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BBL, TT, on November 22nd 2013 in Tijuana! - Mexico, MX

Hi RS ladies! I'm 31 years old. Mother of 3 kids....

Hi RS ladies!
I'm 31 years old. Mother of 3 kids.
5,4 160lb(gained weight :-( )
I'm having BBL&TT surgery on 22nd November.
My original date was October 25th but nobody couldn't take care of my kids around that time so I had to change my sx date to November :-(
I still don't know what should I take with me to club Med.
Any advice?
best wishes, glad you found someone to watch the kids, not sure what all they will have for you when you have your surgery(as far as products, etc) I had a notebook as I wanted to write down things people told me etc as I knew I would not remember, Kimmers25 below has great ideas, read her list, keep us updated
Thank you so much. My family is supporting me and I feel so much love! I'll update again when I wake up after surgery.
how much he he charge you??? I got a quote from Dr. walkiris robles and was 5200 in all inclusive package. as my surgery will be on next year I want know your price.

Day after tomorrow

My sx is on 22nd. I will leave to TJ tomorrow.
I haven't even packed yet. I'm so busy I hope I won't forget anything.
hi! so exciting !! take it easy :) and keep us posted please ... I'm having my eyes done tomorrow
I'm excited and nervous! Good luck on your eye surgery.
thank you! how are you feeling? did you have general anestesia? how you like your tummy tuck and scar? cant wait to see your pictures ! my surgery went well, I am very swollen cause I isn't ice pack often enough but no bruising :) can wait to see my final resulta too!!

I'm at clubMed

ClubMed is beautiful!
Mr Marvin, Suzan, Fabiola, MariMariposa and I went out to eat. I bout to go to bed. I'm sharing room with MariMariposa. We have been texting each other for awhile and we finally got to meet each other! She is so cool :)
They said I gave to stay at Dr. Campos's office tomorrow since I'm getting TT. I wish I can come back to clubMed but oh well. I'll be sleeping anyway so it's all good.
Good night everyone.
Thank you so much!! That lust helpt a lot!
best of luck on your surgery !
Thank you!!

Good morning

It's 5:50 in the morning.
Me and MariMariposa need to leave here by 7:00 so I bout to take a shower and say good by to my stomach lol
I'm still calm. But I'm sure I'll be scared as soon as I get to the office.
I'll update again later.

Some photos


Let me tell you...

I just met Dr. Campos for the first time and let me tell you gurls... He is cute!!! He doesn't look like the picture on realself. He is hot! Lol
He is so sweet too :)
MariMariposa is going in first so I'm waiting her to come out on the bed chilling. In still calm but I'm sure I'll be little scared once I walk in to the surgery room.
BTW, Angie is not here and other staff are so nice.
hope all goes well, let us know how you are when you can, make sure you rest!
p.s. you actually look pretty good already, cant imagine hot great you are gonna look when you are done and healed
meant how great

MariMaripsa is out

She just came back from surgery toon. She is sleeping next me.
So it's my turn now!
I think pill they gave me making me sleepy tho. Wish me luck.



Laying and laying and laying..

Ok so me and MariMariposa were not arrowed to eat or drink starting 7:30pm on day before surgery and now I woke up again because of I'm sooooooooo thirsty!! Not in the pain by my throw is dried up and my voice is weird.
But I'm glad I'm not in pain tho. I think I'm getting good sleep than home. I only sleep 3-4hours at home a day.

Oops! I've never uploaded my wish pic yet.

I haven't see my body yet since I'm laying on the bed right after surgery and never got up yet.
I hope I look like my wish pic.

Forgot some wish pics! Again lol

Good morning.

My surgery was yesterday and I stayed at Dr, Campos's office for a night. I slept a few hours and wake up because I was super thirsty then go back to bed and over and over again.
I asked for a water first ting in the morning it was great water! Almost 36 hours of no water!!!
Anyway, I asked nurse to let me up and let me see my body. Since I haven't seen my own body all night after the surgery.
She said she gotta put me in the garment first. It was hurt. Not bad but my left side hip was hurting the most.
I put garment on then I walked to mirror... Idk. I just don't know yet.
My booty looks smaller than I asked. My belly bottom looks long. I hope those will look better. If not I'm gonna cry and I don't wanna see my hubby like this.
Its so much cheaper in tj.. I was. Going to go there. But I'm scared.. Can't wait to see your results.
Its so much cheaper in tj.. I was. Going to go there. But I'm scared.. Can't wait to see your results.
i just read your update.. i think is too soon to see the final results but what do you mean your belly button is long? is usually slender after for what I have seen. I hope you post pics soon. how is the scar?

More before photos

Day of surgery.

