Too Excited for Words! - Tijuana, Mexico

Full TT and full body lipo. June 12! Dr. Cisneros...

Full TT and full body lipo. June 12! Dr. Cisneros in Tijuana Mx! Researched this for 6 yrs. and his work is awesome. I am almost 50 yo. and want to look good when I get there so decided to do this last fall. asked to DH and he said "do what you need to to feel good about yourself!" So I am!:) I am a little nervous but more excited to be able to see my girly bits...ahem... And the lipo! Just get rid of the menopause fat!!! Lol

As you can see from my pics. I need lots of lipo!
i tried looking for him online. whats his first name? and how many days will you have to stay? i spoke with gisela at Dr.Cardenas office and Tijuana and they want to to stay 7 days for full body lipo and a tummy tuck.. i want them to be thorough but i dont want to be gone that long. Cheers on a new u!!
Javier Cisneros Lopez is his full name. I will be there 4 days total and I love that! Lemme know how it goes! I loved his work esp. After I talked to one of his patients who has had 8 surgeries with his so far!
I have googled some more and still cant find his website.. Sthetiqs wont pull up either on Google. Can u please point me in the right direction or give me a website or phone number .. sorry for the trouble I am looking to go the first week in July and 4 days sounds so much better than 7. Will he be doing large volume lipo? Dr.Cardenas was estimating 7liters but I've found it hard to find other surgeons that do it in mexico. Thank u soo much!

11 days to FLATVILLE!

Getting all needed items gathered and keeping busy, I teach high school and this is our last week! Last day at work June 10, then we fly out June 12! I did that on purpose so I would not have time to worry,! Lets get 'er done folks! Pics will be posted all along the journey to FLATVILLE!

4 days to go! YIKES!!!

Ok, I'm not getting nervous, but I am excited. Just hoping all goes well and healing goes fast!! Update in a day or so.
Two more sleeps. Desertcat!! When do you leave for Tijuana?
In the morning! Wow it's finally here!! A little nervous but that's normal!
Well, have a safe trip!! I'll be thinking of u tomorrow... Wishing u all the best :)


TT and Lipo tomorrow with Dr. Cisneros! SOOOOOO much to do but happy it's finally here!! I leave so early in the morn not sure if ill have time to update. My mom will take pics. And I'll get those posted ASAP when I get back! Wish me luck!!
How did it go? Were you happy with results?
I was looking at going next year if she loved it:)
As anyone heard anything.?
Dr. Cisneros

So far the process has been smooth. Laura is the patient coordinator, he English is no too bad, answers all my questions and is reassuring!

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