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I decided 2014 would be the year to finally fix my...

I decided 2014 would be the year to finally fix my stomach and get my tummy tuck done. I researched many doctors in the US and Tijuana. Received quotes from a few doctors ranging from $5000, $6000, $8000, up to $16000. Some doctors never replied and others pretty much never answered. At the end I was debating between pantoja and Cardenas. Pantoja's quote was $5000, an Cardenas quote was $6200. Pantoja never replied back after I told him I wasn't interested in BBL, which made me wonder If I'd be able to get a hold of him in case of post op problems. Cardenas on the other hand, has always been reachable, Fatimeh has answered ALL of my questions no matter how silly they've been, calls me to personally clairify any misunderstandings, and with a 10% discount Cardenas is offering, I couldn't resist! So I booked for 9/11/14! I've paid my deposit, waiting for lab results, and passport to arrive.

I'm so anxious!

Date is getting closer, and I'm so excited! I feel like I have dragons in my belly!!!!! I started taking iron yesterday 2 pills a day. Got my passport today. It took 3 weeks to get it. Got my bag packed ready to go. Haven't heard from Rocio sp I'm not sure if I packed what I will need. I packed 2 loose tops, 4 tank tops, 2 sweat pants, 3 undies, 3 comfy bras, 2 socks, house slippers, flip flops, a cap, meds (anti-nausea, iron, stool softeners, cough drops, and Tylenol), toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, Deorderant, hair brush and hair clips, panty liners, pee funnel, a book to read, and deposit receipt.
I asked Fatimeh about bromeline and arnica but she said its up to me if I want to use them since they won't work on everyone, so I'm not too worried about that. I will buy faja once I'm there because I am positive I will end up getting the wrong one!
I'm more nervous about flying alone than the actual surgery. I requested wheelchair assistance for the flight home, It should take about 2 1/2 hrs to fly home, hopefully I won't be in too much pain.

Lab results are back

Well, I just got my lab results this morning and my doctor said they look great, just have to fax them over to dr Cardenas Office. Rocio said labs should be faxed a month before surgery, that way abnormalities can be fixed. but since I wanted TT done ASAP, I only had about 1 month to prepare for sx. Good thing I'm healthy enough for sx! I can't post pictures from my phone :( it sucks! I am 5'2" weigh 159 lbs at the moment (lost 13 lbs) not interested in loosing much weight since I'm ok with my lower body (not skinny, not too big) my main problem is my big stomach and my big arms. I will be doing arm and armpit, upper and lower back, and waist lipo. I still need to get some medium compression stockings as soon as I can figure out my proper size.

what if...

OK so I'm all packed and ready to go. I've been wearing my compression stockings like rocio asked me to do since this morning. Been eating clean, my mom is here to watch the kiddies, and hubby will be dropping me off at the airport.
Now my worries: 1) Rocio called me to say that my EKG was inconclusive so she wanted me to be there early which is impossible. So EKG will be done early morning on the day of surgery. What if something is wrong and cardrnas can't perform the surgery?! I'm praying for a miracle at this point! I really don't want to go out there and have wasted all this money for nothing! 2) what if something goes wrong during or after surgery?! I believed I chose the right doctor for my surgery but things happen. 3) what if my incision opens?! It might not be possible for me to return to see dr Cardenas after surgery and I'm not sure if my insurance would cover to reclose incision.
All I can do at this point is pray, there is no going back now. I've invested too much time and money to make this happen. Besides, if I don't do it now I might not have the same opportunity later.

Tummy tuck, lipo and bbl done!

