Tummy Tuck and Fat Transfer to Butt - Tijuana, Mexico

On April 5, 2013, I had a tummy tuck, lipo on my...

On April 5, 2013, I had a tummy tuck, lipo on my back and thighs as well as fat transfer to butt. I just LOVE,LOVE my results (: I am not going to lie, the first week was very painful!! and there were moments when l thought, "why did l do this!!"? But now l love my new body and l am glad l did it.
Curious too, ETT or CTT? How's butt, bubbly, square? Are you happy with BBL results? Can you post or email me photos please. Glad to hear you love your TT. :)
I will post some new photos of my scar how is healing etc :)
Did you have an extended TT or a full TT? Thanks

New photos 4 months after surgery

You do look great! Our abdomens are similar, I really wish they could lipo the upper portion along with TT...I know they can't for medical reasons. And with all the lipo to all my other parts, any weight I do gain will probably go to upper abdomen...we shall see...what about your booty?
Thank you! my booty.......mmmm, well, I don't know, it is a bit flat but l don't know if it is because l haven't worked out in a while or what, l went to see Dr. Cardenas las month and she said she could make my scar much better and do lipo on my upper tummy as well as put more fat on my butt, I don't know what l am going to do yet. l don't think l want a bigger but.
You look great! Really worth the pain and sacrifice.

Just my two cents

If anybody is considering this type of surgery PLEASE, PLEASE do your homework and don't expect a miracle in one month!! this is a serious surgery!!! google it, read reviews etc, do NOT expect to feel 100% after only one month! IT CAN TAKE UP TO A YEAR to feel 100%! and it IS an emotional roller coaster so expect that.
Sorry but after reading some posts here, l am shocked as to how many people DON'T do their homework and expect too much from their bodies. God bless you all.
Oh I totally agree with you!!! Patience is the key! I had so many holes that were time each of them took a month!
*took no less than a month to heal (little holes)
I hear you girl, l am 4 months post op and l still feel tightness and numbness on my abdomen, last month l kept smelling this nasty odor coming from (l thought my anus) and kept showering and stuff, and l couldn't get rid of the nasty odor, any way, l finally discovered that it was my belly button!! after two months l thought it had healed and l stopped paying attention to it and now there is this smell and stuff coming out of it, so l laid down and started to pour alcohol in it and cleaned it with a cute tip, now is good, l still clean it every night l pour alcohol or hydrogen peroxide either one, and cover it with a cotton ball, but honestly, if l would have had an infection it would have been my fault for not cleaning it like l should have. My scar is still tender and red on some areas, but l take it one day at a time and l am trying to give my poor body that has been thru so much, time to recover.

Pictures of my belly button :)

Here are some pictures of my new belly button, l believe is completely healed :)
You look amazing! This is truly a process. Patience is definitely the key.
Thank you Vee in Cccounty, l am very happy ;) and if l had to do it all over again l would :)
When l discovered it was my bb the reason for the smell, l immediately cleaned it with a Q-tip, got all the junk out of there, there was a little bit of blood in there so l am assuming it wasn't closed all the way, when l poured the alcohol in it, l felt a little sting but nothing bad, just like a mosquito bite, now l feel nothing but the coldness of the alcohol, l posted some pictures for you to see it.... gosh, yes you do need tons of patience with this surgery, hang in there.

Found some old pics.

More old photos

I remember when my stomach looked like this! I looked pregnant and had two bellies!
Love the results I want mine to turn out like yours!
I love how neat your tummy tuck scar is. Very clean looking.
Your results are amazing, you look so good!!!!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

My Dr was the BEST! Just love her! She is AMAZING very professional and caring l was very impressed with her level of care and compassion. She came to see me at the recovery house every day that l was there, l was really scared about the procedure but after meeting her l knew l was in good hands.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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