me know how much cc of fat you have in each butt checks .. Thanks.
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How is your bbl? how many cc's of fat you get on each cheek? Can you post some pictures please thanks!
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Oh ok!!!! Well thanks and goodluck
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Ok. So was it considered something like medical leave, also how much time did they give you off? Thanks
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Yes, medical leave that is unpaid. My husband is taking 2 weeks off to help me, I am taking 4 weeks off. But I am having a 360 body lift in October.
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Hello I just got my Quote from Dr. Suarez, I'm just waiting to save enough money to a down payment. Did they give you a Drs note to request the days off with your empolyer?
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My husband and I had to fill out FMLA paperwork for the time off.
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I think you need a little more then 2 weeks for a T/T Dr S is great and your gonna be happy
When I was 2 weeks post op I called work to request a little more time of because I didn't feel ready Si just make sure you have extra time, as far as the TT goes I don't find it painful but the Lipo is so just make sure you do your homework Si that everything goes as expected, good luck and keep me posted.
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I am going to see Dr. S , for a TT and lipo in the inner and outer thigh, I am super excited, I scheduled the surgery for 8/31, but I think I am going to need more time off, they advised me I would need at least 7 days of recovery.
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Yea you probably would know, I have no fluid at the top but if I press on my lower abdomen you can feel it moving to the top, so gross, I can't wait to have a flat tummy, I get so down but I guess patience is a virtue, I still don't know how to post pics...lol
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Good, at least he took care of you in time,I was asking you because I feel my stomach a little swollen but I don't feel liquids moving around.
Good luck and keep posting
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@NEWGIRL2012 my tummy didn't just look swollen it was like fluid was moving around also. I talked to my friend across the street from me( who happens to be a nurse, she was also there when I had the tt) and she told me to have it checked out, sure enough the dr has had to drain me twice, he said its not infected and it wouldn't alter my results...Yay
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THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am trying to find a book a surgeon now in Mexico. I have had my quote with Dr. Suarez and I love the price. Trying to make sure it is safe and affordable. I need a 360 body lift, inner thigh lift, and boob job and lift. I have lost 135lbs and my skin is in horrible condition now. These pics give me hope. Trying to see HOW long I would be done for though. Please keep sharing! thank you so much!
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Good luck Jen, and congrats on all that weight loss
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Hi, I've gotten out a couple of times, I got my second drain out last week and now I'm scared I've developed a seroma :( I'm going to call the dr tomorrow to see if I can go in to find out for sure. Take care
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Why do you think you have a seroma?
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Wow those are amazing redults! would you be willing to send me info on ur sergion. i also have gone through the same. i have 3 beautiful girls and trying to lose wait but its harf so please let me know where to go!!
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Hello Mia ,
My doctors name is DR. LUIS SUAREZ , you can find him online at www.cerclinic.com :)
i recommend him , my experience so far has been good!!! i still have a log way to recovery but im happy with the results so far :)
wish you luck and let me know if you need anything else
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I am waiting on my quote now for a dog ears removal, and liposculpting for my BBL. Do you like the results from your BBL, how many CC's did you get injected and drafted into your buttocks?
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I can't really tell the difference on my BBL but that's something that I'm going to discuss with my doctor when I go this Saturday, one of the doctor assistant said that I got 200 cc's on each side which I think it's too little so I'm gonna wait and talk to him to see what he says.

What do you mean by dog ears?
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