It seems like a dream! I see my flat tummy and I still can't believe it's me!!!!
I arrived to BCRH to be received by the wonderful nurses! They really are AMAZING! The only issue I've had is the heat has given me headaches, but windows and fans are on to keep me cool. They had my dinner ready for when I got here since my plane was behind schedule (they had a 9/11 scare).
The next morning (surgery day) I redid a EKG because US med assi messed up the EKG she did and TJ doctor found it inconclusive. Thank god everything turned out great!
So I filled out paperwork and put my gown on while we waited for doctors. Last thing I remember was the doctor talking to me and waking up post surgery about 6 hrs later. I remember I woke up once during surgery but didn't feel no pain at all, just being moved around. Anestiologist said its very normal to wake up during surgery.
When I woke up post surgery I had zero pain, I felt wonderful, just tired and thirsty.
Today I woke up very sore from my stomach, doctor closed a total of 7 inches on my mucsles and removed over 4 lbs of excess skin! She also gave me a vagina lift which looks WONDERFUL. She even included a mini bbl because my booty has always been pretty nice, she just added enough fat to fill in the few dimples I had. Now the problems so far: my iron level went down to 9 so she ordered iron through IV, and she's keeping a close eye on me because I might need blood transfusion if I don't get better; I've had headaches since I left my house for TJ but they've been keeping the pain under control; I have fat right under bra above stomach which dr Cardenas couldn't remove for 2 reasons-1) too much work on stomach will cause necrosis 2) my underneath bulge is somehow attached to my ribs so doctor couldn't pull skin down. So I'm left with a fat area above flat tummy. Doctor said she would need to do lipo in 6 months to remove that fat. But I have faith that it will reduce with weight lose (crossing my fingers).
I had lipo of entire back, sides, arms, underarm fatty area and transferred a little fat to butt and thighs. Lipo areas do not hurt at all but I am very bruised. What is most uncomfortable is my muscle repair it feels like I'm wearing a tight corset. I've peeked a bit but not at my entire body because I can't stand straight, and I'm walking using a walker. I can't eat very much and doctor assures me it's normal and it will make me lose weight. They say the second and third days are the hardest so I'm hoping to feel better.
Do I regret it? No. Would I do it again? Yes but I'd lose more weight before.

Recovery is no joke!

Well I've had 3 iron bags since surgery and I feel much better today. Cardenas will continue to keep a close eye on my iron level. Today she told me I'm healing wonderfully, and Tomorrow i will wear my compression garment (faja). I also had my first bm since surgery today which was not pleasant at all. I've been moving a bit more today also and transferring a bit more by myself. Always with the help of my walker ofcourse! Dr and nurses remind me not to walk with my back straight, but even if I wanted to its impossible to straighten my back. I'm peeing less frequent now which is nice because I can rest longer. The food is fantastic! Carmelita is a great cook, too bad I can't finish my plate! She serves me small portions and I still can't eat all of it. I'm drinking pineapple juice which helps with pain and water. Lots of veggies and some fruit. I've been craving ice scream or yogurt like crazy so I think I will ask my nurse if they have any in the house, otherwise I'll have to wait :(.
I wish I could stand infront of the mirror and just stare at my new self for ever, but I can't stand very long. I think walking is easier than standing. My front drain isn't draining much anymore so I'm sure it will be removed before I leave. Drainage is changing from red to clear pinkish which is good.
There is another lovely lady recovering with me and we have our own room. She's also Cardenas patient and she already looks amazing! We both had the same thing done but I required more work due to my muscles being so damaged from previous pregnancies. Headaches have gone away, and I'm reducing my pain meds unless my belly feels uncomfortable or too sensitive to move. My stomach is so sensitive without pain meds that it sometimes feels like I'm tearring, but nurses assure me it's normal and all I'm feeling are drains being stretched.
Most of the nurses have had tummy tucks done so they are extremely assuring and knowledgable of how I feel. They always put me at ease.