MariMriposa took some picture of me Before we headed to Dr. Campos's office

Day of surgery

it will take a while to really see your final results, glad all went well for you during the surgery
it will take a while to really see your final results, glad all went well for you during the surgery

Some pictures

Hello Dolly628! How are u? Please keep us posted! I want to schedule my BBL in Jan w Dr. Campos. Plesse post pics! =)
Hello Dolly628! How are u? Please keep us posted! I want to schedule my BBL in Jan w Dr. Campos. Plesse post pics! =)

Hi everyone

Thank you for all your comment.
I'm doing great here. Sometimes I have sharp pain on my hips but that's bout it.
I haven't take a shower so I haven't see my body myself yet bit I promise I will take some picture and post.
I just saw dauphin from clubMed window. It's really beautiful and calm here.

First shower

Hi RS ladies. I'm reading all your comment and thank you.
I just took a first shower and I feel so good. Everyone here take great care of me and I'm just chilling :)

Right before shower

First massage

After the shower, Maripas came to clubMed and gave me and MariMariposa and Dbell gotta massage from her.
I was scared at first but she was really gentle and felt so good. A lot of drain came out from my lower back and my booty looks popped even more :)
Maripas will come back tomorrow again and I'll get massage.
I've been reading so many review on here and I knew about Dr. Campos, Marvin, Suzane, Fabiola, Alicia and Maripas so I feel like I met celeblity or I'm living in RealSelf world lol
Like everyone else says on here, feels like home here.
I'm a shy person who speaks English as second language but they make me feel like a home. I love it here.

What you need

So after I chose Doctor and recovery home, I was researching about what do I need to bring with me. Nobody wanna over packed or don't wanna waste money for something you don't need.
As you know, my Doctor is Campos. Where I'm staying is clubMed.
I emailed Mr. Marvin from clubMed for few times to make sure that what do I need to bring with me.
His answer was "we have everything! Just bring two PJs and slippers"
I was like that's it!? But I'm gonna tell you what I really needed here.
1, tooth brush
2, two PJs & few under wear
3, slippers and flip flops
4, cell phone charger
5, computer *option (if you don't have smart phone or tablet)
6, comfortable clothe to go home with
7, buppy pillow if you are getting BBL

That's it! They have everything else.
Me and MariMariposa bought pee funnel but we didn't need it. Because they have cup for us to pee and it was much easier to use than pee funnel.
I took shampoo and conditioner but they have them here too.
They have plenty of robes also.
What I wasn't sure about was vitamins and pain medicine and stuff.
Mr. Marving gonna take you to pharmacy If you get prescription from doctor.
Girl u look so good! Your waist is so tiny and I love your hips and booty! Congrats and happy healing!
Thank you :)
Girl u look so good! Your waist is so tiny and I love your hips and booty! Congrats and happy healing!

My tummy close up

thanks! what type Of anesthesia do you guys have? was it opional? how dr whizar controlled your pain when you woke up? you seems doing super ok! your are upright already! thanks a million
thank you!! looks really good! lots of tape wow! what do you think? is it an even cut? I think you look amazing! do you know how many inches you lost? can't wait for more :) thanks for the list .. how many more girls at medclub?
I never took those tapes off so I don't know if scar is straight or not but I hope it is. And inches..... Stupid me... I didn't measure before sx!! Oh well. It's ok. About buppy pillow, clobMed has some for you here but you will need one for your own to drive back or flight back. Don't forget to bring extra money too. Sometimes they will take you out to eat or shopping once you are feeling better. And you might wanna tip them when you leave too. My booty sister lol MariMariposa just left so it's only me and one more girl from Dr. Pantoja. Not many girls here right now because no one got surgery from Campos after me, plus it's around holidays.

Leaving earlier than I was planning on

I'm leaving one day early because I wanna spend thanksgiving with my family.
Originally, I was gonna stay till 29th if drain will come out that day but they said it doesn't seem like drain will come out by 29th so why not going home and come back? Right?
I'm living in San Diego so I can do that. It's just I didn't want to.. because I have little kids who doesn't understand what drain is.
I'll miss clubMed big time.
Susana, Marvin, Fabiola, Alicia, Michel, Maria, Maripaz.. Mucho gracious!!
your curve look amazing already! x
Thank you

Happy thanksgiving!

I'm home with family! Happy to see my honey and babies.
My husband loves my body even though my body is still swollen all over.
Having delicious dinner but I can't eat a lot like used to because I got MR and my stomach is tight.
It is so hard not doing anything at home and it is hard trying to get comfortable position.
best wishes on your recovery


I feel so good today. Feels like swollen is going down but looks like it's not.
I hope I will have flat stomach after swollen is going down.
Good to hear you are feeling better!! =)
You look amazing! Very tiny waist and plump booty.
Thank you! My booty shape is kinda funny looking. I hope it'll look better later.