No place like home

Well I've been home a few days and I'm doing great! The first 24 hrs home were awful! I was so use to having the nurses from BCRH do almost everything for me, and I get home and I find myself teaching my loved ones how to help me! Having the hospital bed at BCRH was great, and now that I'm home It's hard finding a comfortable position just to sit! The nursing pillow on my butt is a godsent. The hardest part is getting up from the couch and bed.
I've been draining less but I've also been resting more. The cg helps me feel "together" and it supports my back. I've been using a simple folding chair in the shower, and I borrowed a lazy boy and a walker. Dr Cardenas told me I shouldn't walk straight for 10 days because my skin can stretch causing blood circulation which will then lead to necrosis. I am not in much pain anymore but I continue my treatment.
My results are amazing!!!! Dr Cardenas exceeded my expectations! The fatty upper abdomen is not as bad as I expected, and as the swelling continues to go down I keep seeing the drastic change! My loved ones agree that dr Cardenas did an ANMAZING job on my tummy, and many are now planning on going to her for sx! Nurses recomened I get a long sleeved compression garment to help tighten my loose arms after lipo, which should arrive any day now.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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Congratulations!! It will just keep getting better and better, I know I had the same procedures as you with Dr. Cardenas in Dec and my body is changed forever, I am going to get ahold of her very soon for a little lipo to my tummy and a little sculpting due to my 30 lb weight loss since my surgery, she took of 10 and I have taken off the other 20 lbs. I went from a size 10/12 to a size 2/4, it totally motivates you to cont the process of improving your body, I can't wait to show her what she has led me to, I love her, she is the most compassinate, honest, skillful surgeon out there, no, healing is not all that but it is well worth it, you will get better and better each day, remember this too will pass.
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Hi hun! Sooo happy you had a safe surgery!! Ill be praying for you that your iron levels return to normal. Cant wait to see pictures...i have four months to go, im very excited im going to start working out really harder starting Monday. Happy healing : )
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Just wanted to check in ladies im so confused. I switch doctors and made a down payment and now having second thoughts......geez.....i so wish i could finance half...i just need to get a part time job and save money. My spirit is telling me to stay with #Team Cardena.... Im going to pray about it!
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Hello ladies, I will have a tt revision with dr cardenas. Im wondering about the auto blood transfusion, they are recommending me to have one done in case my hemoglobin doesnt reach its level on my surgery day but what use is it to have it done on that day when ill be needing all my blood. Did any of u have that talk with rosio or fatimeh?
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I also did the donating of my blood before my surgery, I did it 2 days before, what happens is you donate your blood and they keep it and she will use it the day of surgery but once that blood is taken from you, your body ramps up it's blood production to make up for the loss, you need to really up your intake of water after your donation to help your body ramp up the blood production, drink drink drink, it will be great.
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Thank you patty for your response. Did it help you? And how was your outcome?
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All I really can tell you is that I had a HGB of 12 with my pretesting and I had a HGB of 12 after my surgery and transfusion of my own blood. So I can't tell you how I would of been without doing it, but I was as good coming out as I was with pre testing. As I have read alot of women have problems with their iron levels afterwards, I did start taking iron pills 2 weeks before surgery also, you see I am 53 and also a RN so I was trying to do everything possible to prevent complications. If you don't do it and you do need a transfusion or IV iron then she will get it for you, I just wanted my own blood afterwards to perk me up and help my iron levels if I did go low, I was just being really cautious, surgery isn't any easier the older you get, do I personally think it's a good idea? Yes, I do, it's a pretty easy safeguard in case you need it, and if you don't it will help your body not struggle as hard with replenishing your blood supply, up to you, whatever you do, it will be fine, Dr. Cardenas is the best, you are in good hands.
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Thank you so much for the info. Surgery is always scary but hearing successful stories is very reassuring.
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@RosesRred, Thanks for sharing your journey, with us. Happy to know your scheduled one day after me. I'm having TT, Abdominalplasty, on Sept 10th counting the days. Having it done in Los Gatos, Ca.... Awesome Dr. Best wishes to you. I'm counting the days... I'll be doing my arms, butt, thighs with dr. Cardenas as soon as I heal from TT.... Keep me updated...
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@cinej thank you for your good thoughts and for your concern regarding the price dr Cardenas is charging me for surgery. My 1st concern is safety, and after reading her reviews in RS and other sites, I feel she is the surgeon who will change my life. I have seen before and after's and agree that she truly is the queen of tummy tucks. I believe with all my heart that I've made the right choice and wouldn't risk ruining my body more than what it is now because of a lower price.
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Post before pics I would like to follow your progress I have had 3 c sections myself and I am looking for a doctor capable of dealing with all the scar tissue
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@Cinesp can you post more details and some pics to your profile. That would be a great help in advertising your surgeon. Thanks
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Having your surgery the day after me.. I will have you in my prayers, and you do the same. I wish you a fast healing and recovery... Post pictures I plan to have my thighs, arms, and butt done by Dr. Cardenas...
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Ty, I will pray for a easy recovery for you as well. Will you be staying at BCRH? I will hopefully post per op pictures this week.
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Hey grl time is near! Plz keep us posted and have a safe remarkable surgery : )
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Hello! Please keep us informed. I'm paying my deposit on the 28th and very excited to go to her as well. I'm aiming for the beginning of January for my surgery. Are you staying for recovery? I'm shooting for seven days at least. I hope you have a safe speedy recovery!
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Ty for all the good thoughts. I will be recovering at BCRH for 5 days. Unfortunately I'm not able to be away from home more than 7 days.
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We just need to have stay positive we'll be just fine in Gods hands. Wish you the best make those five days dedicated, and streets free the best for your healing and recovery go smoothly. I'm very excited, getting nervous, even having dreams. I'm on my countdown everyday. It will be a life change for me.
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