I can't say I'm doing good right now.
I have follow up appt tomorrow so I'll post more details after I get US side after the appt.
only thing I can tell you is... His staff frustrat me.. Sooooo much. I'm keeping myself calm. It's not Dr. Campos. It's his staff. Ugh.
I know a lot of ppl love how he make beautiful hourglass shape so do I.
But his staff is unprofessional. Be aware if you are going to have any kind of procedure with him.
You look amazing!! I'm so excited for my date!!! =)
keep us updated, makes it kind of rough when staff is not helpful


I was so scared and cried few days ago. Because my incision look like it's infected.
It looks infected and staring to opening.
I went to see Dr. Campos on December 4th and he said "it's normal. Keep it dry and it'll be ok"
But my infection looks bigger now. Is it really normal? I don't mean to scare anyone but I need to know it's normal like Dr. Campos told me.
Everything else is great.
I love my body. I really appreciate Dr. Campos.
But I'm scared because my incision doesn't look good.
I was taking anti biotic till this morning. It's been two weeks since I start taking anti biotic so he didn't prescribe anymore.

This is the photo of my incision

Please someone tell me it's normal.
Or someone had same problem and healed?
Hello Dolly! How is everything going after he stitched your scar again? Did he tell u why it opened up like that? What was it? Hope u are feeling better.
OMG girl thats scary! I would ask for some my $$ back after your scar opened up like that! How are you doing? :(
I'm ok. I'm hang in there.... My incision opens up more and more everyday. I don't wanna scare anyone but I cried few times because it's so scary to look at opening incision that getting bigger every morning. He finally decided to stitch my incision up on Tuesday(Dec 10th) I just wanna heal and feel 100% already. My kids are staring to worry that if I'm sick or something....


I went back to Dr. Campos office and got re-stitched.
He was really nice but It did hurt. I ended up with 6 stitches and I'm going back there in a week to remove the stitches.
I hope my incision will close nicely.
U look great, can't wait to see it final results. I know what u mean about the swelling, that's what I'm going thru myself.
glad you got stitched back up, so was there infection or just came undone? did they give you anything for infection? hope all is good with you, it is scary, praying all is well for you!

1 month post op

It's been 1 month since my surgery. Time goes by fast!
I still don't feel 100% yet.

It's been 1 month so I thought my stomach will be thinner by now.... Not really. I hope I'm still swollen.
I don't wanna believe this is my final result.
Hello Dolly!! U look a lot smaller than u did right after surgery. Don't worry, u are only 1 month out and u are still swollen...your results, as far as the TT goes, will show more in 2 more months and by the six month mark u will start to see your final results. You will still feel numb. Today is my 3 year anniversary of my Mommy Makeover and I still feel numb sometimes and there are still changes!! Give it time ;) By the way, my surgery date w Campos is on Jan 17, 2014! =)
Thank you! I hope I will have result that I want. Good luck on your sx!!

Photos of incision

My incision is not healed yet after I got re-stitched.
Is it really gonna heal?
Hey there, its still early days be patient & everything will work out, you going to look amazing, happy healing!
Dolly, those pictures don't do you justice. You look really good in person you have a really nice body. I feel the same way sometimes then I stop and think it's only been one month and we're still healing.
it will heal but Im sure it seems as if it never will, glad they did restitch you and glad no further problems, it is a long recovery process and it is true it takes several months for that swelling to go away, hang in there, I know the whole recovery can be annoying at times, but glad all is good with you, happy holidays !

Selfies ;)

My husband couldn't come home tonight and he asked me to take some pictures of me and send them to him lol
So I have few selfies to share with you guys.
You are looking beautiful! Ask your doctor to prescribe you some antibiotics. Better be safe than sorry!! Good luck!
Ur looking great...I'm about 3 weeks post op and I get upset because I cant fit my clothes from the swelling, just be patient I guess ..that's what everyone tells me. Happy healing

6 weeks and 2 days

Some pix
You are looking amazing!! Your review has been very helpful. How is everything going now? As for swelling, maybe watch your sodium intake. Specially because you live in a warm climate. I'm from Canada and I swell in the summer when I eat foods with high sodium. Just a suggestion. :D Hope you're feeling better!
You look beautiful girl ! I had my bbl done by dr campos he's is an absolute artist I cannot wait to have kids and get my tT done lol how's your scar looking now?

My husband can't keep his hands off of me

I don't blame your hubby lol you look good girl congratss!!! Your boobs are perfect they are making me want my lift now :/. Fk it lol go you thoo!!!
Thanks!! Get what you want girl!! YOLO!! Lol
Lol worddd, but :! I want another baby in the future & I wanna breast feed. But I'm thinking about it, ima see what my doctor sais


It looks almost healed. Is it painful
It doesn't hurt at all.

More photos

Can i ask how much it cost? Thank you you look amazing!
$7400. I heard some people paid less.
Hi :) you are beautiful! I'm in love with your curves! I'm going there next month, same Surgeon:)
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

He is an artist! He knows what is hourglass shape is. I researched for a long time and U.S. Doctors are good too but their work and price were not something I was looking for. I know Dr. Campos is busy but I wish he could make time for me for pre-op. After care was great. Staff is..... Like many people on here said they need some training. He is a great doctor that's why I don't want him to lose business because of his staff. Payment process was pain in my butt too. I didn't wanna carry that much money but oh well I didn't get robbed at least. Oh and he is handsome!!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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